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Gut Reactions: 2014 Divisional Playoffs vs the Cowboys

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Gut Reactions: 2014 Divisional Playoffs vs the Cowboys

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant grasps at the football in vain by Andrew Weber—USA TODAY Sports.

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant grasps at the football in vain by Andrew Weber—USA TODAY Sports.

  • I'm just going to steal this from Zach to start: Aaron Rodgers, with two tears in his calf: 24/35 for 317 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 125.5 passer rating.
  • The man is a damn assassin.
  • The running game seems to work well in the opening of these games where teams open up in a 2 deep shell, and then disappear for long stretches. Frustrating.
  • Why does Mike always wait until his team is down to get creative? A la Cobb in the backfield?
  • Remember the Kool Aid Man? That was how Davantae Adams treated the rookie wall today. And here's the crazy thing, he could have had an even bigger day if it hadn't been for a few plays where he and Rodgers clearly weren't on the same page.
  • Mike Daniels was an absolute beast today. On the one sack, he plowed through an uncalled hold and got to Romo.
  • Peppers flashed early, faded late, but man—what a play on the strip of Murray. Certainly looked like that was going to be a touchdown.
  • I wonder if all the Cowboys fans who told Lions fans that their team needed to overcome a bad call will say the same thing about their own team...
  • Not a great game for Tramon.
  • Sam Shields battled.
  • How monster was that sequence at the end of the first half? A six point swing in a five point game.
  • Not sure why Mike and Aaron were trying so many corner routes. That's a low percentage play and it was their 3rd down go-to way too many times for my liking.
  • The whole sequence with TJ Lang was absurd. Lang is coming to hit a guy full speed and the whistle blew just before he gets there. He can't stop his momentum. He's playing until the whistle. At first I thought it was a dumb play, but looking back at it, he's battling and trying to help his guy. How many times have we seen offensive linemen come in late and help push a pile of dudes over the first down marker? Tough call on TJ there.
  • Masthay still ain't right.
  • Andrew Quarless needs to get his head in the game.
  • Brad Jones needs to not be in the game.
  • Guion was active up front, if not disruptive. But you can't fault his effort. Guy kept after it and made a play or two because of it.
  • I don't want to think about Seattle.
  • Go Pack Go. 
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MarkinMadison's picture

Jones. Ugh. I'm going to puke if they don't bench him.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm a big TT defender, but if BJones is on this team next year, he and I are going to have a stern talk.

S-Mahn's picture

Well- they did pay him .... Maybe he becomes a fulltime special teams guy, a la Jarrett Bush. I still think you should have that stern talk

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Please be gone next year, this guy has made mistake after mistake. He is killing me while he is out there.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Please be gone next year, this guy has made mistake after mistake. He is killing me while he is out there.

Bugeater's picture

I have a Brad Jones shaped piece of duct tape that I put on the screen whenever he's on the field

chugwater's picture

Much as I cringe with the rest if you at his bad plays, he did make a nice open field tackle on the Dallas receiver to force the 4th down and 2.

Idiot Fan's picture

With a healthy Rodgers I think we would have a good shot, but he's so immobile, next week is going to be a big uphill battle. Here's to hoping for Any Given Sunday!

Nerd's picture

He was moving fine in the 4th. Dude needs to stop dogging it like he's in the WWE.

Take that painkiller before the game, Aaron. Halftime is too damn late.

D.D. Driver's picture

It's like he was Hulk Hogan and the ref lifts his arm: "One." Lifts his arm: "Two." Lifts his arm "Thr..."--No wait his fist is raised up, and then shaking in the air, and then a whole lot of ass kicking all over the place.

D.D. Driver's picture

double post

Packatron's picture

*He's hulking up!* Punch, punch, throw into ropes, big boot, leg drop and there's your ball game.

The TKstinator's picture

Calf drop.

davy jones's picture

No matter what happens in Seattle, this has been a helluva successful season. Who thought at 2-3, with a 32nd ranked run D, we'd be heading to the NFC championship game? I love eddie lacy--hard worker. Let's all just stop this J J Watt for MVP nonsense. there is only one true MVP. Just a great game.

Nerd's picture

Let me be the first to predict a victory in Seattle.

chugwater's picture

I hope so. SEA looked dominant from my vantage point last night.

packsmack's picture

Go back and check the box score from when the Packers played the Panthers. Not a good team.

barutanseijin's picture

How did Watt play in the playoffs? Oh that's right, he didn't.

Farts_After_Wins's picture


ballark's picture

That laser to Richard Rodgers was one of Rodgers' very best in a career now full of memorable throws.

Idiot Fan's picture

Also, Daniels was getting blatantly held play after play.

tjm65's picture

Agree Daniels was held multiple times, not sure how they missed that over and over..

Nick Perry's picture

Ummm It's Dallas, that's how they miss it over and over.

Packatron's picture

It plays into the NFL sports media narrative that Dallas has a "great" offensive line.

HankScorpio's picture

Well, the Packers sure did beat up on that "great" offensive line. 4 sacks and plenty more hits on Romo, who got roughed up pretty good in his return to Wisconsin.

The Lions beat up on Dallas o-line the week before, too.

Is it over rated or overrated? One word or two?

D.D. Driver's picture

* Screw Chris Christie and his "mojo."

*If if the refs wouldn't have reversed, the Packers would have marched down the field for the win anyway. The Cowboys defense was dragging ass by the fourth quarter. Watching them labor to peel themselves off the turf after each play was hilarious.

* I hate Brad Jones, but that call was BS. He was within 5 yards of the L.O.S. At that stage, it wasn't even clear whether the back was trying to throw a block or run a route. Since when has it been illegal to grab a blocker and toss them to the ground?

* The Lang penalty was also a joke because the Cowboys defender was *still* trying to tackle the Packer WR (was it Adams?), and in fact whipped him to the turf *after* the block. If the "play was over" wasn't it over for both teams?

*Seriously, folks: Screw Chris Christie in the pee hole.

Nerd's picture

Lang brought some emotion, and we needed that. The whole fricasse seemed to spark our team, especially the offense.

But if they're gonna call Lang there, they need to call something on the Gurlz too. Just the call against us? That's bullshit.

We were getting bullshit calls and bad marks all day. We got ONE call at the end. lol

DrealynWilliams's picture

Ayo,Danny! How about them Rookies!!!!!????

DrealynWilliams's picture

You said it would be foolish to depend on the rookies or some sh*t like that. I told you EVERYONE MUST BE DEPENDABLE come Playoff time. If not - their ass(es) don't need to be on the field. I also said that the rookies don't need to put up big number,but they do need to make a play here and there that take pressure off of Nelson or Cobb.

Now, you can't say anything about consistency because there's only been 1 Playoff game and we don't know the rookies will play come next game.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You are unbelievable.

Why are you bringing up Adams' old games?! Talk about what you and I said right before the Playoff game. I didn't say he would "turn a corner". I didn't say the Rookies would arrive. Again, I simply mentioned that everyone would have to be dependable. Go ask #12 if he was looking for and depending on Adams to be where he thought he would be and make a play on the ball when needed to.

Yea, that Rodgers "ONE reception" was a difference maker in a close game. He put up points! You can't downplay that in no way shape or form in a Playoff game. Hater!

Yes, Lindley had 1 bad snap. But what other sack or pressures did he give up??? How about that running game though? I know 1 thing - he's not looked at as a weak link. Hater!

If you're not proud of the job they did you are truly a hater. Or maybe you're just ungrateful. Those guys made impact plays. That game was up in the air for majority of the game and the Rookies didn't do anything to lose or put the Pack in a hole. Give credit when credit is due!

MarkinMadison's picture

I believe the team has dubbed him "New York Bozo." I suggest CHTV print up orange shirts with the logo and sell them. I'll pre-order 8 right now.

chris davis's picture

It's funny that we never saw "the King" (Jones) today? Where was he!

Idiot Fan's picture

I assumed he meant Jerry Jones?

Nick Perry's picture

Totally agree DD, what happened when the Packers took the ball over on downs? They drove right down the field and killed the last 1:54 kneeling down in the V Formation.

HankScorpio's picture

In all, the Packers took the last 4:06 off the game clock. Had they needed a FG to take the lead or tie, well, they would have gotten a TD just to be safe.

BTW...The Packers last TD with about 9 minutes left was an "obvious" call to go for 2. Which they did and it failed, leaving them up 5 not 6. And potentially set up a situation where a return Packer FG after the TD and 2 points Dallas just missed out getting would have resulted in a tie, not a win. So the 2 point call with 9 minutes left was far from the "obvious" choice. In fact, it might have been a costly one if not for a review override of a quirky rule on what is or is not a catch (it sure looked like a catch to me but the rule was correctly applied). The moral of the story? Take the sure point unless things are desperate.

pooch's picture

Nick Perry was a beast game ball on D,Adams game ball on O

Nerd's picture

-We pooped ourselves against Seattle. They're beatable. They've been pooping themselves all season too.

-Aaron seemed to almost be sand bagging it. Dude, if you can move, please do so. If you can't get it done, take a seat.

-Eddie Lacy always tries hard, even when everyone else is in a lull. Barrington too, so far.

-Brad Jones. Always with the penalties in cluth situations. Repaying gambling debts?

-Refs were completely against us UNTIL that last call. But that call wasn't AS decisive as that call in the Loins game. We'd get the ball back with time to score. We had a last drive anyway, we'd have done it.

-Rookies stepped up today. Davante Adams is gonna be a good one.

-Quarless made some plays too.

-Morgan Burnett looked ugly at times.

-No blocked kicks!

-Still too many damn missed tackles.

calabasa's picture

"-Aaron seemed to almost be sand bagging it. Dude, if you can move, please do so. If you can't get it done, take a seat."

You can't be serious.

Mario Willis's picture

I think it looked like A Rod took the PAIN KILLER at half time.
It took it a minute to kick in.

If you are going to get a shot or take a pill do it at the beginning of the game.

Nick Perry's picture

What ever he took worked. With about 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter he played just as well as anytime I can remember. The Pass to Adams on 3rd and 15 was unbelievable, the pass the Rodgers ll, PRICELESS!

Nerd's picture

These audio video advertisements are ANNOYING.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Then click on only the non audio/video ads.

barutanseijin's picture

I'm not sure Seattle is as great as people say. Their late season hot streak came against some crap offenses.

Nerd's picture

They're quite beatable.

They're delusional too. They still think they deserved that Fail Mary. Ripe for the picking.

Nerd's picture

Glad to have another shot at them.

Norm's picture

I was thinking the same thing, and they didn't exactly look unbeatable against a team with a losing record in the regular season yesterday.

That says, history would say that a great defense beats a great offense (and with Rodgers' calf injury, we may only be a 'very good' offense), especially at their place, so I'm not expecting a win next week. Hoping, praying for a win, but will be very pleasantly surprised if they an pull it out. Which I think they CAN do, just don't expect that they will. Maybe the football gods repay us for the Fail Mary?

White92's picture

My sentiments exactly.

pooch's picture

Missed Morgan today and clay was marginal

Norm's picture

Two huge plays from Adams, the TD (what a move he put on the defender!) and the conversion on the last drive to help ice the game. He wasn't on the same page with Rodgers early but he was a difference maker like he was in the last 26-21 game (vs. NE).

For as much as I was bitching about the D, they only gave up 21 points, and we should win 100% of home games and 95% of away games in that scenario.

This just in: Dez thinks it was a catch.

Idiot Fan's picture

Personally, I think it was a catch by reasonable standards. But by NFL rule it was not.

DrealynWilliams's picture

That was not a catch. I had all the confidence in the world that the call would be overturned.

1. The ground can not assist in catching a pass. That ball was trapped.
2. The ball moved quite a bit AFTER hitting the ground.
3. The ball eventually popped up out of Dez' arm and into the air (which means the ball bounced off the ground)

D.D. Driver's picture

Here is the rule: "If a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass (with or without contact by an opponent), he must maintain control of the ball throughout the process of contacting the ground, whether in the field of play or the end zone. If he loses control of the ball, and the ball touches the ground before he regains control, the pass is incomplete. If he regains control prior to the ball touching the ground, the pass is complete."

Think about it this way, if Dez Bryant didn't catch the bounce in the endzone and instead the ball hit the ground and bounced out of bounds, I think most people would say "incompletion." But the re-establishing possession after the bounce was completely irrelevant. Once it bounced after hitting the ground, the play was over.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Thank you!

I was texting a friend (Who's a Cowboy fan) and he kept mentioning Dez' knee being down or contact from our CB. All of that is irrelevant. The ball hit the ground. The ball bounced and shifted positions. End of story.

Idiot Fan's picture

Biggest play of the game was the Murray fumble. If he holds on to that, he's gone for the TD. Peppers made a HUGE play there.

MarkinMadison's picture

I believe the team has dubbed him (Chris Christie) "New York Bozo." I suggest CHTV print up orange shirts with the logo and sell them. I'll pre-order 8 right now.

I'm double-posting this, because I so want CHTV to make money off of this.

jbromusic's picture

fat bastard is from jersey, not new york

Norm's picture

Interesting, according to Rodgers that last completion to Cobb was intended for Boykin, but the deflection sent it to Cobb. Sealed the game. Glad it was deflected.

Bohj's picture

- I love all the three and outs we force on the first drives of games.
- Red zone 1!? Oh yeah....just go to tight ends
- Lacy Equals beast. Next game equals old guy vs new guy. We're coming beast mode.
- Props to mason. Used to stain my pants a few years back. Keep that confidence mister Crosby. We will need you.
- Peppers. That is what I thought you would do in the playoffs. Dude wants to win "now".
- Adams. Typical first year wide receiver bust nonsense. Do some of you feel silly now? Still want Janis in there making rookie mistakes?
- I admittedly don't know what a catch is in the NFL. But that was not one. Clearly he didn't make a "football move". Clearly!!
- I hate big mikes excessive red laundry on the field as much as the next guy.......but not today. This makes up for any challenge made this year. As far as I'm evened out.
- Anyone else like New York Bozo? Great play name and execution. Red zone problems? Pssshhhtttt. Just bust out NY Bozo yo.
- This team has that grit to fight Seattle. Get it done Pack.

Handsback's picture

Next week could be ugly...but appreciate this win.
Why does it seem like the "D" plays worst when Rodgers is hurt? Almost like giving up hope.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Adams pulled the ol' "dead leg", twice! Froze the defender both times.

What a game!

What a season!

Gonna take our best game next Sunday, but the hacks can be had.


Wiscokid's picture

We win baby!!!!!! We are taking Seattle down next week.

Lphill's picture

So many Packers fans sitting quietly during the game is disgusting, give up your season tickets to fans who know how to cheer and make noise, what a disgrace, why dont they get it?

Tundraboy's picture

Noticed that too. Sad. Not like they were freezing

packsmack's picture

What's really gross is that in the replay you'll see 5000000 times of Dez clearly not completing the catch, some bandwagon Cowboys fan that hasn't bought a jersey since the Leon Lett days is in the front row. THE FRONT ROW! Fuck that noise. Season tickets should be revoked if you give up front row tickets to the enemy in the playoffs. Inexcusable.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Sorry. I'm late to the party. I was getting out all of the Go Pack Go! text and e-mails out of the way.

- Rodgers is the sh*t!

- Is this asthma thing with Lacy true? I was wondering why we didn't see much of him in the 3rd. It wouldn't be such a big deal if RB #2 got some of those carries,but we MUST keep it balanced.

- I told y'all Adams is going to be the truth! Dude reminds me so much of Greg Jennings. His route running. His jukes. He might just have a confidence/playbook issue his rookie year but I'm expecting big games + big plays from Adams from next season on out.

-I literally shed a few tears of joy during R. Rodgers TD catch. Danny, where you at!? I told you this was capable. He didn't have a huge game but he contributed and made a play when he needed to!

-HHCD...smh. *sighs* This tackling issue. I seen 1 particular play where he attempted to tackle Witten without using his arms. Maybe it was the weather.I don't know. The sh*t was UGLY! I'm guessing that's why we seen a bit more of Richardson later on.

- When teams go empty backfield and Clay is a OLB,but drops into coverage at the snaps good things happen. That's when we got a few clutch sacks.

-Before the game I predicted Peppers and Shields would play big. Peppers saved us 7,forced a fumblle and got drew a flag or two.

-In the slow mo replay, Shields swiped the ball or Dez's hands/arm which caused the Dez to lose majority control of the ball. Which also led to an incomplete.

The rest will come tomorrow at work. I'm so happy/proud

TommyG's picture

My only concern from this game was the number of quick outs and corner routes. I hope MM realizes that those are the routes Seattle will be drooling over.

We took everything they gave us, left some points on the field despite that, and still found a way to win.

The non-completion will be discussed ad nauseam. I wonder the Cobb completion will face such scrutiny?

Tackling wasn't great but it did keep Dallas under control. The strip of Murray by peppers saved the game.

Seattle is beatable. They are beatable with a slow QB. Carolina lost due to poor clock management, poor play calling, and poor QB play. When the packers go to the emerald city they must be near perfect.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I don't know why our CBs continue to give up so much cushion. There's no CB on the roster that has enough burst to cut off an out route while giving so much cushion outside of Shields.

"We took everything they gave us, left some points on the field despite that, and still found a way to win. "

I Love it!

I think Cobb's was a legit completion. I believe the ball bounced/moved off of Cobb's hand.

The Panthers also have a stout D-Line and damn good MLBs (2).

I know 1 thing - Sherman better get targeted. He's slow. Put Cobb or Adams over there and some quick double moves. The Panthers should have had a couple of big plays against Sherman but Cam was way too inaccurate.

Paul Griese's picture

Right on with the Opinion on Lang's "pile cleaning". If Haden, who is a DL BTW, isn't trying to pile on, he doesn't get hit by Lang. I noticed Hayden later limping back after tackling Lacy, and Eddie staring him down. And Lang glamcing back from the huddle. I thought for sure they would run it right at him.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No way to know, but I thought Aaron Rodgers paced himself to try to make sure he was available for all four quarters. Much better in the 2nd half. Some say that an adjustment was made scheme-wise. Maybe so, but I also thought he moved better and planted harder on his throws in the 2nd half as well.

Kudos to the offensive line. I was yelling: Don't throw any punches because I was worried Lang or someone might get ejected during the fracas.

Holding Dallas to 21 points is a good effort, especially when Dallas got some short fields.

I thought Starks would be more effective than he was. I did not think Rodgers trusted him in pass pro.

Quarless made a couple of plays, but also had two bone headed penalties and missed a number of blocks that led to negative plays. Apparently, Bostick is even less well prepared to play.

Adams looked clueless early. But obviously, he came on and had a big game. Nelson had a couple of drops again. Cobb is going to get paid.

Defense relied a lot on the usual play makers. Daniels, Peppers (at least for big plays, not so much down in and down out), CMIII, even Guion were active. Neal did deliver a crunching hit on Romo, and Perry had some coverage sacks/QB hits. Again, 21 points is perfectly respectable, and about what I predicted.

On to Seattle, but I am still savoring this game. Go Pack!

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

"I wonder if all the Cowboys fans who told Lions fans that their team needed to overcome a bad call will say the same thing about their own team..."

From what I'm reading all over the Internet, the answer is no!

Flow49's picture

They have not Dallas Radio is a whine fest and probably will be for the next couple days. And I'll enjoy every second of it.

Go Pack Go!!!

packsmack's picture

"I don't want to think about Seattle."

Well, they're not unbeatable, and have far fewer weapons than Dallas. If the Packers can score 21+, they win.

Imma Fubared's picture

Congrats to Davate A. I beat him like a mule this year for not learning the fn play book and being on another planet. He redeemed himself today.

Perry and Datone made some plays too and Barrington has been the man the past few games.

Hope TT was watching this game and saw another 5'9 defensive back struggle against the taller guy. We got Ha Ha and put him in center field and he is all but useless if you ask me. Time to get some size in the backfield for next season and get rid of some of the deadwood Ted. Seattle's db's are all at least 6/1 and very tough tacklers and cover guys with speed.

If Rogers aint the MVP this will be the second time he got robbed. Adrian Pederson ran for a lot of yards but did not lead him team to victory or playoffs and Rogers lead our team decimated by injury to the playoffs. MVP is for the most valuable.

Norm's picture

Vikings did make the playoffs the year AP won MVP, and lost to the Packers but I believe they had Mary Tyler Moore playing QB that game.

davy jones's picture

Really? The man has put together a roster that just made it to the NFC championship Game and you're lecturing TT about his personnel? Really??

Just enjoy the win...enjoy an amazing 13-4 season and get off the guys back for a week, will ya??

zeke's picture

"We got Ha Ha and put him in center field and he is all but useless if you ask me."

Which is why no one asks you. Just enjoy the rest of the off-season. Vikes almost got to .500 this year, so your paint chips and paste should taste extra yummy these days. Who knows, maybe if they can keep their star players from being arrested next year they can challenge for the wild card!

wildcat1's picture

Congrats to all who invest time , emotion and money to support the most unique professional organization in the world!! Stay positive Pack Nation. as I have seen a Carolina team stay with the team in seattle twice this year. We are a better team than in week one and they are not! Yes , I know Aaron is limited but with a little help from his friends by playing smart, tough football anything goes!! Enjoying this W, and think positive for preparation and trip to the left coast! GO PACK, play your ----- off!!!

cheesehead1's picture

Hope you're right, but scoring 21+ against that defense is easier said than done. Need to be able to run the ball with some results, but again, tough. Obiviously, we need a no turnover game, unlike Carolina, and to catch some breaks. It can be done and is doeable but Rodgers' limited mobility is a huge factor. What if Russell Wilson was limited in his scrambling? Anyway, let's hope for the best, one game, you never know. Go Pack!

DrealynWilliams's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong,but I don't think the Pack were doing 3 WR and 2 HB (Lacy/Kuhn) in Shotgun or Pistol until the Bills or Bucs game. That's a different way of going big without crowding the LOS. It also leaves Rodgers with passing threats. I just really wish the TEs were as good a blocker as Kuhn. That would make things so much more difficult for defenses.

We must get the running game going and we must keep it balanced. Those damn LBs (playing DE) can jump the snap something nice. Outside running might not work, but still running (successfully) towards those small DEs should wear them down in the long run. This might end up being a game that we really need Lacy AND Starks.

Mojo's picture

I know a number of people have touched on this, but what makes so many believe the Bryant "non-catch" decided the game? If they score they're up two. The Pack marched down the field and were in easy field goal range until the time they started to run out the clock. And the Cowpies had to stop GB if they hoped to win - but couldn't. If need be the Pack could have kicked the game winning field goal.

Same result - different score.

cheesehead1's picture

It's really a moot point now. Game over. Too bad the call didn't go the Cowboys way! I've seen many calls go against GB over the years as well. I think it evens out in the long run overall, in all sports.

DrealynWilliams's picture

That TJ Lang penalty

That Brad Jones "hold" on KR

What happened to the flag thrown after that Cobb fumble?

The accidental contact between T. Williams and T. Williams (lol)

The missed holding calls on Mike Daniels

Yep -- we're even.

Idiot Fan's picture

I've never seen a first down spot get challenged and then the ball gets moved back TWO YARDS.

4thand1's picture

That f-in ref gave him a real generous spot on that play. I was yelling throw the challenge flag.

4thand1's picture

Brad jones for holding on the Cobb fumble. Moved em back to the 10. The lang call was BS, the play was still going on as far as he knew. Not like he chop blocked the guy. They were trying to strip the ball too. Jones gotta fuckin go. C'MON MAN!

John Kittrell's picture

I'm sick of Buck and Aikman. They hate the packers it's so obvious. Bad rule but good call

DrealynWilliams's picture

I don't think it's a bad rule. Passes that touch the ground are incomplete. Simple.

Nerd's picture

Calvin Johnson caught it and set the ball on the ground. This one was just plain incomplete.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Yea,I agree. I think Calvin had much more control over his pass than Dez had with his.

Calvin had the ball palmed and willingly placed the ball on the field and used it to get himself up, IIRC.

Dez had the ball between his bicep and forearm - sliding towards his shoulder. Dude had very little control.

pacman's picture

Imagine this game with a mobile AR. It would have been a blowout and everyone yelling - Bring on the Seahawks. This was a game to remember.

Absolutely everyone is going to have to be sharp for next week to even be in the game. MM/DC better come up with something different.

If we win next week, we will know we can win the SB again and we might be hungrier than the Seahawks.

Any given Sunday....

DrealynWilliams's picture

Better believe Peppers will have another stand out game. He wants that ring before hanging them up...

BubbaOne's picture

...and he wants TT to have the 32nd pick in the draft.

Just wondering what Jared Allen was doing today...maybe roping real cattle.

Mario Willis's picture

I haven't read the comments yet but Linsley had a horrible first half. The Mis-Snap and getting beat through the A-Gap...Kept drives alive.

Tramon got hosed on the EARLY PASS INTERFERENCE CALL the NFL FLOP for the whistle needs to be stopped...

4thand1's picture

Why was there no call for Bryant running around on the field with no helmet on again? Even if they called it a catch he should have been flagged for 15 and the ball would have been on the 15 and a half yard line. They made a huge stink about it in the Lions game too.

lebowski's picture

Just got back from Lambeau, what an awesome game to be at. O-Line struggled, not sure why Jordy was such a non-factor, Davante saved the day. If we don't solve our middle linebacker problem next year my head will explode.

Carlos Goodman's picture

I remember someone tweeting Aaron this week, if he thought Davante would have a good game. He said "sure why not?" BOOM. Bring on Seattle! Pack 20 Hawks 17

RCPackerFan's picture

Gut reactions - day after.

1 Day later all that I am hearing about is the 'controversial call'. Bryant did catch the ball, but he didn't maintain possession throughout the play. According to the rules if the player goes to the ground he must maintain possession throughout the process. We have seen this called that way a lot of times. This isn't the first time that this has happened. As soon as I saw the play, I knew it was an incomplete pass.
Great time for McCarthy to get a challenge right.

Speaking of that play though, how did that official, standing 3' away not see that the ball hit the ground and popped up in the air? Was that the same official that gave Witten forward progress 2 yards farther then where he was at?

Officials weren't great yesterday, (numerous missed holding calls), But they got the one call absolutely right when the game mattered most.

Rodgers, man if he can play like he did in the 2nd half, at Seattle, they can beat them. If he plays like he did in the first half. They will be done sunday.

Rookies really stepped up big time in this game. Adams had his breakout game. I really am looking forward to seeing him develop next year. Rodgers made 1 catch but it was huge. Linsley had 1 bad snap, which on that play isn't that on Rodgers? Clapping his hands.

Great win. Lets get the next.

Idiot Fan's picture

"Speaking of that play though, how did that official, standing 3' away not see that the ball hit the ground and popped up in the air?"

I thought the same thing. During the live play I saw the ball pop up and I yelled at my TV, "that's incomplete!"

Honestly, I think that Dallas fans should be less frustrated with the (correct) ruling and more frustrated that they let the game slip away. That game was there for the taking for them. If Murray holds on to that ball.....if they run it on third and one at the end of the first half....if they run it on third and one OR fourth and one at the end of the game...etc.

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I am not sure whose at fault for the bad snap. However, I too, thought of a previous game where we got a delay of game penalty when Linsley did not snap the ball, and I remembered Rodgers clapping his hands and stamping his feet trying to induce Linsley to snap it. Regardless of fault, in the noisy Seattle stadium, we better get the silent snap stuff down pat.

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Seattle winstreak isn't all that impressive. And their D is great but have had played scrubs since their loss to KC. Cardinals twice, 49ers twice, Eagles (Sanchez), Rams and then 7-8-1 Panthers. One of the worst playoff teams in NFL history. I think any good team wins all those games. Eff all that! We are in the NFC Championship!!!!! Go Pack Go! Feeling blessed. Feeling proud!

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I agree with the comment on the TJ Lang thing. The cowboys were still playing and going after Adams. Then, after the play, the Boys come in pushing and throwing forearms so it should have been offsetting because of the retaliation.

I think the refs knew they jobbed GB and that made them want to even things out with the Dez reversal.

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Packers win if front line can give Rodgers time and the defence shakes up Wilson.

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