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Gut Reactions: Divisional Round

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Gut Reactions: Divisional Round

  • Congratulations to the New York Giants. They beat the Packers in every phase of the game on their own turf.
  • The Packers picked a terrible time to play their worst game of the season.
  • We'll never know the effect the Philbin's tragedy played in the Packers' performance tonight.
  • Donald Driver may have been the only Packers skill-player who came to play today.
  • For all the pomp and circumstance that surrounded the Giants' vaunted defensive line - the offensive line did an excellent job. The Giants' actually got home by blitzing, which teams are supposedly not supposed to do against Aaron Rodgers.
  • Speaking of Rodgers - yes, his receivers dropped an insane number of balls. Yes, he kept the Packers alive countless times by making plays with his legs. But he was not at his best today. The Packers of 2011 need Rodgers at his best to win ballgames.
  • The Packers fumbled as many times today as they did all year.
  • I will never, ever understand the reasoning behind Capers allowing his defensive backs to play 10 yards off the line of scrimmage on third and short.
  • Lots of comments on Twitter during the end of the game about the defense or the offense being to blame for today's loss. Make no mistake - the entire team, to the man, is responsible for that loss. It was a complete and epic failure on every level.
  • For those that would blame the defense - the defense did not make the offensive players fumble, block poorly or miss wide open receivers. The defense held the Giants without a first down in the third quarter...and the offense did nothing with it.
  • For those that would blame the offense - the offense did not allow third down after third down completions for first down or horribly mis-play the Hail Mary at the end of the half.
  • That out of the way, I have to admit - I was completely wrong about the offense being able to carry the defense. And I suspect the rest of the playoffs and the Super Bowl will prove that you still need an at-least respectable defense to win a championship.
  • I'll never understand the onside kick call from McCarthy. I've understood it every other time he's done it - not today.
  • Ted Thompson has some real work to do this offseason, but the window for this team to win multiple championships is still wide open.
  • The Cheesehead TV Draft Guide comes out in March.
  • Thanks very much for making Cheesehead TV part of your daily Packers routine this season. We have bigger and better things planned, as does this Green Bay Packers team.
  • Go Pack Go.
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Lynn Dickey 12's picture

I expect a defense heavy draft. Hopefully can find CMIII's running mate at OLB and some DL help. Can't expect Pickett to keep on keepin' on.

Thanks to all the CHTV staff and posters...even COW42...for all the fun this year. Now, like the Vikings, the Pack has their own 15-1 to remember.

Oppy's picture

If you expect a draft heavy in one phase over another, or even one position over another, for any other reason besides the fact that there may be a glut of talent available in the draft on offense/defense/or any particular position(s), you are setting yourself up for a draft weekend full of screaming high and holy hell at the television.

People really need to learn that the way TT conducts his drafts is the way TT conducts his drafts. If the BPA from a pute talent standpoint is clearly a WR when the Packers are on the clock.. They will take the WR, no matter that the D line needs depth, or that we need a bookend OLB to match with Clay Matthews.

If there's a WR and a DL/LB/S that the Packers have evaluated and have rated about the same value who are available when they pick, the Packers may take the defensive player over the offensive player.. But only if they have been deemed equal values on their board.

nerd's phone's picture

Bet you a dollar Ted goes OLB high this year.

Wagszilla's picture

Ted will draft the best player on the board, irregardless of position.

Idiot Fan's picture

Sure, that was a stomach-punch loss. But we have an all-world QB, an excellent coaching staff and GM, young talent that is for the most part locked up, and a good core of players who, despite being young, are veterans. Capers came back from the abominable 2009 defense to produce the 2010 defense, so hopefully he can do that again. And the draft will give us an influx of talent on D. Our Super Bowl window is wide open. As for me and my house, we choose optimism.

GBP: I still love you.

Richmond's picture

I think Capers was limited in what he could do this year, with the quality of players he had. The loss of Nick Collins, I think played a HUGE role in why the secondary struggled the way it did all season. And then only not having a solid pash rusher to take pressure off the LB's made it seem like CM3 had a bad year. A big example was when the Pack only rushed three lineman yesterday, one of them was CM3. I'm not an NFL defesive guru, but how do you expect to even sniff the QB when you rush three and allow Raji and CM3 to be double and triple teamed. Especially with the communication issues of the secondary. The few times the D was able to get pressure on Manning, it caused problems for the Giants. I'm not sure why the pressure wasn't dialed up more, Bishop sure looked ready to run everytime he had the chance. I don't recall seeing Woodson come on a blitz at all, I might have missed it but I don't think he did.

Bearmeat's picture

No one saw this coming. #1 in TO differential. #1 in Passer Rating Differential. This should NOT equal GB getting clobbered at home amid losing both these important stats....

If you would have said to me "GB lost a shootout because of a couple bad bounces", I would have believed it.

But the O was putrid. All game.

nerd's phone's picture

I saw this coming. The defensive problem was due to injuries, mainly the loss of Collins and Neal.
But the offense always goes to those lulls. It's MM's calling card.

Idiot Fan's picture

MM's offense put up the second most points ever this year. I think we can cut him a little slack.

nerd's phone's picture

Yeah, we scored a lot of points. I put that on Ted for stocking us with talent. This offense almost never plays to it's potential for 60.

Idiot Fan's picture

No offense plays 60 minutes of great football every game. I'll take our O over any in the league.

glorious80s's picture

The question is why didn't the coaching staff see this coming? Don't blame the recent tragedy. This result was in the works for some time.
The D problems were there all year, and, yes, perhaps Capers didn't have the talent - but why not pick up someone?
The O never developed enough of a running game for balance and didn't appear to have strategies to handle the defenses they saw in these two games.
K.C. was a lesson they did not learn.
Complacency was in the quotations that I saw. With two or more weeks, why wasn't this team prepared? GBP was the Giants last year. What do the Giants know about Lambeau that the Packers are missing?
With all of that, they could still have pulled it out with maximum sustained effort - but it wasn't there. Why not?
Sorry to repeat what has been mentioned and better said. Had to vent.

packeraaron's picture

<em>...yes, perhaps Capers didn’t have the talent – but why not pick up someone?

ZeroTolerance's picture

Thinking about the draft, we should have our usual seven picks, plus two late rounders for two pre-season trades, plus 1-2 for 6-7 players that left UFA?

ppabich's picture

This team isn't close to being done. The offense looks like a complete unit for the short term at least. I think (it's a little knee jerk, but especially after today) Finley is gone. I would like to see Flynn franchised and traded a la Matt Cassell. He will command a lot.

I can't help but think about how much this defense missed Collins. I think Capers was forced to play the corners off the ball because they didn't have the help deep Collins provides. Burnett is more of SS and I would like to see him play there next season.

Considering the last draft went, offense, offense, offense, I think they will put a bit of emphasis on defense this year.

It was a fun year, and a good one from CheeseheadTV. I'm going to walk my dog and focus on the Draft.

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

Yea, I'm halfway hoping Philbin gets the Miami job and convinces them to trade for Flynn to make sure this happens...

jack in jersey city's picture

it's amazing that you take collins and jenkins out of the defense and the whole thing falls apart

pizzadoc's picture

+1. Tramon was not the shutdown corner he was last year either. They saved almost every game through the Superbowl last year with last min. interceptions. Maybe he's hurt still?

Thanks Aaron and CHTV staff for daily reading!

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm wondering if Collins' absence is part of the reason for the DBs playing off the receivers all year. With Collins you might be able to get help if the DB gets beat off the line. With Peprah, not so much.

Richmond's picture

I see them franchising Finley rather than Flynn. Like many have stated, the price tag on Finley with the tag makes much more sense than tagging Flynn and hoping to find a trade partner. If you cant trade him then he's getting paid starter money to sit on the bench. I understand there is a potential for a good trade market for Flynn, but I see the upside of tagging Finley as much higher.

JoePackersNYC's picture

I just got off the phone with my Father and we basically ticked off all these points, all so true Aaron.

They were plain lousy in every phase of the game. It was a full team effort of turd sandwich football.

They'll be back. Some players will be gone, some new ones will arrive. But they'll be back.

Aaron - do you think Finley dropped his way out of getting the franchise tag? I'm not pinning it to this one game and I doubt Thompson is that rash, but on the biggest stage of his career thus far...c'mon man!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Probaly not the best time to lay an egg.

That bye week did us no favors from a chemistry standpoint.

Take the undamentals and shove em up your ---, sick of hearing about it.

Dom has thewrap of doing well when first with a team and than sliding, looks like there's some truth to that.

I wouldn't be upset if we didn't draft an offensive player.

Only 15-1 team to be one and done in the playoffs. Maybe there is something to be said for going on the road with a "us against the world" mentality.

Rodgers didn't look right all game, evident early with the miss to wide open Jennings.

This sucks.


Ruppert's picture

Since Fitz and myself were leading the charge in the "45+ to 20" predictions, I'll tack my season-ending mea culpa onto his post.

I said I'd risk looking like an idiot by picking a big Pack win if we got beat, and here I am looking the part of the idiot. All season long, the potent offense won games for us, and carried the defense. Not today.

All season long, the exceptionally porous defense managed to make just enough plays. Not today.

Am I dumb for thinking that bizarre trend would continue? Or am I stupid for not 'getting wise' sooner? Hmmmm.

The '11 Packers were a very unbalanced team. In some way, this had to be their undoing.

I still absolutely love being a fan of the Green Bay Packers. I will still accentuate the positive, even when it may not be the most unbiased thing to do. Just like I always have.

My brother called me before the game and said 'You know, no matter what happens the rest of this year, I think the '12 Packers will have a better shot at a championship because I have to believe the defense will be better next year.' Interesting take. I couldn't argue.

Aaron made great points in this post--too many to even mention. You and I saw the same game today. Thanks again for letting my bizarre opinions be known to the world on your wonderful site.

glorious80s's picture

Can't blame this on the bye. The team had two or more weeks to figure this out and be ready. It was not prepared. AR was not prepared for the intensity. He has shown a knack for being a slow starter in the past. It's his business to be ready at the git-go and have his O likewise. That's what elite QBs do.
Question: do you think it may be that the D didn't provide enough challenge to the O in practice as it did last year?
There's going to be a coaching, player and front office shakeup of some level basically due to opponent raids. A shakeup is what they may need. The critical point will be the quality of the replacements.
This team may be down for a few years as it rebuilds, but not a problem if they get the right people in place since they will have a better draft position. They have to reload on D and some on O.
Still venting.

Jason's picture

Well put Aaron. This is still a young team. Lots of time left to bring Lombardi home a few more times. TT has his work cut out for him to try to fill a few holes we have and continue to work on our depth. If anybody can do it though...he can.

Jeremy's picture

A huge distraction and a lack of continuity robbed the Packers of an opportunity to get back to the Super Bowl. I think they could have absorbed the two week bye or the loss of Philbin, but both were just too much. They played uninspired football.

ZeroTolerance's picture

So a bye is bad?

Jeremy's picture

Given McCarthy's emphasis on continuity I was very surprised he sat all those players the entire Lions game. In my opinion it has to be very difficult for the players who sat in week 17 to come back from two weeks off of football and play against a team that has been competing on the field that whole time. Especially on offense, the Packers played sloppy and out of sync. Rodgers had a qb rating of 79. Defensive players missed tackles, and communicated poorly.

jack in jersey city's picture

i think he only sat 3 players- rodgers, woodson and matthews

Jeremy's picture

Jennings said he could have played but sat, he was not his self today. Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Charles Woodson, James Starks, Clay Matthews, Bryan Bulaga were also inactive.

I'm sure some of them could have played a quarter or half. That's a lot of the core guys inactive.

glorious80s's picture

It's not the bye. It's the preparation, mental and physical. MM prides himself on being able to read his team. Blaming the bye is just an excuse.

PackRat's picture

Desmond Bishop played an awesome game along with Driver.

Of the "diferencemakers" Jermichael Finley and Tramon Williams, could not be more of a dissappointment.

Of our weaknesses, Peprah could not have been more exposed.

As a team, dropped passes, running and blocking downfield at 80% levels and poor ball instincts were fully on display.

I too bought into the bend but don't break defensive mantra with all the turnovers. But the Packers won zero "one-on-one" matchups.

Missed Cullen Jenkins in the backfield badly. Jarius and CJ could not have been less of a factor.

If this is it for Nick Collins they need to move Woodson to safety.Pepray singlehandedly gave up a dozen critical plays.

Venting. Good.

nerd&#039;s phone's picture

I thought CJ Wilson fought hard.

Oppy's picture

Agreed, Nerd. He had a few snaps where he showed pretty amazing push.

Richmond's picture

Cullen Jenkins has been missed all season. Without blitzing there has been little pressure on opposing QB's with the front three, rotating Wilson, Wynn, and Neal. I said it on another post but Why was Pickett pulled when we only rushed three linemen, and left CM3 to fend off double and triple teams. Without Jenkins presence, the skills of Raji, Pickett and CM3 could be accounted for. A solid pass rushing end is needed for next year. The issues in the secondary were put under a microscope without it. And I completely agree about Peprah, I don't think he is an NFL starting safety. On any team. He has far too many mental errors and fundamental breakdowns.

Josh's picture

with jennings, raji, and matthews contracts all running up after the end of 2012 we better hope we can win the super bowl next year

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm going to take a guess at people I don't think we'll see in a Packer uniform next year:

Charlie Peprah
Ryan Grant
Donald Driver (so sad)
Howard Green

Out on a limb: Clifton

Way out on a limb: Hawk

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, Driver was the only guy that looked inspired on offense today. I think they need to keep that guy around, just because.

jack in jersey city's picture

totally agree fitz! driver still has it and was CLUTCH today!

Richmond's picture

I believe Driver is still under contract for '12 so he'd have to be cut. I personally would hate to see him go. And although his numbers aren't there, the his consistancy is. And I hope that still has value, along with the other intangibles that the fans don't see. Locker room leadership, position leadership, etc. On paper his value maybe down, but the opportunites weren't there for him. When he's been targeted he's made plays. Hopefully that consistancy helps. I'd personally like to see him kept as a 3rd or 4th WR and Jones traded for picks. Nothing against Jones, but I would put both Driver and Jones as equivalent in the offense with Jones having the higher trade value.

Idiot Fan's picture

Oops, forgot Erik Walden too.

Brian's picture

A rusty "fart in the wind"

JJB's picture

This was MM worst coaching job as a Packer. For awhile I thought BB was out there. TT had his chance at Clays partner but blew it on a fat olineman. How's Brooks Reed doing in Texas. All def for the draft other than a olineman or speedster RB

Pack12's picture

Horrible performance by the Packers today. You can't win games when you keep turning the ball over. The defense finally caught up to the Packers. You live by the sword you die by the sword. Packers had no pass rush this year and if you give any QB enough time to light a cigarette they will burn you. Who taught these guys how to tackle? The tackling was horrendous the whole year. I agree with the posts that say that the Packers need to draft defensive players. A strong rushing Outside Linebacker opposite to Matthews is very much needed and if there is a free agent that can do the job right away why not go for it.

Brian's picture


Idiot Fan's picture

With Matthews, Raji, and Jennings all being FA after 2012, I would be more shocked than ever if TT decided to pay decent money to an external FA.

Pack12's picture

My comment about signing a free agent was tongue in cheek because I know that TT is as adverse to signing free agents as Dracula is to the sun.

Mojo's picture

Thanks CHTV for the great year long coverage. I agree, the o-line played well in pass coverage. Would have loved two in a row, but will take two out of three next year. Same old same old when the Pack played poorly. Bad D (Hail Mary are you kidding me!). Dropped passes. Lose the TO battle and we have almost no chance to win.

Down for now, but I'll be back supporting my team 100% as always.

glorious80s's picture

Agree, thanks CHTV

CJ in Guatemala's picture

So we have pick 22 is it? I guess they go with 3 key positions regarding to what good talent you can get there. OT, OLB, DB maybe RB. Drafting anything else is pointless in my opinion.

Idiot Fan's picture

Watching JJ Watt play today, I could handle a stud DE on our team.

Dan's picture

Yeah, DE has to be high on the list. I'd like to see DE and OLB with the first two picks. TT has a way of finding quality OL in the later rounds.

Ruppert's picture

No kidding, Idiot. Watt does all that damage as a 3-4 DE too...not a 43 DE or DT. My god could would we use a guy like that.

We HAVE to get better performance out of our OLB opposite CM3 and 1 of our DE positions. We HAVE to.

jack in jersey city's picture

i think we have the 27th pick but i could be wrong

pbmax's picture

I'm pretty sure the Packers will have the 28th pick. The 4 remaining teams will pick after the Packers.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Yep, got the logic inverted as I posted, 28th pick locked.

Dan's picture

Agree with all your points except that the Giants beat the Packers in every phase of the game. We beat ourselves. Even with how bad we played on both sides of the ball, we were still in this game in the 4th quarter. If the Giants were so much better, they would have killed us.

Looking forward to that draft guide. Hope there are some defensive beasts available when we pick!

jack in jersey city's picture

i totally agree. we gave them this game with the fumbles and the interception. we even got 2 nice "gifts" from the refs and we still blew it.

Wenis's picture

Cut Peprah and Hawk they are both huge liabilities. Please don't re-sign Stone Hands Finley.

Sad to say but the Lambeau Mystique is long gone.

Oppy's picture

Have you watched football at all this year?

The Packers were destroying teams all season in Lambeau.

Mystique is over-rated anyways, but the home field advantage at Lambeau is real, and still exists.

The bottom line is the Packers horribly uninspired and sloppy play was too much for any home field advantage to overcome.

Perhaps you noticed- they put the ball on the ground about ten thousand times today. Turn overs and failed 3rd down conversions = deadly in the NFL.

Oppy's picture

Have you watched football at all this year?

The Packers were destroying teams all season in Lambeau.

Mystique is over-rated anyways, but the home field advantage at Lambeau is real, and still exists.

The bottom line is the Packers horribly uninspired and sloppy play was too much for any home field advantage to overcome.

Perhaps you noticed- they put the ball on the ground about ten thousand times today. Turn overs = deadly in the NFL.

Oppy's picture


JerseyAl's picture

Um, before today the packers were 19-1 in their last 20 home games...

Wenis's picture

Ok maybe I should have stated the Lambeau Mystique when it comes to the playoffs is long gone.

2-4 in the last six playoff games. those are the facts you can choose to ignore them as you wish.

redlights's picture

Is that you Cow42?

Not that Cow was all wrong; the unrelenting pessimism got old. Oh well, he's better than Todd MN.

If our OLine was so good in pass pro, then why was Rodgers scrambling so often? The Giants Oline was good, the Pack, not so much.

That said, I'm not sure who is the problem on OLine. TT has a formula to factor needs and the balance of supply/demand at various positions. His formula will weight heavy to DLine, DB's (Collins future being paramount) and maybe an OLB, though I think better line and backfield play could make Zombo servicable.

One other comment. If special teams is so bleepin important to who makes the roster; and we have a talented returner, how come we aren't 1st in returns. I know we're in top 10; but in all these years, who the hell isn't keeping their lanes, and why are they still here?

Since I'm on a roll. And part of this is me just venting, not totally rational thoughts. I believe the Pack were best able to withstand the lockout. But it obviously had negative effects on some players: Sam Shields and James Starks are most obvious; TWilliams, CMIII, Finley, and Sitton as well. The first two got their rings too easily and didn't build on last year. Others haven't "bled" enough to have wanted it this year. Even Raji has gotten a bit cocky. Now with a full offseason for other teams; and the impending loss of part of our coaching staff; we have as much of a hill to climb as 30-50 percent of the rest of the league. Good thing the Lion's are in cap hell; the Bears still suck; and Minny doesn't have a stadium.

darrin's picture

Really nothing to add to any of this. Pretty much hits home on all accounts. Driver had a nice game. Bishop made some plays. Rodgers looked rusty. I'm done with football for a while. Just need to think about something else for a few months and let this pass. Sometimes it sucks being a passionate sports fan.

nerd&#039;s phone's picture

They always go into a lull, but usually only for a quarter or two. Last year, the defense sealed multiple games at the end, but we all know that wasn't happening this year.
Move Woody to S, draft an OLB who can play and learn to get into a rhythmn on offense instead of relying on big plays. Sucks that we had to waste an entire year to learn some lessons, but I firmly believe we'll be better than ever next year.

wes mcallister's picture

Please, Packers are so overrated still lost even with the help of the refs

andrew harman's picture

lmao ^^

wingnuts's picture


Totally agree, thanks for all the work that you and the rest of the CheeseheadTV crew do week in and week out. I am looking forward to the work that you all do the off season with the draft and free agency.

Would be good to know if the bye week had an effect, the Philbin situation had an effect or was it just the fact that the Giants had the better game plan and out played the team with the best record in the NFL this season.

Oppy's picture

I don't think Woodson to safety is necessarily a good idea...

He's played some very bad snaps as a S in the last year or two, mostly due to the fact he's over aggressive and leaves the back end undefended.

That's, um, kinda the problem we already have and you are trying to fix.

Idiot Fan's picture

Anybody remember when Collins was supposed to find out if his neck healed ok? Before the draft?

jack in jersey city's picture

he is saying that he will know for sure sometime in march

Norman's picture

Trying to put as positive of a spin on this as possible, here are a few things I can think of that would have made this game even worse:
1. Packers come in undefeated and are one and done. Many will dispute this but I for one am glad we lost at KC if today had to happen. I just couldn't take 16-1.
2. The Hail Mary by Manning at the end of the half was at the end of the game (think Badgers vs. Spartans) and they lose by &lt; 7 at the end after outplaying the Giants.
3. Substitute Vikings or Bears for Giants in #2.
4. Substitute Favre for Manning in #2.
5. With apologies for anyone in this situation, it would have been even worse if I had coughed up $500 for seats and then had to drive back home after a loss like this.

Feel free to add your own.

cow42's picture

this team lacks guys who can win one on ones. they need some freaks. jpp, justin smith, gronkowski, graham, sproles, willis, rice, foster, andre j, adrian peterson, jarred allen. guys who can get it done on physical ability. most of the players the Packers have get things done via scheme. i would say that rodgers, cobb, jennings, and mathews are the only guys on the team that that have the physical gifts to consistently make things happen ATHLETICALLY. finley's on the boundary there, but something's missing. nelson maybe. problem is - only 1 of the guys mentioned plays defense.


all good complimentary players. but that's it.

this team needs game changers.

sorry for being a pain in the ass all season. i just have had a bad feeling for a long time. i guess part of me enjoyed spewing 'hate' so that you guys could 'talk me down'. i wanted to be wrong so bad. i just felt that something was missing with this team. not enough balance.

great teams can beat you multiple ways. this team was one dimensional.

still gotta be able to get off the field on 3rd.

still gotta be able to run the ball.

if you can't do those things AND throw the ball you're living on a razors edge.

thanks for a great season.

p.s. i like upshaw from alabama and branch from clemson.

redlights's picture

Oh, there you are!

I kinda thought that was your take this year. Keep it up, keeps the threads interesting.

asshalo's picture

this fucking sucks in size 48 font. cant wait to hear what you guys to say about the draft

Tommyboy's picture

Very simple, these weren't the Packers we've known all year. Rodgers was off, a million dropped passes and a defense that looked terrified every time they took the field. Is the talent? It seems like they're stacked. Did teams figure out Capers?

And to think, a mild take by me that was greatly exaggerated suggested that PERHAPS the Packers wouldn't play as well in the cold. I can't say with absolute certainty that the conditions are why the Packers played horrible, but you're not going to convince me that it definitely wasn't a factor either.

Hats off to the Giants. The refs tried to hand the packers the game, and we still lost by three scores.

nerd&#039;s phone's picture

Defense didn't allow a third down conversion in the third quarter. But the offense couldn't step up and take over the game.


Thanks for the memories boys. When life gives you lemons, make fun of Bears fans. Here's to 2012!

CA Packers Fan's picture

Donald Driver has looked great for the last half of the season and made 3 critical (and difficult) catches in this game. He deserves another season with the Pack!

andrew harman's picture

jennings and matthews will be resigned after 2012.. i think jennings will take less money to stay and matthews will probably get a big contract.
this loss hurt today. bad. have been mad all day. will probably stay mad all week.
really was blindsided by this. healthiest we have been and really just gave a sloppy performance. heres hoping we get another ring next season.

Jack's picture

Does Dom Caper lose his job?

jack in jersey city's picture

he might. it looks like reggie mckenzie has some interest in him as a head coach in oakland

Kparis99's picture

Feel so terrible right now. What am I supposed to do now?

jack in jersey city's picture

hope that the 49ers kick the giants' asses next sunday! it's the first step in the healing process :)

redlights's picture

And put Alex Smith in the Super Bowl? I hate to admit it, but I'd rather see Eli.

Now if Flacco can step up keep Brady's face out of the camera's during SB week, that would be sweet!

Idiot Fan's picture

I know a lot of people hate the Patriots, but they at least seem like a Super Bowl-caliber team to me, and Brady is a legit SB-winning QB. Flacco and Smith? Not so much. And Eli with two SB rings? Man, that would be weird.

jack in jersey city's picture

redlights- i'm guessing you don't live in the NYC area. yes, i would much rather have alex smith and the 49ers win this weekend. either that or have the giants lose in the superbowl.

fish/crane's picture

With the Giants offense struggling and the Packer offense down by 7- chosing to go for it at fourth and 7 with 12:00 left at mid-field- was probably not smart.

Regardless- if players drop and fumble the ball that many times- one or two coach decisions won't matter a hill of beans.

Much upside for our young squad. Great year.

June's picture

I just want to thank you guys for covering an amazing season for the Packers! You do an awesome job here and I'm not worried about the Packers at all, we'll be back next year with a vengeance!

Point Packer's picture

Can someone please explain to me why we would ever rush three, drop eight and give Eli as much time as he would ever need to complete a pass?

Strategy killed us in the first half.

PackersRS's picture

I had never seen such a meltdown in every phase of the game. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching, all chose the worst time to perform as poorly as they did. Several players, including Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson, had possibly the worst game of their career. Speaking of Tramon, what is wrong with him? He cannot turn and accelerate with the same quickness as he did last year. The player that took the field yesterday cannot start in this league.

I still have no question that, despite all the problems of the defense, this was still the best team in football, and by quite a bit.

I just wish they had played like it when it mattered.

go pack go

PackersRS's picture

I had never seen such a meltdown in every phase of the game. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching, all chose the worst time to perform as poorly as they did. Several players, including Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson, had possibly the worst game of their career. Speaking of Tramon, what is wrong with him? He cannot turn and accelerate with the same quickness as he did last year. The player that took the field yesterday cannot start in this league.

I still have no question that, despite all the problems of the defense, this was still the best team in football, and by quite a bit.

I just wish they had played like it when it mattered. It looked clear from the get go that we wouldn't win this game.

go pack go

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Gut reaction is bartender gimme another.
Great season, extremely proud of the team, but what a fckn' sour note to end it on.

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What a waste of a 15-1 season.

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Thank God Bush was guarding the 10 yrd line on that Nicks TD. Fml.

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"The Bears still suck!"
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