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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 5

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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 5

  • This team is hard to watch. 
  • The offense has no identity outside of "Rodgers throws a low-percentage pass and Nelson/Jones/Cobb make an amazing catch." That's their go-to play. Yes, the James Jones TD was a thing of beauty, but you can't build an offense around that kind of play. 
  • Nice defensive showing, but it's hard to get excited about holding the Lions in check without Calvin Johnson. 
  • That said, AJ Hawk played one hell of a game. He really sniffed out everything the Lions tried to do this afternoon. He's been solid all year long. 
  • Nice to see a little action for Eddie Lacy, but you can see why Starks would start if he were healthy. Lacy just doesn't see the field very well yet. Hope that comes with reps. 
  • Randall Cobb is just an offensive weapon. Get him the ball and watch good things happen. 
  • How many injuries did the Packers' linebacking corps suffer today? 422?
  • That first half was exasperating. 
  • Pretty impressive job by the interior of the line against Suh and Fairley. They seemed to do just enough down in and down out. 
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Bakhtiari had a rough game. 
  • Yes, Calvin Johnson's absence had a lot to do with it, but Reggie Bush not being able to get anything going was nice to see. 
  • Some more shoddy tackling in the secondary today. That's going to come back to bite the Packers at some point this year. 
  • Major props to Mason Crosby. I've been a critic. He was on point today. 
  • This team needs to start games much faster on offense. This has been a problem for at least a year. 
  • Speaking of which, a good place to start would be going into Baltimore next week and taking the crowd out of the game early. 
  • This team isn't "good" yet. It's 2-2 and needs improvement. Here's hoping the injured guys (especially Matthews) come out of this ok and are good to go next week. 
  • Go Pack Go.  
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hayward4president's picture

Like I said a few days ago .....Nick Fn Perry folks!! Sack and a sack fumble.....that's what we need to see out of 53!

packeraaron's picture

Totally forgot to include him. Good call. He played well.

hayward4president's picture

Neal played his best ball so far this season as well IMO.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Did you notice though that most of his production rushing the passer came from the right side, where Mathews normally plays?
Maybe he is one of those players that is better on one side vs the other?

Jamie's picture

i definitely agree, he looked a lot more comfortable on the right. It could have just been Reily Reiff, but he consistently got great leverage and momentum on that side. To the point that I thought his first sack was Clay.

Stroh's picture

Matthews playing the weak OLB doesn't have nearly the responsibility that the strong OLB has down to down. Perry isn't allowed to just rush the QB from his strong side like Matthews has the freedom to at weak OLB. Matthews plays the side where he gets to just rush the QB however he wants and can do stunts, while Perry has to maintain gap integrity playing the strong side. If Matthews is out for a few weeks like I expect w/ his broken thumb they should move Perry to weak OLB and give him the freedom Matthews has. You'll see a much different Perry IMO.

I wouldn't be opposed to switching Matthews and Perry permanently. Matthews will excel whichever side he plays, but Perry could become more of a factor if given more freedom. It was evident today when Perry was at weak OLB he made a couple of plays. That's not to say he's as good as Matthews but its possible he could become more of a factor and elevate the D a bit more and give us the dual threat OLB's we are looking for.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Stroh, I completely agree... Basically you made my point for me. I have been saying for a while that Perry's role isn't just to rush the passer. You could tell by his stance.

This week he really stepped up. Hopefully he can keep getting better. He isn't Clay Mathews, but if he can provide a decent pass rush it will greatly improve the OLB.

Nerd's picture

Agreed about the offense. They don't rely on high percentage fundamentals. They did seem to focus more on moving the chains and burning clock today, but I thought the play calling in doing so was a little obvious. Kind of a 60 minute lull, with a few awe inspiring place thrown in here and there.

Why can't we run Roger Craig type screens?

Disagree about Lacy though. He's definitely got better vision than Grant or Bjack. I'd still start him over Starks. Starks is good, and he can get it done, I just feel like Lacy's a little more explosive.

D was keying on Reggie Bush all day. Good plan, especially with Calvin out.

packeraaron's picture

"I’d still start him over Starks"

And the Packers would not, according to the RB coach.

Nerd's picture

I could be wrong.

Although I think this staff goes out of it's way to give props to veterans.

some guy's picture

i'd start him over starks too. and i'd stop running so many vertical routes - or the 3 yard out to finley they run 6 times game.

the play designs are bad at times and stale - everyone knows they're coming

jeremy's picture

They miss Joe Philbin, A Lot.

Derek's picture


Stroh's picture

Well Lacy was the starter week one and 2. Starks was healthy then too. So I don't think its a given he would start over Lacy. Granted Starks had a big game vs Wash, but it took Lacy being injured to get it. I don't think Starks would start over Lacy if both were healthy tho.

Packerwest's picture

So tired of McCarthy calling for a long pass when we need a foot for a first down. I called the play before it happened as McCarthy is so predictable in that situation. Get the first down Mike!We were moving the ball all day on the ground.

Nerd's picture

Agreed, hell I thought Lacy was hurt or something.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Is that McCarthy's play call or Rodgers making the decision to go deep on those plays?
And if that play works, are fans happy or they mad at McCarthy?

I don't like to criticize the play call to much because if it works its great, but if it doesn't work, then everyone's pissed...

Stroh's picture

Rodger threw it not McCarthy! That's on Rodgers as much or more than McCarthy. Not like Rodgers didn't have options to throw the ball elsewhere! Every play has receivers at each level of the D and Rodgers gets to chose where to throw on each play.

KennyPayne's picture

I have been all over Perry's lack of production. Hope this is more like we can expect going forward.

Nerd's picture

It was Perry's 10th game.

Still a rookie, from that standpoint.

Al Dante's picture

Ya I agree with a lot of things you said:
1. We did not play against Johnson and it would have made a difference, not sure how much.
2. Play design is lethargic. All the better teams have someone going short over the middle to diffuse the pass rush. Apparently our way is to run the ball up the middle. Manning is living off that 8 to 10 yard quick strike.
3. Hawk, who I thought they should have dumped two years ago is playing his best football ever,
4. Defense looked more comfortable in the 4 man front and Perry finally broke out. I had him bust city until today.

lebowski's picture

"This team is hard to watch". Could have stopped right there.

Cheesecurdboy's picture

No I'm pretty sure the jaguars are hard to watch

Nerd's picture

At least they're getting some time of possession and moving the chains. Focusing on high percentage plays, albeit not calling them very creatively.

It's a step in the right direction, imo.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree with the offense. It just has not shown up thus far. You can tell they are still searching for an identity.
But that will come.

Although the defense has been very good against the run. No one has really been talking about it, but they have played very good run defense so far. I think the secondary will get better as the season goes along and that will include getting Hayward back.

My biggest concern is with Mathews. I haven't heard any more about him, what happened to him?

What's a game without a packers player hurting a hamstring.

Evan's picture

Thumb injury for Matthews

Nerd's picture

Brad Jones had a hammy.

Evan's picture

Broken thumb. Fuck.

Oppy's picture

Club it and suit him up, I say.

ohenry78's picture

I haven't had a chance to watch the game yet; I plan on doing that when I get home. But from what I gather from here and from the chat during the game, McCarthy is getting a little too cutesy with the play calling and moving away from some of the more fundamental types of plays any sort of West Coast Offense would normally see. Is that about accurate?

I hope that gets fixed.

Nerd's picture

Actually they seemed to get away from the vertical "Run and Shoot" today, although the play calling in doing so was a bit predictable.

They actually seemed to WANT time of possession today, moving the chains down the field. Taylor dropped a sure TD which could have broken the game open, so Detoilet hung around for awhile.

They rarely run screens to the RBs. Kind of weird, since they're ostensibly a WCO team.

ohenry78's picture

That last point is a sad one. I love a well-executed screen play, but they don't seem to be great at it any longer.

Stroh's picture

Screens are used a lot when you don't have a good running game or deep threats. Packers have quite a few threats at WR so screens don't have to be utilized much. Holmgren overused them to compensate for not having more than one quality WR most of the time. Packers also now have a legit running game too.

Nerd's picture

I think they'd be good for slowing down the pass rush and forcing Fairly and Suh to pursue the RB from sideline to sideline and then down field.

Get them winded, and they'll wear down.

Franklin's kind of our screen guy, though. They sat him after the fumble.

Wouldn't mind seeing Cobb get some of those. Dude can make people miss.

Pack fan from ATL's picture

I think we don't run many screens because it seems to be one of Rodgers' few weaknesses. Rodgers is amazing on the medium to long passes, but over the years, I have noticed he seems to be lacking at throwing short passes, especially those that need to be thrown over approaching defenders.

PackerPete's picture

McCarthy teams have never run a WC offense. So he couldn't get "away from it" since they never had it in the first place.

ChicoHoglunds's picture

Lacy seems a step slow in the hole. Franklin needs to stop fumbling and pass protect. He may be a better fit for the offense long term? Hawk seems like a different player. Physical, strong at the point, aggressive! Lange, Sitton, and EDS have really stepped up last couple weeks. Burnett back. Need a little momentum and get on a roll. Find identity.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Step slow and still 99 yards.

Stroh's picture

Lacy is exactly what the Packers need. Hi bring a physical presence to the Packers offense that would be sorely lacking w/o him. Franklin would just perpetuate that the Packers are a finesse team. Lacy will let teams know that the Packers can and will play smash-mouth football. It is undeniably clear that Lacy will bring that where Franklin would not. Starks could to a lesser degree to but he's always out w/ injuries. The Packers NEED Lacy!

RC Packer Fan's picture

People want to forget that the Lions are a very good run stopping team. Lacy got 99 yards against a very good run defense, and that was mostly running right up the middle of them. They proved that they can be a physical running team with Lacy. That is huge for the team.

SPINS613629's picture

The Packers desire to run the ball so much is tearing apart what makes our offense so dynamic. With every run we are taking the ball away from our best and most explosive players. Running JUST to run is what we do. This offense was better with no threat of a run game.

redlights's picture

It also keeps the defense off the field which IMO was a big problem last year: too worn down in the 4th quarter.

Nerd's picture


ZeroTolerance's picture


PackerPete's picture

i wouldn't call a team that runs for 180 yards combined as "running just to run". it eats up the clock, keeps the own D off the field, your star QB is less likely to get hit hard during those plays, and it works! what's not to like? This is the first time since 2003 that a Packers O has 135 or more yards running the ball in 3 consecutive games, and the last 2 were against tough defenses. without the Boykin holding it would also have been the 3rd consecutive game for the Packers having a 100 yard runner. So for the first time in years the Packers didn't just have to run the ball to "keep the other D honest", but now the Packers have a legit run game that other teams have to scheme for defensively. That will help in the long run!

PackerBacker's picture

Ridiculous. Running the ball and getting 180 yds per game on the ground will force teams later in the year to respect the running game and start playing the Packers differently. If they can do that and get the D's in less Cover 2 it will, in fact, open up the passing game and allow QB1 to do the amazing things we know he can do. A productive running game is perhaps the best thing that's ever happened to this offense (after QB1).

Mojo's picture

If you told me the Pack would win by 13 before the game, I'd take it. The receivers made enough big plays. Defense was good enough. Plenty of things to "clean-up" to keep the coaches busy.

KurtMc's picture

except poor tackling and that 2 min the Lions moved the ball at the end of first half, the D kept us in it. Glad Johnson wasn't playing, or we might be playing catch up all game. I mean seriously, Stafford had zero WR weapons & had 126 at half time to Aaron's 105 with all our WR's?

Where is Finley and Quarless?

The first half was madding with the play calling. And Taylor dropping a sure 6.

Aaron has to quit holding the ball so long.

Jody makes the big plays.

Cobb was the spark. Lets see, WR, punt& kick returner, now RB. WOW

Lastly, thanks NO for kicking the Bears closer to us. Baltimore is going to be tough with the way the offense is playing.

enjoy the week. Go Pack

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with Finley and Quarless.. Hell the other TE's...

Rodgers has been frustrating for me. He holds onto the ball to long at times. Also what happened to the check downs?

The offense just hasn't gotten into any rhythm so far.

Stroh's picture

Finley had 6 receptions! He didn't get the downfield opportunities but he was involved in moving the chains and keeping them in good down and distance some.

Nerd's picture

Yeah, I do like the ball control emphasis.

I wonder why they had Ryan Taylor running that route instead of Bostick.

I guess they don't think Bostick is ready.

Stroh's picture

Taylor is the better blocker that's the main job of the TE's not named Finley. Taylor is kinda this teams version of Crabtree. He'll get an opportunity occasionally when the Defense gives him a free release or no blocking responsibilities. But he's gotta catch the ball if he wants to get more chances.

ChicoHoglunds's picture

Seemed like maybe Mike Neal lit a fire under Perry? Both played well but in my opinion Neal was a beast in all phases. Exciting development moving forward plus Perry. If Jones can get back to pre ankle form pass rush a force. If Jones out long term CM3 play line up at ILB in more formations. Get all 3 on field same time!

jack in jersey city's picture

perry was benched early in the game so i think that's what lit the fire under his ass

themasterfake's picture

anyone else notice Neal's club move that worked- but he missed the sack. Change that number

Stroh's picture

Perry wasn't benched! He and Neal both play some tho Perry usually more. If Matthews is out they'll move Perry to weak OLB, where he made plays today and you'll see a different player. You gotta realize that the strong OLB doesn't have the freedom that Matthews has at weak OLB! This is basic 34 D stuff. Comon man!

Idiot Fan's picture

The interweb would disagree with you...

"The 2012 first-round pick found himself on the bench in place of Mike Neal when the defense took the field against the Detroit Lions and until Clay Matthews was removed from the game in the second half, he saw mostly spot duty.

Perry did not throw the towel in after getting benched. Instead he sacked Lions QB Matthew Stafford twice, knocked him down another time, forced a fumble and finished with five tackles. It was by far the best game of his 10-game pro career.

"I knew that from earlier in the week," Perry said of being benched. "There really wasn't anything I could do. I don't have an issue with that. We all compete against one another. I had a bad game (against Cincinnati) and things didn't go the best for me the first couple of games."


Stroh's picture

Either way it'll be interesting to see what Perry can do if he plays Matthews spot at OLB if Matthews misses a couple games as I expect he will. Perry's sacks came rushing from ROLB or the weak side. That gives the OLB more freedom when rushing the QB while the strong OLB has to maintain rush lanes and gap integrity. That might free Perry up to have a bigger impact than he has on the strong side.

Derek in CO's picture

Bullet 2 summed it up perfectly for me. Our offense is now predictable and not good right now. And with another hamstring re-injury, I'm dumbfounded as to how any fans can think it is just coincidence. A win, but UGLY.

aberamsey's picture

I think the statement that this team has "no identify" on offense and we are "hard to watch" is a bit rough. We've played four games, three against playoff teams from last season and are averaging 30 points a game on offense. We also have a significantly better running game than last season. Defensively the squad is clearly improved and will get better with Heyward back. The offensive line did a fine job versus the best defensive line in football. Take away a Ryan Taylor, a total fluke of Jones stepping out of bounds to negate a touchdown, a couple of bizarre third down calls by McCarthy and the Packers easily surpass 30 points. Let's give the Lions defense some credit here, they're a good football club.

lebowski's picture
pooch's picture

CMIII out broken thumb

packeraaron's picture

Nope. Up in the air as to whether or not he'll play.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Couldn't he play with a cast?

Matt's picture

The Packers are hard to watch?!? How?!? The just won a HUGE division game and won pretty easily. If they are hard to watch then good, change the channel. We need more positive fans.

packeraaron's picture

Clearly, Matt tuned in after the first half of today's game.

Matt's picture

Clearly I watched the entire game. Haven't missed a game for years my friend. The first half was a hard fought defensive battle which is expected in a divisional game. The second half they opened up the play calling. I wouldn't say this team is "hard to watch." I think they are still looking for their identity and are a playoff team. But I never NOT look forward to watching the Packers on Sundays. I'm a fan.

Nick's picture

I'm with Matt on this one. Hard fought division win. Really enjoyed how the Packers fought today.

Thought Lions D played tough. They get paid too.

Much work to do but the team is "tracking". How about we enjoy the ride?

packeraaron's picture

Who said I'm not enjoying it? I love the Packers. But they were incredibly hard to watch today.

packeraaron's picture

"The first half was a hard fought defensive battle"

No, it was piss-poor execution by the Packers on the offensive side of the ball.

Matt's picture

I hate when you become Negative Nagler but I still love you man. You'll always be my second favorite Aaron.

themasterfake's picture

this is an ugly wind, sir. You are better than that. Watching a tough Packer game is still a great past time.

packeraaron's picture

<em>this is an ugly wind, sir.</em>

Like a fart?

madmanJack's picture

NE fans would have been happy with a performance like ours today against cincy. They had a hard game to watch not me!

hayward4president's picture

Yea I mean ....we were definitely lightin up the scoreboard in the first half hahaha.

fish and crane's picture

Pissing and farting in the same post? lol
More fiber and less beer
keeps mind and body clear

Sven's picture

I was really impressed with he offense in both halves. I would prefer touchdowns, but the offense showed the ability to grind down a very tough d line. Their opening drive took up almost the entire first quarter.

The running game was very impressive. I rewatched the first half this evening. I saw alot to be impressed with.

Some people seem to only be happy when they are complaining.

Idiot Fan's picture

I agree that we can't rely on those acrobatic catches from the WRs come playoff time (as 2011 showed us). Side note though - I'm not sure that I've ever seen a WR in the league better at sideline catches than Jordy. Maybe Cris Carter, maybe? Dude is just stunning at it and does it game after game.

Ryan's picture

Chris Carter was the master of toes on the sideline catches, but I think Jordy does a lot of twisting, spinning, and jumping over guys that you didn't see as much from CC.

pooch's picture

Watch Dallas and Denver,now we could not go series to series with them when we go 3 and out or settle for 5 field goals

lebowski's picture

"Did you catch that Denver/ Dallas game?? It's like they're playing a different SPORT than you!"... factory of sadness guy

Bob's picture

Huge division win! Awesome TD by Jones. wish Eddie had just 1 more yrd. The Bears still suck thankfully, now go GIANTS.....WIN ONe FOR THE Pack!!

hayward4president's picture

The giants do owe us......god I hate the giants.

Ruppert's picture

I don't like to dole out compliments to the guy, but A.J. Hawk has been more than solid all year long. I haven't seen the count, but he's gotta have more TFLs this year already than he has in any other year.

D did well today, CJ or no CJ. They needed a good day, too.

Wiscokid's picture

Hey Ruppert where have you been? I was up in Wisco on vacation this summer and ran into your mom. Nice lady. She went to High School with my brother. Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you.

The TKstinator's picture

If our offense has no identity, does that mean it is unpredictable? Or that it isn't any good at anything? Yet 30 ppg?

PackerPete's picture

people expect 50 ppg from this team and won't accept less, even though they may have played against 3 of the top 5 Ds in the entire NFL...
come back to earth people. Cincy allowed 14 ppg in other games, Packers scored 30. SF allowed 17.5 ppg in other games, Packers scored 28. Skins allowed 25 ppg in other games, Packers scored 38.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

The offense was fantastic today....from a play design aspect. Leaps and bounds from Cincy and a poor Redskins defense. The Lions sat in Cover 2 for most of the game and the Packers attacked the weak areas (Finley on crosser underneath, simple stick routes by receivers and TE's, and smash concept routes by Nelson). When the opportunity arose to attack deep they took it(Cover 2 on Jones TD with safety biting inside on Cobb in the on one match-up won). Patience was the key. Very happy to see that. The Packers could have easily put up 30 on the Lions doing it this way. There were some missed opportunities in the red zone and that is an area McCarthy needs to improve but between the 20s was a astronomical improvement. Get used to it because teams will play Green Bay this way the majority of the year. If not for some execution issues this would have been a blow out. Some head scratchers though....3rd and 1 and they run a quick screen (smoke pass) to the outside vs. press coverage? That was puzzling. Stick routes were working quite well. Besides that McCarthy gets a A+ for showing patience and using his personnel to create a mismatch (Cobb). I have been highly critical of McCarthy but in this case I think he was outstanding. Most will see "only 22 points." I saw a patient offense attack the weakness of Cover 2, grind it out and put up 22 points even with poor execution by some athletes (i.e Taylor). More of a focus on fixing the red zone issues and there is no reason the Packer offense can't put up 30+ in a grind it out fashion. A lot of growth made on offense today.

fish and crane's picture

well said. Unlike Dallas and Denver - Detroit is one D with a D.
But third and one strategy needs to be looked at.

Idiot Fan's picture

You clearly don't understand how it works around here - when it works, the players are awesome; when it doesn't, MM sucks at calling plays. :)

The TKstinator's picture

The nail, the head. Hit.

packeraaron's picture

<em>The offense was fantastic today….from a play design aspect.</em>

From the execution standpoint, not so much.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Agreed....but at least McCarthy wasn't his own worst enemy today. A lot of rhythm throws early on. Liked seeing that.

Nerd's picture

It just seems to me that our guys aren't open. Aaron's having to squeeze the ball into guys who are covered.

Love our running game though.

Edward's picture

Good point, Aaron, I liked some of the toss sweep calls and the screen pass, even though it went for a loss.

I'm hoping to see the Packers take advantage of some play action to throw over the middle a little more. Too many pass plays to the sideline.

WKUPackFan's picture

POC, enjoy your comments on the offense's design, so this question to you in particular as well as everyone else. Why can't GB's offense operate as efficiently as Denver's? The personnel seem equivalent: Rodgers/Manning; Cobb, Jordy, JJ/Welker, Decker, D. Thomas; Finley/J. Thomas; Lacy, ?/perhaps slightly inferior to Moreno/Hillman.

Is Denver's OLine that much superior? They lost their LT and have a third string center. Are their play concepts superior? Does AR lack the freedom that Peyton has to control the play call? All I know is having watched every Denver game my thought is always: "Why can't GB look like that"? Very frustrating.

Tundraboy's picture

Thought the same. Wait til you see the Dallas game

BradHTX's picture

This may be sacrilege to say, but I think at this point Manning is superior to Rodgers.

Rodgers is obviously younger and more athletic, but Manning's experience gives him an edge that overcomes his maybe marginally deteriorating physical skills. There simply is no one better at reading defenses and exploiting their weaknesses on a play-by-play basis. He might be the smartest QB to ever play the game.

Rodgers may get there someday, but I think he is not there yet. When he stops holding onto the ball to long and throwing deep on third-and-short, it will be a step in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, there is no other QB I'd rather have for the next ten years, hopefully. But right now... I think Manning's rewriting the record books.

Stroh's picture

I would agree that Manning trumps Rodgers by reading Defenses and he absolutely gets the ball out w/o holding it too long to make a play. Manning knows, usually before the snap where he'll be able to attack. For overall QB play, Rodgers might still get the edge tho. But I was going to reply similarly. Rodgers just isn't to the point that Manning is at knowing before the snap and getting rid of the ball. Rodgers still holds the ball too long at times which leads to some of his sacks.

Idiot Fan's picture

I wonder if this will actually get better as Rodgers' physical skills start to decline. Rodgers can still scramble and elude some pass rush, but as he gets older and less athletic, he may be forced to get the ball out more quickly.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Thanks Paul. A very level-headed analysis. I expect good things this season - D playing WAY better. And O taking what they are givin mixing in a big throw or two.

Edward's picture

Nice breakdown Paul. Was good to see the Packers win time-of-possession today.

Chad Toporski's picture

I tweeted after the first drive that, despite their struggle in the red zone, McCarthy was setting up the rest of the game well. He was running the ball, playing the short passes, and attacking the Cover 2 looks. You could tell he was trying to pull things in so that he could take the shots down field later.

Unfortunately, like you said, some of the execution and "situational" play-calling was suspect.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Agreed. The empty backfield on 3rd and 1 was very disappointing given GB now has a legitimate play-action option. That said, successfully picking up the 1st down running the ball on 3rd and 3 brought a huge smile to my face. Keep posting Mr. Carruth.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Can someone explain why Schwartz was being a baby at the end of the game? 3rd down, Rodgers takes a knee, less than 45 seconds left. Game over, Jim, walk over to MM and shake hands. But no. He takes his final timeout, makes the Packers punt, then he has Stafford take a knee? Did he really care that much that GB had the ball last to end the game, and wanted to steal our thunder? One of the guys on WTMJ on the post-game show (cant remember who), called Schwartz a jerk, numerous times. I tend to agree.

PackerPete's picture

why would anybody even question whether Schwartz is a you know what? he has been ever since he was born I suspect. In general I wish nobody anything bad, and I at least respect coaches and players in the NFL no matter who they play for, but really Schwartz, Suh, and apparently also Raiola are just sorry excuses for human beings. I hope they are really proud of who they are. And I am really getting fed up by media, pre-game show people, and announcers of constantly making excuses for those guys. They are jerks, have always been, and will always be. That is why I have to say, even though I like wins against other teams, as far as Packers wins are concerned, nothing satisfied me more the last few years as winning against the Lions.
I don't know whether anybody caught that, after the game when the coaches shook hands, Schwartz was pointing fingers at McCarthy, yelling something, and then walked away. McCarthy just looked at him as if he couldn't believe that sorry excuse of a jack. Really makes you appreciate McCarthy more, at the very least he is a decent human being from all I hear.

Tundraboy's picture

The GAME was hard to watch. Disjointed predictable plays. It was like pot luck on the menu. I think I saw a screen pass today, and even a slant. Roger Craig point someone made was dead on. But a win is a win. Hope it was brain rust

hump's picture

everyone raggin on the offense is ridiculous! for the 1st time in years,teams have to game plan for our running game. words cannot describe how big that will be for our passing game down the stretch. 15-1 and lose to giants in 1st round should have told us everything we needed to know!

Fi crane's picture

Yes. don't turn the ball over four times

Caruso's picture

Excellent analysis on the identity thing. We spend too much time trying to out scheme the other team and not enough time outplaying them. The thing is, I really think we have the talent on offense to beat most teams.

Think of it this way. Do we really believe that Payton Manning and his receivers are that much better than Rodgers and his? What about Tony Romo and that group? Look at their production this week.

The hard-to-watch Packers are being badly coached right now. Yes, I just said that. Our game plan is stale. The play calling is predictable. Our now more than capable run game isn't used appropriately (3rd and 1 in the red zone and McCarthy calls pass.)

Our problem is that our coaches are always trying to fool the other team. Sometimes, though, everyone in the stadium knows what the next play is going to be, and you need to run that play anyway. Sometimes you need to beat the other team. We've got the personnel to do it, but the coaches won't trust that.

Thank God Mason Crosby has his head on straight!

4thand1's picture

Wow, people bitching about QB play. Maybe some of you would be happier with Cam Newton, Matt Schaub, Chrissy Ponder, Eli Manning, or maybe even the recently cut Matt Flynn who was cut by the lowly Raiders.

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"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "
"The Bears still suck!"
"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."