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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 15

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Gut Reactions: 2013 Week 15

  • I love this team.
  • Make no mistake about it - this is one of the greatest comebacks in Green Bay Packers history.
  • I will fully admit that I wanted Scott T0lzien to take over at quarterback in the second half. That first half was a stunningly bad display.
  • Yes, the Cowboys handed the game to the Packers with some atrocious playcalling down the stretch. The thing is, at least for me...the Packers took it. I'm not sure that would have happened a few weeks ago.
  • Andrew Quarless is making himself some money.
  • Brad Jones and Morgan Burnett are lighting Ted Thompson's money on fire every Sunday.
  • Eddie Lacy "gets skinny" better than any big back I've ever seen.
  • The offense could not have been more putrid in the first half if it had tried to be.
  • Clay Matthews can't win a one on one to save his life - but his shared sack with Datone Jones and quick pressure of Romo on Sam Shields' INT (even though he missed the sack) were huge plays in this game. Still, pretty damn disappointing performance from a guy who was paid a boatload of money this past offseason.
  • Josh Boyd is really undisciplined, but he's active and shows tons of hustle on nearly every play. And he's going to get better.
  • Mike Daniels was held a bunch, and none of it got called. Good for him for not getting frustrated. Guy kept bringing it and came up big.
  • Sam Shields is making himself so much money.
  • Just a reminder that Ed Werder reported this morning that the Packers expect Rodgers to play next week.
  • Jarrett Boykin played another quietly excellent game.
  • It drove me mad to see the offense, with the quarterback who supposedly excels at running the no huddle, taking forever between plays while down in the 4th quarter.
  • Tramon Williams should have had TWO interceptions. But what a day for Tramon.
  • Mike Neal was not offsides. Doug Free totally rocked back.
  • Let this be a lesson - no matter how bad the refs get (and they were bad) good teams fight through it and find a way. This team could have quit several times in the second half. And they never did.
  • Have I mentioned that I love this team?
  • Go Ravens.
  • Whole lot of season left.
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RC Packer Fan's picture


Did I just see that?

I swear I just saw the Packers play 2 games today. Completely different game 2nd half...


RC Packer Fan's picture

I love this team to Aaron...

To further your comments, the REF's blew so many calls today, it was horrible. Are they the real refs or are they replacements because I really can't tell.
Daniels was held at least 3 times where he wasn't called. Daniels is quietly becoming a great inside pass rusher for this team.

Boyd is young, and is making rookie mistakes but he really has a good motor. I'm expecting him to take a big leap in his second year.

Williams played a really good game overall.. He definitely should have had 2 INT's. IMO the refs blew that first one. And nearly blew the 2nd one. Also the fact that McCarthy had to use a timeout to get the officials to replay that final interception is pathetic.

cLowNEY42's picture

"Williams played a really good game overall."

Need to change "game to "half" there.

Looked like he didn't even want to be there during the 1st half.

TommyG's picture

Couldn't we use the "half" for the entire club (except Lacy and Crosby)?

Jay's picture

Go Ravens indeed. Real disappointed in Matthews this season. GO PACK GO

jack in jersey city's picture

i didn't notice but was nick perry playing in this game today?

steven's picture

My reactions. Lacy may not be able to hold the speed for long he is certainly fast. Very impressed with him. He was a steal in the second round. I am a proud fan and i have a feeling that this.season could be another special one.

Derek in CO's picture

I agree. Lacy's burst lasts about 30-40 yards, but it's still a thing of beauty.

The TKstinator's picture

They fought back, overcame adversity, their own crappy play, wow!
Lacy is a man.

jack in jersey city's picture

lacy's 60 yard run was the spark that turned this entire game around. he's my MVP of this game!

Bill's picture

To win in Dallas like that really quickly removes all those memories of Favre loosing to Aikman in the 90s. The day the Pack stopped playing every year in Dallas was a glorious day.


Aaron, with a game like this I would like to see the gut reactions just one line and one line only.

I Love This Team. Enough Said!

The TKstinator's picture

CM3 never dogs it. Gotta think he creates opportunities and shows the young guys what intensity looks like.

TommyG's picture

Intensity sure, but I remember just a few years ago when he was getting two or three blockers assigned to him. They only move I saw all night was his bull rush.

The TKstinator's picture

Keep up the intensity and the results will follow...

Stroh's picture

He was facing one of the better LT in the NFL. I'll give him a pass for not getting a lot of pressure in this game. Tyron Smith is no joke!

pooch's picture

The Packers need to mix up Mattews,I honestly think OT figured him out,been screaming the last 6 games to bring him thru the middle,and guess what he got a sack

Gary's picture

I feel like people who are criticizing Matthews at this point are most likely missing something. The reason other teams can double team him more than half the time is because the Packers have no one else to take advantage of that. I didn't see the game (listened, followed live updates) but I'm willing to bet that like last week, Matthews was double teamed and chipped on at least 50% of his snaps. And how did he play against the run? In coverage? There's much more to the man's game than sacks. The post notes that Neal came up big. Most likely that doesn't happen without Matthews on the other side. Just saying… I guess you can legitimately fault him for missing several games/year due to injury, but people are talking like he's AJ Hawk or something. Gimme a break.

cLowNEY42's picture

He's not Hawk.
He's a pro bowl calibre player.

But I kinda thought he might end up being a HOF type guy.

He's very good... I was hoping for great.

Hofschneider's picture

MD Jennings, House out = defense better. I am the Coach of the Year!

D B H's picture

Right on!

Chugwater's picture

Bush in is not an improvement.

Derek in CO's picture

As soon as I saw MD Jennings shading to Dez Bryant's side, I just knew something bad was about to happen, and then it happened. You see #43, you throw at him all day.

Hofschneider's picture

I think he is. And I am NOT complementing Bush with that. Sadly.

Ruppert's picture

"Hofschneider says:
December 15, 2013 at 8:52 pm

I think he is. And I am NOT complementing Bush with that. Sadly."

Agree 100%. I love 24 on special teams and DESPISE him on defense. When I saw he was in on D on our 1st or 2nd series of the game I just stuck my head in my hands.

But he's been around long enough to know how to win. And without #12 on the field, there is a serious shortage of that type of attitude on this team.

Amazing win. Great win.

Lennysmalls's picture

Truly remarkable. Any given Sunday? More like any given half of football.

They're playing with grit now. Hopefully they can improve, because still an awful lot of poor tackling, mistakes, etc. But always entertaining, even when they're down. Still think Thompson has so much work to do, but who knows? Maybe the Lions can be the Lions and implode...

jack in jersey city's picture

go ravens (tomorrow) and do eagles and giants next week!!!!

cLowNEY42's picture

This is gonna sound absolutely ridiculous, but that's never stopped me... so - here goes...

Could Matthews play inside?
I'm not joking.

Has he been any more disruptive than Neal and/or Perry this season?

Just trying to think of ways to get the best players on the field (and Hawk and/or Jones off).

4thand1's picture

Maybe. Jones was hideous in the 1st half.

pooch's picture

Just move him around ,put perry and neal on outside and Matthews in middle,my god give the opposition something to think about,not every play but mix it up a bit...see what happens,they don't use there talent to the fullest,oh yeah Raji in the o backfield at the end,been screaming for that since we played Baltimore,what takes these coaches so long to see that

Stroh's picture

I can see moving Matthews, Perry and Neal around to create confusion and allow them to all be on the field at the same time. Just can't move Matthews from the position that he is best at all the time. Also just switching Perry and Matthews side make quite a bit of sense, since Matthews was as good as a Strong OLB as he was on the weak side. As proven by his SB season playing Strong side.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with that. Move the guys around. It would benefit them a lot on defense. This is what I have been wanting them to do for a while too..

The defense is at its best when its creating confusion. That means they have to move guys around, especially CM3.

RC Packer Fan's picture

The thing that Mathews does exceptionally well when playing ILB, is he hesitates long enough for the OL to turn their attention to others to block, and he explodes through. His closing speed is so good that most offensive players can't adjust to it.

I really would love to see them move all the LB's around more. Move Clay inside, use Perry at ROLB, and Neal at LOLB.
I would love to see the Psycho again.

RunAndHyde's picture

Lacy broke a thousand today!!!! And Sammys int was a thing of beauty, how he caught back up to get that ball was amazing! One of the best packer games I have seen in a long time!

Derek in CO's picture

yeah, Shields was beat by 3 yards and had incredible speed to catch up and make that INT. unreal

Stroh's picture

Kinda what I was thinking. However CB get beat routinely, even the best. The difference between good CB and great CB is usually the makeup speed and athletic ability to make exactly that play. Its nearly impossible w/ the rules slanted to offense the way they are to be able to not get beat coming out of a break. Don't discount the ability it took to recover to make that play!

RunAndHyde's picture

When shields soared for the int in the lions game.....he said all he needed to say about his ability.

CheeseCoz's picture

I agreed. Take Raji's offer and send it Sammy's way

jack in jersey city's picture

yes! they MUST resign shields

Nerd's picture

Shields baits QBs into throwing those, by making it seem like he's been beat. He has that make up speed.

Learned that from Woody.

Ryan's picture

I only saw the replay once, but my first thought was that he baited the throw.

jmac3444's picture

I don't even know what to say after a game like that. Heck of a comeback.

The TKstinator's picture

Don't call it a comeback.
I been doing this for years.

cLowNEY42's picture

Great call, bye the way.

I doubt you truly believed what you were saying.
But you did say it.


cLowNEY42's picture


The TKstinator's picture

Karma, my man!

Wenis's picture


The TKstinator's picture

That too.

4thand1's picture

Does anyone have a shoe horn? I'm trying to pry the foot outa my mouth. I was bashing the crap outa GB the whole 1st half(like everyone else) I might ad.

The TKstinator's picture

The first half was atrocious.

D B H's picture

I really can't fathom why the Pack looked like 2 different teams today. First half looked like more of the Thanksgiving day stuff, then they come out (both O and D) and look like the 2010 team when Rodgers was healthy. I am waiting to hear what happened in the locker room at halftime - gotta believe someone took their place as a team leader in there. Maybe Rodgers? Nelson?

bleedsgreen's picture

hearing on radio (milwaukee AM 1250) that Johnny Jolly and Jamari Lattimore provided top-notch encouragement during the half-time break.

MadJam's picture

Not everyone else was bashing the crap out of the Packers. I called the Nelson TD play in the first half. You can see it on the live blog. I kept telling all the naysayers to stay positive and that they still had time to win the game. This is a game of big heart and big plays.

Hank Scorpio's picture

Without Rodgers, I didn't have much hope for a win today. At halftime, I was sure I was right.

It's never been more fun to be proven wrong.

Stroh's picture

You clearly don't know the Cow"boys" then. They have a way of making this happen on a regular basis, especially in December each year.

Arlo's picture

"I love this team" per Nagler.

As long as they win & he's half in the bag the entire game.

jh9's picture

I honestly don't understand how a team could play so poorly in the first half and then play so incredibly well in the second half. It was if two different teams played today. I've never seen such a Jekyll & Hyde football performance in all my life!

Derek in CO's picture


Bob's picture

Hell of a game! Damn refs tried to keep us out of it.....crappy calls! Eddie is my man!! Offensive ROY!! Go Ravens! The Bears still SUCK!

Bob's picture

Awesome to see Raji in on offense like in 2010!!

SCFPackFan's picture

He absolutely caved in the line there. Lacy didn't need to dive.

Mark in Montana's picture

Lacy AND Daniels! Now that's a jumbo package!

The TKstinator's picture

Thats what she said.

Michael1213's picture

About that two point conversion attempt. Would it have been incomprehensible to have Raji lead block, again, for Lacy after the monster hole he opened up in order to score the go-ahead touchdown? The Cowboys couldn't stop it the first time … do it until they prove they can stop it.

Ryan's picture


It often seems like McCarthy outsmarts himself. Afraid to just pound it up the middle with Lacy because it seems too obvious. At least with a running play there is the option to make a different cut if no hole is clogged up. Not so with these jump balls and back shoulder-type endzone throws.

Flobarge's picture

I'm sure this team could not go into seattle and win. Heck, I don't even know if they have a playoff push in them, but if it comes down to beating the Bears in week 17 and keeping them out of the playoffs to me that's a great season.

jack in jersey city's picture

i can definitely see us winning our last 2 games especially if the reports are right and rodgers is coming back next week. heck, we can probably beat the steelers with flynn. also, carolina COULD end up winning the NFC south. so, they would end up as the 2 seed and we (if we win out and the bares and lions shit the bed as they usually do) are the 3 seed, we would play in carolina instead of playing the saints in their house. carolina has an excellent defense but they don't really scare me. now, the seahawks at home is a different story....

Derek in CO's picture

Cannot believe what I saw in the 2nd half. I live in Colorado and don't have Sunday Ticket, but so glad I got to see this game. I went from feeling like jumping off a building at half time to wanting to jump over a building when Tramon picked that pass. Just awesome today!!!!!

Cowboys suck btw.....

fish and crane's picture

How does that official miss Williams interception at the end? What a joke. - Good move by MM to call the timeout...but that ref was right on top of the catch???

That's what could be the greatest, nuttiest season ever.

If Lions beat worries...Vikings are probably as good as any in the division right now and they'll beat 'em.

SCFPackFan's picture

I'm amazed on the camera angle that caught the definitive replay. It was perfect. Must have been the one that flies around on the zip line.

Stroh's picture

The way EVERYTHING is tilted to offense the refs are clearly part of it. When in doubt throw the flag on the defense or give the offense the benefit of a doubt. Its been going on for the past 5-7 years and is only getting worse. Every rule is tilted against the D. Not only that but its almost impossible to hit a receiver now w/o getting a penalty! Receivers have not fear of going across the middle anymore, which gave the D at least a chance to take part of the field away. Defenses, including the Packers, are at a complete disadvantage in every way imaginable.

jack in jersey city's picture

i will weigh in later. i'm in recovery right now........

SOL's picture

You're ok. You're breathing now. Keep breathing.

jack in jersey city's picture

i'm alive!!!

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Incredible win! Can't wait to see Rodgers return next week in Lambeau. The place will be rocking'!! Haven't been back to Lambeau since 2010. Can't wait!

"The offense could not have been more putrid in the first half if it had tried to be." The Detroit game on Thanksgiving just might have been worse. Not by much though!

SCFPackFan's picture

Heart Attack Pack!

1st half DBs were trailing the receivers on every play, Murray had huge lanes as the DL was getting washed out, LBs couldn't fucking tackle my grandma. Offense was stale and predictable, Flynn had no arm and couldn't read the D. Worst half of football I've seen in quite awhile.

2nd half a different team showed up. Played with fire, intensity, and urgency. Receiver's caught everything. OL remembered how to block. Lacy pounded the rock. Defense finally made plays when we needed them. Huge shout out to the Packer fans in attendance. They were loud and the team fed off it. Best half of football I've seen in a long time.

What the hell was said at the half? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. McCarthy and Capers made adjustments, something they've never done well. Team did a hell of a job of laying it all on the line and leaving everything on the field.

This is a game that builds momentum. This is a game that playoff teams win in December. Lions lose tomorrow and we are in the driver's seat for the division title. Go Ravens!

Mark in Montana's picture

I was just thinking that Flynn's got a little Majikowski in him the last couple of weeks...

The TKstinator's picture

Well, that IS what she said.

Norman's picture

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

The TKstinator's picture

Of course not.

Idiot Fan's picture

I think that whole "our coaches can't make adjustments narrative" is totally overblown. First, it's incredibly hard for us to tell what adjustments they do or don't make. Second, there are plenty of examples of games where the team looked very different in the second half, the last two games being two of them.

While we're at it, two other blanket generalizations that need to go away are "this team has no heart" and "AJ Hawk is the worst coverage linebacker in the history of football."

TommyG's picture

Lacy is awesome!

Nelson is the best player on our team (that played tonight).

CM is overpaid but he certainly is intense.

Where did that second half performance come from?

Thank goodness the refs missed a few of our penalties as well.

Wow, that Dallas defense is bad. Dare I say, worse than ours.

Burnett needs to sit.

I love the Green Bay Packers!

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Against better teams this game would have been over much earlier. Good teams put undisciplined, poorly coached teams away. The Dallas Cowboys are clearly not a good team. The Packers made adjustments on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half. That is a credit to both McCarthy and Capers. McCarthy's play selections and design were much more akin to a WCO approach. I was especially impressed with the use of Quarless out of the backfield on crossing routes. Very much like his use in New England during the Super Bowl run. Nice use of the quick middle screen off play action. The draw to Lacy was effective. He used a much more varied approach in the 2nd half and it paid dividends. Outside of the 1st series of the game when he moved Lacy to open up the slant window McCarthy got very predictable with the offense again. Granted....Lacy should have made the catch on 3rd & 1 in the 2nd half but the play action fake with the corresponding release of Lacy to the flat and the Y Banana route of Taylor didn't fool the rush. He hadn't run Lacy enough for that to be effective and consequently the throw was rushed.

For his part, Capers moved his personnel around and played some nice 2 Trap coverage at the end of the game (I've covered this in my X and O sessions....check it out if interested). I like 3 man rushes on 3rd and long....especially against non-running quarterbacks. Send both inside linebackers on the 3rd and 12 was just plain foolish. They dogged from depth and made no impact on the throw.

Let's be clear on all of this. Even if Rodgers plays next week against Pittsburgh the game will be tough to win. First of all, McCarthy can not start out slow. He has to coach next week just like he coached the 2nd half of this game. The Pittsburgh defense will not let the Packers breath should the same happen next week. The Pittsburgh offense won't take the ball of their hot hand as Dallas did with Murray. Can Green Bay win without Rodgers next week? Yes they can but McCarthy and Capers must both coach better to start the game.

By the way...if you really want to see how an offense utilizes it's personnel and moves the ball efficiently watch the Bears. That may be difficult for Packer fans to digest but football fans who appreciate good offense will understand. Coach Trestman is not going anywhere for a long time. If the Bears had any semblance of a defense they would win the North running away. Say what you will but he and Kromer know how to move the chess pieces around and play short handed. Not surprising since Trestman is a WCO/Tom Moore disciple and Kromer worked with Payton.....the master of utilizing offensive personnel in today's game. Chip Kelly is non his heels though. Nice comeback win but still a lot of work to do.

Derek in CO's picture

POC, have to agree with you on the Bears. They have the same skill players as last year and have vastly improved under Trestman. They know how to utilize their strengths. MM, take a note.

pooch's picture

Its sad that it took capers 3 years to make adjustments

Nerd's picture

Agree on Trestman.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"if you really want to see how an offense utilizes it’s personnel and moves the ball efficiently watch the Bears."

I always watch duh bares, the whole keep your enemies close thing, and unfortunately, you are right. Their offense is something that it hasn't been for eons.. competent. Luckily, their once proud defense has stepped back just as much as their O has forward. Also, Cutty is best for us, McCown would've had today's game over by halftime, whereas Cutty was busy throwing picks, like... Cutty. I think Trestman lets him walk, plays McCown for a year or two while grooming their future QB who will be drafted in April. You're just not going to win a SB with Cutty, being Cutty.

Ruppert's picture

Paul, I love every single thing you put into this blog.

But to start out your comment by pointing out how a "good" team would have put the Pack away somehow slightly minimizes the comeback and the resiliency that the Packers showed in the 2nd half.

I realize Dallas' D is very, very bad, but across the board I think Dallas' group was clearly more talented today.

The biggest comeback in team history was accomplished today by a backup QB who left and couldn't win a starter's job somewhere else, a rookie RB, a career backup TE who's coming off a horrific injury and a defense that might need a new DC. This was an historic game.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

I'm not minimizing the comeback. The adjustments we're crucial but make no mistake.....Dallas is not good. A better coached team would have put the Packers away. If McCarthy starts out slow next week against LeBeau you can take it to the bank that the Packers will lose. Pittsburgh may be 5-8 but they have some prideful vets especially on defense.

Cole's picture

Fuck Cow and all the goddamn trolls ruining this site the last several weeks. This was what makes the Packers special. A win I will never forget. Moments like this change things, it's why sports are so powerful.

SCFPackFan's picture


4thand1's picture

They just fucked themselves. They'll disappear for a week or 2 now.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Translation: I wish all the people i disagree with would just disappear.

You only think you want that. If they really did disappear, you'd get bored pretty quickly.

Stroh's picture

He mentioned Cow specifically. If your not aware Cow said everything Packers sucked in the offseason. When the Packers were 2-2 he disappeared only to reappear ONLY when Rodgers was injured, now only to disappear AGAIN now that they have pulled out a couple wins. What more do you need to define a TROLL?

Barutan Seijin's picture

Cow is a Packer fan. He's just not the kind of fan you are.

He's emotional & reactive, but has an analytical side, too. He's an interesting character. People would probably miss dumping on him, too.

Clay's picture

Cow is a colossal D Bag who hates life. I called for widespread shunning of him, but someone always caves in and responds to his attention seeking provocations including me!!!

He predicted a healthy Packer team would onlt win six games. He may own up to it finally when he reemerges from his cave, but some sarcastic point will be attached, like ohhh Dallas sucks and handed it to us.

Who wants to bet against me on that prediction?

cLowNEY42's picture


I predicted the Pack would win this game...


Just sayin'.

WKUPackFan's picture

+1000 on Cole's comment.

Visca Packers's picture

So much fun today. So many times this season, I've thought that it just wasn't meant to be. The injuries, then the pick six last week and the Tramon overruled pick this year. Then everything sort of fell our way. CMIII botches a sack and it ends up in a pick. Cowboys continue to make terrible mistakes etc. It was glorious. Can't wait to be sitting at the game next week. It'd be great to have our second half defense at the full game next week.

Other thoughts:

- Jones continues to be below average
- I thought Hawk played quite well considering what he was asked to do
- SRich >>>>>> Jennings
- Bryant is a beast, but such a poor sport. You have to think that his poor attitude is contagious
- I really don't think it is Romo's fault. He has a terrible coach, his owner/GM is idiotic and that defense is as bad as advertised.
- Were we 5/5 in trips to the redzone?

RunAndHyde's picture

Yeah Romo makes bad throws and loses games....but they should have been running the ball anyway. That's on the coaching staff and that moron Jerry Jones. They throw because of his ego. They can't just win they have to try and make all the big sexy plays all the time. A smart team runs the ball and punts if need be. We have won these past two games by a total of 2 pts ...but a win is a win.

Evan's picture

Apparently several of those throws late were Romo audibles.

RunAndHyde's picture me I'm not defending Romo ....he sucks...but they do this a lot.

Stroh's picture

Rome is what Romo is... Consider him the mini Favre in every way. Not the playmaker, not quite as bad w/ INT's and not a winner/leader. Romo has a .500 winning % for his career! What more doo you need to define him?

Derek in CO's picture

you mean, a gunslinger?

Stroh's picture

Very much. He is a gunslinger, but he's just not that good at it. Every now and then he can pull it off, but mostly he can't make the big plays necessary to really be a winner and far too many mistakes to be a game manager.

4thand1's picture

The closing speed on Shields int was unreal. If he misses its a TD for Austin.

TommyG's picture

agreed in all respects.

eqfan592's picture

One of the most emotionally draining games I've ever seen, just from how down and up it was. MAN I love this team! GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!

TommyG's picture

Doing shots for each TD ended up being a poor good idea tonight.

Stroh's picture

Damn... I wouldn't even do that! LOL

Jordan's picture

One of the greatest comebacks in Green Bay history? Really? I guess so even though it was against the 32nd ranked defense.

Maybe that's the payback for Jason Garrett thumping the Packers many thanksgivings ago. I would have been more worried if Garrett would have suited up today. Romo has a choking problem.

4thand1's picture

Don't knock it. A win is a win. It was the Cowboys 2nd loss at home. The other one was to Denver. And was the largest comeback ever for GB. Hard to believe.

Stroh's picture

Didn't someone suggest earlier this week that If Flynn can throw for 300 and Lacy/Starks combine for 150 yds the Packers can score 30+ and win? Anyone remember who that was? Hmmmm...

RunAndHyde's picture

Yes you did ...n I gave you shit for it lol. Glad u were right ....long distance high five all the way from WV!

Nerd's picture

Wasn't able to watch until about 12:00 remaining in the 4th.

Seemed to me the defense stepped up and won this game with HEART. Offense had some too.

Apparently they got the required "lull" out of the way early. Don't know why Mike's teams always have to get way down before they start trying hard, but they're never out of it, no matter how far down they get.

larry valdes's picture

Congratulations to the team and coaches grate win beginning of the playoffs go packers.

Don c's picture

When is someone goi g to give credit to the unsung hero s of this game the offensive line who set everything up

WKUPackFan's picture

As you might guess from the screen name I'm a Hilltopper. A quick time out for a shout out to my daughter who graduated summa cum laude, Honors College, from Western Kentucky University yesterday. That's the same little girl who was sitting in my lap when Favre replaced the Majik Man in Cincinnati! It's been a great 22 years in more ways than one.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Hilltopper? So you're either from Onalaska or Burlington...

WKUPackFan's picture

Thanks for the thought, but its the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers. The campus is on a hill, thus the name. Watch out for RB Antonio Andrews next year in the NFL, he's got some Lacy in him. Bobby Rainey, who has been playing well for TB, is from there also.

Stroh's picture

I wondered about the name. Hadn't thought of that school for some reason. Usually I would catch that. Go Hilltoppers. Congrats on your daughter too.

I bleed Green More's picture

Lacy is a beast, kid was a steal. Anyone think TT tries to keep Flynn I know many do not like him but truly he knows this system.

Wisconsinexile's picture

Go Ravens!

jack in jersey city's picture

and eagles and giants next week!

Mojo's picture

Can't say enough about Eddie Lacy. No, he's not going to break many long ones like he did today, but man does he fight for every yard. And does he ever take a beating. Yet just comes back and runs hard every play. And this week and last on a bad leg.

Lacy is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. Love his attitude. A true warrior.

4thand1's picture

Thank you Romo. On the Shields int, they called a run play and Romo checked out of it and threw a pass.

Point Packer's picture

Dear Matt Flynn,

Thanks for coming back to Green Bay.

With gratitude,
Point Packer

Wagszilla's picture

Finally some more people on #TeamQuarless

steven's picture

Guya come on chill on cow. Some of the stuff is says is ridiculous and depressing but hes a glass half empty fan. And he kinda called the detroit game, lets worry about the supeebowl. This season feels special

Idiot Fan's picture

When you predict a blow-out loss every game, you can't really claim credit when it actually happens.

Barutan Seijin's picture

That's not true. Cow picked the Packers for this one.

cLowNEY42's picture

thank you.

Idiot Fan's picture

My apologies, I must have missed that.

So, Cow, be honest - given that we're at 7 wins with the potential for two more, we haven't had Rodgers for the last seven games, we were 5-2 and heading into the easier part of the season when he got hurt, we lost Bulaga and Hayward for the whole season, Cobb and Finley for much of it, and CM3 Perry Neal Shields and others for parts of it - that 6-10 prediction at the beginning of the year was a little dumb, wasn't it?

cLowNEY42's picture

Ummm... sure, I guess.

I'm still not in love with the talent on this roster.
There are layers upon layers of ineptitude on the defensive side of the ball. But the schedule ended up being not as difficult as I expected.

Expected Baltimore to be better.
Expected Atlanta to be better.
Expected Dallas to be better.

The schedule offset the injuries IMO.

And let's not get out in front of our skis here... Very possible that GB loses their last 2 and ends up with only 7 wins.

PIT is no joke. Rapistburger will shred this defense.
To beat CHI the Pack'll have to score 35+.

Optimistwhoknocksonwood's picture


Lions lose Monday. All Rodgers has to do then is come back from injury and win 6 in a row. Sounds familiar...

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