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Green Bay Packers 2011 Schedule

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Green Bay Packers 2011 Schedule

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  • Week 1 – Saints at Packers, Thursday Sept. 8, 7:30 NBC
  • Week 2 – Packers at Panthers, Sunday Sept. 18, noon Fox
  • Week 3 – Packers at Bears, Sunday Sept. 25, 3:15 Fox
  • Week 4 – Broncos at Packers, Sunday Oct. 2, 3:15 CBS
  • Week 5 – Packers at Falcons, Sunday Oct. 9, 7:20 NBC
  • Week 6 – Rams at Packers, Sunday Oct. 16, noon Fox
  • Week 7 – Packers at Vikings, Sunday Oct. 23, 3:15 Fox
  • Week 8 – Bye
  • Week 9 – Packers at Chargers, Sunday Nov. 6, 3:15 Fox
  • Week 10 – Vikings at Packers, Monday Nov. 14, 7:30 ESPN
  • Week 11 – Buccaneers at Packers, Sunday Nov. 20, noon Fox
  • Week 12 – Packers at Lions, Thursday Nov. 24, 11:30 a.m. Fox
  • Week 13 – Packers at Giants, Sunday Dec. 4, 3:15 Fox
  • Week 14 – Raiders at Packers, Sunday Dec. 11, noon CBS
  • Week 15 – Packers at Chiefs, Sunday Dec. 18, noon Fox
  • Week 16 – Bears at Packers, Sunday Dec. 25, 7:20 NBC
  • Week 17 – Lions at Packers, Sunday Jan. 1, noon Fox
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redlights's picture

detroit is an up and coming team, not happy to see them on Thxkgvg; we always seem to play bad.

Still predict 16-0!

Ruppert's picture

I hate having to play a road game on Thanksgiving whenever we get stuck with it. It's total garbage. They rotate that night game now and they need to let the Pack have a HOME game on a short week in November for once.

Otherwise, I'm not thrilled with the week 2 through week 9 stretch where we only have 2 home games (and the bye), but we get a lot of home games in the 2nd half, so I guess I can deal with it.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah Ruppert, but look at the teams we have to play in that time. I think the only ones that will be really tough to win are going to be at ATL, and at CHI.

We should be able to make some hay before the bye.

BigbyATTACK's picture

The team, and Aaron in particular, play well in domes. He's like the opposite of Brett in that respect. I'm not worried about playing Atlanta there. I think I'd prefer playing them there to at home.

AZPackerbacker's picture

At Bears, at Atlanta, at Minnesota--three out of seven before the bye. Saints and Rams at home--no pushovers. You might be optimistic.

Cole's picture

Week 10-12 is brutal.

Cole's picture

Bottom line is we have to play much better against Detroit if we want to be sure of winning the division this year.

CALIPACK's picture

Definitely going to the San Diego game will be a good one. Does anyone know when tickets will be available?

BobbyOShea's picture


Jack's picture

I still don't understand why the league insists on continuing the nonsensical "tradition" of having Thanksgiving-day games in Detroit and Dallas every year. It would be much more entertaining to have them rotate annually to different NFL cities.

packersplanet's picture

Thanksgiving Day vs the Lions. Tight! I love turkey


Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Games on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. My wife is going to hate the holidays this year. What's with the bye on Halloween?

packeraaron's picture

Someone's got to have it. Better than Week 3 or 4.

foundinidaho's picture

Yeah, but that's my birthday weekend. I hate not having football my birthday weekend. *pout*

Idiot Fan's picture

Yeah, I always dislike games on holidays because it makes otherwise fun days much more intense for me. On the plus side, I like that we don't play Detroit at all until late in the season. That way any improvement that they've achieved shouldn't sneak up on us.

chicago hooligan's picture

Looks pretty sweet on paper. I can't picture fewer than 11 wins.

Zack's picture

I thought we alternate home/away games with AFC teams when we play? We played Oakland at home in 2007 and were on the road in KC. Why didn't those alternate? I live in Calif and was hoping to GB in both San Diego and Oakland. This sucks.

Ruppert's picture

I think they added something to the schedule rotation regarding teams with really long trips in a, for example, they don't want Seattle getting stuck with plane rides to Tampa, Carolina, New York and Foxboro in the same year. Something like that, anyway, and I think that's why Oakland comes here twice in a row.

I'm bummed, of my good buddies just moved the the Bay area and we were already planning my trip there this fall. Oh well.

DaveK's picture

After week 1 they will have 10 days before next game @ Panthers.

Normal bye week in week 8.

Ten days off before week 13 @ Giants.

packeraaron's picture

And 3 games in 10 days in November.

Mark's picture

Sounds familiar, like 2009...

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Kettle of Fish party before the Giant game in December?

Bomdad's picture

3 of the last 4 at home including two division games. That is a great setup for a playoff run. I always look at how many home games are in Lambeau at the end of the year and how important they could be. Those last two are big favors for the Pack. 7-1 at home last season.

Oppy's picture

With exception to that tight 3 game stretch, this looks like a pretty favorable schedule to me, opponent wise and all.

Of course, any team is capable of surprising (in either fashion), but this looks like about the best you could ask for schedule wise if you wanted a fair chance to repeat. That is, to make it back into the play offs with home field and a bye.

redlights's picture

Vikings 2-0
Bears/Lions 3-1

Saints/Chargers 1-1
KC/Oakland/Tampa 2-1
Maybe a split of Giants/Falcons if AR or CMIII are hurt

Win the rest = 13-3; that's a concession to the naysayers of 16-0.

asshalo's picture

Second time in the last four years the packers have opened the year at Lambeau on my Birthday. Count me in for weeks 1, 4 and 14. Brother in law is a Bronco fan and a family friend is a life-long raiders fan.

MarkonceofMadison's picture

Well, the Packers need to be a good cold weather team for certain this year!

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

I'm happy there are no Thursday night games on NFL network again.I still have Cablevision

PackersRS's picture

I don't want 16-0.
I'll settle for 19-0 to 14-6 and everything in between.

dennis eckersley's picture

We mean 16-0 after weeks 1-3 locked out.


dennis eckersley's picture

i would be otherwise impossible to go 16-0 if you are including the postseason.

PackersRS's picture

Silly me...

BTW, if we're correcting, I mean 14-6 winning the last game, of course.

Mark in Minnesocold's picture

I see on the JSOnline site that the Christmas night game is not marked with an asterisk, indicating that it isn't subject to flexible scheduling and therefore won't move. Is that accurate? Is a Christmas game set in stone?

Mark in Minnesocold's picture

I figured it out. Packers/Bears is the only game on Dec. 25. All the rest of the games that weekend are on Saturday the 24th. According to NFL flex scheduling rules, Saturday games can't move, so I guess it's safe.

packeraaron's picture

Totally safe.

NoWayJose's picture

I actually like the holiday games! It's nice to get a chance to get together with family and watch the games, and have a house full of women cooking the whole time ;)

Mark in Minnesocold's picture

That works less well when your wife's birthday is Christmas day, and she's generally not a football fan. Yes, this applies to me.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Seeing the Raiders are coming to Green Bay in December reminds me of the leap. I remember watching that game. Looks like a fun schedule. A lot of fresh teams we don't get to play, much.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Start booking your flights and hotels NOW!"

Ahhh, NO. Wish I could, usually love this time of year. Just can't see booking a flight with this uncertainty... just not gonna risk it. The hotels are usually cool if you cancel 30 days prior, but most airlines aren't so accommodating. Can't wait till they get something done, by that time I may have to stay in Appleton but, it beats the alternative.

Oh, and I love the schedule. 16-0, per the usual.


foundinidaho's picture

Fitz, if you go out on Priceline, there is at least one place in GB that allows you to hold a room without deposit. Granted, it's the Travelodge, but I have my room held. I agree, plane tix are going to have to wait, a little while at least.

jaydubya's picture

Rats, I wanted to see a game on Festivus.

foundinidaho's picture

Anyone who will be at the Rams will I. Yay for a trip to Lambeau. While it's not snowing. I hope.

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