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Greg Jennings Apologized to Aaron Rodgers in Post-Game Discussion, at Least According to James Jones

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Greg Jennings Apologized to Aaron Rodgers in Post-Game Discussion, at Least According to James Jones

On his weekly radio show Thursday on 101.1 FM WIXX in Green Bay, Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones divulged what quarterback Aaron Rodgers has yet refused to do, and that's share details of the post-game conversation between Rodgers and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings following the Packers' 44-31 win this past Sunday.

Jones' third-person account doesn't translate well into text, but the gist of it was that Jennings apologized to Rodgers. Per Jones:

He said that Greg walked by him, and Greg grabbed him, and Aaron said, all Aaron said was, 'Good luck. Stay healthy.' That's when Greg grabbed him again, and he said, he said, 'I'm sorry for all the things I said.' And Aaron was like, 'Yeah, that was kind of messed up.' And Aaron said that was the last thing he said, and then he tried to walk away and that's when Greg grabbed him again, and I don't know if he kind of saw Aaron's face and he was like, 'No man, for real, man. I'm sorry for all the things I said.' So Aaron was saying he was just apologizing.

Here's post-game footage of Jennings talking to Rodgers:

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Derek in CO's picture

He should have said "wow, I'm such a dumb ass. Get me the hell out of this purple pile of crap. I'm so sorry. Can I wash your jock strap?"

James's picture

That's funny. :)))

Point Packer's picture

Buyer's remorse. I'd be willing to bet ol' Craig Lemmings wishes he was suiting up for the Green and Gold right now.

That being said, nice of him to man up and apologize for his ridiculous comments. However, he is still going to get a cold reception when he comes to Lambeau.

Stroh's picture

Jennings probably THOUGHT, that since the vikes had a miraculous playoff run last year, had Peterson and a young QB (one he probably THOUGHT was ascending) to throw to him, he could make the difference between the vikes being Barely a playoff team to being a SB contender! Cuz you know it wasn't Rodgers that got him 2 TD's in the SB, that was ALL him being him. He was gonna prove how great he was by making Ponder look like a SB QB!

Dumb Greg, very, very DUMB!!!

Point Packer's picture

Very very dumb indeed.

VApackerfan's picture

Guys they have Josh Freeman now....everything is solved in Minnesota

zub's picture

Did the Pack offer a contract with Jennings? Or did they just let him go

jack in jersey city's picture

they definitely offered him a contract. i believe it was $8 million but he passed on it to make $9 million a year with the queens (i think it was a 5 year, $45 million dollar contract)

Nick Perry's picture

Wasn't he offered 10 million before the 2012 season and he wanted 12 million? Then he was injured and frankly didn't perform as well when he was healthy. I'm kinda surprised that T.T even offered him that much when Jennings saw NO ONE ELSE even really talked to him. New England called and hung up quickly when they heard the money he was looking for. When Philbin didn't call and then signed Wallace, Jennings was screwed. He'd said what he said already, and had his house up for sale the week after Green Bay lost in the playoffs. Guess he didn't really understand just how pathetic Ponder was. I'd rather see that money spent on keeping some of these guys we have coming up as free agents anyways.

Stroh's picture

More than 10M. Packers offered as much as 11 or 12M in the preliminary negotitations for an extension. That was well before he was going to hit FA. In the year before he became a FA, before his injury-riddled final season in GB. At that time Jennings was thinking more like 14-16M like Fitz got. After his disastrous final season in GB, the Packers offered him about what Finley was getting. 8M or so... IMO if he signed that the Packers would have released Finley and not given him the 3M bonus he had coming. Jennings turned it down, yet again, thinking he was still worth 11+M. Talk about a player over-valuing himself! He went from wanting 14M from the Packers in '11 before the '12 season to signing for 9M per w/ the vikes.

Dumb Greg. Very, Very Dumb!

Tarynfor12's picture

I think JJ should let Rodgers speak for himself and say what happened when he wants to make it public.
If Rodgers told JJ this in confidence...we just saw a loss of respect from Rodgers toward JJ.....that's never good.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I thought the same thing. James shouldn't have talked.

MarkinMadison's picture

At the end of the day, we didn't learn anything that we all hadn't guessed from #12's body language and facial expressions. #12 even mentioned on his show that he was sure some boom mike had probably picked up the conversations. But I agree, JJ would have been better off staying out of it.

bryce's picture

Agree, shut your mouth James

Spiderpack's picture

I felt the same way when I initially saw this post. But I think we have to remember that Rodgers & JJ are quite close & understand each other well. Certainly JJ & Rodgers talked about whether Rodgers felt OK about disclosing some of what was said after the game, & whether it would be OK for some of the info to get out indirectly. I can see where Rodgers wouldn't want to personally disclose something on his close-up radio show which had been said to him on a personal level, even if it was done in front of cameras. JJ is serving the role of a mature, important intermediary between Greg & Aaron, rather than betraying one or the other or both of them. AND JJ's DOING THIS FOR US FANS! Let's try not to feed a paparazzi furor here folks.

SCFPackFan's picture


4thand1's picture

AR said after the game it was between Gregg and I. If someone truly wants to keep it between "you and I ", you tell absolutely no one. As for the difference in pay between the Packers and Vikes that GJ got, he'll lose a lot more without any endorsements.

Jamie's picture

In theory, that's possible.

I think it's foolish to speculate that Rodgers has lost respect for any teammate, much less a guy that he has demonstrated great respect for, when you know nothing of their conversation on the matter or their relationship.

Not sure why people feel the need to be overly dramatic...

LDickey's picture

Reports are they had a offer on the table to Greg for around $10m a yr and Jennings thought that was way low. He tested FA and the Vikings came in around the same amount. He still could have taken TT's offer when FA didn't pan out as expected but HE chose MN. Pride is a dangerous thing.

Adam's picture

There's no telling if, once Greg decided to test FA, that the Packers' offer was still available. Maybe Ted pulled it off the table once Greg hit the market.

Stroh's picture

That's not the case, at least I don't think so. From what I remember reading, the Packers had an offer on the table to Jennings up until shortly before Finley was due his 3M roster bonus. That implies that the Packers were in position to keep one or the other of Finley or Jennings. Jennings had 1st choice to sign in GB. Once he turned down the 8M offer the Packers gave Finley his 3M bonus basically guaranteeing Finley stayed in GB another year. It had to have been an either or, but not both situation. Its no coincidence that Jennings offer was the same amount as Finley was getting this year IMO.

Nick Perry's picture

Stroh is right about that Adam, I believe it was just the Packers and the Vikings that even showed interest. Not one team called about Jennings from what I understood other than New England, and they hung up when they heard the money he was looking for.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I just don't understand needing to wait until after you play each other to have a pretty public first conversation (assuming it was the first). Greg could've called or texted, and definitely maintained privacy. But he chose to show SNF viewers he's not the douche he was made out to be. So, that's kind of douchey.

Bearmeat's picture


Jamie's picture

Mehhhh...that's piling on.

Kt's picture

Jennings was a very good player AND a good citizen during his time in Green Bay. When I think of all the big plays he contributed in Green Bay I feel like he should still have a few credits in the bank with Packer fans. Admittedly, purple is always going to be a poor fashion choice, and a choice it was. Still, a teams fortunes can turn around pretty quickly so I am just going to enjoy watching the little Queens stink up the joint for as long as possible.

Stroh's picture

With an aging Peterson (at least in RB years) and Ponder, Freeman, Cassel at QB for the next year I don't see the vikes turning it around anytime soon. Even if they draft a QB VERY high in the 1st round, its probably too little too late to stack a Great QB and Great RB together on the same field. I don't know, but I doubt any of the QB's in this next draft is in the Luck/RG3 category as franchise QB's.

By the time the vikes MIGHT get a good or better QB in place Peterson is likely done. Peterson is the age when Ahman was when he started to show signs of breaking down, AND Peterson has an ACL injury on his health report, which Ahman didn't. Peterson might not go downhill quite as quickly as Ahman did, but my guess is he has maybe this year and next before he's about done. And the Minn D is aging quickly and none of the high draft picks on D has really panned out either (except Harrison Smith). Minn isn't going to be a contender in the division for 3 years at the soonest IMO.

Justin's picture

Best part of this video is that James Jones is telling this story dressed as a Smurf.

mark's picture


Brian's picture

If Jennings really wants to apologize and be a man about it, he should do it publicly...just as he did when he slammed Rodgers and the organization.

Mojo's picture

As far as I'm concerned, unless Jennings starts up with the anti-Arod stuff again, it's over. I have no problem with JJ letting us know what happened. It's also not a big deal to me how it was exposed. Rodgers is the type of person who is so certain things should be done his way, he has difficulty when others don't always agree.

I thought that ARods response of "who" when asked about Jennings before this whole thing escalated, was pretty cold too. He knew how it would come across.

It's obvious things were bothering Jennings for years. Probably because he and ARod weren't building a relationship. Were they things that shouldn't have bothered him because he's a diva, or were some legit criticisms. I don't know. My hunch it's a little of both.

Rodgers and Jennings were probably never friends before and there's no need for them to be after.

MarkinMadison's picture

Jones practiced in pads today.

Beep's picture

I think Jennings was singing some Hall and Oates to Rodgers...
Baby come back, any kind of fool could see
There was something in everything about you
Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
I was wrong and I just can't live without you

Norman's picture

Not to nitpick, but I think that was the group Player, not Hall and Oates. Sorry, showing my age here.

I thought Craig was telling Rodgers that he wanted to get a room, but maybe I'm jumping to conclusions.

MarkinMadison's picture

You are correct sir!

4thand1's picture

I wonder if Jennings would have been so apologetic if GB didn't dominate the Queens like they did? He got to see the best QB shread them with 1 starting receiver. GJ knew he would have had a really good day if he was on the receiving end on AR's passes.
I would love to be a fly on the wall of his crazyass sister's house.

Nick Perry's picture

LMAO!!! Two thumbs up to that comment! Crazyass is a perfect description!

4thand1's picture

Also , watch the SB highlights. Thank you Gregg Jennings, you helped bring the Lombardi Trophy back.

Nononsense's picture

I don't hold a grudge against Jennings, some of what he said was in jest and most of what he said was his way of talking up his new team. Too bad he had to criticize the Packers and Rodgers to do that but he did and now that he apologized for it, its time to move on.

I still can't root for him to do that well with the Queens but for draft pick compensation sake I hope he stays healthy and somewhat productive. Hope the Vikings win a few more games this year so they don't end up with a real high pick in the draft either.

Stroh's picture

Jennings hasn't apologized tho. Its speculated he did to Rodgers, from a 3rd party account. Not saying that's not how it happened, I have no reason to doubt Jones account. But a very private apology only to Rodgers, if that's what it was, is hardly an apology in earnest. Lets not forget that he made quite a few disparaging quotes about not just Rodgers, but also the Packer Organization!

In the end, it'll have to suffice, but its not much of an apology IMO. He'll probably still go into the Packer HOF, so its not affecting him, but the apology should be more public and comprehensive to be truly meaningful.

The TKstinator's picture

Nap time is calling my name.

dawg's picture

I have no problem w/ Jones speaking his mind, he's got AR's back. as should be!
Klennings realized he fucked up, AR handled it perfect!
Klennings wasn't happy that Cobb emerged!
End of story.
Purple grapes!

PS-At least he's not brainwashed anymore!

The TKstinator's picture

Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing has a sort of...middle school girl... flavor to it?

Stroh's picture

As in D R A M A-queenish? Absolutely...

Longshanks's picture

I tell you what I am more upset with. I can't believe this young 19 year old blonde bombshell Courtney Stodden and her young 53 year old husband Doug Hutchinson have decided to split. Some people might call that middle schoolish. I just call it sad.

I have no respect for that woman using him because of his status in The Green Mile!! Who does she think she is teasing that guy like that then dumping him after she gets breast implants!! I am sure she'll now date a younger man and he'll get to enjoy everything that Doug paid for. Something needs to be done with these type of trashy women I tell you what!!


Longshanks's picture

As for Jennings, it was an obvious joke so this is a nonstory. Everyone took it serious. Greg had no choice but to do what he did to please all the people that thought he was serious. That's why he waited until after the game as he knew the media would make it a top story. I blame society for this. Someone is always offended. Jennings now becomes a mute the poor bastard.


Nick Perry's picture

Poor he's not!

Lucky953's picture

Jennings was a terrific receiver in a Green Bay and he knew it. But he forgot that, with very few exceptions, the QB makes the receiver, not the other way 'round and he overvalued himself. He stumbled over his own pride and now he's been humbled. RIP. ( Btw, imagine any Buffalo QB throwing to Calvin, he ain't gonna' look do good either). When the ball is two feet behind you, what're you gonna do?

dawg's picture

I Ponder the sister tweets this time of year!
Happy Holidays!

dawg's picture

WTF was he thinking!

longtimefan's picture

Pack offered Greg 10 mill before training camp, he turned it down

He got injured and then during free agency the Pack 0ffered 8 mill

Minny offered 10 mill

Ryan's picture

I always suspected that Jennings wanted to be "the man", and that wasn't going to happen in Green Bay - too many good receivers in an offense that spreads the ball around.

If it came down to it, I believe he would have taken less money to move someplace where he would be the featured receiver.

Pundits always praised him as one of the best route runners in football. I'm not qualified to say if that is true or not. But since he was a fantastic receiver for us, and doesn't have any other obvious traits (not a speedster, not an athletic freak who leaps over people, etc) it makes sense that route running was his talent.

Unfortunately for him, that requires the right QB.

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