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Grant Out Against Buffalo; Harrell Done For Year

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Grant Out Against Buffalo; Harrell Done For Year

In Mike McCarthy's morning press conference the coach indicated that Ryan Grant would miss "at least" this weeks game against the Buffalo Bills. McCarthy also noted that John Kuhn would be the number two tailback. There was no mention of possibly bringing in another running back.

In other injury news, McCarthy said that defensive lineman Justin Harrell would miss the remainder of the 2010 season with a torn ACL. The coach indicated that C.J. Wilson would see increased playing time as a result.

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RockinRodgers's picture

If Mike Neal can't play, CJ Wilson better be ready to play. I don't care if its Buffalo or not.

davyjones's picture

Di we know Neal's status??

packeraaron's picture

Team doesn't have to say anything official until Wed, but I'd be surprised if he doesn't play.

sammer's picture

Who do we think gets Harrell's spot on the 53? There aren't any DL players on the practice squad. I think Wynn is still available, if they wanted to go that route...

dougie smooth's picture

ronald talley and wynn are both still out of work I think. they have the experience to step right in to capers' D, but maybe there's an upgrade available from cut down day.

if Grant is out several weeks, anyone think they'll bring Ahman Green back?

DAWG's picture

Grant- very bad sprain, could be several weeks if not more to get back to normal, What the hell- don't NFL teams have carts to carry off injured payers to the locker room, or off the field? GB dose!
I give the bird to the birds! _!_

Chris's picture

And so the story of Justn Harrell continues .. very sad for him.

DAWG's picture

yeah, I was pulling for him- just sad !
Good guy, but he's done unfortunately.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I feel badly for Harrell. Some players never can get out from beneath the storm clouds. Looks like a quick look all around for a D-lineman has begun. It was risky, IMO, to have gone with 6 not 7 on the original 53.

PackersRS's picture

Bills, at Chicago, Detroit, then a mildly complicated game at Washington.

Still, thank you NFL schedule maker!

ZeroTolerance's picture

Right, and with Bigby, Harris, and Starks possibly coming up subsequently.

dgtalmn's picture

Pay off Harrell and get someone else on board. Even though I got flamed when I stated they should have cut him long before, I truly feel bad for the guy. All the time rehabing to last one game. At least it wasn't his back.

nerdmann's picture

My understanding with Harrell is that it's a legit injury. He got rolled up on, which would injury anyone, it's not a question of him being "prone" to that sort of thing.
As for RB, I believe they released Porter, so theoretically he would be available. We'd have to cut or stash somebody though. Or trade someone.

ZeroTolerance's picture

By the way, I saw Bush out there in the dime. Must be he's still ahead of Lee. Does Lee go if Harris returns?

jeremy's picture

Lee will probably be on IR by then

jeremy's picture

It will be interesting seeing Kuhn get some carries. He looked like Larry Csonka running the ball up the middle and into the endzone. I'd love to see them run some more b gap power runs with Kuhn led by Johnson right at Jared Allen and Julius Peppers in the first quarter. Let's see them try to tee off on the qb after that.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I counted four tacklers bouncing off of him on his longer non-TD run.

PackersRS's picture

Johnson was inactive. Probably will be for as long as he doesn't show enough catching skills and ST value to be on the field.

Meanwhile, Crabtree will be active.

Ron LC's picture

Is anyone else wondering why TT kept McDonald and didn't upgrade the Dline instead? Betting on Harrell to contribute for 16 games and finish the season was like tying a kite to an elephants tail and puching it off a cliff. Nothing good is going to happen.

Grant's injury could be one of those nagging week-to-week things. They'll need another back if it runs more than two weeks.

jerseypackfan's picture

Tying a kite to an elephants tail and punching it off a cliff....classic.

Idiot Fan's picture

I think I remember reading that several teams inquired about trading for McDonald, so maybe they see him as a good long-term prospect and don't think he could make it to the practice squad. Maybe they'll consider trading him now.

PackersRS's picture

Potential. Did you see our tackles out there yesteday?

Cmon, Ron. You, of all people, should appreciate the newfound attention to the OL...

PackerBacker's picture

That has to be the last straw for Harrell, right? They can't keep him around after this, can they?

packeraaron's picture

Sure they can. Why not?

jerseypackfan's picture

They can rebuild him.

ZeroTolerance's picture

We have the technology.

DAWG's picture

With an out of body experience.

David's picture

"Sure they can. Why not?"
Agreed. Lets bring him back next season, and waste another year's salary on him. Brilliant. Its worked for the last 3 years. Hell, lets sign him to a lifetime contract so we can do this EVERY year.

jeremy's picture

The salary isn't even the worst of it. It's the wasted coaching and training time Mike Trgovac, Pepper Burress, Mark Lovat and others spend with Harrell that is the biggest waste. Probably close to one thousand hours a year. It's clear that their time is better spent with someone who can stay on the field.

David's picture

Careful Jeremy. You will probably be accused of being a "Harrell hater" now.

lars's picture

You would think not, but listening to Mccarthy it sounds as if GB may NEVER admit to the obvious with Harrell.

He has two years left on the rookie contract, and I expect (unless Justin has mercy on his body and retires) the Packers will be paying him for nothing again next season.

GBKoolAid's picture

I am slowly starting to become a little bit concerned about Harrell's durability.

PackerBacker's picture


Keith's picture

Sign Gartrell Johnson at RB. Please.

cow42's picture

You know when they'll finally cut harrell? when they actually have someone better than him to take his spot.

as sad as it sounds, he was their 5th best dlineman... injury prone or not.

lebowski's picture

Exactly. Those guys don't grow on bleachers.

Asshalo's picture

Grant isn't out of the woods yet. Sure they can take a hit against Buffalo, but what about Minnesota? I really hope he doesn't require surgery.

Nononsense's picture

Harrell got some serious push went he was playing on defense so the ability is there. Having said that its probally time to move on.

Grants injury looked real bad, I thought he broke his leg or dilocated his ankle at least. He won't be 100% heathy for at least 6 weeks. Time to find a fill in for him and just let him heal.

WoodyG's picture

" He won’t be 100% heathy for at least 6 weeks. "

No one knows this ....... Why even say it.

jeremy's picture

Because Nononsense actually means nonsense this time.

Black Hawk's picture

Looks like TT has struck out on drafting Harrell. Wish he would have taken Bengals CB Leon Hall or SF's OT Joe Staley. We'll allow Ted a mistake though, he's doing a great job!

bogmon's picture

TT did trade up to get Clay Matthews...sooo...yeah, he's doin' some good things.

braund-o's picture

Why feel badly for Harrell? He has gotten paid a ton of money to hardly see the field. He was consistently hurt back at Tennessee and nothing has changed with the Packers. TT reached for him in the draft and will not admit that this was one of the biggest misses the packers have seen in a long time.

As for Grant being hurt I actually like what I saw from BJ yesterday. It kind of makes me sick when I think of Tyrell Sutton being cut last year.

KurtMc's picture

Maybe Johnson can play line. If your not going to use him for a blocking FB, use him for something!!!

mopak63's picture

Sorry about Harrell - born under a bad sign...
Eventually, get rid of Grant. No matter how you shake it he is not the premier running back for the Pack. Yes, he's had his moments but he has not been CONSISTENT.
IMO, Packers are NOT a balanced team. You need the running game to compliment your premier passer. When was the last time the Pack had a balanced attack? When will GB get off its ass and procure an honest to god running back?

jeremy's picture

Yes, get rid of the two time 1200 yard rb. While your at it get rid of the 1000 yard receivers and the 4000 yard qb too.

Where do these people come from?

Braund-o's picture

Do you trust Grant to pick up 1 inch when it is 3rd and inches? I don't. He hits the line like hitting a brick wall; bounce off and fall sideways. I thought he might have learned how to fall forward when they picked up Green last year but he didn't.

Steve in Mpls's picture

Don't argue you crazy sterno drinkers. Premier running backs are thick. But, how long do they last? My favorites were John
Brockington and MacAuthur Lane. I, personally
will take the monster backs over the quick,
fast,little dudes.

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