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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 7

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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 7

  • Obviously, the number one thing on a lot of Packers fans minds is the well-being of Jermichael Finely. I truly hope he's ok.
  • I have to be honest, I missed much of this game due to my responsibilities at the day job so there will be few reactions. 
  • Love what Eddie Lacy has brought to this team. 
  • Bakhtiari has played well, but he struggled in the run game today, from what I saw. 
  • Nice to see Boykin get involved and to see how genuinely happy Jordy Nelson seemed to be about Boykin's first touchdown. 
  • AJ Hawk is the freaking man. 
  • Seriously, Clay Matthews has not played the last two games and the defense has looked as good if not better than ever. Yes, there was the patented late-game "oh no could they end up giving it all away?" feeling, and yes, Brandon Weeden is terrible. But Capers is plugging guys in week in and week out all over the secondary and the linebacking group and he's getting results. 
  • Speaking of the secondary, Davon House and Sam Shields were hella fun to watch today. 
  • Loved seeing Mike Daniels getting a big sack. That's the Cheesehead TV bump at work!
  • I hope everyone who attended Throwback Weekend had a great time at the game!
  • Two big divisional matchups the next two weeks. Hope we get one or two guys back, but I love this team no matter who lines up. 
  • A point on that - a lot has been made of the injuries, and for good reason. But as long as the offensive and defensive lines are healthy and playing well, and Aaron Rodgers is upright, this team is going to challenge people week in and week out. There are a lot of fanbases that would love to be able to say that. Enjoy this. 
  • Go Pack Go. 
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Idiot Fan's picture

Get well big fella.

Beep's picture

I think we finally have a legitimate running game that teams have to respect. Love seeing Lacy converting first downs!

TommyG's picture

I heard JF had feeling in and was moving all of his limbs so that is great news. Wow, can I tell we are banged up on both sides of the ball. Despit scoring 31 points the offense looked out of sync. luckily that will improve as they play and practice. Heck, just look at how much better Boykin was today. The d-line and ILB still looked good, but the coverage is still weak. If not for Weeden being wildly inconsistent and the Browns receiverz dropping wide open passes, this would've been a very different game. Still, I am very confident going forward and I love our running game.

Idiot Fan's picture

That Browns D is quite good (lowest yards per play allowed on D in the league coming in), and we hung 31 on them with several backups. It wasn't always pretty, but it was a nice blue-collar win out there today, IMO.

Evan's picture

Great team win. The depth on this team is insane. Mulumba really looked good. And Lattimore continues to impress.

Sick to my stomach over Finley's injury. Not even going to speculate about anything. Just hope he's okay.

RC Packer Fan's picture

First and foremost. I am hoping everything with Finley is well. 2nd I hope he doesn't miss much time if any.

I really love what I have seen from Lattimore. He is really fast, and seems to always be in the right place at the right time. I think when Jones comes back Capers will find ways to use Lattimore also. Maybe bringing back the big oakie.

I really like Mulumba. I think he is going to be really good. He is raw but I see a lot of potential. Also I was pleasantly surprised with Palmer. I thought he held his own against arguably the best LT in the league. He is more raw then Mulumba but I was happy with what I saw from him today.

Great team win today.

BubbaOne's picture

Can't remember the last 3 game stretch the opponents didn't score a TD until the 4th quarter. D has given up a 13 point avg during this streak.

TommyG's picture

that number doesn't seem real, but wow!

barutanseijin's picture

I think the kick coverage bears most of the responsibility for that TD.

RC Packer Fan's picture

The biggest difference in my opinion is Johnny Jolly. The whole defense has toughness to them they haven't had since Jolly has left.

The run defense has been phenomenal especially when you consider last year they were gashed by the run.

Beep's picture

Also, very happy with the win, but hugely disappointed with all the untimely penalties. Most penalties were on the starters or second stringers, not where you might expect with the band of misfits we've had to fill the injuries.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm sure some were legit, but Triplette is just terrible, so that should be factored in.

Evan's picture

Case in point: that garbage spot on the fake punt.

And I don't have the numbers handy, but I didn't feel like there were an excessive amount of penalties.

some guy's picture

the holding on Barclay was a laughable joke of a call. negated a big play to Finley.

would have scored on that drive and possibly gone up 21-0 early. game over.

just a ridiculous call

Norman's picture

Hyde running down Gordon from behind, with Gordon (a 4.3 guy) in full stride? I seem to recall a certain strength and conditioning coach calling Hyde a marginal athlete. There's clock speed and there's game speed, Hyde's a gamer and I'm glad he's on our team!

Evan's picture

Ha...yeah, that stuck out to me too. I was surprised Hyde caught him.

VApackerfan's picture

Thought the same thing. People said he was slow, ha! His instincts are second to none. He lost a couple of battles today, but he was never beat and was always with his man. Great game!

fish and crane's picture

I believe you are referring to "Stretch" .

ArodMoney's picture


Mr.Bigg's picture

I really had fun watching today. The rookies, the second year players, hawk, Jermichael bowling over people, Lacy is a man, Banjo (I hear a little deliverance banjo every time his name is mentioned. I have more fun watching them with these young guys then when we have everybody.

I do believe this is the second golden age of the Packers... enjoy enjoy.

My winning beer of the week is : From Ethos Brewing- IPA

Thanks Pack- That was fun

chicago hooligan's picture

Good win, good beer.

bleedsgreen's picture

i hope you're not in Wisconsin, otherwise, you have no excuse for drinking "foreign" beer when we have so many incredible Badger State options ;)

TommyG's picture

I feel for AFC team fans. CBS has the absolute worst game presentation on television. bad game sound, bad commentary; the whole game seemed like I was watchin with the mute on.

Shirtless dude kissing the helmet was epic!

Evan's picture

It really is garbage. Just from top to bottom, totally second rate.

RC Packer Fan's picture

And yet everyone complains about Buck and Aikman. I will take them over CBS guys any day.

Mark in Montana's picture

The color commentator sounded like he received too much mentoring from Deirdorf. And would it kill them to put the down-and-distance on the score banner?

jack in jersey city's picture

actually, the thursday night games on the NFL network are even worse than CBS. the commentary makes the games virtually unwatchable

packsmack25's picture

You're insane.

hayward4president's picture

My thoughts exactly.

Beep's picture

Mayock gives some of the best breakdown in the business. You should try listening sometimes.

Ma Linger's picture

Its CBS overall. Several evening programs I watch and the sound is terrible. Way too much bass. Throw in an announcer who has a voice that's deep and it makes in almost unhearable.

Apparently no one at home from CBS seems to notice and report the problem.

fish and crane's picture

The Jaguars came out of this looking really bad. Boykin and Banjo

hayward4president's picture

I think we found a good LB in Lattimore! Guys just keep steppin up! Go pack go!

Drealyn Williams's picture

I forgot which poster predicted a Shields shutdown,but he was spot on! Can we talk about this Lattimore guy for a sec.? When Brad Jones gets back what does the coaching staff do with Lattimore? He DESERVES snaps/PT. He looks damn good in coverage. If it wasn't for the conditions,I think Hyde would have gotten a pick or two. Is Raji making his money vs. the run 'cause I don't hear his name much at all. Banjo > MD Jennings. What's up with Franklin only getting the end of the 1st half trash time? Something's going on. We're now down to Nelson,Jones and Boykins. Does Rodgers subconsciously like it this way?

Evan's picture

It's funny how ILB went from possibly one of the weakest positions on the team at the beginning of the season to one of the strongest.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Only because no one predicted Hawk to play like he's been playing,lol. I can't give him enough props.

barutanseijin's picture

In the Packers' version of the 3-4 defense, he's usually supposed to eat up blocks so that the linebackers can make the plays. If linebackers are making plays between the guards, it's at least partly due to Raji's work.

hayward4president's picture

That would be me :)

MarkinMadison's picture

Good call.

1goodrodgering's picture

In Ted We Trust...

steven's picture

For all of those that are super hard on finley, the guy broke three tackles. three. and he took a brutal hit. i feel bad for the guy, i hope and pray he will be back. dude has matured alot.

MarkinMadison's picture

That touchdown was amazing. I loved that he didn't do the shark thing after his first big catch of the day. And I am hard on Finley. I feel horrible about him getting carted off.

Point Packer's picture

- God, I hope that J-Mike is ok. HIs shaking after the play was downright scary. I'm not a man of god, but if I was, I'd pray for his health.

- Micah Hyde made some mistakes today, but he also made some big plays. Dude is a gamer and a great addition to this team long-term.

- Lattimore continues to impress. Not polished, but a football player.

- A-Rodge looked like he's back to normal today after his recent "hiccups". Hung tight in the pocket, made some nice throws.

- It is some kind of fun to watch Eddie Lacy pound for first downs and just run the ball in general. The man is a horse and a great draft choice by TT. Smart runner. Seems to have grown confidence in himself and from his team-mates.

- AJ Hawk has finally reached his potential both mentally and physically. Wow.

- Speaking of confidence, I wish I would have picked up Boykin on my fantasy team. After last week's debacle, he looked like a top 3 receiver out there. Great leaping catch on 3rd down.

- Our D LInes is something special against the run. Datone Jones showed up today. Mike Daniels is ever better. Jolly just straight up plugs holes.

- I hope Jermichael Finley is ok.

Longshanks's picture

I am hoping and prayng for Finley's health. Man, from the start of the game he just seemed to have that extra something special today. It was weird. He really energizes the team and played a hell of a game today. I had flash backs to Tim Lewis, Sterling Sharpe and most recently Nick Collins. All these involved neck injuries. Again, say a prayer for this guy even if you aren't religious. It can't hurt. This guy puts it all out there every single game. I hope this isn't as serious as it looked.

Evan's picture

As Nagler pointed out on Twitter, after Finley's concussion, his son told him he didn't want him to play football anymore. So scary. I keep thinking Nick Collins.

Jamie's picture

My only complaints...

• Jeff Triplett's entire crew is awful. Bogus spot (then upheld) on fake punt, bogus holding call on Barclay (by Triplett) on big play to Finley, bogus facemask on Hawk, semi-bogus continuation PF on T Williams, and just general terrible spotting of the ball all game long (only once did it hurt the Browns).
• Jennings has ZERO instincts and largely is just running around on the field waiting for someone else to make a play/tackle. I'm sure there's more to it, but don't understand why Banjo isn't starting or subbing A LOT more than he is. Jennings gave up an easy TD to Cameron (and smashed into Burnett in the process) that Banjo later defended perfectly.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I knew I wasn't the only one that doesn't like MD -- like,at all!

Jamie's picture

I mean he seems like a nice guy, and I'm not a big fan of railing on our players, but I've held back for long enough.

Banjo is just soooo much more instinctive, active and comparison really.

hayward4president's picture

Kinda seems like they are playing Banjo more n more each week though doesn't it?

Idiot Fan's picture

First point - totally agree on all of those.

Second point - I have to think that they didn't draft a safety this year because they hoped McMillian would make that jump from year one to year two. I would guess they won't make that mistake again this April.

Point Packer's picture

Jennings is awful. Needs to cease being on the field. Play the Banjo.

Evan's picture

Yeah, if TT doesn't go safety in round 1 or 2, I'll be shocked.

Jamie's picture

Yeah, I agree on McMillian...who has managed to take three steps back this year.

The FO/coaches believe in their guys, and their patience usually works in our favor. I don't believe it's working out in this case.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I wouldn't totally give up on McMillian,but I'd keep him away from any safety position. I like him around the LOS. He's a hitter.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Officiating was pretty bad today.

To be fair, too, that penalty on the play that Finley got injured was a bad call. It wasn't helmet to helmet, Finley wasn't defenseless either.

Overall I felt officiating was poor. At least it didn't cost us a win.

Idiot Fan's picture

I definitely don't think it was a cheap shot, (see: Merriweather, Brandon), but at this point I don't even know what the rule is (sort of like a TD catch). Finley went across the middle and got hit, I think, helmet-to-helmet. Isn't that a penalty?

Evan's picture

It looked shoulder to helmet and that Finley lowered his head at the last second. Not sure what the defender can do there.

Idiot Fan's picture

He can jump out of the way :)

jack in jersey city's picture

it was definitely not helmet-to-helmet. like evan said, it was shoulder-to-helmet and was a legal hit. it really sucks though. i hope j-mike pulls through and can return soon

trvs's picture

Finley was pretty much on the ground when the second player came in for the last minute tackle. Obviously his goal was to make sure Finley doesn't break the first tackle, but it just sucks to see players getting hit late.

Get well J-Fin!

Bibbon Hazel's picture

How does the NFL still allow MErriweather on the field?? Did you see that crap in the Bears game? Two more times he was flagged for hits that could severely hurt someone or himself, and he doesn't even learn from the later. See the Starks hit. Suspend him already!

Beep's picture

The guy still lowered his head. If he keeps his head up on the play, he just pancakes Finley into the ground and avoids any serious contact. These DB have to start playing heads up football.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

J-Mac or the Doctor? Pick your poison. Good to see Banjo step up. At least it keeps one of these bums on the sideline for a little while anyway. I think the Doctor is the better of the two but that isn't saying much.

Bearmeat's picture

The way Finley's injury happened left my wife and I absolutely stunned. Just goes to show once again that there are more important things than football. I find myself glad that Green Bay gave him the 2 year/16 million contract in 2011.

I'm praying that he'll be ok as a father and a husband first.

Hope he can come back really soon as an effective employee of the Green Bay Packers a distant second.

C's picture

100% yes. I wonder if Collins takes pause and realizes he literally could walk away from the game. Hope the kid is a-ok.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I feel the same as everyone else. Hoping Finley is ok. I heard he was feeling ok, and had feeling everywhere. So hopefully a good outcome.

Random thoughts on the day.

Lacy is by far the best RB we have had since Ahman Green. He is a perfect fit for this offense.

Great to see Boykin show what he can do. I thought he would be good, but glad to see him show it.

This I think is the Packers best rookie class ever under Thompson.
Jones is starting to create some more pressures.
Lacy should at the very least be candidate for OROY.
Bakhtiari has been very impressive. Franklin will play a lot more and has shown promise. Once they figure out how to use him, he will be very good.
Hyde has been very impressive.
Mulumba although raw has shown me a lot.

This is the Hawk I saw in college. Sucks it took him this long to play this way in the Pros. But he has been simply outstanding these last few games.

Lattimore looks like he should be a starting ILB. To be fair before the season I thought he might get let go because I never saw much from him at ILB. I was dead wrong. The guy is very good.

The safety/secondary position looks so much better when Burnett is playing. He to me is playing at a pro bowl level right now.

Overall, great win. Couldn't be much happier with the win. Just wish Finley wouldn't have gotten hurt.

Idiot Fan's picture

I agree, though I think our improved LB play across the board is due in part to the improved DL play. It's amazing how quickly the DL has turned around.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree. The DL has been extremely good.

But Lattimore has really impressed me. Hawk has been making plays he hasn't made in the past. I haven't seen him run over a RB in a while, like he did today.
Overall the front 7 has been extremely good.

Point Packer's picture

Mike Daniels and Jolly have been playing out of their minds. Our run defense is tough.

Mojo's picture

Through six games this year, both lines have played more than adequately. I'm just surprised now when the other team gets more than 5 yards on a run.

Lattimore just chases everything down. Great effort. Hyde always seems to be around the ball.

Won by 18 with a ton of talent inactive. It'll be interesting to see how the revamped D-line will do next week against Peterson.

hayward4president's picture

I have seen the highlights in the break room here at work ...but mostly watched the game on that stupid ESPN app. Can't wait to go home n watch Lacy n Boykin ball.....Hope Fin is ok.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Boykin did his thing today.

Marlow's picture

Like everyone else, I enjoyed the game and the emergence of new players, and like everyone else, I feel sick about Finley's injury. It puts the importance of sport in perspective. Get well soon, big guy. Many positive, healing thoughts for you tonight.

WKUPackfan's picture

Hope to see Finley back soon. He's tougher than some think.

AR was back in form today. It's worth watching every second he's on the field.

Thought Tramon's penalty was stupidly excessive. His mental errors continue to hurt the team. Don't think Tramon's a bad guy, but this D would be stellar if he could play up to his former status.

Stroh's picture

I don't think Tramon knew the guy dropped the ball. I could see that the WR body was obstructing his view of the ball or the receiver catching it. So Tramon made the tackle as if the guy caught it. And he thought the aggressive tackle caused the receiver to drop it. I thought it was pretty obvious that's what happened. So IMO, I didn't think it should have been a penalty at all.

Evan's picture

It should have been a penalty because the guy didn't have the ball - which I agree Tramon wasn't aware of. But that shouldn't change the penalty.

Stroh's picture

There was nothing wrong w/ the tackle outside the fact the receiver didn't have the ball. If the receiver catches it there shouldn't have been a penalty IMO.

Evan's picture

Yeah, totally. I think we're saying the same thing.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I've been hard on him, real hard, but, I've had a big AJ Hawk framed picture hanging on my wall amongst Packer greats for years. I never felt like he should be up there with them, but I've just left it hanging. This year I've realized, there is something to be said for reliability and accountability, even if he wasn't dropping jaws while consistently being available, and doing his job. But this year, this is a different fucking AJ Hawk. He hits people, and they go down... Where he hit them! No QB is safe.... Who knew!?!? And most importantly, when you look at the revolving door that is our LB unit... WE CAN COUNT ON HIM TO BE THERE! The importance of that can't be overstated. It doesn't hurt though that he's not only just available, but also playing like a FUCKING BOSS! I'm gonna leave his pic hanging right where it is, among the legends. Maybe he won't go down as one of our all-time bests, but the dude is a GREEN BAY PACKER, through and through, and I'm glad to have him.

Oh yeah, good win, too!

VApackerfan's picture

Well said. He is a beast this year. Even outside of his spotty play in the past, I've always appreciated his resilience. Dude is never injured, which has become rare with this team, not to mention a MLB in the NFL. I can always count on Hawk suiting up on game day.

D B H's picture

If you told the team drafting #5 overall next year that they could get a player that would not be a total bust, would hold his own at his position, and would be available for every game - all over an 8 years spand - I cannot believe any GM would turn that down. So many guys drafted around Hawk did not pan out, other have been up and down, and Hawk is still playing well.

Glad to see that he has finally turned it on this year!

Go Pack!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I hope Finley will be okay. The hit looked legal to me. Finley put his head down, leaving little else for the defender to hit.

Who knows with TT whether he'll draft a safety reasonably high next year. If there is no one he likes, he might think Banjo is serviceable or McMillan will blossom. This rookie class looks great so far. Yeah, it is too early to grade, but why should I let that bromide get in my way? In April, I was annoyed with the draft even though I trust in TT. D-line, then RB, good so far. So in the 3rd I am looking for the Best Player at Safety, Center, WR. Nope, even though there were lots of well-regarded players at those positions on the board. Trade down instead, and then OT. I count 5 guys who can start or be excellent back-ups, and a couple more who could stay on rosters in the NFL for years to come or who might blossom in year two. I thought Neal looked very active and Hawk looks very good. Liked Lattimore - he makes the previous draft look better. Love the potential of Mulumba, and thought he and Palmer flashed a bit and didn't get exposed.

themasterfake's picture

i recall a Brown run that looked like it was going to be a decent gainer, and out of the blue he was taken down. You notice when there is a switch from the normal pattern of a developing play, and this play was an out of the ordinary stop for the Packers.
The stopper? Lattimore. The zen master

hump's picture

well jamie and evan and some other die hards,....glad to see that you have finally taken notice on md jennings!! cant play nfl football period!! ...J MICH God speed,get well soon!! and...........TONY GONZALEZ......SAY HELLO TO GREEN BAY WISCONSIN AND PUT THAT RING ON YOUR FINGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richie's picture

So we've gone this whole season overcoming major injuries with our depth and youth, promoting from within, and your solution to this new injury is an overpaid, has-been stop-gap veteran?

Drealyn Williams's picture

With Finely being out, does this put Quarless on the line and Bostik in the slot or outside WR?

Beep's picture

Hopefully James Jones is back this week and we have Jordy, James, and Boykin to go with Lacy and Quarless.

Wilson Maywick's picture

Praying for J-Mike...

When I think of the word resilient, I think of my Packers. How many teams in the NFL can have the number of injuries the Packers have and continue to compete and win? Whether it be coaching, a deep talent pool or a combination of both, they seem to relish the challenge of next man up. I'm so proud of this team. Kinda feels like 2010..lets hope it ends the same way!

Go Pack!

Drealyn Williams's picture

I say the same thing! A team can lose 1 star player and the media jumps all over. The Pack loses a star AND his replacement and you'll never hear about it, 'Cause somehow they stay competitive. I love this organization.

VApackerfan's picture

The media also likes larger markets. They're more concerned with Geno Smith in NY, and Romo in Dallas. Also whatever Tim Tebow is doing.

Ma Linger's picture

Watched a lot of football this weekend and couldn't help notice defenders targeting the head but trying to make if look like, oh it was an accident.
I think a lot of it is deliberate. Hey if the guy your trying to cover is making you look bad you take him out of your next contract may look bad.
Can't tell me contracts aren't loaded with incentives for dbacks and they see the dinero slipping away when they try and cover someone they can't.
Hate to think it but I see a trend here of players playing the accident game.

aberamsey's picture

What a game. What other team continues to succeed with so many rookies? Lacy, Franklin, Bahktiari, Bostock,White, Hyde, Banjo, Jones, Mulumba, Palmer...incredible.

hump's picture

YES my solution is with finley out for the year...... TONY GONZALEZ... obviously some ppl dont pay attention to anything outside green bay. outside of jimmy wayne,gonzalez has been most dominent TE in football this year. i know its easy to pound on our chests about how good all of our third stringers look,but in fairness to all of our starters.....we have played arguably the two worst offenses in football balt and if anybody thinks were gonna compete for a championship without cobb or finley or bulaga or harris or matthews or hayward or perry or jones or jones again, were gonna need some help at some point, cuz we havent seen the end of the injuries. ps....j mike is walking around hospital room.... says he will be fine

packeraaron's picture

<em>obviously some ppl dont pay attention to anything outside green bay.</em>

You mean like how Atlanta has repeatedly said they aren't trading Gonzalez and how he has repeatedly said he doesn't want to be traded?

Jamie's picture

You gotta give him credit...he's on the money about 'Jimmy Wayne'

hump's picture

yeah my fault, graham. and gonzalez im sure,would jump through the friggen roof if he was told he had a chance to go to a contender,nfl network has already confirmed that the falcons talked with him about the possibility of a trade. if you have info that he has said no,then your a step ahead of me i guess?

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