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Greg Jennings Takes Latest Jab at Packers Organization

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Greg Jennings Takes Latest Jab at Packers Organization

When Greg Jennings left Green Bay, he did not quietly go into the night.

Between refusing to refer to Aaron Rodgers by name and implying that Rodgers did not give him respect, Jennings hasn't been afraid to share his thoughts on his former team.

On Tuesday, The Star Tribune in Minneapolis teased an upcoming article that will further stoke the rivalry flames.

In what the Star Tribune describes as candid comments, Jennings says, regarding life as a Viking:

"It's not a free-for-all. There's structure. But there's liberty. You can breathe. It's like, 'OK, I can do my thing.' You know what you need to do, you get it done. Where as [in Green Bay], everything was more cookie-cutter....It's just different. In a good way. And not knocking what we did there. Because obviously it was successful. But here, no one's walking on egg shells."

Dan Wiederer from the Star Tribune follows the quote with, "Trust us. You'll want to check back in later this week for more thoughts Jennings had to share."

One thing is clear, Jennings was not happy in Green Bay, and he isn't afraid to tell anyone about it.



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drcpackers's picture

he's gone. good riddance.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Yes Green Bay is a one trick pony. Their rivals have figured out the one trick is Rogers and if you knock him on his arse, as they did early and often last year, the team struggles. Take out Rogers and you've got nothing.
There is no running game to speak of and the defense was awful.
This year they need to change. They need playmakers like Mathews not bodies like Hawk.

JackintheBox's picture

Thaaat's right Morgan...and take A.P. out of Min and you still have a contender...oh; you got crap.

Jennings is a good wide receiver, but like all good receivers he needs to learn the art of silence. The Pack will be fine this year - seems like everybody forgot they had a lot of injuries last year (again) that'll be back in action plus some nice draft additions. Greg meanwhile will realize that it sucks to have a nobody throw him the ball AND playing second fiddle to a running back...something he never tried in G.B. mind you...I'm sure his stats will soar and his sister will stay quiet about it on Twitter........ooohh waittt...

P Allen's picture

Solid! Replace Hawk once Neal sheds lbs as a beefy run blocker (Hawk cant sack anyway) I've never seen a LB back peddle so much in my life! lol Vince would've yanked his hiness long ago

Evan's picture

What does that even mean??

Tyler's picture

I'm all for rivalry but I think it's a big exaggeration to take such a benign comment and turn it into "...Jennings was not happy in Green Bay, and he isn’t afraid to tell anyone about it."

Stroh's picture

Taken with all the many other comments, it provides plenty of context. I didn't over-react at first to his verbal sparing, but its starting to piss me off!

Brett's picture

When he took a back seat to Jones, he was a little butt hurt. There isn't really any other way to look at it.. New season new play makers, they don't stop making athletes. Jones will be just fine without Jennings on the roster

Stroh's picture

Hey Craig... Lets see how many playoff appearances and SB's that new found freedom buys you. Let me take the first stab... I Big, Fat Goose Egg!! Zip, Nadda, Niltch!

See teams that have well run organizations tend to keep their players from being distractions, like your being right now Craig! Get it? Got it? Good!!

Bomdad's picture


dullgeek's picture

Holy crap! My fellow Packers fans are sensitive wimps. (Which is an odd statement coming from me!)

Favre left and he became public enemy #1 rather than one of the greatest QBs to play the game.

Jennings leaves and looks forward to a new setting. Somehow that implies he was unhappy in the old setting.

Woodson says that he's going to have to retire in a Raiders uni rather than a Packer's uni. And this is interpreted a diss to the Packers.

Guys are going to leave the team and they're going to look forward positively and backward negatively. So far as I've seen, everyone who changes employers does that. I know I have.

Relax, Packer nation. It's ok not to look for insults around every corner!

Tyler's picture

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm chalking this up to media sensationalism. I couldn't image tamer comments coming from a division rival.

trvs's picture

This is probably the most drama filled off-season since favre retired, wtf. Flemmings is all about the spotlight and its becoming pretty annoying. After all the back and forth and I am excited that he is not on the team. Can we talk about the packers secondary and not Craig??

JakeK's picture

"One thing is clear, Jennings was not happy in Green Bay, and he isn’t afraid to tell anyone about it."

What a silly statement. You need to elaborate or explain. Please, don't just say, "Jennings Is Crazy". (That's already been used for Woodson).

You people are embarrassing yourselves almost daily.

Jayme Snowden's picture

I didn't say Jennings is Crazy. I simply said he wasn't happy. And in my opinion, his recent statements lead me to believe he wasn't.

Personally, I don't care that he wasn't happy in Green Bay. I don't care what he says. He doesn't play for the team I route for and people saying "mean things" about my team, isn't something that bothers me. BUT it is worth noting that he is developing a pattern with his comments regarding the Packers. Form your own opinion on it; be mad or don't care, but either way, he keeps saying little jabs and that starts to add up to something.

And no, I don't feel embarrassed in the slightest.

JakeK's picture

More clearly ... "When you elaborate or explain your reasoning. Please, don’t just say, “Jennings Is Crazy”. (That’s already been used for Woodson in a blog by CD.)

Regardless, "Developing a pattern" ...?? ... Only if you have a vivid imagination.

Charlie's picture

It's obvious that Jennings wanted to be the star of the passing game, and with so many good options, that just wasn't going to happen. And now he's dissing the Packers organization in an attempt to validate his decision. Great, so long. And good luck with an offense built around a running game and a quarterback that is in an interminable learning curve. It'll be interesting to see his "showdown" vs. the Packers cornerbacks, safties and linebackers.

Drealyn Williams's picture


trvs's picture

FUCK YEAH! What was it, that 3rd down catch late last season, he wasn't even looking at Rodgers and ball was in his hands. Lets Go!

THEMichaelRose's picture

And it was like a hurry up by Rodgers...unbelievable (lucky) play.

packsmack25's picture

I'm just happy that our biggest worries off the field are guys that don't play in Green Bay anymore.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Ah, perspective.

UP-Packer's picture

Let's all trash the roster of the 2010 World Champs - the GB Packers. Who's next? AR, Clay?

Pass it along. Sitton thinks the one-way streets in Green Bay are crazy. Latest tonight on TMZ (or here).

Jamie's picture

I'm not sure saying something like "but here, no one's walking in eggshells" can just be dismissed as no big deal.

That sheds a negative light on the atmosphere of the organization and management, which is unnecessary and unprofessional.

As much as we may consider it crying over spilled milk...I'd just prefer not to have that kind of message out there for other players to hear about.

Evan's picture

"I’d just prefer not to have that kind of message out there for other players to hear about."

Right? Good luck signing free agents now...

Jamie's picture

Not trying to be naive to the fact that Ted isn't usually much of a player in FA, but let's not make it any harder than it already is.

And I would like Flemming's to explain that statement. Does he mean being on-time, be respectful, being prodessional at all times.

It would be great to get his opinion on whether an overly laxed atmosphere may have played a part in an elite weapon like Percy Harvin doing and saying whatever the hell he wanted to...necessitating the trade of one of the top players at his position.

Breadman's picture

Now that's funny! Thanks for the laugh

Lou's picture

What more could any WR want then what he had, first Favre and then Rodgers to throw him the ball and a head coach like McCarthy that featured the passing game. In addition an organization efficient enough to provide a competitive product year to year, a Super Bowl victory, and the best fan base in all major sports. Imagine if he had some REAL ISSUES.

Skippy's picture

Just like the comments by Woods, I don't see anything wrong with what GJ has said. Alot of fans and bloggers here must be overly sensitive to comments made by others (to much exaggeration). Should GJ be talking like he's still a Packer? I doubt it.

Jamie's picture

The point many of us are making is...why can't he talk about his current situation without putting his prior situation down?

It's simply unprofessional, and really speaks volumes about him as a 'person of faith' that he is so vindictive and cowardly to put covert comments like this out in the media.

As I'm sure his momma taught him...if you don't have anything good to say - or in other words - he just needs to keep his fkn mouth shut about GB.

Lou's picture

Jamie: Those words of wisdom you cited never get old, they survive the test of time - you nailed it.

mani2packers's picture

Obviously he desperately craved to be the number 1 guy on the team. It wasn't happening in GB so he was sore about it. I love how he said he wasn't being selfish and wanted to step aside so the young guys can step up in GB. Specially mentioned Boykin but never gave Props to Cobb. Have fun from leaving the big sea to the little pond.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I loved Greg Jennings, had his jersey.
Still respect him as a player, now he's a Viking so it's hard to "like" him.
But I'm not sure what he's trying to do with all this talking, he's obviously hurting his relationship with Green Bay, does he think he's endearing himself to Minnesota? Seems like there could be a better way.

PaulJ's picture

Ha! Anyone who insinuates that the way Green Bay does things is somehow inferior to ANYTHING the Vikings do is living in a dream world. "Not walking on eggshells"? Great, I hope GJ and all the other players get all the freedoms they want during training camp! Who wants discipline? It will just ensure that the Vikings' mediocrity continues.

I'm sure Vince Lombardi's players never walked on eggshells. Lombardi was such a pushover *sarcasm*

trvs's picture


sorry, just read the article...throwing A-rodg under the bus, wtf dude! His ego will keep the dome a float come december. Then next year his dumb ass will be outside at TCF. Craig you are the biggest loser to leave Green Bay, good riddance.

BARKER's picture

everything about this is perfect!!

White or Fair's picture

I like the sound of that....

dawg's picture


U Changed!!


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