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Green and Bold: How Do Free-Agency Signings Affect Draft?

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Green and Bold: How Do Free-Agency Signings Affect Draft?

General manager Ted Thompson has finally realized how fun it can be to add outside players in free agency, having inked tight ends Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks and cornerback Davon House since the new league year began on March 9.

Given Thompson's slight break from form during this offseason, however, how will this year's free-agency moves affect the Packers' draft?

Green Bay is never a team to go into the draft looking to address needs first and foremost, but glaring holes are one of the factors that go into the creation of Thompson and his team of scouts' Big Board. While Thompson usually employs the Best Player Available strategy in his draft selections, the free-agency signings would seem to take a few options off the table.

For instance, though it was never a mainstream option, many analysts thought the Packers might strengthen their offense this year and target a tight end in the first round—Alabama's O.J. Howard, if he were to fall to No. 29, or perhaps Miami's David Njoku.

That avenue seems all but closed off now, however, with the Packers having doubled up at the position in free agency and with Richard Rodgers still in the mix. 

There's no question that the secondary was one of Green Bay's biggest weaknesses in 2016, and cornerback long seemed the most likely position for Thompson to target in Round 1. Not only would that selection satisfy a team need, but this year's draft class is incredibly deep at corner, which would allow Green Bay to satisfy value and need with one pick.

Bringing House into the fold, however, means that now the Packers have some decisions to make in terms of who starts outside among Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins, LaDarius Gunter, and House. That's not to say a rookie couldn't press those players in training camp, but drafting a corner in the first round as competition for a 2015 first-rounder and second-rounder sends a certain message. 

Based on recent projections after the combine, the Packers may get the opportunity to select players such as Alabama's Marlon Humphrey or Ohio State's Gareon Conley, but because this group is so deep, Thompson could easily find talent in Rounds 2 or 3. 

After Eddie Lacy signed with the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday, another dark-horse position the Packers could focus on in the first round is running back. Stanford's Christian McCaffrey is a a runner, receiver, and returner all rolled into one, and his projections vary wildly from the first half of the first round to early in the second. There's also Tennessee's Alvin Kamara, a three-down player who could really help Ty Montgomery shine. 

But the position that the Packers may be unable to resist addressing in Round 1 is an edge-rusher. There is an extremely talented group of defensive ends and outside linebackers all projected to be available late in the first round, but specifically, the Packers seem like a perfect fit for Wisconsin's T.J. Watt. 

The Packers lost Julius Peppers to the Carolina Panthers and Datone Jones, whom they converted to an outside 'backer, to the Minnesota Vikings. Even though they managed to bring back Nick Perry and Jayrone Elliott, they need to make sure this position remains a point of strength on the roster, rather than becoming a weakness with so many issues already present in the secondary. 

Watt has just one full season of college football, which is part of what is allowing him to be projected to be available at No. 29. Watt works hard to get to the quarterback, but he's also extremely effective against the run, which could do wonders for Green Bay's front seven. 

If Watt is off the board or Green Bay decides to go a different direction, the Packers could also be interested in Michigan's Taco Charlton or UCLA's Takkarist McKinley, if he falls.

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Nick Perry's picture

The TE position is definitely better, so is the CB position because I think House is better than at least one of the "Big 3" (Gunter, Randall, Rollins).

The Packers lost Lacy, Jones, Lang, & Tretter so those positions are weaker, maybe not by much but they are weaker. The TE position IMO got much, much better. Bennett improved all by himself but Kendricks might turn out to be an excellent signing and not just for depth.

Jones and Lacy might not be huge losses now, but how many of us saw Nick Perry having the season he had last year? I went back and looked at the comments and many of us were really split on bringing Perry back for even $5 million in 2016. Now based on one season we just gave Perry $60 million which was a move TT HAD to make really. Hopefully Lacy doesn't find vegetables, fish that's not fried, and salads as a substitute for crawfish. If he does he just might make a turnaround.

If Ted decided to sign Barwin I think the Packers would be set up BETTER than we could have expected before FA. If not Barwin then I believe he'll sign someone before the draft which will allow Thompson to truly draft the BPA. THAT'S when Ted does his best work.

GBPack's picture

Nice post. The move that infuriates me the most right now is letting Tretter walk on a very modest deal. They couldn't have possibly thought Lang was going to come back on the deal they were offering, so why in the world do you let your top backup walk? Even if you think he can only be a center (false), so what? Then experiment with Linsley at guard and get the best 5 out there. Figure it out later, but don't let the guy walk.

Barwin is a very logical move at this point. Haven't heard how his trip to Cincy went, but I would love to have him on a modest, 2 year deal. Chris Long wouldn't be terrible, but he doesn't seem to have much left in him.

Your last two sentences are spot on. There will still be more players that get cut and become available. There should be more options available at some point.

Side note: I think we made a mistake not looking into Rex Burkhead. HUGELY undervalued, and of course he goes to New England...

cuervo's picture

We don't know that they didn't offer Tretter something. Maybe Tretter doesn't want to play Guard, and wants to play center? Besides, in his 4 years here he was hurt for a good portion of every year I believe. He would have been nice to have around, but we really don't know what conversations took place, or if he wanted to leave.

GBPack's picture

I understand we don't know what was offered/said. It's all hypothetical, but we're all in the dark on what goes on behind those office doors. I'm just simply stating I don't understand that move if we weren't planning on offering Lang a competitive contract. I doubt he cares if he's playing center or guard, as long as he's a starter.

For the record I'm glad they let Lang walk. Lions overpaid big time and it could net us a 3rd round comp next year. Just wish Tretter was retained for damage control.

croatpackfan's picture

Corey Linsley is much better center than Tretter will ever be. YOu do not move the player from his best position to make room for someone who never played that position in his life in real NFL games. Tretter's first few games was just good, nothing special and when Corey take back his position lline was solid again!
I do not get why people try to see something where nothing is there. Tretter was drafted as tackle, not guard not center...

GBPack's picture

Um, he absolutely was drafted as a guard or center. That's pretty much common knowledge. Undersized tackle that was immediately moved to center in camp.

And what do you mean Tretter has never played an NFL game there in his life. He was our STARTER at center before he got hurt. He and Linsley have rotated multiple times due to both of them being injured.

If you read what I wrote more carefully, you'll see that I was more in favor of leaving Tretter at guard and Linsley at center. For argument's sake (the people that think Tretter can ONLY be a center) I suggested that Linsley could do some cross training. Again, something you sort out in camp.

Nick Perry's picture

Burkhead is an excellent receiver but with Montgomery do we need him too? I didn't see the contract for him so if it was cheap we need depth no matter what. I guess TT is going to be happy with whatever he drafts and can sign as an UDFA.

croatpackfan's picture

I mostly agree with your thinking about Packers roster. Only one thing, House is not upgrade over HEALTHY Randall & Rollins.

dobber's picture

Hightower just resigned with the Patriots. Now that he's off the board, my suspicion is that Barwin will sign somewhere in the next day or two.

GB Jacker's picture

I think we take the best player available at 29 - either a pass rusher, corner, receiver (can never have too many at these spots).

An edge rusher would be ideal but they're hard to find - often bust. However we need somebody to take the pressure off the CBs so they can get some confidence back.

The interesting thing for me though is that it's hard to see Cobb & Matthews both being on the squad next year. I'm a huge fan of Cobb but he can't be getting number 1 money. To me that makes Mccaffrey a real intriguing option at 29 if he falls there. He adds depth at RB and in the slot - could allow us to trade Cobb next year which is an option I think we might pursue. I know some people are against us drafting a RB but he seems like a supremely talented multi purpose tool in the run pass and return game. I dont think it will happen though and that's why I'm not a GM

cuervo's picture

I like your thinking, but I have come to the conclusion that McCarthy has no idea how to use a running back with those type of skills, which is why we have never had one. He seems to prefer the large plodding back that can turn a 40 yard scamper into a 15 yard cloud of dust.

Personally I would rather them get away from the "large back" and add someone that has some real explosion. Montgomery is a nice start, whether MM knows how to properly use his talents, we'll see.

croatpackfan's picture

Packers need thumper, not elusive RB. Packers has Ty!

Tundraboy's picture

Packers had a proven thumper. Should of kept him to focus on D and then draft a prospect RB.

OrganLeroy's picture

Couldn't keep Lacy, he didn't want to stay, he said so.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

barwin would transform my analysis of this off-season to date. Freeney and Dumerville too. TT has other options: Claiborne, Brandon Carr, Terrence Newman, would change things up too. I still like Cockrell as a RFA as well. Hightower, Brown, maybe Minter. {I don't like Minter or Dumerville, and have reservations about some of the others, but just wanted to be more complete.}

I figure TT has enough for one good sized FA. He can afford any of the players noted above.

Ryan Graham's picture

All Affordable options. Hell if Terrance Newman is signed at maybe 3.5M Ted can afford another guy. In Ted Land, I see too much investment in the youth of the secondary for another cb signing though. I bet if he does make another move it would be at one of the linebacker spots, most likely edge. If that's his thinking he should act quick. Those guys you listed are pretty much all that's available right now along with Chris Long.

RCPackerFan's picture

Newman has said on Twitter that he is close to signing with a contender. Might it be GB?

I would like to see them bring in Barwin, and maybe another player.

For a LB, how about Deandre Levy? Assuming he is healthy, and stays healthy he could be a really good player to bring in.

Ryan Graham's picture

I personally would love to see Newman come to Green Bay. The guy has always been in a highly functional secondary and he can really help the young guys develop especially in man coverage.

Signing him and Barwin would really be cutting it close as far as cap room goes, but I think it's possible. Probable, not as much. But it would help Ted to draft BPA which is kind of his thing.

GB Jacker's picture

The guy will be 39 when the season starts. And we already have a CB group that lacks speed. By all accounts T-New is a great guy and has had a very good career, and his leadership would be an asset - but not sure a near 40 year old corner is the answer.

Razer's picture

Thank God GB Jacker had the sense to cap this nonsense about T-New. Pushing 40 and Ted is going to build depth with him. Maybe it is FA madness or March Madness but it is madness

Ryan Graham's picture

Newman plays younger than those 10 years younger than he is. He's been able to extend his career because he's such a blanket over wide outs they don't even get targeted. Look back to week two with his matchup against Jordy he was smothered.

That said, the team does have other needs like outside backer and D line. If House wasn't signed, I'd be all over him for the value though.

Idiot Fan's picture

It seemed like a regular occurrence last year for Rodgers to find the "old man" in the other team's secondary and start picking on him. I think I prefer to take my chances with the young guys who still have the opportunity to improve.

Ryan Graham's picture

He actually did just the opposite and picked on Trey Waynes by targeting Davonte Adams I think 16 times that game. All those PI calls...not ringing a bell anyone ? On top of that pro football focus listed him as the 9th ranked cover corner. A little over the top sure but still, he was top 15.

No matter, we signed House and have other needs. And he's resigned so it's out of mind

Idiot Fan's picture

That first Viking matchup, Rodgers definitely went after Waynes, though I believe that Waynes was actually pretty good last year outside that game. Maybe I'm just getting hung up on those visions of Rodgers abusing Tracy Porter in the Bears games last year.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Newman is ancient. He is 38, and turns 39 on 9/4/17. I am not particularly advocating for him (I prefer signing Barwin and think we've only got one more FA signing left). I'm assuming that he'd take a one year deal, so he wouldn't mess up our cap for 2018. His sole purpose would be to transition to the CB who TT drafts high this year. He comes with a risk: one never knows when a player, particularly a CB, is going to severely decline due to age. If he has enough left, he becomes the #1 CB, House, Randall, Rollins, and Rookie fight for #2, and/or Randall slides to slot where I think he is best suited. Losers of #2 CB becomes the nickel and dime back. Gunter, like Sam Gado from years past, rides off into packer lore, and not onto the field again. Not at all sure he would be cheap either.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Newman signed with MN for $3.5M. Moot point now.

RCPackerFan's picture

Free agency is having a bigger impact on Green Bay's roster then I thought it was going to have before it started.
They lost a lot more players then I thought they were going to. Before Free Agency started I thought they were going to keep Perry, Cook, Lacy, Jones. I thought there was a good chance that they would bring Hyde, Lang, Tretter back.
The only one out of that group that is back is Perry.
They did bring in Bennett and Kendricks solidifying the TE position. Bringing in House fills the void left by Shields.

If the Packers don't make another move, it will force them to do more in the draft, and force younger players to step up.
Losing Peppers, Jones means they need to target an OLB in the draft. Also it means that they need more out of Elliott and Fackrell.

By losing Lacy, RB becomes a much higher need. They have Montgomery and Ripkowski, but really they need to draft at least 1 more RB, and maybe 2.

Also by losing Lang and Tretter we not only lost one of our best OL, we also lost our most versatile backup.

Right now the top needs for the roster are RB, RG, OLB, CB.
I do believe they will be able to fill those positions in the draft.

Razer's picture

...Right now the top needs for the roster are RB, RG, OLB, CB.
I do believe they will be able to fill those positions in the draft...

Totally agree. I will add DE/DT to the list and reorder to OLB, CB, RB, RG, DL depending on if the board lines up favorably.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, i think they will need more depth on the DL for sure. As well as OL.

yeah, I really didn't put it any particular order, just started in the backfield on offense and went through to the DB's on defense.

yeah, i agree with your order. If they drafted in that order I think it would be just about perfect.

Bearmeat's picture


1st - House does NOT fill Shields hole. Shields always was the superior player.

2nd - I don't think RG is a "need" like many others. Sure, they don't have an all-pro on the roster any more, but they don't need one either. OG is not a premium position, and there is quality around whoever will start there.

I'm content for a versatile interior lineman in the 4th or later.

Handsback's picture

I don't follow signing another FA CB. I'm not saying Green Bay has the best CBs around, but when healthy, they were pretty good. They got very bad as their health took a nose dive and there was nobody else to throw into the mix. They will draft a CB, that is certain. Between the three amigos, House, and at least another drafted CB why bring on a guy who you may have to cut?
Save the money and look for either RB, or edge rushers.
I know Lang is gone and that leaves a pretty big hole, but filling in for an OG may be one of the easier (not saying they grow on trees or that Green Bay has a stockpile of them on their roster) positions to do vs. pass rushers or RBs.

Ryan Graham's picture

Yeah I see your point. Let me have my coffee and get my head right Packers have other needs

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree we can get by with just drafting a CB, maybe, probably. However, "when healthy, they were pretty good." Shields is never going to be healthy again, not in a GB jersey. Rollins wasn't good even pre-injury, assuming we know when he first tweaked it. I'd bet on at least 1 of them rebounding. House, one of Randall/Rollins hopefully means being able to field two #2 CBs. Decent, not great. Hope TT hits on the rookie CB; that would help.

GBPack's picture

Whoops. Posted to wrong article...

Rossonero's picture

If we want the secondary to get better, then it starts up front with the pass rush. I hope we go that route in the first round and take the best available pass rusher. This is a solid class, but not nearly as deep as corner and RB are.

Bearmeat's picture

Even with the Bennett signing, I'm frustrated as hell. I get losing Lang, Tretter and Hyde. But I do NOT understand letting Lacy and Datone get away for the low-dollar contracts they got. Then there's Connor Barwin, a 30 year old CUT player who would not factor into the compensatory draft selections who is STILL productive when utilized as a true 34 OLB, and TT sits on his hands.

1. Our GM needs to retire.
2. Being a Packer fan in March TRULY does suck. UGH.
3. I just get the feeling this team has gotten worse since 2014 and not better.

Rossonero's picture

I feel the same way Bearmeat. I was furious about letting a back-to-back 1,000 yard rusher sign a 1 year prove it deal when he easily could've done so with us. Lacy's last game was 81 yards on 11 carries vs. the Giants, yet many in here still make fat jokes about him, even when he was tearing it up and averaging 5.1 YPC last season.

What the hell? Why? The lack of appreciation and loyalty I find astounding, especially since it's not like we are known for churning out 1,000 yard rushers.

I'm sick of Ted and his Wal-Mart specials.

If we won the Super Bowl and the team broke up a little, I could understand that more. What I do not understand is that we have plenty of cap room and have done nothing to help the defense. I feel like we got worse as well.

Signing a reject CB from Jacksonville does not make us a contender.

Razer's picture

Maybe Lacy showed up at 267 lbs and the Packers saw a guy who hasn't committed himself to profession football. I doubt that the Packers walked away from the first real RB since Ahman Green lightly.

JRome Coaxum's picture

Bearmeat I totally agree with you. Half of the problem is the Packer TT loyalist who dislike any criticism of TT on this page as if he is the GOAT GM. It is no way we should not be able to at least look at Zach Brown at ILB, Hankins at NT, or even Jared Odrick at DE. We do not have enough depth as is on the Defensive side of the ball. And yet TT is just sitting doing nothing. I honestly am ready for the day he is not our GM. Another Packer fan pointed out to me the other day. The 2011,2012, and 2103 drafts by him were terrible. Any Veteran presence on any of the 3 levels on Defense would help. Odrick and Brown would be perfect fits. Instead we will be 1 or 2 playoff win and then done.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Love ya, Bearmeat, but I think you're off on this. Datone doesn't want to play OLB, he wants to play 3 tech. We tried him there and he was lousy.

Lacy thought a change of scenery would do him good. That would be directed at fans like me calling him fat, though good. I don't buy it: he's going to be compared to beastmode due to his running style and build, and it is highly unlikely that the comparison will be favorable. Lacy's contract is hilarious: $1.5M signing bonus, $1.365 base, all guaranteed; $385K workout with weight clause (wonder how many pounds that is); $1M per game active (think Seattle isn't worried about this guy?), and $1.3M in other incentives. He could earn $4.25M to $5.55M. I am anti-drama, and I am anti guys you can't rely on to do that which is in their power to do. I'd have given Lacy $3M guaranteed - over two years, not one.

Stinks to lose so many players, but I can make the argument for losing all of them, and some probably wanted out. Losing Lacy gives me a twinge, but I'd only keep him cheap, and structured as $1M guaranteed, $1M per game active, and $1M base.

Ryan Graham's picture

Draft needs are pretty clear - not necessarily need to be taken in this order -

OLB, CB, OL, WR, RB, DL and I'd like to see depth at ILB. I like Martinez to grow, I like Jake Ryan to keep growing, but another guy like Ben Gedeon, or even Ben Boulware late wouldn't hurt. I like his energy and football instinct, and his pre snap reads are excellent.

Tarynfor12's picture

We'll draft a RB in the 4th or later as Rodgers will be more Rodger - esk in the passing game via Bennett and Kendricks and a splash of the slug Rodgers. The offensive line will be fine less a lot of injuries as will the run game less the force feeding of Lacy who again had no significant WAR rating. The WR will get draft pick and hopefully Zay Jones or pass altogether and look at UDFA.
Defense in the 1st,3rd,5th,6th, 7th, comp, and anything else we can muster.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tayrnfor12, I gave you the "Like". Makes Sense to me, Then again, most don't agree with me. I had Oakland picked from Day #1 last year. Made a few $$$. The QB goes down. What a shame. Still think they might have made it. Nobody gave them a chance at the beginning of the year. I have Respect for your Thinking. Any thoughts about the upcoming year? I like to gather as much info as I can. You're one I would listen to. Where does the Smart Money go this year??

Tarynfor12's picture

The over in any Packer game as if now since it appears the Pack Will Average 30+ per game and defense guaranteed to allow 24...imo.
The Pats and as like last season, parlayed with whoever plays Cleve, SF but you'll need to lay money to benefit.
Stay off Atlanta. ..they'll still be in blur mode and unpredictable.
Tampa could be the team to beat in the South.
Really kind of early
However jump on the Dodgers at 15 to 1 for World Series win...strong chance for 100 win total as long as you research daily match ups.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Tarynfor12, Thanks for your reply. I can't argue with your thinking on the Pack. If I play the GB game, If it's a 50 number, I'm always on the Over unless it's Seattle or The Pats. I didn't have the Number, but I killed the Seattle game last year. You're pretty much According To Hoyle. I'm looking more against the Grain. Has Tony Romo gone to Oakland yet? I'm still not ready to get off of them. I think you were Right 14 times on Cleveland last year. It's too early for this.

Rossonero's picture

All it takes is one injury to Montgomery and we'll have to rely on a rookie RB to carry the load behind a new RG (God I hope Don Barclay doesn't find his way into the line up).

Corey Linsley has missed large chunks of 2015 and 2016 as well through injuries. Who is his back-up going to be? Will Bulaga move inside to RG or will Spriggs? There's more questions than answers on the offensive line now.

NWPackersfan's picture

I think a really good edge rusher or 2 can make a mediocre set of CB's look pretty darn good. Pressure on the QB makes for mistakes....I have , forgive the comparison, watched Tom Brady his entire career and a great OL makes for a great QB and RB. Look what Castle or Garrapalo were able to do when they stepped in...Castle sucked after leaving Patriots. Being a great QB in GB is not about the OL it's about the QB but just imagine a great AR with a great OL!!!!Just Saying

GLM's picture

JC Tretter's Packer bio from Wikipedia:

"Tretter was selected in the fourth round (122nd overall) by the Green Bay Packers in the 2013 NFL Draft.[1][2] On May 10, 2013, he signed a contract with the Packers.[3] Tretter was placed on reserve/physically unable to perform on August 27, 2013.[4] On December 10, 2013, he was activated from the physically unable to perform list.[5]

On September 3, 2014, Tretter was placed on injured reserve – designated for return.[6] He was activated from injured reserve – designated for return on November 3, 2014.[7]

In 2016, Tretter started seven games for the Packers before going down with a knee injury in Week 7. He was inactive for the rest of the games in the regular season before having surgery on January 17, 2017.[8] He was placed on injured reserve on January 21, 2017, a day before the NFC Championship matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.[9]"

He never played a full season for us, and he was drafted as a tackle, out of Cornell.

GBPack's picture

Guessing you're responding to me?

He played OT in college, yes, but he was not drafted to play OT. Same as Sitton. Not sure why this is a debate.

I agree he hasn't been durable. Doesn't change my stance.

GLM's picture

What would you have signed him for? A couple mil a year? He couldn't stay healthy. Sure, he's a good player, but he's easily replaceable, for a lot less money.

Now, if you ask me, I'd still rather have him on the team than Barclay. The coaches must see something there we don't. They could have cut Barclay, and used that extra cash to sign Tretter, but that didn't happen.

GBPack's picture

I would have been fine giving him what the Browns gave him if the plan was for him to take over at RG. If he stays healthy it's a bargain. Eye test and PFF graded him out high every time he was on the field. The ability he showed to come in as an emergency LT a couple years ago has to be factored into value as well.

The best ability is availability, though. TT probably wasn't comfortable investing in a guy that's missed that much time. In the same breath, Perry just got paid and has been hurt every year to varying degrees, so what the hell do I know. :)

CAG123's picture

I know they just signed House but is anyone else as high on Kevin King as I am? I really want the Packers to draft him if he's available. We need his kind of physical play in the secondary. Randall plays too soft, Gunter is too slow, Rollins I feel should take over Micah Hydes role.

GBPack's picture

Mentioned him in a different article. He's rising up boards and see him in 1st round mocks. Definitely an option.

CAG123's picture

I felt we might have had a better chance to snag before Sidney Jones got hurt but his combine plus Jones injury saw him shoot up there. If there is a way the Packers could grab him and Watt I'd be happy about that

GLM's picture

King would be a very good his highlights on Youtube...tall, rangy, takes good angles, athletic, with a punisher attitude. I like what I see from him...had a great combine, too.

CAG123's picture

And the fact that he definitely put on a little more weight at the combine so he's not as lean. I'm hoping the Packers snag him up

Spock's picture

To answer the author's question: yes, of course, FA affects the draft. People always seem to think BPA vs. Need is a black and white decision. In reality BPA is about TIERS/brackets of players rated about the same. If one clearly outstanding player is there you take him because, ahem. you never know where injuries might hit. Otherwise you take the BPA from the tier that also fits a team need. Just MHO.

JRome Coaxum's picture

We continue to put faith in a GM who picks project in the 1st round. D.Jones/Project OLB. Nick Perry/Project OLB K.Clark/Project NT or DE. And the worse of all time D.Randall/Project S turned Cb. Can TT stop wasting our 1st round picks on players going into unknown positions. Or in D.Jones case can the team stop being cheap and trying to turn players into different positions. Watch Jones become successful with Vikings.

Otto's picture

Can someone explain the Connor Barwin love to me? 5 sacks 34 tackles last year. Seven seasons, two double digit sack seasons.
I'm being serious, by the way. I don't understand why a guy with such pedestrian numbers would be so hot in free agency.

slit's picture

Sign Hankins - DL is set
Sign Barwin - improved pass rush, still need more help

Draft -
1- Watt - pash rush is good to go
2- Zay jones - Cobb(contract) & Adams(FA) are questions for next year
3- BCA - best corner available - draft is insanely deep at CB; should be able to get 1st round talent, in other years, in the middle rounds
4/5- OL/RB - Need depth at interior Oline. RB is also extremely deep; can get a day 1 starter in the 4th/5th rds

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