Greatest Run and Pass at Lambeau 2007-08 Video showcases favorite pass and run plays at Lambeau for the fans to vote on their favorite play. The run poll has ended and I think the pass one closes soon.

The videos are great.

Top 5 Passes at Lambeau favorite five pass plays (home) from the 07-08 season here.

If I had to order them by "Greatest Pass 2007-08 Plays Season at Home in a Season":

Players names link to their bio. Dates link to the NFL Gamecenter for that game.

1. Donald Lee 11 yd Pass 2nd Quarter vs Seahawks 1/12/08

Ingredients for a good Packer Pass Gumbo. You need: Signature Brett Favre escape. Snow. Divisional Playoff Game. 1st Down. Heart of the D softened. that up

2. Donald Driver 90 yd TD 2nd Quarter vs. Giants 1/20/08

Would have been my pick for #1. Except we lost the game. This one is a Pyrrhic Victory for Double D. Corey Webster gets to feel what happens on the other end of a bump & run...ouch. Too bad the irony is he catches Favre's interception in overtime.

3. Greg Jennings 57 yd TD 4th Quarter vs. Chargers 9/23/07

Brilliant slant for daylight. Favre ties the TD record with Marino. Greatness and Talented Youth come together to be realized.

4. Greg Jennings 80 yd TD in 3rd Quarter vs Raiders 12/09/07

A dash of speed, Stanford Routt getting beat and Greg Jennings and Brett Favre reading each other's minds serves up nice.

5. Ruvell Martin 17 yd TD Tipped 4th Quarter vs Vikings 11/11/07

Take this crap off the list. Much, much better passes existed this season. Corey to Packers Multimedia guys: Wake Up! Greg Jennings had a catch in that game where he hits it perfect, takes the ball from the corner, gets smacked by Darren Sharper and hangs on. Or what about Donald Driver 49 yd play action beauty against Carolina? Or Donald Lee against the Raiders dragging half their secondary on his back for a TD sleigh ride?

The question on was "What was your favorite pass play, in home game 2007?" As of 10:00pm EST 45,508 voters have voted as such: 1. Driver v NYG 43%, 2. Favre-Lee v Sea 24%, 3. Jennings v SD 18%, 4. Jennings v Oak 10%, 5. Martin v Min 2%.

Top 5 Runs at Lambeau favorite five run plays from the 07-08 season here.

If I had to order them by "Greatest Run Plays 2007-08 Plays at Home in a Season":

1. Ryan Grant 43 yd run 3rd Quarter vs. Seahawks 1/12/08

The only way this could get any better is if there was more snow.

2. Ryan Grant 30 yd TD 1st Quarter vs Vikings 11/11/07

This is what happens when a play caller successfully confuses the crap out of the defense. After passing four times straight (3 five wide formations straight) McCarthy delivers an I-Form Packer Sweep that leaves Minnesota's Defense looking like left out overnight cheesecurds while somewhere Vince Lombardi is smiling proud.

3. Brett Favre 21 yd scramble 1st Quarter vs Lions 12/30/07

Playcalling magic confusion pill 25: Brett Bavre will not run the ball. So- you run it and they not so smart. It would be nice if we had 3 more like this. sigh.

4. Brandon Jackson 46 yd run 3rd Quarter Lions 12/30/07

In what would be his best game of the season(20 for 113 yds rushing, 2 for 22 receiving) Brandon Jackson shows why the NFL is all about making the most of opportunity. He has some real competition with Ryan Grant. Let's see if it's good for him.

5. Deshawn Wynn 44 yd run vs. Bears 10/07/07

Really? Probably the best thing about both losses to the Bears.

There really should be more Ryan Grant choices on this list when you really are honest with yourself and not multimedia staff.

The question on was "What was your favorite running play, in a home game 2007?" As of 10:00pm EST with polls closed 50,935 voters have voted as such: 1. Grant v Sea 53% 2. Favre v Det 24%, 3. Grant v Min 14%, 4. Jackson v Detroit 4%, 5. Wynn v Chicago 3%.

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