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Green and Bold: It's Time to Move On From Letroy Guion

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Green and Bold: It's Time to Move On From Letroy Guion

How many strikes will it take before the Green Bay Packers organization decides that Letroy Guion is out?

However many might comprise that limit, Guion has surely surpassed it. 

In the latest of what has turned into a string of poor decisions and legal issues, Guion was arrested for a DUI in Hawaii on June 21. 

The defensive tackle is already staring down a four-game suspension during the first quarter of the 2017 season for violating the league's PED policy. 

Then we have 2015, in which Guion served a three-game suspension after being arrested in the offseason for marijuana and handgun charges when officers pulled him over and discovered three-quarters of a pound of marijuana and $190,000 in cash, in addition to the gun, in his car.

And then there are the transgressions that happened before the Packers signed Guion in March 2014 after the Minnesota Vikings allowed him to reach free agency. 

In 2015, Michael Cohen and John Diedrich of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on the legal issues that had tracked through Guion's career, including, as the report stated, "a stalking charge and pair of domestic violence incidents that resulted in three counts of battery, including one where Guion was charged with hitting the mother of his child in the jaw."

These incidents took place between 2011 and 2013, per the Journal Sentinel investigation, but went "unnoticed and unreported" just before Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens changed the way the NFL handles domestic violence irrevocably. In today's NFL, two domestic violence offenses result in a lifetime ban from the league. 

In two of those criminal cases, the charges were dropped under a "deferred prosecution," in which Guion had to avoid getting into legal trouble for six months. In the third, Guion paid restitution to the tune of almost $5,000 to cover the medical bills of Martius Holland, who was the boyfriend of Krystal Troutman, the mother of his daughter and the victim of multiple altercations with Guion over the years, per police reports. 

For the 2015 arrest, Guion avoided a conviction with a plea deal. 

After the drug and handgun arrest, a legal expert and former Florida prosecutor with whom Cohen and Diedrich spoke, Stephen Crawford, said about Guion: "I hope he learns his lesson here and this scares the hell out of him."

Clearly, that has not been the case, as Guion continues to pile up legal problem after legal problem. 

We can debate where the line should be drawn for NFL players when it comes to problems with the law. Most people could probably agree that one drug-related arrest or another non-violent offense during the course of a player's career shouldn't mean the end of the road. But it's also easy to argue that one domestic violence incident, especially one that involves a blow straight to the face of a defenseless person, should. 

At the end of the day, playing in the NFL is a privilege. There is too much money and too great a platform involved for the NFL or individual teams to continue to look the other way for a player that has proven to be a repeat offender and to have a complete lack of decision-making ability, nevermind when those offenses include drug, weapons, battery, and domestic violence charges. 

The Packers are better than this. There's no longer a place for Guion on this team; arguably, there hasn't ever been. 

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slit's picture

'Green & Obvious: It's Time to Move on From Letroy Guion.' Don't lie, did you skip the article entirely & go right to the comments section? Michelle, you can do better.

Mojo's picture

It may seem obvious to some but when the Cohen story first came out many of the posters here defended Guion with the expressed belief he should remain a Packer. Same thing today.

Despite mounting evidence the guy has been and is a douche, too many of the posters want him on the roster. He even told his baby mama when his actions can't affect his career anymore he's going to come after her.

I'm sure because he makes Arod chuckle from time-to-time we should keep him around.

I don't get it honestly. Beside the criminal behavior he's JAG on the field at best.

mnbruton's picture

There are plenty of people, some within this comments section, who believe that cutting Guion should be tied to his performance - how convenient to get rid of a low-character player when he's also not playing well. That's not what I'm arguing. Guion could statistically be the best defensive tackle in the league - cut him. Cut him today.

It's important sometimes to feel like we're on the right side of history and add our voices to the mix, even if many people already agree. If people find this column obvious, I'm glad! But I wanted to write a column adding my name to the list of people who want the organization to release him. This is my little carved-out corner of the Internet, and this is how I wanted to use it this week. Thanks for reading.

Ferrari Driver's picture

MB, it doesn't happen to guys with talent in today's NFL.

When the commissioner welcomed Michael Vick back into the league after receiving a great many well thought out letter such as the one I sent to him and the Falcons were Johnny on the spot to sign him to a multi-million dollar contract, anyone with talent will remain playing on Sundays selling themselves a role models to youngsters.

Guion will likely go just as a third string guard would go when he becomes a significant distraction all in the guise of keeping the NFL looking good.

billybobton's picture

How do so many get to be purported adults and not understand our system of law at all? I suppose you were charging out to get REVIS earlier this year too....why wait for facts when you can just crush people on your emotional over reactions

mnbruton's picture

Pretty sure what's going to crush Letroy Guion are his multiple arrests on felony charges.

lebowski's picture

I've noticed over the past couple years that the comments section on CHTV has become more and more about attacking fellow posters and fans. Tried to stay out of it for the most part. Now I'm starting to see commenters attacking the writers. They have to write about something while absolutely nothing is going before training camp. Please stop the douche-nozzery.

mnbruton's picture

Appreciate that, lebowski. I never reply to the commenters on my stuff at B/R - it's a zoo over there - but have always felt that CHTV is a community, one that I normally enjoy interacting with. But "normally" has become "sometimes." It's a shame, because 80 percent of the members here have really insightful and interesting things to say about the Packers - which, I believe, is why we're all here.

RCPackerFan's picture

Michelle, i was going to post this earlier, but I appreciate the work you do. I always look forward to your columns.

Keep up the good work!

Tundraboy's picture

This whole ripping the writers thing is new and distasteful. To their credit the writers and Al do not censor anything, but it doesn't mean they should be attacked. Starting to miss Cow more and more. Lighten up and have some fun.

Nick Perry's picture

You're right on the money TB. I've suggested more than once those who attack others and the writers to write something themselves. I'm sure Al would give those critics and keyboard warriors a chance to show off their skills.

The easiest and most gutless thing to do is hide behind your keyboard and be a critic or attack others. I've noticed several of the "Old Regulars" who used to post here all the time aren't posting here nearly as much any more if at all. As for myself I haven't made as many comments (At least compared to say 3 months ago) because I'm tired of the back and forth that has nothing to do with football or the Packers. It's to bad too, it only takes a few to ruin the site for many. At some point enough is enough, especially for those who have been removed from making comments more than once are STILL flexing behind a keyboard.

The TKstinator's picture

I'd like to talk Packers and NFL. Naturally there will be some difference of opinion. I don't mind (well, actually, I ENJOY) some good natured ribbing, but I always remind myself that this whole Packer thing is ENTERTAINMENT, and not to be taken so seriously. I respectfully submit that what SOME fans would call "passion", "intensity", or whatever, really borders on lunacy.
Please carry on, y'all.

Tundraboy's picture

Thanks NP. Fortunately there are still many like us. We haven't become ESPN and that ilk yet.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm honestly getting sick of seeing it too..

Just a thought... If someone doesn't like the article how about just not writing any comments about it, vs saying how much you hated the article or how the writing 'needs to be better'.

Its getting old fast.

mnbruton's picture

Well, and I do appreciate when people think I haven't developed an argument far enough or that I've misstated a fact, and let me know like a normal, well-socialized person would.

RCPackerFan's picture

I honestly haven't agreed with everything that you have written. And there is nothing wrong with that. No one is going to agree with a lot things. Disagreeing can bring out some great conversations. It doesn't have to be disrespectful though.

I just am getting tired of seeing the ones attacking the writers who have taken the time to do the research and have taken the time to write these articles.
There is a thing called being civilized. These comment sections are definitely lacking that.

flackcatcher's picture

We all want to be polite. But being direct is not being uncivil. DPF learned the hard way the price for being uncivil. RC, you and many commenters here help set and enforced the rules set up by Nagler and Al. In exchange, both have set a standard for this site, that the writers must meet. Last year, we saw Al enforce that standard. That is the reason Burton, and the other two are here. Youth has its place, but sometimes youth should shut up, and as a certain football coach says 'do your job'. And please you three, stop using twitter as cry and complain box. It is a really bad look for all of you, that is not going away.

mnbruton's picture

Please explain what you mean by "the other two" and "you three." I'd like to see you write it out. I really hope you don't mean what I think you mean.

Also, it's Bruton. It's right there in the byline.

Tundraboy's picture


Tundraboy's picture

Ditto. Thankfully there is a Season coming up, one that should be full of issues,so we can get back to purely football discussions.

Jersey Al's picture

Unfortunately, it's where we are as a society. With every year, more and more people feel they have to verbalize their criticism of something they don't like, or ridicule/demean the person instead of just moving on to something else. It's not just a problem here, I see it everywhere. Post any type of opinion anywhere and someone will attack you, as opposed to entering into a discussion about the topic.

If you don't like the topic, just move on to the next stop on your internet browsing journey.

RCPackerFan's picture

Thats the truth!

I just want to take a moment to thank you Al and the other writers for the work that you guys do here. I have been visiting Cheesehead TV for a long time now. Honestly, one of the greatest reasons why I love it here is the writers interaction with the readers.

All I hope for is that people will at least be a little more respectful to the people that have worked hard to write stories, especially during this time of year.

Jersey Al's picture

Thank you for the kind words, RC.

"All I hope for is that people will at least be a little more respectful to the people that have worked hard to write stories, especially during this time of year."

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Agreed. It's really a shame. We used to talk Football here.

Jersey Al's picture

We're trying very hard to get back to that fully. Have taken some baby steps, still a ways to go.

Jersey Al's picture

Slit, can you please do better? You couldn't resist the urge to be a douche waffle, could you? I looked back at the history of your comments - and I see a definite pattern of being a dick to the authors. To your dubious credit, you seem to be equal opportunity, not focused on one particular person, but I'd urge you to try to do better with your comments. Want to argue/discuss a point - go ahead. That is, without the pattern of insults I see on your previous posts. You've managed to make it on my radar...

slit's picture

Look at Jersey Al flexing those muscles! Nice call with that 'douche waffle' blast... You can shove that radar up your old wrinkly ass. I give credit when someone writes a good article (go look at the pre-draft tendencies articles), and I tell Michelle she can do better when I see a sub-par article from someone who I've seen put out good content. CHTV has become soft.

Jersey Al's picture

I don't recall hiring you to be the decider of what's good content or isn't for the rest of us here. You're bored by a topic yet you take the time to make a negative comment instead of just moving on. It's obviously all about you, isn't it?

slit's picture

Whether or not content is good is subjective to each individual; if you don't want people sharing their opinion on such, remove the comments section. Am I preventing anyone else from posting or reading material on CHTV? It's unfortunate that such a sensitive individual thinks he's in charge. Do whatever the hell you see fit, but don't come with that 'on my radar' garbage. All of this, because I told a writer they can do better. Michelle came back with a fair response, one that I can respect. Old man admin fires back with a 'douche waffle' comment. Good job, tough guy.

RCPackerFan's picture

When I first heard about Guion's arrest my immediate thought was he would be gone right away.

Honestly, I am not so sure that will be the case. At least right now. I could see them keeping him till his suspension is over, seeing if they need him and then possibly releasing him then. Really there is no difference if they cut him now or then.

While Guion isn't a great player he has been a good player. McCarthy and others have stated that he has been a good teammate and player in the locker room. For those reasons I can see them keeping him until his suspension is over. But if that is the case he is walking a very fine line.

Jersey Al's picture

so you don't enjoy being criticized either. Oh., sensitive.

slit's picture

You should probably work on your English... I welcome criticism. What I don't welcome are admins who get involved when it's not warranted. I tell someone they can do better (she can), & you fly off the handle like a big baby (I guess insults are only okay if they come from you). I'm going to keep posting my honest opinion (people must agree, considering my thumbs up/thumbs down ratio). If you can't handle that, pound sand.

GatorJason's picture

I think with the addition of RJF (the Haitian Donut Magnet), the maturation of 1st round pick Kenny Clark, and the "juice" provided by 3rd round pick Montravius Adams, Letroy's roster spot was already smoked before his drunken 30th birthday bash even occurred.

Green Bay does selectively take chances on talented football players with soiled personal records. Sometimes I think they believe that if you put them in a positive environment with good counseling, the GBP org can help rehabilitate them while at the same time get a quality player on the field. More often than not, people gravitate to their true nature and surround themselves with people of the same type when they are on their own time. IMO, the Packers got that message with LG and have already moved on, they just haven't made that decision public yet.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


A.) The stalking charge was dismissed by the DA due to lack of evidence.

B.) Battery/Cousin: The DA dropped the charges due to lack of evidence.

C. Guion was not convicted of striking his girlfriend. Also, the police noted no injury to the girlfriend, along with witnesses stating that Guion did not hit her.

D. The boyfriend had previously assaulted Guion. The boyfriend alleged that Guion revved his car loudly while waiting for them to bring out his daughter and came out to "confront" Guion. Great idea, ove the idea of confronting folks. It appears that Guion did strike the boyfriend, but who threw the first punch is unclear. This is very murky. Guion did accept deferred prosecution and paid $5K in restitution. Lots of reasons to do that which do not include being guilty.

E. The breathalyzer was .086. For a guy like Guion with a chequered past, if he's close, take a cab. Dumb decision.

I am fine with dumping Guion, but I am in no hurry. He's not been convicted of the DUI. I can wait until his suspension for PEDs is up.

RCPackerFan's picture

'E. The breathalyzer was .086. For a guy like Guion with a chequered past, if he's close, take a cab. Dumb decision.'

The legal level in Hawaii is .08 and he blew a .086. I'm not an expert on it but I'm guessing he likely had 3 beers and blew that? Odds are he didn't even feel any affects from it and thought he was fine.

Tarynfor12's picture

Whether one feels effects from it or not is the reasoning behind setting a number that likely by many tests, qualified as being DUI equally for all.
If you leave it up to the individual to decide if they are or aren't feeling effects.....death by auto will grow by leaps and bounds.

RCPackerFan's picture

I understand that is the reason why they have the laws implemented.

Basically my whole point with it was that as close as he was to the legal drinking level he likely didn't feel impaired. I understand the laws are there for a reason.
I also understand he was on a tight leash with the team, but is this something that deserves to be the final straw? IMO, its different if he was completely hammered and tried to drive. Then to barely be over the legal limit. I understand that the law is the law. But for him to be automatically booted from the team over it, I don't know.

Perhaps once they go through the legal process they will say good bye to him then. I get why they are at least letting that process run its course.

Tarynfor12's picture

Sorry, over the limit us over the limit whether it's fir DUI, Speeding or any law that has a number line to dictate legal and illegal action.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm not disagreeing with you on that.

All I'm saying is that in terms of perspective. The Packers may have a different perspective based on what happened then what us as fans have.

Tarynfor12's picture

As the media and a certain political party strongly infer, even if there is no fire, the smoke should be enough to condemn.
Guion is in essence...smokey.

Bedrock's picture

I have students I cannot seem to catch misbehaving, yet they're always seemingly involved in the questionable behavior. My contention is, if you know you're being watched, why are you anywhere near the line? And as far as your acquaintances, they're poor influences, liars, or somehow don't like you. Doesn't matter, fix the problem, because there is one. Applied to Guion, he has a problem. He needs to fix it.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"If you leave it up to the individual to decide if they are or aren't feeling effects.....death by auto will grow by leaps and bounds."

This ignores all reality. Every time someone goes out to a ball game or restaurant, or bar, as they leave they decide whether they are feeling the effects. Practically no one has their own breathalyzer, though they are available for sale. I don't know how accurate they are, mind. And no, I am close to a teetotaler myself, so I know I'm fine when I leave anywhere. I am not a reformed anything either.

The most disturbing thing is the abandonment of some of our fundamental founding principles - I could name several off the top of my head, but in this case, the rule of law and the presumption of innocence. Why do I think if Jordy or AR had blown a .086 everyone would be waiting for the results of the blood test. Why do I wonder about the nature of the routine traffic stop at 4:20 am.?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I think the team usually waits for legal issues to play out before rendering judgment. That said, Guion's clearly a low-character guy who doesn't belong. Though the merits of some cases against him are dubious, his drugs and DUI issues are pretty solid.

Bye, Letroy.

Savage57's picture

Why do these off-field developments with Guion, which keep recurring year after year, surprise anyone?

Recall this underwear stain came to Packers from the Vikings. Thank God this cat's not fond of boats.

Paraphrasing a Beatles tune, "He's A Loser."

lebowski's picture

I believe the song you're referring to was actually performed by the Mosquitoes on Gilligan's Island. :)

Tundraboy's picture

Probably. After 4 games are up, see how he plays and if he is off to sluggish start, enough!

GBPDAN1's picture

I was for giving the guy another chance after the first league violation and suspension. But then came a second 4 game suspension. At that point, Guion should have did everything in his million dollar power to keep clean, for example, reaching into his millions of dollars and paying $20 for Uber even after 1 beer. This arrest is in excusable, hit the pavement, bud. Way to think through things. Millions on the line and this Bozo can't help himself. Dumb- azz

Since '61's picture

Guion is a marginal player at best. It would be no loss if we chucked him for that reason alone, without the suspensions, legal and substance abuse baggage he continues to pile onto himself. We let Datone Jones walk because he was a marginal player at best, why do the Packers continue to keep Guion? It's not like he has any upside left. He's not going to turn into Joe Greene or Bob Lilly or Merlin Olsen. The only expectation of him is what stupid decision will he make next? Three strikes and you're out. Time to chuck him and move on. Thanks, Since '61

PatrickGB's picture

Good arguments, it seems that when he is out of the city limits and left to himself he becomes a problem. He has probably worn out his welcome here anyway.

Tundraboy's picture

"The only expectation..."

Loved that.

flackcatcher's picture

I would like to know, what was the cost benefit the packers see in Guion. There must be something football wise that we fans are missing. Good posy MB.

flackcatcher's picture

post. POST. (SIGH)

Packer_Pete's picture

It's not the first time that dude is in trouble. He will be serving his second suspension, and now the DUI. That's at least strike 3, even if none of the other charges stuck from the past. the problem I am seeing is that the Packers give him chance after chance. And what message does that really send to the other players on the team?

In the end, I think players will get chance after chance, no matter what they do, at least as long they do what the team is asking of them and do that well. And that's the real problem I have. And unfortunately, there are many fans, including Packers fans, who will defend a player over and over again...

Just one example that I remember in particular: Years ago when Pickett was playing, he left the parking lot after practice with a left turn, overlooked a car and struck it. He injured his finger and had just a mild concussion, whereas a couple of the passengers in the other car had to go to the hospital. It was clearly Pickett's fault and he admitted that as well. After that incident, I listened to The Fan' radio, and there were only 2 questions or remarks that fans had.
1. was a question: Can he practice tomorrow? and
2. was a remark: The people in the other car were labeled with names that I don't want to put into print, and were accused of just wanting to 'extort' money from Pickett...
both was ridiculous and disgusting. If I had to go to the hospital because a player hit my car and it was his fault, then I'd also ask for him to cover my hospital bill. No matter whether he plays for the Packers or not...

And that is not to say that Pickett was a troublemaker, I just remember how Packers fans immediately accused the people in the other car without really knowing the facts, or even if they knew the facts conveniently overlooked those. It really showed that NFL players are treated better than other people, and Packers fans are no different in doing so, sadly.

stockholder's picture

interesting Article and opinions. I think Guion has a big heart. It says packers. I believe his problem is his daughter/girl friend now. (How can he provide for his family. Be a Family. Raise his child?) I agree that no player helps their team getting suspended. And it makes the team look bad. But Family is first. And Guion is feeling pressure from all sides. Guion must perform. His roll is diminishing. Ok he had a few drinks. The life style must change. His heart has become confused. Guion should be given one last chance to play football. It was his dream. And he must compete. He must re- establish his focus. Help the team Win. He can't do that if we condemn him. Cut him if you believe Guion is a failure. But not because he got pulled over.

al bundy's picture

Im of the mindset that when a player is a repeat offender and suspentions mount up, it distracts the team and the fans too and moving on is the only real solution

chuckv's picture

I write maybe once a year but Michelle has hit this one perfectly .. it is time that the lad leaves Green Bay the Packers are better than this .... the article was well written and factually based and it is time good reporters are given credit ... if you disagree .. well it is your right .. but being a weenie about it is not.. Respect is a word that needs a large comeback in our culture .. and it is not a word that can be in the same sentence as Guion his behavior is unacceptable we have many good prospects that can take his place and bring some honor back to the team (which all in all is quite high in the honor department). Thank you Michelle for being honest and thoughtful in your writing on this topic .. ignore the disrespectful remarks they are not worth anyones time

Jersey Al's picture

you should comment more often...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Strictly talking football, we don't need Guion, imo. I believe we should keep 5 DL, and I see 5 locks for the roster: Daniels, Clark, Lowry, RJF, and Adams. I think Ringo and Price are both guys who can play in the NFL as well. Guion never was anything more than injury protection in case someone got hurt in the first 4 games. I know I have gleefully calculated his cap savings if and when we cut him once or twice on this site.

Oppy's picture

I really, really dislike the way the local media has portrayed Guion's domestic violence history, which i sunfortunate, because every other national article simply refers to the MJS article instead of investigating.

IIRC, One of the domestic violence charges guion was "involved in", he was the victim (the police arrested and removed his child's mother from the scene), and in the other where he "hit his child's mother in the jaw", she was physically attacking Guion's current girlfriend after numerous attempts by Guion and his GF to avoid the situation, and numerous onlookers disputed his ex's claim that he hit her in the jaw, stating that he pushed her down to separate her from his girlfriend. It should also be noted that she didn't need medical attention.... soo.......

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree. Note that Michelle is writing an opinion piece, not straight reporting. I do think it reads like a persuasive writing piece, and it was persuasive, since Ms. Bruton is a polished writer, as I've noted before. But many of the facts she marshaled in support of her conclusion came with caveats.

Oppy's picture

I was referring directly to the MJS piece, which, unfortunately, is what every other article about Guion's "domestic violence" problems refers to.

People assume MJS does all the research and reports all the details. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball on the Guion thing, I hope by accident, and now that reporting is called upon by every other piece since.

To reiterate- not pointed at Michelle at all. Leveled directly at the big dogs.

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