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Green Bay Packers 2015 Free Agency Tracker

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Green Bay Packers 2015 Free Agency Tracker

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb—Chris Humphreys, USA TODAY Sports.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb—Chris Humphreys, USA TODAY Sports.

Tracking all the happenings of the Green Bay Packers during free agency in 2015:



WR Randall Cobb (4 years, $40 million): The Packers retained their 24-year-old dynamo with a multi-year deal averaging $10 million, with a $13 million signing bonus. Cobb would have entered free agency as the most coveted receiver on the market but instead took less money to stay in Green Bay, where he retains his maximum long-term earnings value with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The four-year deal expires when Cobb is 28, giving him the opportunity to cash in with another big pay day four years down the road. 

QB Scott Tolzien (1 year, $1.2 million): The Packers showed a decent financial commitment to the quarterback they feel is the future backing up Aaron Rodgers. Mike McCarthy called Tolzien an “ascending player” at the scouting combine. He’s smart with an underrated arm, and Rodgers loves him in the quarterback room. The perfect combination in a No. 2. 

OT Bryan Bulaga (5 years, $33.75 million): Like Cobb, Bulaga signed before hitting the open market, taking less from the Packers than he could have commanded from an outside suitor. The deal confirmed the value in a playing for a winning franchise with organizational stability from top to bottom and a Hall of Fame quarterback under center. The Packers will now return all five starting offensive linemen from an offense that led the NFL in scoring last season. The group will enter 2015 as arguably the league’s top front five. 

DL Letroy Guion (1 year, $2.75 million)/DL B.J. Raji (1 year, $3.5 million): The money was higher than expected but it's hard to argue with bringing back two low-risk nose tackles. Guion was much better than expected in 2014 and Raji looked much more comfortable on the nose before his season-ending injury last August. At the very least, the two have eliminated the immediate need along the defensive line. Best case, the two form a solid rotation inside and aid in Green Bay's revival stopping the run. 



WR Jarrett Boykin (Panthers; TBA): Boykin's career in Green Bay was a mixed bag. It spanned an unlikely run to the 53-man roster in 2012, a breakout second season in which he posted two 100-yard receiving games, an offseason of never-ending praise from Mike McCarthy and an ugly crash back to Earth during a forgettable 2014 season. He's still limited athletically and needs to make every contested catch. He made none last season. Hopefully he bounces back in Carolina, where receiving talent is needed.

RB DuJuan Harris (Vikings; TBA): Another Mike McCarthy darling, Harris couldn't find the field as the team's third running back and failed miserably as the kick returner in 2014. Who knows how his Packers career would have ended up had he not messed up his knee last summer. He'll compete in a crowded (and yet undecided) backfield in Minnesota. 

CB Tramon Williams (Browns; 3 years, $21 million): The open market was very good to cornerbacks. The Packers reportedly offered Williams a two-year deal worth $8 million, but Cleveland trumped everyone with a three-year contact worth $7 million per season. Green Bay was never going to come close to matching such a deal. There's no faulting Williams for taking a big payday as a 32-year-old corner. The Packers must now replace a player that started all but one game since the 2010 season. Cornerback is arguably level with inside linebacker as the team's biggest draft need. 

CB Davon House (Jaguars; 4 years, $24.5 million): It’s a nice payday for House, a mostly situational player in Green Bay with a potentially bright future. The 25-year-old dealt with some injury and consistency issues over his four years with the Packers, but with a long(ish) frame and some decent tape in 2015, House leveraged a cornerback-lacking market into a significant deal. $10 million guaranteed is nothing short of a solid haul for a player with only two career interceptions. 

LB A.J. Hawk (Bengals; 2 years, $3.25 million): Cut by the Packers, Hawk returned home and joined the Bengals. HIs deal has only $500,000 in guaranteed money. Now an athletic liability, he’ll likely be a veteran backup for Cincinnati. 

LB Brad Jones (Eagles; 2 years, $2.85 million): A decently strong market developed for Jones, but he still only managed a deal equalling Hawk in guaranteed money ($500,000) and worth less in total value. He brings special teams value and depth to Philadelphia. 

WR Kevin Dorsey (Patriots; 1 year, $510,000): The Packers waived Dorsey after he caught one pass over three games in 2014. His year ended on injured reserve with a broken foot. The former seventh-round pick of Green Bay will attempt to catch on in New England. 





RFA Tenders

S Sean Richardson (Original round; $1.542 million): The 25-year-old safety played in all 16 games last season, tallying 25 tackles. He is an asset on special teams and a rotational-level player on defense. 

OT Don Barclay (Original round; $1.542 million): A 14-game starter for the Packers in 2013, Barclay blew out his knee in early August of last year and landed on injured reserve. He is still a super sub for the Green Bay offensive line, with an ability to play tackle and guard in a pinch. 


ERFA Tenders

S Chris Banjo ($585,000): The Packers promoted Banjo back to the 53-man roster last December. He played in all 16 games in 2013. His value comes on special teams. 



CB Jarrett Bush, QB Matt Flynn, FB John Kuhn, LB Jamari Lattimore


Zach Kruse contributes to Cheesehead TV. He is also the Lead Writer for the NFC North at Bleacher Report. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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Denver's picture


Perhaps unintentional, but that cracked me up, Zach.

Zach Kruse's picture

It was done partially out of necessity but mostly for comedic value, to be honest

DraftHobbyist's picture

Everybody is talking about Raji coming back on a 1-year deal, and I think there is a good chance the deal would be another 1-year "prove it" deal. But I also see a lot of risk for Raji in a 1-year deal where if he had another bad year there might not be a team that wants him and he could be out of the NFL. If he goes on a prove it deal and succeeds, his value could blow up. So what do you think about the chances that the Packers try to get a bargain on maybe something like a 4-year $16M deal and hoping Raji turns it around?

Evan's picture

You have a funny definition of "bargain."

HankScorpio's picture

Raji is 4 years removed from being productive. He didn't play a snap last season. Why would anyone want to sign him for 4 yrs for even half of that $16 mil? He's not going to have any choice but to assume the risk of having to prove himself, IMO.

I would actually like to see him give that a go somewhere besides GB. I said the same thing last year and that wasn't how it worked out. So it seems that the Packer brass sees things differently. Or at least they did. I guess it remains to be seen what they are thinking now.

DraftHobbyist's picture

Because if Raji has a good year this year his stock could easily go up to $6, $7, or eve $8 million per year, and we would most likely lose him at that point. You could also make the contract so that it's possible to get out of, but punishes you a little bit to get out of it with the guaranteed money.

Think about it. Last year we signed him to a 1-year $4M deal. This year it might be 1-year $3M or something like that. This is really rock bottom value. So if we get him for 4 years $4M/year, that could end up being quite the bargain. You have to believe that he will succeed to do that deal, though, and I do believe in him.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Never, ever, give Raji any big guaranteed money. He has the talent to dominate at NT, so let him prove it in GB and cash in somewhere else. I thought $4 million was too much for him last year, but was mollified by the $500K guarantee.

HankScorpio's picture

I'm with Reynoldo on Raji. Never give him big money. He reminds me too much of Cletidus Hunt...a guy that clearly has the ability but appears to lack the motivation from my perspective.

If someone wants to pay him $6-$8 mil/yr, I say they should take the comp pick and move on.

L's picture

I'm in this same boat in regards to Raji. It'd be awesome to see him signed to a 2 year contract at $6-7M total, but he'll probably just get another 1 year "prove it" deal.

Allan Murphy's picture

Do we need one and is there one out their that has something left ?

balding_pastor's picture

The longer he remains unsigned, the better chance GB can bring Tramon back at a team friendly price, that is, if they want him back at all.

DrealynWilliams's picture

LOL @ Greg Jennings

4thand1's picture

I wonder if Cobb is thinking, "man that could've been me in 2 years." Bet there's a house for sale in minny. Hope his sister is happy.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Playing both side here:

Jennings already got his ring. He chased the money. Kinda like what Revis just did.

Cobb doesn't have a ring **yet**, but a perfect scenario would be him being a huge reason we do win another SB in the last year of his contract. I'm guessing a "home discount" wouldn't follow...

HankScorpio's picture

Jennings chased the money but the 5 yr deal was cut to 2 years so the money was not nearly what he thought. Now, he's 31 and 5 years removed from a 1000 yard season. He's on the downward glide out of the NFL. He might be able to milk out a few more years, maybe even productive ones if he chooses more wisely this time, but his days of big $$ are over. So it's debatable whether he'll be better off in total career compensation than if he took a little less to remain in GB.

That's the point with Cobb vs Jennings. Until you're sure it is your last contract, 'chasing the money' and leaving a great QB* are often mutually exclusive terms for pass catchers It's hard to do both at once. Jordy and Cobb were smart enough to see that. I don't think James Jones had much of a choice the 2nd time. But the first time he decided the same thing. Being a WR is about catching balls. If you play with a great QB, you're sure to get more catches than if you don't.

*--unless you're lucky enough to go to another great QB (see Welker, Wes)

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Jennings and Harvin battling it out for the people I'd least like to have be signed. But either would actually help us as players.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I missed Bush not being offered a contract, I think its time to move on.

cuervo's picture

We should all thank Greg Jennings for turning down Teds contract offer and signing for less in Mn. Think were we'd be if he hadn't, and if Raji had also signed the ridiculous contract the packers had on the table for him. I'm a Ted fan, but the Packers have been lucky with several players overvaluing themselves and saving the Packers millions.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I agree with that as far as Raji goes. But I'm pretty confident Jennings would've still been balling in GB these last two years... though, possibly not to a point to earn the money he was looking for.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I agree. Jennings is a damn good WR. Those of us who sees Adams as a future star also sees a bit of Jennings in him.

MarkinMadison's picture

Reminds me more of JJ. More potential to be a physical player. GJ was never that.

4thand1's picture

Some of the drops remind me of JJ.

4thand1's picture

Some of the drops remind me of JJ.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Route running, agility and quickness = Jennings

The only thing Adams mirrors from Jones is physicality.

ben's picture

Year after year after year after year after year.......NT, ILB, & FS have been glaring weakness for the GreenBay Packers.

2 of the greatest DL/NT of the last 20 years in Ngata and Suh were available this offseason. Another young stud 3-4 ILB was also available in Kiko Alonso.

Instead of addressing team weaknesses and improving them. The Packers are worse off than ever.

Cobbs a very good player. Bulaga is a good right tackle, but neither are great or ever will be. The Packer's are deep at WR & OL. There is also other options at both positions with many free agents and draft prospects at both WR and OL.

Ngata is the greatest NT to ever play the game. Suh maybe the greatest Dlineman to ever play the game. Kiko is a potential Hall-of-Famer. Not only are they great, any of them would have made a greater difference to the Packer's as an overall team than Cobb, Bulaga, or Peppers for that matter.

At this rate, this time next year i'll be telling you homers we're going on 12 years with the Lebron James of football, the best player to ever play the game, with only 1 championship to show for. And that 1 championship given to them by a terrific choke job by Ben Rothlisberger. The Packers should already be, or at the very least on the verge of being, a modern-day NFL dynasty.

If Aaron Rodgers wasn't dropped into TT's lap, Ted would have been run out of town a long time ago.

In Ted you trust. Congratulations to you and the 2015-16 NFC North Champs and NFC runner-ups.

KenEllis's picture

Green Bay is the only NFL team not to add anyone to their roster since the end of the 2014 season.

Julius Peppers is the only player on the current roster to have played for another NFL team.

The team has over $21,000,000 to spend under the salary cap.

There are needs at CB, DLine, possibly TE, and most certainly ILBer.

Can the draft fill all these needs?

We shall see, because TT does not make trades and only rarely dabbles in free agency.

ben's picture

actually the Packers needs as of right now are: NT, NT, ILB, ILB, ILB, CB, TE, TE, RB, S, FB, QB,, not with this draft class. But these 2 would be a good start.

1st Round: NT – Jordan Phillips

4th Round: ILB - Ben Heeney

aj's picture

Why are you such a sensationalist? Trust in the system. Ngata is not the best NT ever, and I'd be surprised if people thought Suh was better than Watt, let alone Reggie White and greats from yesteryear. We don't have great tackle depth, so retaining Bulaga was of the utmost importance, especially considering the line was possibly the best in the league and is still young. WR has depth because a player like Cobb pushes guys down the depth chart and keeps them from having to take on too large a role. Tramon will likely be back, making corner a developmental need, similar to NT. I'd expect Raji to be back giving us a season to groom a prospect for the position. Just relax man. The packers are in great position to win chips for the foreseeable future, just sit back and enjoy.

ben's picture

"Ngata isn't the best NT ever" ? name 1 better ever at that position. Please.

"you'd be surprised if Suh's better than Watt, let alone Reggie White"

let alone Reggie White?

well I'd be surprised if many people thought Aaron Rodgers was better than Tom Brady, let alone Joe Montana. ( I think your pretty much proving my point there)

We do have good tackle depth. Every homer here has been touting tretter for a couple years now (not me really) and he's played more tackle than anywhere else. Don Barclay is a good football player and has performed well since he was just a rookie. And I know this is a stretch for everybody but me, but Vujnovich is going to be a hell of a tackle in this league. (unlike Derrick Sharrod, who most homers on this blog probably still have high hopes for)

We're 5 deep at tackle right now heading into a draft weak at most positions other than OT. We have 1.5 ILBs on the team in a 3-4 scheme & ZERO NT's running a 3-4 scheme..........."so retaining Bulaga was"n't" of the UTMOST importance." just wasn't, 5 deep vs 0 deep

Abbrederis is heady just like Cobb was. They have the same mental and physical attributes. And same skill set at the same position. Janis is going to be a star in the league, and could be the best of all the Packer's WRs when everything is said and done. He's a freak and so far, a gamer. I'm not a huge fan of Adams, but you guys all are. To me he's a boykin clone. Oh then there's maybe the best WR in the league, Jordy Nelson..

Like I've said before; Jordy, Adams, Janis, Abbrederis, and Boykin are a good deep receiving core. 1-5 all better than James Jones ever was, not to mention potentially adding another WR in the draft. That my friend is depth at WR with or without Randall Cobb, if you have any faith in Janis or Abbrederis, which you do. Again 5 deep vs. 0 deep, 5 deep vs 1.5 deep. The zero and 1.5 being the weakest positions and Achilles heal of the GreenBay Packers for the Past decade.

ben's picture

blah, "blah", blah

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Danny, I think you cherry-picked Abbrederis' draft profile a bit. Not arguing with your basic premise that Cobb is and for the next 3 years is extremely likely to be better a better receiver than Abbrederis. Mosley is one example of a player with great instincts but average measurables: he went in the 1st round. Borland is another guy with great instincts but questionably measurables who looked good last year. I personally place great importance on instincts and football IQ in draft profiles. Other profile remarks regarding Abbrederis:

"very high football character and work ethic with a motivated, goal-oriented attitude to exceed expectations...."
"superb blocking effort on the perimeter and down the field...."
"smart and savvy route runner, setting up defenders and making it easy on his QB...good footwork in/out of his breaks, getting open and working back to the ball...natural body control and tracks the ball very well in the air, making proper adjustments...quick hands and focus to handle fastballs and highpoint away from his frame to finish...excellent field awareness and always knows where the sticks are."
"Sneaky speed with long strides to get behind the secondary...smooth movements with stutter-and-go burst and body lean to create separation." CBSsports [Abbrederis ran a 4.5 forty, with a nice 6.80 3-cone but only a 31 inch vertical. Jordy ran a 4.51, with a 30" vert.]

"Sells his patterns.... Outstanding football intelligence -- like a quarterback on the outside. Productive three-year starter. Mature and humble. Hardworking and coachable. Carved up Ohio State CB Bradley Roby to the tune of 10-207-1."

If he gets stronger, and doesn't have any more concussions, I agree with CBS that Abbrederis' ceiling is as a #2 WR, but more probably as a #3 WR with a long career.

I also agree that signing Bulaga was imperative and that Barclay is not up to snuff as a starting ROT. I agree that Barclay might get Rodgers hurt, but I don't think citing the play where Rodgers got his collarbone broken is that good of an example. I think it is clear that Barclay does not do well in pass protection.

aj's picture

Look man, I love the packers as much as anyone, but Tretter and Barclay are solid backups at tackle, with the potential for more if kicked inside. That's it. I don't know how you can compare the suh and white/watt comparisons with rodgers and the other qb's? And I'm not going to even get into the recievers argument. If you really think abby and cobb are the same player... smh...

4thand1's picture

GMBEN , hope you don't get a HOF vote either. Funny how these teams let "greatest players ever go."

ben's picture


"Ngata was a great DL and is now close to the end as being a disruptive force. He can continue to be a good run stuffing DT, but that's about it."

(Reality )Ngata is younger than Aaron Rodgers. Ngata had more Passes defended and INT's in 12 games last year than your boy Hasean DIx did in all 16 . Passes Defended & Interceptions ! and he plays freaking NOSE TACKLE!

f'n moron,

more dannybs, "Alonso was never really available to anyone else. He played for Chip Kelly at Oregon, so Kelly made sure to get one of HIS GUYS when he dealt McCoy. Packers were never contacted about it. Kelly made a point of getting Alonso."

- so the Eagles had some kind of exclusive trading rights for Kiko Alonso? didn't know that existed. And thanks for the insider information that the Packers were never contacted about Kiko's availability Danny. What else do you think you know? (my original point was that Ted didn't make a point to improve the ILB position, while the Eagle's just did)

dannybs, "Suh is a great DL, but he's not HOF worthy IMO. "
(I know suh will be in the hall of fame, even your dumb ass knows suh will be in the hall of fame)

dannybs, "Your the same guy spouting that Boykin and Harris are so great"

(Reality) I've Never said that Boykin or Harris are great, but you did you freaking moron.......

DannyDS says:
March 06, 2015 at 07:13 pm
"Boykin was great in '13, w/ a lot of production coming while Flynn was the QB. "

What I have said is that I like Boykin as a #5 receiver behind Jordy, Janis, Jared, & Adams and that Dujuan Harris is incredibly under-rated and has freakish upside.

But you are right danny, "It would help if you think a little and have a few details to put things in context."

your a liar danny, again

ben's picture

"Really everyone calling you out much worse than myself and you single my benign comment out to argue? Come on man..."

cause you lie danny

and you keep lying

slit's picture

Ben, how can you assume that Cobb will never be great, but in the same breathe, state that Kiko is a potential Hall-of-Famer? Please elaborate. While I think I understand what you're trying to do here, and I also would like Ted to dip into the free agency pool more often than he does, you need to do better.

ben's picture

“Cobb is a very very good receiver. He maybe the most game-ready player I've ever seen step foot in the NFL straight from college. He looked like a 6 year veteran his rookie year. He's heady, he's versatile, he has great vision, he's fairly explosive, he has reliable hands, he is very competitive, and a real pro.

But he is also short and not very fast and can't jump.

As good as Cobb was as a rookie and as good as he is now, I feel he does have a ceiling of sorts. I think Jared Abbrederis has a good chance of being just as good. I also think Jeff Janis will be better. But honestly I probably would take back saying that Cobb, and Bulaga for that matter, will never be great. All they have to be is very good, and Aaron Rodgers will make them great. As Aaron Rodgers made an average receiver in James Jones good, and a good receiver in Greg Jenning, very good.

(I did think Kiko was a little more physically elite than he might be, just looked up his physical measurements) Kiko is a very good player much like Bulaga and Cobb at their respective positions, none being physically elite as let's say Dujuan Harris, but all having a chance to be great, all having a chance to be Hall of Famers. The main difference between the 3 being that Kiko plays a position of real need for the Packers, a position of weakness the past 5-10 years.

But a guy like Suh has the chance to be the best defensive player to ever play the game. And Ngata already is, and will be thru 2017, the best NT to ever play the game. And really my points and arguments have come from the perspective of the GreenBay Packers needing to address the same needs and team weaknesses they've had for a decade now. At a time where 2 of the greatest to ever play 1 of those critically important positions just happen to be 100% available.

(it's a No-Brainer, kind of like in 2005, when the packers had a 36 year old starting QB with no real backup or future starter at the position. The best player in the entire draft, who many like myself believed Aaron Rodgers to be, fell all the way into the Packer's lap toward the end of the 1st round. Another Absolute No-Brainer. Only this time, with Ngata and Suh, Ted actually No-Brained it.)

4thand1's picture

When it comes to football IQ, I would say TT is Stephen Hawking and Ben is Matt Millen.

ben's picture

then say it

4thand1's picture

Stick around ben, at least you make the offseason interesting. Next I see you predicting the Packers to go 8-8.

ben's picture


ben's picture

a come back for " he Did say it"

what for?

NewNikeShoes's picture

That's kind of a jerk thing to say man, he gave us the best 3 years of his life, and did decently too. Show some respect for a player man.

ben's picture

Make no mistake, I just said that Randall Cobb is a very very good football player, among other complimentary things. But I think this is when danny starts claiming how I've been saying how bad of a player he is. It's what he does. Even when he's the who said what he's accusing me of saying.

But yea "he's short", he's 5'10"

yea "he's not very fast", a 4.46 forty, with a 4.34 shuttle, & a 7.08 cone, is average or probably just a little bit slower than the average for a NFL WR.

yea "he can't jump", he's only 5'10" with poor vertical

yea danny, football is played in the air. He's a professional pass catcher. The guy who throws him the ball, throws it through the air. He doesn't roll it down field to him. WRs make plays down the field thru the air.

"Can't jump? Football isn't played in the air like basketball"??? Who are you kidding? yourself?

If you can't be honest with yourself, your not going to be able to be honest with others.

NewNikeShoes's picture

I don't really care if he cannot jump, or run fast(4.46 is a pretty damn nice time) or his cones and shuttles or whatever.

All I care is how he plays, and he plays magnificently. He blows by defenders(there goes your worry about speed), makes clutch catches (ie Patriots and Cowboys), fights for the ball, jukes people out(there goes your cones and shuttles) and blocks his heart out. He plays with heart, and plays well.

What pisses me off is that you think that those numbers are slower than the average player, keyword NUMBERS. I can think of a ton of receivers whose numbers were much better than cobb's(tavon austin, any oregon reciever, derrius heyward-bey). Football is not a numbers game bro, its a game of heart. Thats why I love the game.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Ben, I almost never say this about anyone sho isn't of the bovine persuasion but you are a total tool.

ben's picture


ben's picture

is that an attempt at humor? is that what they say in sandpoint to really stick it to you?

Thanks for playing doug w/ nopoint.

NewNikeShoes's picture

Name calling isn't helping your stock bro.

Maybe if you were open to suggestions, and or explaining your points with actual facts or game, you wouldn't be laughed at

DrealynWilliams's picture

On Cobb coming back,

"Randall Cobb is a prime example. I know for a fact -- I'm pretty tied in with his situation -- he left a lot of money on the table," Brandt said. "And I knew it was going to be hard to pry him away from Green Bay. It's a system he liked; he knows he's playing with the best quarterback."

Ohhhhhhh, I love it.

4thand1's picture

The Packers have made the best moves of any team so far. They kept the o-line in tact which is HUGE. Keeping Rodgers on the field is the #1 priority. Without him forget it. They sent packing all the dead weight that cost them last year. They are addressing ST's and the ILBer postion. All they need is one more guy in the middle and I think they will find him. They were an onside kick way from winning the SB IMO. They still have 20+ million and are already better than last year. R-E-L-A-X.

Amanofthenorth's picture

Amen. Time to think Crew.

Tom Legener's picture

Wow. Is this Ben the new Cow?

Ngata and Suh to Canton? If you say so dude.

I'm tickled with the offseason. Lions lost HOFer for sure Suh. Vikeys cut Jennings and will lose Purple Jesus. Bears lose Marshall and KEEP Cutler! We cut all our goats from the playoffs and sign Cobb & Bulaga.

In Ted We Trust.

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