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Guest Analyst: Clinton-Dix Would Help Solve Packers Safety Problems

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Guest Analyst: Clinton-Dix Would Help Solve Packers Safety Problems

A friend of mine is a middle school language arts teacher in southern Wisconsin. She sent me this submission from a student, assigned to write a persuasive essay.

Looks like we have a Packers blogger in the making.

Courtesy of Jack, an eighth-grader:

Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix is an all SEC safety from the University of Alabama football team and many consider him the best safety in all of college football. Clinton-Dix has recently announced that he will forgo his senior season in Tuscaloosa and enter the 2014 NFL Draft and many believe that he is easily a first round pick as well as the first safety off the board. Clinton-Dix is a great fit for Green Bay for multiple reasons, and this is why the Green Bay Packers should use their first round pick on Clinton-Dix. First of all, the Packers have a huge lack of production at the safety position. Over the span of last season, the starting safeties for Green Bay were Morgan Burnett and M.D. Jennings. Individually, they each had no interceptions and were considered the 63rd and 67th best safeties in the NFL, meanwhile down south in Tuscaloosa, Clinton-Dix made 50 tackles throughout the season while also managing to intercept 2 passes. Those 2 interceptions by Clinton-Dix are more than both Jennings and Burnett...combined. Along with that, Clinton-Dix has NFL caliber skills. He is well known to read the quarterback’s eyes as well as anticipate the run when necessary. These are skills that have been seen and shown by future Hall of Famers like Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed. Finally, the Packers defense was at an all time high when they had a quality safety. Before his career ending injury, with Nick Collins as the best of the Packers’ safeties, the team was 2nd best in the NFL at preventing teams from scoring while also gaining the title as one of the most feared defenses in the NFL. With Clinton-Dix, Green Bay can reclaim that fear that opposing offenses once had. So in conclusion, the Packers should draft Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix because the Packers have a huge lack at safety, Clinton-Dix has NFL caliber skills, and finally the Packers defense needs a well performing safety to create fear in NFL offenses once again.

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4thand1's picture

The fear part is stretching it, but this kid and the rest of the world knows it. Did you know Geico can save you 15% on car insurance? Every body knows that. Yes, but did you know, GB safeties had no ints last year?

Al Dante's picture

Heck I don't think they even know that.

Dix won't be there when the Pack picks and Ted is too cheap to move down to get him. If Dix is taller than 5'11 and weighs more than 185, no way Ted takes him. He doesn't fit the mold Ted is looking for and he does have a mold plan.

zeke's picture

"Dix won’t be there when the Pack picks and Ted is too cheap to move down to get him."

What does that mean?

Stroh's picture


Stroh-Hater's picture

How to get the Packers back in the Super Bowl:

1. Draft a stud safety
2. Sign a veteran NT
3. Ban Stroh from being a Packers fan
4. ???
5. Super Bowl

300huna's picture

This is the greatest article of all time, this kid knows exactly what he's talking about and should make more of these. Great job.

Jamie's picture

Solid 2nd rd prospect. May go earlier due to weakness of the class.

4thand1's picture

Ha Ha is 1st round for sure.

Jamie's picture

He'll like go in the 1st, but IMO he's not your typical elite / 1st rd safety prospect. He's a few notches below Barron and maybe even Harrison from two years ago and a notch below Vaccaro, Reid and Elam from last year...IMO.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I'm not saying he's not a 1st round prospect, but...
It's still early, and current rankings and opinions are still sort of based on where guys were pegged going back a year or so. Sort of the same phenomena of having preseason college football polls. It can take a while for the true best to rise up and for the pretenders to fall. But they eventually do.

Being from Alabama, he had a big head start, where the reputation of the school puts him higher than others.
As people evaluate the tape and combine results, he could definitely be surpassed by another.

Regardless, nice job by this 8th-grader.

jeremy's picture

The free agent safety class is very strong this season. To bad for us...

Evan's picture

Good. Let the other safety-needy teams overspend so one of the top guys falls to us at #21.

In all seriousness, though, I wouldn't be shocked at all if Ted dipped into FA this year and picked up a mid-level safety (Chris Clemons). But don't hold me to that.

Stroh's picture

Why limit the kid to being a Packers blogger? Seems to me he should get a journalism degree and be a Packers beat writer!! Somehow I'm guessing he would be paid a lot more. A packers blogger? Hell anyone can do that (and not get paid for it).

I agree Clinton-Dix is a 1st rd pick. At the moment I'm leaning toward Pryor being a better fit for the Pack tho.

4thand1's picture

I would be really happy to get one of them. But if they have a shot at Mosley, they better take him 1st.

Lucky953's picture

+1. Mosley would have the greatest immediate impact. It's going to take even a first round safety time to pick up all the schemes and reads with the complexity of nfl offenses. I think there'll be guys in rnds 2 & 3 who upgrade the safety position

Clay's picture

Where is Cow to destroy this kid's hopes and dreams?

Bert's picture

I'm pretty sure Dix would be an upgrade to our present safeties, (duh!!) but is he a first round #21 talent? That's the big question. If not, then pass and pick the BPA and hope we can upgrade the safety position in the Rounds 2-7.

Stroh's picture

Cbs has Clinton-Dix rated #20 overall and Prior #27. Both seem like legitimate 1st rd picks. Question IMO, is a Safety more valuable than a similarly ranked DE or ILB, or do trade down and still get one of them (hopefully).

Bert's picture

No offence but I don't put a lot of credence in where CBS has Dix and Ford rated as of January 26. It's where TT has them rated on draft day that matters. If TT has Dix rated in the top 21 and he is available at #21 then I'm happy. If TT has Dix rated much lower and he reaches for him at #21 then I'm not happy. Just draft the best player available and life will be good. IMHO.

Stroh's picture

No doubt its more about where Thompson has them rated. Just using it as a guide to give a decent judge along w/ what I've seen of him. I do think #21 will be a defensive player. There's usually a lot of players in the 12 - 25 range rated about equally. Usually the top 10 or so are guys that have a chance to be difference makers, follow by a group that are very good till late 1st and another from late 1st till mid 2nd or so.

Bert's picture

Good point. I agree with that. I hope the top rated guy at #21 is on defense too. But if we end up with a TE or another offensive player who we can agree was the BPA then I won't complain about it. Just want a 1st rounder who will stay healthy and make an impact for change regardless of position.

ben's picture

Zero elite or 1st round safeties in this years draft. But there is some depth at the position and great value to be had in the mid to later rounds.

We don't draft by need, obviously. Don't reach and get great value with little to no drop-off with Alden Darby(Round4pick29) and Tre Boston(Compensatory4th). They are 2 of the most reliable, explosive, and productive safeties in all of this year's class. Darby has the ability to play as a dime corner.

ben's picture

The Green &Gold Blue Print
Announce change-over to a 4-3 Defense and Clay Matthews the next Urlacher. (164Tackles, 6.5Sacks, 3Picks, 4FF, 23TFL, 10PD)
Trade: AJ Hawk($2.5million/,ILB), Jonathan Franklin, 2015-5thRound} for {LaMichael James, Round4pick29)
Trade: Brad Jones($3million/,ILB), 2015-Round1, Round2pick21, Tolzien} for {Cleveland's Round2pick3,Round4pick6, 2015-Round4

2014 53 man depth chart (w/ 4-3 base)
QB: Rodgers, Flynn(2year), Connor Shaw(Round6pick21)
RB: Lacey, LaMichael James(KR), DuJuan Harris, UndraftedFA
FB: Kuhn(2year), Jay Prosch(Round5pick21)
WR: Cobb, Jordy, Boykin, Jeff Janis(Round4pick6), Harper
TE: Jace Amaro(Round1pick21 ), Colt Lyerla(Round4Pick21), Stoneburner, Bostick
OL: Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS(2year), Lang, Bulaga, Barclay, Tretter, Sharrod
DL: Neal(3year), Daniels, Datone, Perry, Boyd, Jolly(2year), Mulumba, Worthy
LB: Matthews(MLB), Kyle Van Noy(Round2pick3), Telvin Smith (Round3pick21),
Lattimore(tendered), Jeremiah George(Round7pick21), Sam Barrington
CB: Shields(franchised), House, Heyward, Hyde, Nixon
S: Burnett, Alden Darby(Round4pick29), Tre Boston(Compensatory4th), Richardson, Banjo
ST: Goode, Crosby, Masthay
Let go: TheZoneBlitzScheme,ZoneBlockingScheme,MM'sPlaycalling,Finley,Raji,Tramon,
Up for extension: Nelson, Cobb, Shields, Daniels, House, Bulaga, Dujuan, Perry, Richardson (In order)

4thand1's picture

So you say let go of Tramon? He's finally healthy and always makes plays in the playoffs. He won't be on the market for 5 minutes, book it.

Stroh's picture

Need to find a way to keep both Shields and Tramon. Get Shields signed then approach Tramon about an extension for 2 or 3 yrs at a slightly reduced salary.

Bert's picture

Lots of good thought went into your blueprint Ben. I don't agree we should let Tramon go and I'm not sure how the 49ers will evaluate a healthy Hawk over a peg legged Bowman. Close call on that one.

ben's picture

With their cap and injury situation, I don't think they could pass up on Hawk at only 2.5 million per year.

Some day LaMichael will get his chance and blow things up.

I'm with you on tramon and would be alright with him coming back for $7.5million. I just don't see much drop off from him to house, to heyward. (I like house). But it is a passing league and he is a proven solid NFL corner and a leader on the team.

Cincinnati could really use a corner and has a ton of cap space. In my updated "blue print" I'd like to trade tramon to the bengels for very little value in negotiating our 3rd rounder for their 23 pick of the 2nd round of this years draft in obtaining a very aggressive, instinctual, undersized, great tackling, and awesome cover linebacker in Telvin Smith.

Eraserhead's picture

House is a bum.

Bert's picture

Ben. I have very little confidence in House. He looks the part but just doesn't play the part. Poor tackler and spends a lot of time in the whirlpool. My guess is that if Hayward comes back OK and we draft a CB then House will have to step up his game just to keep his job. I say keep Tramon and Shields as our outside cover guys and hopefully get another cover guy to develop.

Jamie's picture

I just realized you traded for LaMichael James in your dream scenario. The guy hasn't done shit as a RB or KR in two seasons, despite plenty of opportunity.

Who lies in bed at night thinking LaMichael James is a missing piece to anything???

That essentially makes your fun little exercise a pile of garbage.

Bert's picture

Oh I think "pile of garbage" is pretty harsh. I like the fact that somebody (Ben) is interested enough in the Packers to put the time in to come up with the "blue print". I don't agree with all of it but it does generate good discussion. I'm sure we all have our ideas and thank God none us are actually responsible for managing the Packers.

ben's picture

wrong Jamie,

James had the best yards per carry of all the 49ers running backs but was only given the ball 12 times. 39 times in 2 years.

how wrong can you be?

We didn't move up in the draft to get casey Hayward, We moved up in the draft to get Lamichael James. It just so happened that the 49ers unexpectedly grabbed him the pick before. He's averaging almost 5 yards per carry but is buried on the 49 depth chart. He can be had, and ted would love to have him as an excellent change of pace back and kick returner.

Evan's picture

"We didn’t move up in the draft to get casey Hayward, We moved up in the draft to get Lamichael James..."


Stroh's picture

He doesn't have one. His source is his imagination! Packers wouldn't have made the trade until that team was in the clock.

Ben WRONG as usual!

HUMP's picture

pryor is head and shoulders above dix,but hard to pass on amaro or ebron in the 1st when there will be 5 or 6 solid safety propects in the 2nd,hopefully jimmy ward!

Stroh's picture

I wouldn't draft TE that early. The offense w/ Rodgers and Lacy, Nelson and Cobb is going to be top 5 NFL almost guaranteed. I just don't see the reasoning to draft a TE that high when the Packers offense is still going to be that good. We still need a defensive player or 2 much more. I would re-sign Quarless and use a combination of he and Bostic and draft a WR or TE in the 3rd or so. We need Defense and I don't think the TE are that special to warrant passing on equally talented Defenders.

Bert's picture

I don't think you can ever have too many quality players on either side of the ball. Given the production of our last 2 first round picks and our plethora of injuries I think we are better served going with the guy with the most talent regardless of position.

Stroh's picture

Sorry don't see the reasoning for going w/ offense. Lose a Finley gain a Lacy. Lose a James Jones insert Boykin. They don't always have to be same position but if you replace a playmaker w/ a playmaker it doesn't hurt the offense.

Defense is another issue altogether. Lost Collins and Woodson as playmakers and haven't found any on that side. Maybe Hayward and Daniels but they aren't even everydown players. Maybe Jones Perry or Neal (if we can re-sign him). But still a lot of unknowns. Major issues at ILB and Safety too. To many questions not enough answers! Go Defense early and often again unless the offensive player is much better, which I doubt will be the case.

RC Packer Fan's picture

If they don't resign Quarless and if Finley doesn't return, do you really feel comfortable going into next year with Brandon Bostick, Ryan Taylor and Jake Stonebrunner?

I really, really like Bostick, but he is not a #1 TE.

Also if they were able to add an Ebron, Ammaro, or even Sefran-Jenkins they would be adding a player that could come in immediately and help in the redzone, where they have been struggling.

Right now in the first round, they have to find a playmaker of some sort.
Their greatest needs as of today (before Free agency) is S, ILB, TE, DL.
IMO they need to take the best player available at one of those positions.
Also the depth at Safety, is better then TE. TE after the first 3 guys there is a big drop off.
I agree they need more help on defense, but sometimes a good defense is an unstoppable offense...

Stroh's picture

Yes I am comfortable. Wanna know why? Its not that I think Quarless and Bostic are going to be some terrific duo. But I DO believe that even if we don't have a playmaking TE the Offense is still going to be among the best in the NFL! Rodgers, Lacy, Nelson, Cobb give us FAR more playmakers on offense than we have on Defense. Simple as that. We will still have a Top 5 Offense either way!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I for the most part agree with you...

I am just saying that if Clinton-Dix, and Mosley are gone. The next options would probably be Tuitt, Nix, Hageman and then Pryor in the 1st.
If Ebron or Amaro are available, I wouldn't have a problem if they took either over the defensive players available.

It really just depends on who is available. TE is on the need list and if the value isn't on the defensive side then I have absolutely no problem taking a TE in the first round.

What I want them to do is to take the BPA, with the eye on need also.

Evan's picture

RC (or anyone, really) - what do you think of Pryor? The more I'm reading the more I like him a lot.

Stroh's picture

Not much not to like. Great size 6'2 208, bring a physical presence from what I've read and he had 3 INT's and 2 FF last year. Only thing we don't really know are his speed/range and other measurables. If those are in the 4.5 range for speed and he tests well athletically there's really not much not to like. Seems like a really good option for the Packers. Right now I like him before Clinton-Dix!

Stroh's picture

RC... I would take Hageman, Tuitt and Pryor over either of the TE's mentioned. And I really like Pryor a lot, more than Clinton-Dix right now.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Hey Evan,

I like Pryor. I want to see more tape on him. He is a bigger safety which I like. But I also want to see what he will run at the combine. I'm curious to how fast he is.

Right now I think he is a late 1st round to early 2nd round.

But I want to see more on him first.

I definitely like his size. He is a big hitter which I like. But I don't like that he doesn't always wrap up. With the poor tackling that we have had of recently, I would like to see more sure tackling techniques.

I think the combine will be the determining factor for him. If he runs a good 40, I think he will be a lock for a 1st round pick.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Right now I am thinking I like Tuitt better then Hageman. Hageman has great size. But watching him playing games he doesn't dominate like I would think he would.

But in the Packers defense if he can take up blocks, and take away passing lanes due to his size he would be a good fit.

I'm just not sold on Hageman yet.

Stroh's picture

I haven't come to a conclusion between Hageman/Tuitt yet. Both are prototypical 34 DE that can move inside to rush the passer. Have to do more work on them, but I get the concerns about his intensity waivering some. However that's not at all uncommon for college DL that can dominate relatively easily in college.

Stroh-Hater's picture

People should stop arguing with the Strawman. He's obviously a troll.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I haven't came to a conclusion yet either. I just know that watching the game tape of Hageman I don't always see him playing to what I hear his ability's are.
I'm not saying he won't be a good player or anything, I'm just a little skeptical of him. I think he could be one of those players that will have a great combine and will shoot up the draft board, and be overdrafted.

I want to see a little more on Tuitt before I figure out which one I like better.

Both though are possibilities to be a Packer at 21 and both would fit the 5 technique position with their size.

Right now, I'm just more skeptical of Hageman.

ben's picture

A real player at the TE position for the packers is vital. A great TE is the ultimate weapon and best compliment to our newly found running game. 1st as a blocker for that running game, which is huge! 2nd as a real receiving threat who can get mismatched on linebackers and safeties, particularly in the play-action game. The TE is often a QB security blanket and you do want Aaron to have a nice security blanket.

This is a great TE class. Maybe the best ever. There is great value to be had in the 1st round while very little in terms of early round value at our other greatest position of need, safety.

Amaro should be there, take him at 21.

Alden Darby(Round4pick29), Marqueston Huff(Compensatory4th)

Mosley may be the most overrated player in the draft. Telvin Smith and Kyle VanNoy will be excellent.

Stroh's picture

Mosley has very good athleticism, his instincts are outstanding, and he plays w/ physicality. Van Noy is SOFT, a finesse player. You want more finesse on the Packers D? I certainly don't!

TE can be a very effective player on offense. But now that we have Lacy that'll do more to occupy the safeties and influence the LB than a TE. If a TE is just a reliable outlet receiver you don't need him to be a playmaker. If that is the case Quarless can be an effective outlet receiver and you don't have to spend a high pick on a TE.

cLowNEY42's picture

In the first round - just pick the best guy. Worry about needs later on.

Early picks (r1,2) should be about finding impact players... not roster fillers.

Only positions that I feel are currently off limits when it comes to the first round are QB (because we're set there), interior OL (because I don't think you should ever go r1 for one of these), and RB (because this class is weak as hell). Every other position group could use a playmaker.

OT Kouandjio
WR Lee
TE Ebron/Amaro
DL Hageman/Tuitt/Nix/Jernigan/Donald
OLB Ford
ILB Mosely
CB Denard/Gilbert
S Clinton-Dix/Pryor

There's room for any one of these guys on the roster.

Bert's picture

Yep. Gotta go BPA regardless of position. The 2012 draft is a good example of why you can't just load up on defense with the expectation that it will fix all the problems. We need impact players. Period!! 1st round BPA, 2nd round BPA, then go for position. With draft washouts, injuries, FA, etc. we just have to get more impact players on the roster.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I agree with this. I would say that they could also look at Mike Evans at WR if he were available. (I have seen a few mocks from trusted experts that have dropped him to or below the Packers). I understand mocks are just for fun basically. But it does show that some draft evaluators aren't as high on him as others.

The only player on your list that I would remove is Jernigan. Possibly Donald because he wouldn't fit our defense, but really he is a Mike Daniels clone, so good players can play anywhere.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The big boards and grades will change after the combine. Right now, just looking at big boards with rankings, it appears that the talent takes a dip somewhere between 22 and 25. With some reaches for QBs and other needs, there should be a pretty good player at 21 who also fills a need, preferably a defensive need. I agree that we don't need to take a TE early - the offense will be very good without any early additions.

That being said, at this time I am more open than in the past to trading a few spots down because this also appears to be a very deep draft through the top 100 prospects. Having an extra 2nd round or 3rd round pick should be valuable. I like Pryor better than Ha-Ha, and Pryor might be available late in the 1st round. If C.J. Mosley is available at 21, though, I like him a lot, along with Tuitt, and one or two others (any play maker at the front 7 position would be a fine pick). After the combine and after GB signs whomever they decide on or is reasonably priced, then we will all have a better idea of what is best.

HUMP's picture

i totally agree with best player available 1st rd,but thats why amaro is really hard to pass on,obviously if mosely would fall or nix but i doubt either will. watched 5 tex tech games and honestly believe he will be close to gronkowski in ability,but 9 defensive players would not hurt my feelings at all. Nix 1 nose, jimmy ward 2safety, chris borland lb 3, russ cockrell cb 4, injured colvin cb 5, everybody probably hates the borland pick but he will be far better than hawk ever was! but im sure i will have plenty of other players i fall for after combine

RC Packer Fan's picture

I have absolutely no problem if they draft a TE in the first. They have a big need there. I honestly would be happy with Ebron or Amaro at 21, and if they traded down I wouldn't mind Sefran-Jenkins being their first pick.

Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing them trade down 8-10 spots and pick up another 2nd or another 3rd and 4th round pick or something... This draft is pretty deep in a lot of positions and I think they will be able to find starting caliber players in the 3rd-4th round this year.

RC Packer Fan's picture

After watching the senior bowl. I really, really love Borland. I have watched him play at Wisconsin and loved him there. But seeing him go against some of the top players and play as well as he did really impressed me.

If you watch him play, he is always around the ball. His awareness and instincts are off the chart.

What he did to me was show he could play in pass coverage. That was my biggest question with him. I saw in the senior bowl he can cover. That to me means he is a 3 down LB.

Right now I don't see him being a 1st round player because of his size. But if the Packers have a chance to draft him in the 2nd round, I would run up to the podium with his name.
He would be an immediate upgrade over Jones.
In the Packers defense I think he could be a similar player to Desmond Bishop. A tough physical player who can rush the QB and drop in coverage, as well as stop the run.

Evan's picture

Just read through a mock at Walter Football that had the Pack taking Borland in the 4th. (It also had us taking a guard in the 2nd, so....)

Stroh's picture

What was their reasoning for taking an OG in the 2nd?

Evan's picture

David Yankey, G/T, Stanford

"Green Bay has to improve the talent on its offensive line. A versatile lineman like Yankey who can play guard or tackle would be a nice fit to help fill a hole for the Packers."

He's played tackle too, but he says Guard is more of a natural fit. I can't remember the last time the Packers drafted a true guard.

(This guy also had Pack taking Pryor in the 1st).

Evan's picture

It's also silly since Sitton and Lang are by far the strength of this o-line.

Stroh's picture

I totally disagree w/ his reasoning. I think Thomson will take an OL (he always takes one) but it'll be a 4th or 5th again. Not nearly that high...

Evan's picture


And it'll most likely be someone who played left tackle.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I don't really see that happening. Although I could see it if EDS were to leave and they decided they are going to move Lang to C. I could see them doing something like that.

But I don't see them drafting anything OL before the 4th round.

Thompson really likes to draft OL in the 4th round. Sitton, Lang, Bakhtiari, Tretter, Barbre are all 4th round picks he has used on the OL.

Stroh's picture

The last time they drafted a college OG was Spitz in the 3rd. '06 draft got Hawk, Colledge, Jennings, Spitz in that order, IIRC.

Bert's picture

Hmmm. I'm not so sure a quality G/T isn't a pretty good idea if in fact we get a high quality guy. Rodgers got creamed this year and we definitely need to upgrade our depth along the line. Too much riding on Rodgers' health. If he goes down it's probably a moot point whether we have a better safety or not. I cringe at the thought of seeing Barclay, Newhouse etc. protecting (or not) the franchise again.

Evan's picture

" I cringe at the thought of seeing Barclay, Newhouse etc. protecting (or not) the franchise again."

Newhouse is almost assuredly gone this off-season (he's a free agent).

I know people seem to be writing Bulaga off as injury-prone. But a cracked hip and a torn ACL seem like two freak injuries to me (serious injuries, no doubt). But I don't see any reason he won't be 100% by training camp (a full year removed) and holding down RT.

I think Barclay's days of starting at RT are over.

I think they definitely draft an OL (they always do), but not till day 3.

Bert's picture

Yeah I know Newhouse is all but gone and we don't want to see Barclay again at RT (or maybe anywhere else). But that's kinda my point. We do need to upgrade our depth at G/T even with Bulaga returning. Reminds me of a quote from somebody in business. Can't remember who now. But he said; "The "main thing" is to always keep the "main thing" the main thing." Keeping Rodgers healthy is the "main thing".

Evan's picture

In an ideal situation, Sherrod would be the primary backup at tackle, Barclay would be the primary backup at guard (and emergency tackle) and Tretter would be a backup C/G.

I know there are a lot of question marks in that group (not that a rookie wouldn't also be a big question mark), but I think they have the potential to be a strength of the team next season.

Upgrade the depth? Sure. But I think the goal of a 2nd round pick needs to be more substantial than upgrading depth.

Stroh's picture

If the Packers draft an OL high they could use a 1st and get an OT. Doing so would be an indication that they don't think Sherrod will ever recover. Its possible but seems very unlikely. Otherwise we have Bulaga Sherrod and Bakhtiari and no real need on the OL. Resigning EDS shouldn't be too difficult and either way have Tretter in the wings.

Bert's picture

I don't disagree with you. But history will show that not many of our #1 or #2 draft picks have done anything more than provide immediate depth. Very few (Lacy exception not the rule) have made an impact in their first year. I don't think expecting a 2nd round draft pick to do anything more than provide quality depth in their first year or two is unreasonable at all. The draft just doesn't cure all the immediate needs of any team. Won't happen.

Karin's picture

Yes....This kid is good. He knows what he is writing about! Future sports journalist. Keep it up.

TXCHEESE's picture

If we can keep Tramon, moving Hyde to safety is a thought. Not comparing him to Wood, but he seems to have that same nose for the ball. I would love to see them take a late round shot at TE Crockett Gilmore from Colorado State. 6' 6" 255 and looking to get bigger. I have watched him since high school. Guy is football 24X7, and has terrific hands, and pretty decent speed.

Bert's picture

I would say moving Hyde to safety is actually a pretty good idea. Ideally, signing a vet FA (mid-level) for experience and moving Hyde may be the best way to get positive short-term results.

HUMP's picture

i recall posting here after packs 2nd pre season game that hyde was a born safety,wonder how long it will take mngment to figure that one out!! but on a lighter note tx cheese,you are dead on about gilmore at te,but im guessing the execs have already noticed how talented that kid is and he will move from 6th rd grade to 2nd in no time flat! glad you observed his ability though, nice to see a few other draftnicks on here

Hank Scorpio's picture

My biggest concern with picking guys from the big football factory colleges is whether the player is as good as he seems or just another cog on a talented unit. I have no clue about whether Clinton-Dix is more of the latter or more of the former. But a friend of mine who watches a ton more college football thinks it is the second one--Alabama has so much talent that Clinton-Dix has an easy time looking better than he actually is.

Bert's picture

I agree with Hank. I don't put a lot of credence in the early player ratings and mock drafts. Most of these are based on information from other media sources and not from actual scouting. I'm not sure about C-Dix either but I'm not gonna get too carried away. Many of these guys will fall down the draft boards and others will rise by draft day. I'm not an expert but I saw a few Alabama games this year and I didn't see anything from Dix that really jumped out. He may just be a good player on a very good team with a lot of media buzz.

RC Packer Fan's picture

That is the hard part in evaluating certain players. If they are a product of how good the team is, or if they are truly that good themselves.

You also have to look at the scheme they play and what their role is in that scheme.

It definitely can be tougher trying to determine how good a player is, when they are playing with other really good players.

Stroh's picture

A lot of people thought Lacy was the product of a great college OL at Bama. That didn't turn out to be the case... I don't think it is for Mosley either. Clinton-Dix possibly but that remains to be seen.

4thand1's picture

I would look at a safety or cb who is left on an island covering for a long time with a shitty front 7. Can't jump routes or cover for long if the QB has time to shave in the pocket.

Cousin Patrick in Fla's picture

Could not agree more with this youngster! Why play the game with 9 defensive players? The Packers received almost no production from their safety duo. While they are accountable for their non-performance, it is fair to question Ted Thompson's "draft and develop" program. Where was the depth? Who is the next man up? A very intellgent 8th grader has pointed an NFL executive in the right direction.

MR D's picture

Doesn't matter, the packers are on their downward spiral and the Bears will be a force to be reckoned with!

Nice piece of scouting though!

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