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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 6

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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 6

  • I love this team.
  • I also love that McCarthy waited until the PERFECT time to call that deep shot to Jordy.
  • Lattimore is fun to watch. Not a whole lot of technique on display, but he brought a ton of energy and attitude to the defense today.
  • This game reminded me of Seattle last year, where Mike was determined to stick to his gameplan in the first half, no matter how much the results on the field suggested that his gameplan was for shit.
  • I mean, how hard is it to see that Lacy is running well and to feed him after, say, the first two drives?
  • Cobb and Jones going down is just depressing. And no, I don't expect them to call Donald Driver.
  • Why is Masthay no longer booming kickoffs?
  • Seriously. Why is John Kuhn on this team? Pass protection, right? That's it?
  • A bad miss from Crosby, but otherwise another strong performance.
  • I love this team.
  • A.J. Hawk played a fantastic game. Just fantastic.
  • McMillian is walking back to Green Bay, right?
  • Speaking of which, why is it that no 4th and Forever is too big for a Packers' opponent to overcome?
  • Also, have I expressed my loathing of the three man rush? I have? Ok then.
  • Rodgers had that gorgeous throw to Jordy - but outside of that, not a great game from the ol' Franchise QB.
  • I love this team.
  • Yes, the Ravens are hardly an offensive juggernaut, but the defense absolutely won this game. And if the Packers are now the kind of team that wins with defense, a running game, and an opportunistic offense, I am more than fine with that.
  • The drive that ended in Crosby's last field goal was a man's drive. Of course, the defense almost fucked it all up, but that should have been a nail-in-the-coffin drive, highlighted by tough running from Eddie Lacy and smart passing from Rodgers.
  • And make no mistake, this game is a big step for this team. After losing tough, close games on the road to the 49ers and Bengals, to get the win today was a great step forward. Championship teams are built on these kinds of wins.
  • Truly hope Jones and Cobb aren't done for the year.
  • Big game coming up against the Browns. Go Pack.
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AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I think there were back-to-back "man" drives to end the game. Really, really impressive. I'm certainly not a medical practitioner but Jones' injury came when his leg was planted but Cobb's did not seem so. Maybe Cobb's is not so bad??? I hope they both return quickly. Seems we developed a running game at just the right time

dullgeek's picture

Interesting. I thought Cobb's was worse. I *LOVED* seeing QB1 getting in that defender's face afterwards. And I thought the personal foul penalty that resulted was terrible.

Tibbits's picture

I am almost positive Cobb's is much worse. I honestly expect Cobb to be out for the season. Jones was walking around with maybe a immobilizer on the knee, but Cobb was carted off and came back on crutches.

Stroh's picture

Cobbs injury will be much worse than Jones. Looked like Jones planted and got in an awkward position but I, as a Strength coach, didn't see a major knee injury. Cobb on the other hand was hit directly ON the knee, and I might add just so the guy didn't hit him high and get a personal foul penalty. Cobb is probably done for the year, Jones for a few weeks.

The new NFL, is getting its way. Don't hit a guy high where it makes in impression and sends a message, but feel free to take a players knee out, we don't give a shit about a knee! Fucking BULLSHIT new NFL rules! It sucks!!!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I just heard from Glazer that the Packers didn't feel either injury was going to be season ending, BUT>>>> they are doing MRI's tomorrow morning so we'll know for sure then.
He did say that Cobb's was worse then Jones' which we could see that.

Honestly, even if Cobb's isn't season ending, i'm guessing he will be put on the short term IR.

I do wonder if they will bring back Ross or promote White. Ross is a slot WR, and though isn't even close to Cobb's talent as a WR, he can play the slot at least...

Hank Scorpio's picture

There is no rule that says a defensive player MUST hit a player in such a way that there is a higher probability of injury. IOWs, defenders don't have to strike at the head or knee of a ball carrier, especially when leading head down with the helmet.

Defenders are allowed, in fact they should be encouraged, to hit with their head up and strike the torso of an offensive player. It is the most sure way of actually making the tackle. To me, that makes for better football than whiffing after launching into a ballcarrier.

Elam didn't need to hit Cobb square on the knee. And while I don't condone vigilante justice, he'll learn real quick if someone treats him to the same type of shot.

dullgeek's picture

The Packers can't seriously go into next week with only two WRs. If Cobb & Nelson are out for any time at all, what do they do?

Evan's picture

Really wish Charles Johnson wasn't just picked up by the Browns.

Where is Walker these days?

Nerd's picture

Tori Gurley is on the Browns PS.

But I bet they activate Myles White.

Do we still have Kevin Dorsey on the PS? I think they IR'd him.

Evan's picture

Tyrone Walker is out there somewhere.

Lars's picture

Myles White over any of the stiffs mentioned above and he's already on the Packers' PS.

VApackerfan's picture

Agreed about Myles White. He is really quick and could be a threat player in the slot like welker. Not saying he is Welker, but from what I've seen, he's got great potential

Stroh's picture

Kevin Dorsey is my guess. But White makes some sense to since he is more of a Cobb-light kinda player. Dorsey is more of a James Jones outside WR.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree Evan. Losing Charles Johnson to the Browns, only adds salt to the wounds...
From what I just heard from Jay Glazer, it sounded like the Packers didn't think either Jones or Cobb's injury's are season ending... BUT... they will have MRI's tomorrow morning to be sure..

I am guessing White will be brought up this week.

wisconsinexile's picture

In a way, I think the loss of two receivers was just what McCarthy needed to win this game. He has over-invested in his mediocre spread spread-offense which, as we've seen, play-off caliber teams can match up against. By forcing him into two tightend sets, the Packers offense can finally shred Cover Two shells: Quarless and Finley attacking the soft middles while Nelson and (for the moment) Boykin challenge the edges or work levels concepts. Having the TE's in to chip also helps take some pressure off of the 4 man rushes that have getting home. They can also help out in run plays. Finally, Rodgers *needs* to play under center more, even if he doesn't like it. He's amazing with play action, and the run game is much more effective. If they really start running on third and short, maybe safeties will bite on the play action pass downfield and *actually* open that play up (just like the final deep bomb to Jordy), instead of it being a no-percentage play from the shotgun. I love how much pressure the 2TE, 2WR, 1HB formation under center puts mental pressure on aggressive defenses to read and react. It worked great in the second half of the 2010 season, starting with that Giants game.

jeremy's picture

Yep, the Packers could definitely stand be more multiple on Offense. They haven't done as good a job of that since Philban left.

jack in jersey city's picture

that means our TE's actually have to CATCH the balls that are thrown to them ;)

PackerBacker's picture

That hit on Cobb was ugly. No way he comes out of that without a torn something. I don't expect him back this year. Damn, that's depressing.

Evan's picture

Me neither. Anything short of IR I'll be happily shocked.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I didn't get this impression at all.

Stroh's picture

You clearly are clueless. The Cobb injury is much worse than Jones. And you wanna know why Cobb got hit in the knee? The defensive player didn't want a personal foul for a hit in the chest, so he went low and took out a knee! Get used to it... Your going to be seeing ALOT more of it in the near future.

Instead of good hit that might ring a guys bell, the Defense is going low at the knees! Fucking new NFL sucks!

If you really think a player would rather have a knee taken out and loose a season and possibly a career, instead of getting his bell rung and a concussion for a week or 2 you don't know football players!

IMO a hit on the knee is MUCH worse than a concussion. Get used to in... Your going to be seeing a lot more knee injuries in the near future cuz the D can't even hit a guy in the chest. If you hit him in his chest his head will move and that will draw a flag! Guaranteed...

packeraaron's picture

Stroh, why do you have to be such an asshole right away to someone expressing THEIR IMPRESSION of a play?

Take a look at your FOUR PARAGRAPH response to someone saying "I didn't get this impression at all" and then reevaluate your life.

Stroh's picture

Sorry to have to explain the obvious to the obvlivious. A hit DIRECTLY ON the knee is much worse than Jones. From watching the replay I couldn't see anything Jones did to get injured. Didn't get hit on the knee, maybe just twisted a little but I didn't even see that.

packeraaron's picture

Right Stroh - and you completely missed the point - there is no need to explain anything to anyone. You saw what you saw - great. There's zero need to come in hot at someone because they saw it differently. Unless, of course, your whole point is to be an asshole. If that is the case, by all means, carry on...

jack in jersey city's picture

wasn't stroh the guy that was telling me perry wasn't benched last week?

THEMichaelRose's picture

Thanks for the backup on this. All I meant to say was, yes the injury looked painful, yes it was a direct hit to the knee, but there's no need to assume the worst. I didn't see an aircast or anything which dubs it an automatic season-ender.

Fudding's picture

Stroh, you can blame the "New NFL" all you want, but the former players class action lawsuit against the NFL for head injuries was the cause of the rule change.

Now if you want to argue they should also make it illegal to go at a defenseless players knees to prevent this unintended consequence, i could get on board with that, but why blame the NFL when their hand was forced.

Nerd's picture

Looked to me more like a helmet to the patella.

Hope he doesn't lose his explosiveness. That's what makes him so special.

Stroh's picture

A helmet on the patella is equal to a hit on the knee. Get used to it... Your going to see a lot more of it soon. Makes more sense for a defender to take out a knee now than it does to hit a guy in the chest!

2shreaownert's picture

There was no helmet to any part of his body!!!!!!Watch the play please before you comment.Yes Stroh we know.... How many times are you gonna make the same point? you do this all the time,. It is getting old. Strength coach my ass.

2 share owner's picture

Sorry bout the spelling I'm drunk... I love swear words lol.....Go Pack!!

DR's picture


packeraaron's picture

When the defense cleans up 4th and Forever, I'll clean up my language.

Gary's picture

Weak. It's pretty unprofessional. I know this is just a "blog" but I don't think the cursing adds anything to your coverage at all. Combined with the multiple "I love this teams!" just makes you seem like you had one too many while watching the game. I can almost feel you hanging on my shoulder. But it's ok, man, I love this team, too. Let's just get you home, your shoes off, and you into your bed.

Nerd's picture

I had one too many while watching this game.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I like it. Profanity in the right place and time adds an emphasis that namby-pamby language can't. That's why you use. it. Feel free not to use it in your own writing.

Stroh's picture

You got a problem w/ a guy having one too many watching his team? Grow a f'in pair!

Lars's picture

The defense? You mean Capers, don't you. He's the genius who called the old prevent 3 man rush BS defense on 4th and 21 and he's the genius who had the sucky McMillan on the field. Capers' D's have been blowing 2nd half leads all season with his soft zones and prevent crap. Blame the players all you want, the coordinator calls the shots.

And, notice how Mccarthy got aggressive at the end this time and didn't risk Capers' blowing another lead/game. Is CHTV too cozy with management to ever call out a coordinator or coach?

chicago hooligan's picture

CHTV has definitely never called out a coordinator or coach for anything, ever, at all. Very astute.

Chugwater's picture

Geez. The defense won this game. Will you give credit to Capers for the goal line stand and the fumble recovery before the half? Not a perfect game, but more than eight plays of negative yards should merit some respect.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

McCarthy had to pass because the Ravens had 2 timeouts left. Running and punting in that situation with so much time on the clock knowing they only need a field goal to win would have been horrendously stupid. I, for one, am glad he didn't go in to Martyball mode at that point. If you don't get the first down on the pass you still punt vs. punting due to a failed conversion on 3rd down from a run on 3rd and 4. The only thing that happens is the Ravens burn a timeout and get the ball back with at least 1:40 on the clock only needing a FG and having a timeout. It had less to do with the defense and more about what he would gain by only having them burn a timeout. The first down was more important.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I'll fucking second that shit.

PackersRS's picture

inside voice.

I bleed Green More's picture

There is no need for that language on this board, what is up with that anyways.

Corey's picture

Are you new to the Internet?

Nerd's picture

I'd usually use F'n rather than spelling out personally.

But it's all good.

SpartaChris's picture

Or you could remove the stick from your ass. Just a suggestion.

Richie's picture

Oh no, not swear words. How will my virgin eyes recover.

dullgeek's picture

Wow. Pretty sure that he has more ownership of the site than you do. What you own is whether or not you visit the site. I don't think you get to tell him how to run his site.

packsmack25's picture

Oh comeon, don't delete where I told DR to EAT SHIT. If you do, you're just letting him win.

ArodMoney's picture

You still think McMillian runs a 4.35 and is faster than Eric Reid?

packsmack25's picture


Idiot Fan's picture

If I ever encounter another important 4th and really long with the game on the line, I don't think my heart will survive it.

Stroh's picture

The game WASN'T on the line... I guess you missed that part!

Idiot Fan's picture

Stroh, don't jump immediately into dick-mode. A stop there ends the game; after the conversion and subsequent TD, the outcome was very much in doubt.

2 share owner's picture

He's always in dick mode

Stroh's picture

We were up by more than one score. So by logic the game wasn't on the line. Sorry to have to point out the obvious to the oblivious!

Norman's picture

You must like that particular saying Stroh, you keep using it and it's not as clever as you think. I'm with those who think you're a dick. You were probably a bully back in grade school too, you seem to like slamming people for expressing their opinions, because of course your opinion is much more relevant than theirs. You know how I know this? Because you were once a strength coach I think you might have mentioned once. Explains the 'roid rage you keep posting here.

Idiot Fan's picture

You have the uncanny ability to respond with maximum dickishness to the most mundane of statements by others. Impressive.

Mojo's picture

Per Nadia Persun PHD give Stroh an imaginary cupcake.

Cupcakes are sweet , peaceful, calming and smile-inducing. Raging people often are in dire need of an imaginary cupcake. A big part of their anger is driven by their belief or feeling that they never get any or someone stole or damaged their cupcakes. So, generously give them one or even a couple, even when they seem to be undeserving of any sweetness.

Despite the obnoxious behavior, loud shouting, screeching voices, clenching fists, pointing fingers, red faces and all, most angry people have a sad message. Most likely they are trying to tell you that they are feeling hurt, ignored, disrespected, unappreciated and unloved.

Stroh is sad.

jmac34's picture

Is there any worse defense call then a three man rush.

Norman's picture

Yes, Jarret Bush in coverage.

jack in jersey city's picture

norman has a very strong point here

Mojo's picture

I see your Bush and raise a McMillian

Stanislaw's picture

Really DR? 'Clean up your language.' I'm sorry, you should pick up your dress and go hang out at a Vikings or Bears website.

'Clean up your language' he says, rolls eyes.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I hate the Bears and their fans, but to their credit, they know how to use profanity.

primetime's picture

I agree clean up the language, not necessary. Go AJ, after years of abuse he is really playing well. He might even get an interception next week.

Corey's picture

Oh, relax. We're all adults here.

Stroh's picture

Go cry to your wife cuz someone used a swear word on a blog! Then go an grow a fucking pair! Fucking panzy!

THEMichaelRose's picture

Totally agree about the defense winning games for this team. I remember Clay saying that he wanted that for this defense in an interview. Interesting that it was a Clay-less defensive performance which prompted this gut reaction.

CH Pack Fan's picture

I have been vociferous of my hatred of the 3 man "rush" for years. It works FAR less than the down and distance would otherwise dictate that it should.
I would love if someone with access to advanced metrics would look at all situations of 3rd/4th and 12 or more yards over the past few years, and then look at offense success rates based on 3 man rush, 4 man rush, and 5 man rush. I am willing to bet a big ol' chunk o' change that the 3 man rush actually has the highest percentage of offense success. 8 guys cannot cover 4-5 guys for the length of time required in todays NFL -- the QBs are too good, and the "no touching" rules mean that someone is going to come open in the amount of time that the 3 man "rush" allows the QB to have. Stupid, stupid, stupid. On the other hand, at least a 4 man rush has a pretty good chance of hurrying the throw a little, allowing the back 7 a chance to cover long enough for success.

Stroh's picture

Actually a 3 man rush on 4th and long works far more often than not. You just chose not to remember cuz your too buzy celebrating a win to notice they only rushed 3.

Believe me coaches wouldn't use a 3 man rush EVER if it didn't work more often than not.

You just CHOSE not to notice when it works cuz your happy celebrating a win!

Hank Scorpio's picture

AJ Hawk is looking like a new man this year. Prior to today, I thought he'd progressed from the low side of "average" to the high side of it. He was outstanding today when they needed him most.

Good to see one of the favorite whipping boy of Packer fans step up with a performance like that.

Mark in Montana's picture

Agree with the strong performance by Crosby, it was especially encouraging to see him hit clean kicks AFTER the bad miss.

bkshimada's picture

Do you think Masthay's leg is getting tired having to pull double duty with punts and kickoffs and that's why he's not booming the kicks anymore? No idea, just asking.

MarkinMadison's picture

Honestly, I bet that the game day workload for kickers is pretty low compared to their practice reps. So I don't thik that is it.

Stroh's picture

You would be wrong... Kickers don't practice kicking really far very often. They work far more on technique and clean kicks than they do booming kicks as far as they can. Games are much more leg tiring than a practice where they average a 60% effort kick.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I don't think that was the problem. If it were, i would expect his kicks to get shorter as the game progressed. My impression was that he didn't have any oomph from the first kickoff.

bkshimada's picture

Yeah, you guys are both probably right. I was just fishing for a reason why he wasn't booming them anymore haha.

4thand1's picture

Some key drops again. The play action to Jordy was a thing of beauty. I think they're still finding their indenity.Looks like 2010.

jake state farm's picture

The ravens are a dirty team. The team should be fined for all those low, I'm taking your knees out hits. Its one thing to tackle its another to stop and let the unprotected receiver run into you at knee level. Zero flags called.

Corey's picture

Yeah, where is the flag for hit on defensless receiver?

Even though that doesn't take away the hit, I expect a hefty fine on Elam for that chicken-shit hit.

Nerd's picture

It's been free reign on the Pack.

Going all the way back to Brandon Merriweather.

Makes me sick.

Stroh's picture

Get used to the Defense going at the knees! Since they can't hit a guy in the chest for fear of a personal foul, cuz it would look like a hit to the head, the D is being forced to go at a players knees!

Your going to be seeing a lot more of it from this year going forward. Any hit that could even remotely look like a guys head is hit is going to get a flag! But its perfectly legal to take out a guys knee!

What about that wasn't perfectly clear from watching the hit smack on Cobbs knee?

madmanJack's picture

this is the third time you have made this announcement.

RJW's picture

Disagree on whether to consider Driver, IF both Cobb and Jones are gone for an extended period of time. GB needs to look at every option and that includes an old player who knows the offense and will play full throttle. DD can run the right routes, catch the ball and still has a reputation that will keep the competition honest.

Phatgzus's picture

Please go away.

Stroh's picture

Driver should have retired after winning Dancing. That's the only reason he got a freebee year from the Packers!

BubbaOne's picture

The half ton D-Line wall was busy eating a lot of Rice today...yummy!

Overall, I thought the D tackled better today. If one guy missed almost always the next guy didn't. Plus there was a lot more gang tackling today.

I like our chances on 4th and 70.

"McMillian is walking back to Green Bay, right?" Nah, why take the circuitous route, he'll walk directly to Maine.

Bread Man's picture

Agree, they need to scrap the 3 man rush. Heck, I rather see them get beat on a blitz than watch the QB sit in the pocket forever and have clear vision and open passing lanes. Think Rodgers will ever see a 3 Man rush with the game on the line? Me either. And how did Kuhn make the 53 man roster.....He Suuuuuuuucks!

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

I wasnt sure if last weeks defensive performance could be duplicated, but hats off to Dom Capers for what he has done. They really did their filmwork to keep Flacco, Rice and their big-play receiver T.Smith from having any big plays. Except for that that horrendous 4th and 21. Hello, McMillan, you are a SAFETY, KNOW YOUR ROLE.

Lacy - awesome, Hawk - awesome. House had a really good day. Baltimore musta figured that he was the guy to pick on, because they went at him 3 times in the 1st quarter (and a half?) and he was there to break up passes.

I can never get enough of Rodgers rolling right and zipping it down to Nelson.

Now, is there something about Rodgers that Those throws to Boykin, when he was put into the game, I didnt think was all on Boykin. Two of the throws were just badly thrown. And I dont care about the "chemistry between the receivers" crap that Moose kept talking about. They shoulda been better throws by AR.

Also, J-Mike, dont you realize that by going out of bounds, you HELP the other team. Stay in bounds man. It just surprises me that guys continually fail to recognize the situation, and either stay in/get out when they shouldnt.

Nonetheless, defense was great, running game was great, and they FINISHED the game.

themasterfake's picture

Eddie Lacy is a Green Bay Packer.

Stroh's picture

You just figured that out? He's been a Packer for 6 months now. Bout time you realized it!

Kparis99's picture

Man, you're an ahole

Mojo's picture

You're being too kind Kparis. At least an ahole has a purpose.

hayward4president's picture

Haha @ People crying about F bombs. Should have heard me today when JJ got hurt.....or Cobb got hurt.....or Kuhn being retarded...or Boykin dropping pass after pass.....or Jermike not STAYING IN BOUNDS!

RC Packer Fan's picture

lol. mine started when Nelson dropped the slant pass on 2nd and 2. I knew right then they weren't going to convert the 1st down and they would have settle for a field goal. Low and behold, I was right. F bombs help me get through games...

murphy's picture

Uh, yeah. Some people are far too uptight. Curse words are more than appropriate when one is describing the defense on 4th and long. Fuck.

Jamie's picture

Perry came back in the game, so that's a good sign.

elhandro's picture

I think Ross is the best option for the fourth wide receiver spot. Not that I am particularly excited about it, but he should know the offense enough and is not as raw as White.

Besides as mentioned, this should hopefully force Rodgers under center, which should help the run game and improve the play action. Two TE sets and shift Finley out to the slot, I miss those days and I think it would still be effective.

Stroh's picture

I'll take White... He fits right into Cobbs role as a slot receiver. Then sign Dorsey to the PS for more depth.

Ross isn't a very good receiver AT ALL.

RC Packer Fan's picture

To be fair, Ross made the 53 man roster as WR not a returner this preseason. The 4th preseason game he made it with his play as a WR, making plays after plays...

I will say that Ross was a good/not great slot WR. He is closer to Cobb then White. Not in the same planet as Cobb, but closer to his style of play then White.

That being said I think they bring White up.
It wouldn't surpise me if they brought Ross back though.

Although I see that TO is still available. :)... That is a joke btw... before i get chewed out...

Stroh's picture

Ross made the 53 as a returner nothing else. THat he did half way decent in the final preseason game at WR didn't really win the WR job, the fact he could return kicks and punts did. Nothing about his receiving skills won him a job.

Big Al's picture

According to Dorsey is on injured reserve.

jim's picture

cutting ross was the ultimate "no confidence" signal the packers could give him. bringing him back would be the ultimate "no confidence" signal to all receivers on the roster or practice squad. i doubt that will happen.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

"stroh. don't jump into dick mode." Stroh is the epitome of dick mode. Where ya been? As I so eloquently stated in my well thought out analysis of the game post in "chips report" McMillan is terrible! Banjo needs to get his snaps in practice and game.

Stroh's picture

I said after the Cincy game that Banjo should be the Safety opposite Burnett. Guess you didn't see that? Go back and look!

Honesly don't think I've ever read any analysis from you, just a lot of uniformed opinions!

ZeroTolerance's picture


hayward4president's picture

White has some skills ...I'd like to see him at least get a shot. Ross will forever be hated by at least what like 99% of us?

Bob's picture

1 game above .500, thankfully finally a winning record! Pray for a speedy return for Jones and Cobb. Great defense today sans the 4th. and 21. Slocum needs to coach up Kuhn's gaff. The Bears still suck!!!

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

You don't have to win them aesthetically... just win them. That doesn't mean there aren't concerns that remain but this was a "character" win. The challenge moving forward is how the team responds to potentially losing two starting receivers.

Defensively Capers called an outstanding game. I had no problem with the 3 man rush on that 4th down play. Capers utilized that several times during the game in long yardage situations and sure tackling made it work. The bust on that play was McMillan. He didn't gain depth and fell down...plain and simple. The very next play saw Capers rush 5 and McMillan got beat by Clark for the TD. Different number of rushers inserted....same result....big play. I'm critical of the play callers on both sides of the ball but players have to execute too.

Offensively I thought McCarthy called a good game from a design perspective. Taking out Lacy on 3rd and short in the first half is poor mismanagement of talent on McCarthy's part. Lacy was 2 for 2 converting on 3rd and short. I think Franklin will have a role in this offense as the year progresses but as long as Lacy is healthy he shouldn't see the field in those situations. Lacy is quickly proving why I said he should have been the pick in the first round. He was the best back in the draft and is proving it. Ted Thompson was fortunate he was able to get him in the second round.

I certainly hope both Jones and Cobb can bounce back. However, this could be a blessing in disguise or a nail in the coffin for the offense. McCarthy has been called out publicly for his play calling and has taken offense to it. I have always been critical of his inability to attack all areas of the field, most notably the low and intermediate middle areas. I will say he has done a better job the last two weeks. The other area in which I think he is woefully behind the curve is utilization of personnel to create mismatches. With both receivers most likely down for a period of time we will get to see how good of a play caller, play designer and personnel user McCarthy really is. He has pieces. How will he use Finley? Will he use motion to give Nelson free releases? Does he use Franklin on early downs instead of 3rd and short. Does utilize Lacy as a receiver? Will he give Rodgers more progressions that involve a back in the route scheme? There are a lot of questions but the biggest of all is just how good is McCarthy at utilizing the pieces he has? I have never been convinced he has been good at this area. He has relied on the "my guys are better than yours so let's line up and just play." Frankly....that's not going to work anymore. It really hasn't been working well this year. He's had two solid games at play design this year. It has never been more important to keep it going than now. There are no excuses. Brady doesn't even have his biggest threat in the passing game and yet they are able to move the ball. Teams with lesser talent than the Packers have moved the ball and won games. By seasons end we'll know if McCarthy can do the same. It's easy to checkmate with the Queen,Rook or Bishop. It's more impressive to do it with pawns.

jack in jersey city's picture

great post P.O.C.! totally agree about using lacy on 3rd and short. it drove me crazy today to see him come out of the game in those situations. it will also be interesting to see if finley finally proves to be the talent that we all thought he was going to be a few years ago. i remember him saying that he wanted to be the highest paid TE in the NFL. well, he certainly hasn't proven to be in the upper tier of TE's in the league thus far and i'm not convinced he will ever be. prove me wrong j-mike!

Norman's picture

All excellent points POC, but unless you can aggressively criticize someone else's opinion and also tell me that you were once a strength and conditioning coach, I'm not impressed.

Mojo's picture


packeraaron's picture

<em>I had no problem with the 3 man rush on that 4th down play</em>

And I always will. Even when it works. ;)

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

I hear you Mr. Nagler. I hear you. My track record would suggest I'm a "bring the pressure" type of coach but as I was taught coming through the ranks....there is a time and a place for everything. That includes the 3 man rush and 8 man coverage. Even had schemes where we would rush 2 and drop 9. Think about that for a second. Crazy to imagine but it has been done. Sometimes with great results.....other times....well, not so much. But I do understand your frustration.

Chad Toporski's picture

Thank you for defending the 3-man rush. People love to bitch about it, but it's only because they're stuck on the times they've seen it fail for the Packers (despite the number of times it has been successful). Plus, other teams use it effectively. It's all about execution.

jay's picture

The strip sack at the end of the half was 3 man rush IIRC

BrianD's picture

Great comments Paul! Please write more for this site! The playcalling for cheesehead tv is a little lacking but you pull off the execution every time!

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

What ever happened to "deeper than the deepest"? Pretty easy fucking concept for a Safety. Hell, I get it and I'm not even a washed up strength and conditioning coach.

hump's picture

cobb is done,makes me puke.DIRTY FUCKIN HIT!!!!! and YES,I SAID THAT!!! KIDS UNDER 18,im sorry bout that,dont say that word till you are 18 ok.... johnson was a stiff,myles white however is special talent for those who broke down tape of the preseason. stroh may be a dick,but he pays attention to detail, as do many of us on this site.if this team stays healthy,and gets jennings and mcmillian off field,we win superbowl,unfortunatley we can only overcome so many injuries,even aikman said during his game,he's never seen anyone as snakebit as the pack in all his years.gotta hand it to TT,ive been a bitch about him not addressing our safety issues,but damn... he has really got some amazing depth on that team. doubtful if we could win this thing witout cobb,but when this defense gets healthy, who knows...? Pack Wins FUCK an A!!!!!!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree that in this game (season really) Rodgers was a bit off. He seems a bit bull headed and forces the ball in to make the big play instead of taking what is there. Of course, he is so gifted and accurate that often Rodgers can do that. However, the pass protection is well below average, despite the ratings given to the O-line by McGinn and others. Watch the game with a stop watch rather than a beer in your hand and you will find that Rodgers rarely gets to be comfortable in the pocket for the 2.5 seconds to scan the field that MM talked about in preseason, and rarely gets to step up in the pocket or to follow through on his throws. He usually gets into trouble when he steps up in the pocket. Rodgers has great ability to extend plays. We have been spoiled by his pocket awareness. Some have suggested that his pocket awareness is not as good this year, but IMO it simply is because the pocket itself is not as good this year. That being said, the O-line is much better than I thought it might be, particularly in the running game, and I think the tackles are likely to get better, but then my expectations were pretty low.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I'd like to see the stats on Lacy when Rodgers is handing off under center vs handing off out of Shotgun formation.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Annnnnnd another thing! When are we going to start talking about giving Banjo some meaningful snaps? He hits. He flies to the ball. I haven't seen him make any glaring mistakes. I can't say the same about MD Jennings and McMillian (sp?). I'd rather see Banjo or Bush playing along Burnett (who by the way,has the secondary looking totally different from the first 3 or 4 games.

Evan's picture

I saw Banjo out there on D quite a bit yesterday.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I hope he is slowly but surely taking over opposite Burnett until we find another stand-out safety.

BrianD's picture

"This team is hard to watch"

"I love this team"

Pick one and stick to it you hypocrite. 4 articles were posted following the Packers game and this was the least informative. Good thing it's called "Gut Reactions" because it contained not one bit of information I hadn't already known.

Norman's picture

You should demand your money back.

Point Packer's picture

Yeah, ask for a refund. Maybe consider litigation.

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