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Grading the Pack - Week 11 (Offense & Defense)

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Grading the Pack - Week 11 (Offense & Defense)

After watching this game live and in person and meticulously reviewing the tape play by play, I can honestly say I’m good with never seeing a snap of Week 11’s Packer-Ravens matchup ever again. It’s tough for there to be bright spots in a 23-0 loss at home. To add injury to insult, Green Bay also lost Clay Matthews and Kenny Clark (amongst others) to injury. All in all it was a very tough game to stomach.

On offense there were basically five players who had winning performances. Evans, Linsley, Bakhtiari, Taylor, and Adams. These five all had really solid games and tried to put their team in a position to succeed. The same can’t be said for anyone else.

On defense there were a few more positive grades but this could have been even a worse performance if Baltimore’s offense was better. Joe Flacco missed multiple opportunities down the field, especially in the middle of the field and against Josh Hawkins. There were plays to be made down the field if Flacco was seeing the field a bit better.

While the defense wasn’t spectacular, the edge players as a whole graded out well. All five edge rushers graded out positively with a cumulative +3.95 grade.

Top 3 Offensive Performances

Jahri Evans +1.55
David Bakhtiari +1.45
Davante Adams +1.40

Top 3 Defensive Performances

Nick Perry +1.50
Kyler Fackrell +0.95
Kenny Clark +0.75

Bottom 3 Offensive Performances

Jason Spriggs -4.00
Brett Hundley -2.15
Devante Mays -2.10

Bottom 3 Defensive Performances

Blake Martinez -2.05
Jake Ryan -1.95
Josh Hawkins -1.35


Brett Hundley -2.15

It probably goes without saying that this was a rough day and a step in the wrong direction for Brett Hundley. The way Hundley started off it looked like he was playing with a bit more confidence and was willing to let the ball rip a bit more. Unfortunately, he may have been a bit too confident and tried to make some throws that should never have been attempted. It seems like he has a grasp of the offense but he lacks the vision and patience in the passing game to be successful in the NFL. In college he was one read and run and it was always going to be an effort to develop him into a pocket passer. It seems as if the coaching staff hasn’t been able to coach him into the quarterback that some thought he could become.

More on Hundley from Cory:

Running Back

Jamaal Williams +0.25
Joe Kerridge +0.1
Aaron Ripkowski -0.15
Devante Mays -2.1

What a nightmare of a debut for Devante Mays. Not only did he fumble twice but he missed the hole entirely on his other carry and instead tried to bounce the run outside. Jamaal Williams was fine but unspectacular. Much like Hundley he lacks the vision needed to play at a high level. I love his energy and effort and he’s not afraid of contact, but that only gets you so far in the NFL. If you don’t have the necessary vision and can’t make people miss, it’s going to be tough to carve out a ton of yards at this level.

Wide Receiver

Davante Adams +1.4
Trevor Davis +0.0
Randall Cobb -0.15
Geronimo Allison -0.2
Jordy Nelson -0.65

If you are having a tough time stomaching the Packers’ offense these days, I would recommend watching the top three receivers through the rest of the season. To me, this is one of the biggest storylines as the season winds down. There should no longer be any question that Davante Adams is receiver one on this team. He’s simply playing at a higher level and coming open with much more regularity than any of the other receivers. That said, Cobb & Nelson are set to make a huge chunk of cash next year while Adams is a free agent. Would Green Bay cut Cobb or Nelson in the offseason? It may seem unlikely but they absolutely have to find a way to keep Adams around in 2018.

Tight End

Richard Rodgers -0.55
Lance Kendricks -1.25

I have very little commentary for you here. Tight end was supposed to be a revelation in 2017. It hasn’t been. Back to the drawing board in 2018.

Offensive Line

Jahri Evans +1.55
David Bakhtiari +1.45
Corey Linsley +1.05
Lane Taylor +1.05
Justin McCray -0.5
Jason Spriggs -4.0

I’m quite sure that Jason Spriggs was rusty coming off of injury and seeing his first significant playing time but my goodness was that a putrid effort and display by last years’ second round pick. Spriggs looked completely out of place, out of touch with the playbook, and not ready to help his team in any capacity. He saw limited snaps in this game and was still easily the worst graded player from this game. I don’t see Spriggs coming back from this start of his career to be a contributor and that’s a shame because he’s as gifted physically as they come.

In a brutal offensive performance, hats off to Linsley, Evans, Bakhtiari, and Taylor for working their asses off and playing solid football for all four quarters.

Defensive Line

Kenny Clark +0.75
Quinton Dial +0.45
Dean Lowry +0.2
Lucas Patrick -0.05 (1 snap)
Mike Daniels -0.6

I was crushed when Kenny Clark went down with his injury because he’s been one of the very few bright spots for this team this year. Clark has been fantastic and he’s going to be a Pro Bowl player for a long time to come. It’s great to see that it doesn’t seem to be serious and that he could still play this season. Quinton Dial meanwhile had his best game as a Packer while Mike Daniels had a very rare off-day. Clark’s injury and Daniel’s uncharacteristically poor play may have contributed to Ryan & Martinez’s low grades as well.


Nick Perry +1.5
Kyler Fackrell +0.95
Clay Matthews +0.55
Vince Biegel +0.5
Ahmad Brooks +0.45

Nick Perry was the star here and looked worth his contract in this game. As mentioned earlier the edge players all graded positively and helped keep both the pass and run game in check. Neither Collins nor Flacco were able to get in any real rhythm in this game and that was truly due to the play of these five edge rushers.


Jake Ryan -1.95
Blake Martinez -2.05

Both Ryan and Martinez seemed to be getting better week by week and progressing at a solid pace up until this game. Both players were completely out of their element against Baltimore. Both struggled to stay home in the passing game, especially with play action, and neither were able to get off blocks in the run game. It was a bad day all around for both and Green Bay will need a huge bounce back performance from their linebackers if they want to have any chance against Pittsburgh.


Damarious Randall +0.25
Davon House +0.15
Josh Hawkins -1.35

Josh Hawkins is very lucky that Joe Flacco and the Ravens didn’t target him more often. He was consistently beat by the man across from him and would have given up multiple first downs on long third down plays had the ball come his way. House and Randall were fine and the touchdown Randall allowed was a great throw and catch against pretty solid pass coverage.

More on Randall from Zach:


HaHa Clinton-Dix +0.6
Jermaine Whitehead +0.35
Josh Jones +0.25
Marwin Evans -0.6

Clinton-Dix had one really nice interception but dropped another that could have taken points off the board. This was HaHa’s highest rated game of the season and he was more aggressive all-around in this game. It was nice to finally see and hopefully that trend continues. Green Bay might have something in Jermaine Whitehead and I’d like to see him get in the game a bit more often.

To find an updated, running total of the grades throughout the season, click here:

Note: In these articles I often add tweets from Ben Fennell, Zach Kruse & Dusty Evely. All have been gracious enough to allow me to do so and are phenomenal follows. Please make sure you are supporting and following each of them! Thank you!

How I Grade

  • Each player starts by getting a zero or neutral grade on a play. If they performed as expected on a play, their grade stays at zero.
  • For a slightly above or below average play, the player gets graded -0.1 or +0.1. The vast majority of grades on the vast majority of plays are graded -0.1, 0, or +0.1.
  • The highest and lowest grades on an individual play are +2.0 and -2.0 respectively. These would be large, game-changing plays.
  • I won’t grade a play negatively if I cannot tell which player was at fault.
  • Most of the time it’s impossible to tell the play, so I’m not grading on the execution of the play call as an NFL coach would.
  • The goal of this exercise is to grade every snap over the course of the season to get a long-term view of which performers are performing well and which are not meeting expectations. This is very similar to what Pro Football Focus tries to achieve. Is it perfect? No. But what you are getting is a consistent grader who is watching specifically Packer games and putting multiple hours into every week to breakdown film and assign grades.
  • Grades are for offense and defense only (including two point conversions). Special teams does not factor in.
  • Preseason does not have All-22 film which makes this exercise even more challenging than usual
  • Bigger plays in the game such as a 4th and 1 or a two-point conversion are weighted higher than say a normal 1st and 10 play to start the game.
  • Lastly, the grades do not necessarily reflect who the best players are on an overall basis. As an example, Morgan Burnett may grade almost two full points below Jermaine Whitehead. Does this mean that Whitehead is the superior player to Burnett? No. It means that given the opportunities each player was given, Whitehead performed at a higher level for this individual game.

Please feel free to ask questions or comment below!



Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and appears weekly on 107.5 The Fan in Green Bay to breakdown film. This past season he was an analyst on Green Bay Nation on WFRV TV in Green Bay. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder; follow him on Twitter at @sconniesports.

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Tarynfor12's picture

This game film should kept as a reminder for everyone who labels players,simply because they're Packers as great and worth extremely more than ever should be in regard to their talents/abilities as a whole or individually.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

We suck on office we suck on defense suck on special teams suck it up president general manager coach defensive coordinator I give the grade SUCK

Turophile's picture

Get either a lollipop or a girlfriend, sucking is better then.

Turophile's picture

I felt sorry for Andrew Herman as soon as Rodgers went down, and even more so when Hundley showed he is not the answer as a backup. It must be very tough to watch the game again and again to grade players, when most of us don't even want to watch it once. Good and interesting read, as always

The man has dedication. I do hope it is more fun for him next season (assuming he still wants to grind out the analysis).

The TKstinator's picture

Same page, my brother.

Andy Herman's picture

Thanks man. Rodgers or no Rodgers I gain insight on the performance of the individuals and the team as a whole. It’s been awesome watching someone like Kenny Clark get better every week and even finding players who were playing poorly (Marty B & HaHa) before it was out there in the mainstream. Mostly I appreciate the people who are reading weekly and making the great comments. It really makes everything worthwhile. Thanks again!


croatpackfan's picture

Andrew, thank you very much!

AK Cheese's picture

Maybe Spriggs is tight end?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It is interesting that for the first two thirds of the game, Hundley had a pretty solid offensive line in front of him and GB couldn't generate any points.

I cringe every time I see clips showing Spriggs tucking his head to brace for impact and then wondering how he ended up whiffing.

Martinez and Ryan are decent, nothing more than meh, despite those tackle totals by Martinez. We should consider ILBs in the next draft (except that we have dire needs at OLB, CB, WR).

Lphill's picture

Kendricks arrested for marijuana. When it rains it pours.

Bearmeat's picture

It's become patently clear that without ARod, and with a competent QB (not Hundley) this is a 6-10 team at best.

Jordy, Randall, and CM3 need to take a massive paycut, or they need to be cut. We need impact WRs outside of Adams. Prefereably someone with speed. We need a RT. We need a TE. We need 2 OLBs. One of which has to be a blue chip player. Or at least a red chip player. We need a CB1/2 - depending on how King improves.

That, my friends, is a LOT of needs. I hope we find ourselves needing a new GM and coaching staff by 1/15/18 too.

GBPDAN1's picture

Of course Spriggs had the worst grade! This bum has been nothing but disappointing! Thanks for moving up to get him with a 2rd pick, Ted.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Uh oh...A. Rogers was just found to have smoked Marijuana just before the super bowl in 2011 no charges were filed but there were witnesses and they were police officers...and the police report was filed as no marjuana was found but he did have a funny smell to him. ...

The TKstinator's picture

If there were consequences for smelling funny...

Doug Niemczynski's picture

There could be nfl commissioner consequences in 2018...oh no....

Since '61's picture

Andrew great job as usual and thanks for your efforts.
I have no idea what Spriggs is doing out there or even what game he thinks he's playing but he is just a mess.

I don't understand how Nick Perry graded out as a top defender. He had 0 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 tackles for loss, 0 assists and 3 QB hurries. To me, this lines means that he didn't make any plays at all. Regardless of his grading this performance is nothing close to the salary he is being paid. Just another key game where Perry does not show up again.

As for the defensive communications and the hope for improvement, once again as always the answer is FIRE CAPERS.
Thanks, Since '61

Tarynfor12's picture

I mention Perry and.... #%[email protected]#%^%$$%^%$$%*&^$^&

Since '61's picture

Taryn - I know and I don't know why. He has always been over rated and now over paid IMO. He has his moments but they are too few and far between.

I appreciate Andy's efforts to bring us his weekly player by player analysis but I don't see how Perry earns a +rating from a game in which he had no impact.

Thanks, Since '61

Tarynfor12's picture

Thing is , Perry has never helped us win a game that we were close to losing but he certainly helps us lose games we are close to winning.

No doubt today he will get a stat{s} but it will be to no avail as they likely come when the game is to far gone with us ahead 20 and 2 mins to go or the reverse and his supporters will revel in his false accomplishment.

Perry is the like the warrior RB between the 40 yard lines that results in nothing truly positive for the team.

Andy Herman's picture

Since 61,

As always thanks for reading and I appreciate the comment. My easy answer is that stats can lie. I actually liked what Perry did more in this game than his 3-sack performance. His 3-qb hits, his ability to set the edge, and his overall play graded out well.

That said, I agree with you that he’s not lived up to his contract thus far. He was also up against an out of position, backup, below average LT for most of the game so he should have had a good and arguably better game. My grades do not factor in the player across from them.

So I stand by my grade and I do think he performed well but in genral but agree with some of your overall sentiments and observations on Perry.



Vrog's picture

Keep up the great work, Andrew

Andy Herman's picture

Thanks Vrog!

DD's picture

Unfortunately your rating system is missing the main point. Yes a grade here and there is positive and mainly negatives, but note that the game is called a team sport. If the majority of your grades aren't positive then we don't play as a team with all three units! Result: lose. The only plus that has counted is Rodgers, who made everyone a plus. That's the bottom line. Also, why don't you grade the coaches????? Or management????

Andy Herman's picture


Thanks for reading and for the comment. Grading systems grade different things; mine is setup to grade players individually on their performance on every play throughout the season. The goal is to get a better idea of how individual players perform, mostly in one on one situations. As you’ve mentioned it’s a team sport and how players perform individually don’t always add up to wins or losses. There are also plays in which the Packers give up a huge touchdown but it’s not possible to tell who was at fault. The play maybe went down as a neutral grade for all players involved but was a huge negative for the team. It is what it is, there is no perfect system. My hope is that my grades provide some level of value for the fans who are interested.



stormin's picture

Maybe they can sign TE Cook again from Oakland. Of coarse we need a new GM for that.

flackcatcher's picture

Good job Andrew. Watching the all 22 I could not believe the offense was this bad. Maybe all the unscouted looks got to Hundley. That's the only reason I could come up for him holding the ball on for so long. Gruesome performance.

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