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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 2

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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 2

  • That's more like it. 
  • Aaron Rodgers can not be human. Yes, Washington's defense put up a pitiful fight, but Rodgers put on a clinic at the quarterback position today. 
  • Jermichael Finley looked fantastic. And that was on a bum toe. 
  • The left side of the offensive line looked worlds better in the running game. 
  • Speaking of which, congrats to James Starks for becoming the first rusher to go over 100 yards in a game since Brandon Jackson did it in 2010...against the Redskins. 
  • Sam Shields in man is SO much better than Sam Shields in zone. 
  • I'm not saying I'm happy Brandon Meriweather knocked himself out. But I AM saying karma is a bitch. 
  • I really liked how active the Packers' front seven looked against the Redskins. Barring injury, I think CJ Wilson should get used to being a healthy scratch. 
  • Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson are absolutely ridiculous.
  • James Jones was having an amazing game until that fumble. That said, it was still a pretty amazing game. 
  • I realize the Packers were up big, but the lack of sound tackling in the second half was really frustrating to watch. 
  • I rarely do this, but it is beyond frustrating when the Packers dominate a half, the network throws to their halftime guys, the host says "Let's talk about the Packers"...and then Michael Strahan proceeds to talk about RGIII. 
  • Packers sitting at 1-1 heading into a tough matchup with the Bengals. Hope Morgan Burnett is back for that game. If you thought Boldin was problematic, you can bet A.J. Green is going to be a nightmare. 
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Idiot Fan's picture

Love the beef on the dline.

MarkinMadison's picture

I really think that was the missing ingredient last year. You can't run a two man front all of the time and expect to stop the run. Now you got so much beef up front that you send Neal back to play OLB, adding more beef. If the Packers play more man, I think this will be a great D.

RC Packer Fan's picture

How much has Jolly helped... The DL just has a different attitude. I really think his presence has made a difference.

TommyG's picture

Our secondary is going to be problematic going forward. We all knew that, we all still know it. I think that every loss we incur this year will be due to our defensive secondary.

Our offense is down right deadly if AR has time to throw.

Karma is a bitch; and I'm glad meriweather is down due to that dirty hit. F him.

Wiscokid's picture

Really, how did Merriweahter not get flagged for that hit. I thought that was the sort of thing the league was going to "crack down" on.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I hope the NFL fines him 2x's. He lead with the crown of his helmet on 2 plays.

You said it right Aaron. Karma is a bitch!!!

redlights's picture

Leading with the helmet is only a penalty outside the tackle box. My memory is that the run was up the middle.

TK's picture

Both hits were well outside the tackles - the second one was all the way on the sideline.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Still can't lead with the crown of the helmet. And launch into the head of a player.

Wenis's picture

Good bounce back game for the entire team. However I sure do wish McCarthy would stop playing Martyball.

Drealyn Williams's picture

His play-calling at times KILLS me. There are times where I can call a sack before the ball is even snapped. Eg. those back-to-back sacks by Kerrigan. I dislike the spread look in the redzone. Even with the TD to Finley,Rodgers had to make that play with his feet and ball placement. I refuse to think we have a bad line. The play-calling and check-downs play a huge part. Look at Starks receiving stats. Now imagine if that was Harris or Franklin.

Kt's picture

Straphangers wanted to get his R2D2 line in and couldn't wait. Packers will be exclusive man against the Bengals, no zone to get in their way with coverage.

Jay's picture

As good as this win was, it's only one win (as much as last week was only one loss). Gotta strap in for CIN next week. Gonna have to tackle better against Green, Eifert, et al. But good to see the Oline settle down after a rough 1Q.

jack in jersey city's picture

yeah, the o-line play in the 1st quarter was a little unsettling. glad they got it together!

jeremy's picture

Cincinnati's front 7 is almost as good as the Niners. It'll be a good test for the Pack's Oline.

Bearmeat's picture

When Burnett and Heyward are back out there the D will go from good to excellent.

This is going to be an exciting year.

KurtMc's picture

Not too sure about "excellent" defense. We seem to have issues with letting the TE beat us with a simple out fake , then cut to the middle. The middle of the is almost always open and simply kills us. last year and so far this one to. Surprised more O coordinators don't take advantage of it?

Stroh's picture

If OCs don't take advantage it .eans they don't have a freak athlete at TE like Davis and the Packers aren't as bad as you make them out go be.

Nerd's picture

BeenGirls have a couple of them, don't they?

Stroh's picture

Gresham and Eifert. Neither is nearly the matchup problem of Davis. But they are both really good no doubt. Davis is in an athletic class by himself followed by Graham by a ways.

A Dude's picture

"Surprised more O coordinators don’t take advantage of it?" Are you asking us or telling us?

Jamie's picture

Fred Davis had one catch for 3 yds, and their 2nd TE had 3 for 18.

I'll take it.

Stefano's picture

Looking forward to the Bengals game. Will be sitting 11 rows behind Packers bench. :) It will be difficult to run against that Bengals front, so pass pro will be key. Quick start will be essential. More no-huddle please.

Stefano's picture

If Mike Neal can continue to assert himself, this team is infinitely better. Also, lets go Datone!!!

Nerd's picture

That INT was SWEET.

packsmack25's picture

It will be much easier for them to shut down Green since they'll be able to play man defense against Dalton. Green won't be able to just run free through holes in the zones.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

I didnt like the defense in the 2nd half but a good win. Pierre Garcon must have heard Nagler's rant on Transplants about one WR always having career day against the Pack

jim's picture

I hate to say I told you so, but, .... awh.. what to heck.. I have always liked what Starks brings to the table. This was the ideal situation for having a deep backfield, and Starks looked great, from what I saw. He does need to keep that ball up into his body more, and, though he deserves a blue chip for his effort, he will see a few brown chips when a game is on the line because he failed to keep the ball tucked. Excited to see how great the Pack performed. Let's hope Lacy is o.k. and get the rest of the injured players back on the field. This fourth week bye may just be a blessing! Merriweather's hits both deserve league attention, and could have taken half the Packer backfield in one game. Go Packers!

Nerd's picture

Starks looked great, but I could kind of see Lacy being a little more explosive.

Great game though, props to Starks.

Drealyn Williams's picture

What's going on with Franklin? He couldn't even get garbage PT.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I wondered the exact same thing. I don't get why they couldn't put him in even for a few plays. It would have been a perfect time to.

Now with not knowing when Lacy will be ready, we are down to Starks and Franklin. All it takes is one injury and all we will have is Franklin.

Drealyn Williams's picture

And we all know how prone to injury Starks is. He shouldn't be the 20+ carries a game RB. I hope Lacy sits past the bye and Starks/Franklin share duties against the Bengals. With that D-Line front 4,we better have some quick passes/check downs ready.

Nerd's picture

And Cobb...

Point Packer's picture

Hey Cow - Here's a direct quote from one of your beyond stupid past "predictions":

"Packers will start the season 0-4"

I bet your were sad when we were up 31-0.

Clay's picture

Patience Point Packer, Cow is busy working on a comeback to your point that will defy logic, common sense, and all standards of intellectual discourse. Go Pack.

jeremy's picture

He's waiting for the result of the 9ers-Hawks. If the 9ers win his whole post will be about how the 9ers were more dominant the the Packers. If the Seahawks win, it will be all about how the Packers will lose to the Hawks.

Clay's picture

Very prophetic Jeremy as I sit here and watch the Hawks beat up the Niners! Now we know the Pack lost to a bad team in the Niners as he will spin it. But how will he explain that he is wrong about the Niners being a great team?

What a dilemma for our friend!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I wonder if Cow accidently swallowed his foot he keeps shoving in his mouth...

Evan's picture

He actually said he was going to stop visiting this site - if he'll actually follow through is anyone's guess. One can dream, though.

TommyG's picture

and not a day after that I noticed a few "new" names pop up on the boards. Cow is well known for using multiple names.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Here Cow - here Cow. Where are you?

Tundrabum's picture

Reality put him to pasture.

Sir Cheese's picture


ZeroTolerance's picture

So he was pasteurized?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Give it a rest, man. The dude finally realized what a joke he is and left, and here you are enticing him to return ... Slap yoself, thanks... CHTV.

mudduckcheesehead's picture


Now let's run off that stupid troll with the multiple handles that talks about TT's drafting all the time. Jamie dubbed him the chairman of the Unofficial Fart Smeller Committee the other day.


Zack W's picture

I don't think Packer fans should apologize for being happy to see Meriwheather go out with a concussion. What really ticked me off was seeing him excitedly jump up and down trying to pat himself on the back after laying that hit on Lacy. (Also, it never ceases to amaze me when defenders celebrate a big hit (legal or not) on a play where the offense gets a first down...)

Not sure about Meriweather's history, but if the NFL is serious about head injuries (and I've heard rumors the past few years that they are) I don't see how they don't sit him down for a game or two.

I'd love to know if anyone else caught this or agrees, but I thought Deangelo Hall clearly hit Jones in the head with the crown of his helmet on the fumble at the end of the half. I know the ref standing right there has a lot of things to watch for when the play is at that "corner" spot at the goalline, but with the benefit of slow-mo replay it seemed pretty blatant.

Cole's picture

Merriweather needs to be suspended for however long Lacy is out. That is just ridiculous that he gets away with that crap. I'm glad he got concussed, maybe it will teach him a lesson. He doesn't belong in this NFL.

With Finley in prime form, and the other receivers healthy, this is the best group of weapons the pack has had.

Rodgers is a freak.

Daniels looked really good.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Agree. He's been fined before and it hasn't stopped him.

jeremy's picture

He won't be suspended. Look at the whole Suh debacle. To the NFL money is god. Suspending players may cost the League money over the long run. So, they fine players with the assumption that money is their primary motivation. Sometimes it is, sometime it is not.

RWE - "Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying."

davyjones's picture

Does Mike Shanahan scare any one as much as me?? I keep wondering what it might have been like for poor Kyle to have been raised by him. He might be a really nice guy, but he sure has a look that could make you shit yourself.

themasterfake's picture

James Starks earned a mini statute today. The 100 yard barrier, pass blocking, and the penultimate payback on Merriweather....

"What guy did that to you, Eddie? Ok, got it. "

Imagine, some of you wanted him cut.

Evan's picture

Wanted? I dunno. I certainly thought he would be, though.

A Dude's picture

It's spelled "statue".

BradHTX's picture

And penultimate means second-to-last, if we're being "that guy."

themasterfake's picture

the statute will be created for Starks and as a response to his assault with a bruising body ...the penultimate was the hit...the last in the sequence being out of the game for Merriweather

But this statue lane in Green Bay calls for some type of weekly statue award.

Bob's picture

Surely someone knew Arod had 480 and he should have been allowed to pass instead of the victory formation over and over!! Just needed 1 yard, c'mon guys up stairs help him out!! Way to go Starks, keep it up but Eddie get well fast! Ponder is terrible and once again we get no help when we need Chicago to lose! They are 2-0 but damn close to being winless. They suck.

A Dude's picture

The Bares will always suck.

MarkinMadison's picture

I've never had the feeling that #12 has cared that much about obtaining individual records. Probably a good attitude for a guy coming up behind #4. Maybe he will change in four or five years.

hayward4president's picture

He made a couple mistakes but Shields was alllllllover the field! Nice work 37! I'm excited for Cinci next week first game I have been to since Philly in 2010 Go Pack Go!

Drealyn Williams's picture

Shields looked GREAT in the slot. I loved it. This is why I get upset when I see our CB's give up some much cushion. We have 3-4 very talented corners. Why aren't we bump-n-running?

hayward4president's picture

His closing speed is so good....I remember when I was scared of him starting. Tramon played well too and how-a-bout House ...his ass chewin after preseason must have sunk in. Oh and liked to see Banjo out there too.

mudduckcheesehead's picture

Yeah, we could have some fun watching this secondary this year. With House screwing his head on straight, with Banjo and Hyde developing, and with Hayward and Burnett getting healthy, we might just have a complement to the juice that the D-line has been providing us. I can't wait.

hayward4president's picture

"Can't wait"

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree that Washington's defense put up a pitiful fight, but really what else could they do? Rodgers was insanely good.

Spiderpack's picture

Today I was trying to recognize the animal Starks reminds me of when he runs in the open field. Then I realized, he runs like a Crab Over Sand.

themasterfake's picture

James Starks is only 27 years old.

thegreatreynoldo's picture

There is a good chance that one or both of the offensive tackles will improve over the course of the season. EDS looks like a solid center. Packers should consider signing him mid-season if he continues to play well. That said, at this point it looks like the Packers have to pass successfully first before they can run, though the left side of the line looked pretty good in the 2nd half.

ChiTownPacker's picture

According to Cow last week, "The Redskins defense is light years ahead of the Packers unit" ----- Yea, it looked that way!

TommyG's picture

I have no idea what he was watching in that game against the Eagles. The skins are god awful on both sides of the ball right now.

PackerPete's picture

My gut reaction was immediately after the games that the Redskins are awful. I admit I was wrong, thought they are much better, and expected a much closer game. Had the Packers kept the foot on the pedal they could've put 50 up on those guys. It's really amazing to me how bad their D is even though they have Kerrigan and Orakpo. And yes RG III isn't fully healthy yet, but I doubt he really is that good. I also got sucked into believing that he will be great, based on last season, but I have to say he does very little with a decent OL and a good RB. Their LT is a stud.

packersrs's picture

Boldin was a problem because carp forced the packers to play zone. Not the same with green. You said it yourself, shields in man is much better. Not saying it'll be easy, but it won't be near the same.

TommyG's picture

I agree that we will fair better against cinci than we did against San Fran.

4thand1's picture

I was at the game and the new south end zone was loud. it would be nice to have a little more encloser around the stadium like Seattle. Packers would have a huge home field atvantage. Also to cow, the new nfl is pass happy offensive minded, take off the blinders. Teams are going to rack up yards.

redlights's picture

The echo from "Go, Pack, Go" was amazing!

Bohj's picture

I could be wrong about this, but it seems to me the Pack's D played zone for two games in a row to keep everything in front of them due to the read option. They went to Texas to learn the best D for it. That equals, zone. Limited pass rush to hold the edges. Therefore dudes like Boldin and Garcon to some degree kept finding the underneath gaps. I don't see this problem going forward unless we play another read option like team. We are going to come with more man coverages. You will see a different D than the one we've seen. Our pass rush will be more explosive as a result as well. And perhaps Dom learned from the Seahawks that you can set the edge and still play man with the right corners and safeties (plz hurry back Burnett and Hayward.)

VApackerfan's picture

It's funny, the fire capers, mike McCarthy, and Ted Thompson crew have decided not to post this week. Maybe the win and a 49ers beat down is too much to comprehend in one week.

Clay's picture

Chi Town Packer way to call out Cow on the slightly overstated "light years" he mentioned about Washington's D.

I was thinking he is quite the COWard for not coming on this site and fessing' up to his B.S.

Get it guys? COWard?

Thank you, what a great audience;)

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