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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week 4

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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week 4

  • Can we all shut up about Graham Harrell now? Thanks. 
  • Watching Raji go down, especially considering the way he was rolled up on, my heart stopped for a good three seconds. 
  • Benson fumbling - I don't want to say get used to it, but...get used to it. Like the way you got used to Ahman Green fumbling.
  • Borel, Gurley and the young receivers sure made a good push for inclusion on the Final 53, but I tend to think it's too little, too late. 
  • Interesting report from Omar Kelly regarding the Dolphins targeting James Jones among the receivers they are trying to trade for. Could be an interesting 24 hours.
  • Daniel Muir has this team made. 
  • Can't emphasize enough how much I like Dezman Moses.
  • It's frustrating watching other teams angle blocking and clearing out big holes for their backs and then watching the Packers mushy zone blocking and their backs running into their lineman's backs. 
  • Jermichael Finely had one fantastic catch and played a bunch of snaps. Guy is ready for the season. 
  • As I was saying on Transplants last night, Marshall Newhouse is going to be targeted by defensive coordinators this year. You can expect lots of stunts and overloads to his side. 
  • The defense certainly seems to have added enough "juice" (as the coaching staff is fond of saying) to the pass rush to make a significant difference on passing downs this year. I'm still worried about the early downs that are necessary to GET teams into passing downs. Lot of 3rd and 3's throughout the preseason while the front line guys were out there. Capers traditionally hasn't leaned on his blitzing magic without favorable down and distances to work with. 
  • Aaron Rodgers' mustache is a Golden God. 
  • It was great to see B.J. Coleman get an extended look tonight. I suspect they'll try to get him on the practice squad. Intriguing prospect. 
  • Thank god preseason is over. Roll on Week One. Bring it on, San Francisco. 
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Kparis99's picture

I like that JJ trade rumor. Fins have an extra 2nd and 3rd to spare. Ted might just grab one of those picks then keep Gurley or Borel.

ernie ernie's picture

OL traded to Dallas this am so its not happening

Tommy boy's picture

Mike Neal was getting in the backfield a lot, albeit against third stringers.

Watching Nick Perry push a double team back makes me happy.

Boykin just might have made an nfl roster tonight. Perhaps not ours, but I don't know if he can be hidden on a practice squad.

Harrell - although it's sexy to "calm the masses" when there is panic on a player, there was legitimate room for concern after three weeks on him. Now, however, Aaron is right, we can all move on. You don't fluke into looking that good.

The officials didn't suck and the argument for player safety is a joke. Everyone is playing with the replacement refs. And yes, some game will be impacted by the refs and people wil cry foul that the rep,a cement refs were the cause...just remember, the same thing is said EVERY year about the regular refs.

Go pack

jeremy's picture

The good thing about Mike Neal is that he won't end up on IR until at least week 5.

packsmack25's picture

I snickered. But don't count out a weight room mishap.

Otto's picture

You guys are brutal.

ernie ernie's picture

Your assuming he doesn't get hurt shaving.

Bearmeat's picture

I'm not worried about the D stopping the run. Raji was not there tonight. Nor Pickett. Those are our two best DLmen.

KC is gonna be a boss of a running team this year. The D looked good against Cincy.

I'm more worried about the outside corner spot. I'm hoping House can come back and be effective, but Shields tackled well tonight. That is beyond encouraging.

I do not want Jarrett Freakin Bush at RCB on week 1.

packeraaron's picture

<em>I’m not worried about the D stopping the run. Raji was not there tonight. Nor Pickett.</em>

Right - but it's been going on throughout the preseason, not just tonight.

Otto's picture

I didn't watch the game. How bad was Raji injured? (experiencing fear and trepidation right now) They can't afford to lose him in the middle.

GBFaninCA's picture

McCarthy said afterwards that he was not concerned about the injury. sounds like he will be a go for 9/9!!!

ernie ernie's picture

Raji will probably miss half the season then if Mc and Don downplays it. He is always wrong.

MarkinMadison's picture

Raji was laughing from the sidelines. My guess is that he'll take four days off and add an extra roll of duct tape every morning for the next month or two.

Jake's picture

IIRC we didn't stop the run all that well in 2010 either, even though we played the pass so well that year. But teams continued to try and pass on us.

Wiscokid's picture

You gotta love Gurley's size but Boykins makes catches. James Jones would be a Pro Bowl receiver if he could do that. Too bad there are only so many roster spots. Boykins will get snapped up by somebody.

ernie ernie's picture

Gurley has a concentration problem. When the ball is directly at him, he seems to be ok but if he has to adjust, the ball seems to go through his hands like a sieve.
Was not impressed with his speed. He was always covered. No separation like Boykin.

ernie ernie's picture

Gurley ended up being girly girl

Grant's picture

Hey, remember when I tweeted at you, saying that we should trade Jones to the Dolphins for a 2nd or 3rd round pick? And you RT'd me, saying there was "so much wrong with this statement"? I mean, I'm not bitter or anything, but uh, I guess it's not that wrong after all...

packeraaron's picture

Of course I do. Your Tweet indicated you wanted the Packers to ship Jones out for a 2. Now the Dolphins are targeting Jones. Those aren't the same thing.

As for my Tweet last night saying a 2nd would be tough to turn down, I don't think even the Dolphins are that stupid...but you never know.

MarkinMadison's picture

Or they could just be that desperate.

Jamie's picture

Keep Jones and Boykin (nice size, exceptionally quick feet, nice hands, in year 1 outplayed B &amp; G in year 2). Trade Gurley for a cond 7th. PS Borel if possible.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

... And on the seventh carry... He fumbled... Let us pray.


woodson4president's picture

I dont like the idea of trading jones. He helps us so much when other wrs are covered by the better db. Trade him next yr after we win the SB.

lebowski's picture

"It’s frustrating watching other teams angle blocking and clearing out big holes for their backs and then watching the Packers mushy zone blocking and their backs running into their lineman’s backs."
Year after year after year....

Mojo's picture

You're right Aaron about opposing teams overloading Newhouse's side. Our RB's better know how to pass protect.

If they don't get at least a 2, I'd prefer they hang on to JJ.

I like Benson, but if he's a fumbler .... Oy Vey!

Rocky70's picture

"Can we all shut up about Graham Harrell now? Thanks. "

GB's season is over if Harrell has to do anymore than mop-up duty all season long. Jees, it took him four games to even resemble a QB. The next 16 games (for the most part) are against all front-line NFL starters.

We'll see how many fans (and bloggers) 'shut up' if GB's season becomes dependent on the play of G. Harrell. This is a huge risk for a SB favorite heading into game one of season 2012.

Chris's picture

Which is basically true for nearly every team in the NFL.

packeraaron's picture


Beep's picture

Except for the JETS, they have TIMMY TEBOW!

Norman's picture

And don't forget the Seahawks have Matt Flynn.

PackersRS's picture

Nonsense, let's trade for Colt McCoy.

Rocky70's picture

GB is hardly like the other 31 in terms of talent. So why skimp at QB2? TT learned the hard way at OLB &amp; DL. Hopefully, he won't have to learn the hard way at QB2. I'm hoping for the best. GH doesn't play again until preseason - 2013.

ohenry78's picture

Exactly -- they aren't like the other 31 teams. If Harrell has to play, he will have top-notch receivers to throw the ball to.

No team can have starting caliber backups at every position. Chill man.

Lucky953's picture

Pack wouldn't have won the Lombardi trophy in 2010 if Flynn was QB

woodson4president's picture

I would like to add that Neal acts like an idiot. Penalties for fighting arent gonna land u a spot on the team dumb dumb. Also Waldo n Moses stole the show.

Wagszilla's picture

I think Raji's injury was "acute fatness".

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture


Chad Toporski's picture

I am so sick of the James Jones trade talk. Talk about ad nauseam...

Oldresorter's picture

Our 3rd string defense isn't much worse than our second string, allows us to dominate late.

For some reason, I think McMillan won the safety spot, before last night. Richardson, would love to PS him, but there is no real purpose for both Levine and Doc Jennings if McMillan starts. Levine outplayed Doc in the pre season, Doc was out there at the end, with the mop up team, I wonder if he is the odd man out?

Shields, I predicted that he was this season's Lang, the coach's were breaking him down as hard as they could hoping they could get him to take it to the next level. Worked with Lang, Shields still a work in progress, but progress indeed is a good sign.

Newhouse, we still have no other OT even close to as good as he is, and he did START 13 games last season on a 15-1 team, so it isn't like he hasn't been out there when the ammo was live. Sherrod PUP makes sense to me, for some reason, I think both Barclay and Wells make the team, or we pick up some vet on the waiver wire.

Trade James Jones or cut Don Driver, either way we create an opening for Boykins, who flat out can play. I like the concept of either Gurley or Borel, but neither has gone out and taken a spot the way Boykins has. Boykins has just started to learn the pro game, he could be really good in a season or two.

ernie ernie's picture

good game last night. I was concerned about Rogers and some of the first stringers being in there when many teams passed on that avenue to prevent injuries.
Sometimes I question the headwork of the coaching staff, even though they won a SB two years ago. Raji could have been lost for the season. Rogers could have gotten creamed and a concussion or worse, just for a pre-season game.

ernie ernie's picture

Jones to Miami for a OL and not a draft pick would be inticing except that Miami just traded an OL to Dallas.

keith's picture


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