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Giants: 37 Packers: 20

By Category

Giants: 37 Packers: 20

Donald Driver, Desmond Bishop, Ryan Pickett

The Bad

The Bad

Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, Jermichael Finley

The Bad

The Bad

Charlie Peprah



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Nerd's Laptop's picture

The two plays to end the half were far, far worse than 4th and 26. They basically ran the ball to drain the clock, but the dude got so many yards, they decided to do a hail mary. And well, that was UGLY.
The refs were going far out of their way to help us out, but we let them down. A wasted year, and a game that will live forever in infamy.

jack in jersey city's picture

yeah. the hail mary play was sickening

bkshimada's picture

I thought it was almost one of the biggest plays of the game and it was a total momentum killer too. Instead of being down one score at half, we were down two. But of course, the hail mary pass is not the only reason we lost. Offense, defense, everyone played a role in the defeat.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Worse than the 4th And 26? Gonna have to disagree with that. 4th and 26 was the ballgame, stop it And advance in the playoffs. Those two plays yesterday were terrible And inexcusable, but there was still an entire half to recover.

4th and 26 was the single worst play I've Seen in my 33 years as a Packer fan, closely followed by T.O. and his catch... Yesterday ranks 3rd for me.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

We wasted a year in which Arodge had an MVP season and we locked up HFA in the playoffs. We had it all in the palms of our hands, and just pissed it away.
Biggest waste of a season, ever.

Ruppert's picture

Sorry, but I can't put that Hail Mary ahead of 4th and 26. Or T.O.'s catch. Or Favre-to-Corey Webster, either.

But that Hail Mary was a killer. I mean, we could have gone into halftime only down 3.

But it probably wouldn't have mattered, to be honest. We played a bad game, pretty much all around. Special Teams might have been the best part of the Pack yesterday, and that isn't a good sign.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Yeah, Favre to Webster is definitely vying for the 3 seed

pacman's picture

Rodgers didn't play for 3 weeks. He is not a god. He couldn't make up for the defense against KC man coverage either and drops. What happened to back shoulder passes. [email protected]#$%. CM was hustling all over. But all in all, though it is hard to tell from watching - a team loss. So this one goes on MM for not getting team prepped and hungry. So you had a bad day...

jack in jersey city's picture

sorry pacman but the defense did enough for us to win the game in kansas city and, dare i say it, also did enough to keep us in this one. yes they sucked BIG TIME but they've sucked all year. i don't think the giants converted a single 3rd down in the third quarter and our offense couldn't seal the deal. i also thought that mccarthy called a pretty good game. he can't make his receivers and tight ends catch passes that are thrown to them and prevent guys from fumbling. that is soley on the players. the only thing i would fault mccarthy for was that stupid onside kick. there was no reason to do that at that point in the game and the statistics are against you recovering it. they lost the game because of turnovers. period. (i guess the 8 drops didn't do anything to help either ;))

PacMan's picture

Yes - the players made the mistakes - mental ones. Blame one or two players on himself. But the team fell apart. That's everyone's mental state. That's the coach.

Mike NJ's picture

I hated that onside kick.. there was absolutely no reason for that. Just gave the Giants good field position... I did an action move slow-mo "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" when they kicked.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I have zero problem with the onside kick, the giants got no points from it. Had we recovered, I guarantee nobody would have a problem with it today. Coach was being aggressive and trying to seize the momentum and steal a possession because I believe he realized his team was off, I like the call. People love aggressiveness when it works, well, doesn't always work.

Mike Nj's picture

At that point it was 10-10 so why make the aggressive play? Kick it deep and make Eli work for it. Key word is "had we recovered". You can talk about "what ifs" all day but in the end I would much rather have them go 3 and out down at their own 20.

Kevin's picture

I both agree and disagree. You make a good point that people love aggressiveness when it works and I must say that I love that our coach has the stones to make that aggressive of a move. However, go back and watch the kickoff before that one and the Giants do not turn their heads at all until the ball is downfield. That kind of a call should only be made when you see tendencies that suggest that you can recover the ball. Calling it in that situation was just plain stupid.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Coach said they saw a tendency in their film study, I'll take his word for it.

Speaking of what ifs, what if they get the ball at the 20 And hits nicks for 80 yards? Who says they get a three And out?

Look, it's easy to second guess these things, but I'd bet you were generally happy with McCarthy And his playcalling while getting us to 15-1. No? Gotta take the good with the bad.

Had the saints not recovered that onside in the SB (start of the 3rd quarter... Didn't need it, just being aggressive) it might have gone down as the biggest dipshit play in SBM history, but they did, And he's a genius.

Lots of things cost us the game yesterday, that onside wasn't one of them.

NoWayJose's picture

I think it's fitting you've called out of the official and unofficial captains of the offense and defense - Wood and Rodgers. Today's game was a team loss and those two more than anyone are responsible for leading the team.

McCarthy and his captains did not have the team ready to play today. Damn shame too.

dennis eckersley's picture

we'll never have an easier path to the super bowl than we had this year. I'd really like to give them a pass because of what they did last year, but actually last year was all about making up for all the bullshit overtime losses of the previous 7 years

Alex's picture

Jermichael Finley is NOT worth a big contract. He plays very soft and just isn't able to connnect with Rodgers. Why would we offer that kind of player a big contract? McCarthy always talks about players improving, but in Finleys ony full playing season (where he hasn't been injured) he's looked pedestrian.

B.J Raji needs to shut his mouth. The guy's done NOTHING all season long and yet always feels the need to be the voice of this team. I have no idea who voted him into the pro bowl but they obviously don't watch football.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm so torn on Finley. I understand the match-up problems that he causes and that opposing DCs need to focus on him, but surely that's true for Graham and Gronkowski too, and they still light it up.

That being said, Finley had what feels to us like a down year, and his numbers were still pretty decent. I'm sure our frustration comes from knowing that he could be at that Graham/Gronkowski level. As I watched him these last few games, he seemed to me like someone who had lost his confidence, probably due to the drops and resulting fan criticism. If he can get that confidence and fire back, then I think he can be in that upper stratosphere. Remember the Finley of the AZ playoff game? Dude could not be stopped.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Ted won't overpay for Finley, but I sure hope he's able to sign him, or tags him. He's obviously frustrated us all, but it's evident that DC's do worry about him (even with the drops), which does open things up for the other guys. This Offense scored the 2nd most points in league history, and Jerimichael was a BIG part of it, even if the #'s don't blow you away. Oh yeah, he's 24 years old, lot of football in front of him.

I say do your best to keep the band together, if the price is palatable.

glorious80s's picture

I recall hearing a player on ESPN radio saying something along the lines that he saw Finley was catching the ball incorrectly. This was about half way into the season.
If so, that is on the coaching staff.
It's also on the coaching staff that this team clearly was not ready and could not find a way to regroup. Include in this criticism the players, with exceptions.
My beef is that no one on this team could see this developing at least since K.C. Were the schemes getting stale?
A perfect waste of a 15-1 year.

Rocky70's picture

The best case scenario for MM & the Pack would be if Reggie M. was so enamored with Dom Capers that he hired him away to be HC of the Raiders. Unfortunately, this probably won’t happen & you know MM won’t dismiss Capers. The ‘genius’ of Capers which was so apparent last season never even remotely surfaced this season. He had 17 games to minimize the defensive flaws. The defensive problems against the Giants were the same as in game 1 way back in September. GB’s finest offensive football in it’s history was pretty much wasted because of an inept defense. Seems like someone has to be held accountable.

Alex's picture

Capers has had one season of good defense, the other two have been an absolute joke (people gave him a pass in his first season because of the adjustment, didn't see the Texans having that problem with Wade Philips this season). I think MM needs to have a long hard look at Capers and what he has ACTUALLY done. We can't keep looking at the SB win as an excuse for staying THIS poor on D. It'll be the last one we win for quite some time if thats the case.

Come ON Reggie, hire Capers!

Evan's picture

I think Capers deserves another season with some capable OLBs and DEs before we pass final judgment.

packeraaron's picture

NO question.

Bob's picture

Keep Capers if possible, he may get a HC job. Still changes need to be made, his scheme has struggled against good quarterbacks with the exception of a 6 game run at the end of last year.

Damian's picture

Capers should not be fired. If this defense was injected with some youth and speed in the draft it would be top notch. Some one opposite Clay, sadly probably a replacement for Collins, and a competent MLB in place of Hawk. This defense will work with the correct personnel.

Bob's picture

The defense needs a leader with attitude like Ray Lewis or Urlacher. The secondary needs to be made aware that NFL stands for not for long. I saw Williams on replay of one play lose his man 3 time because he kept looking to see what Manning was doing. Capers isn't completly innocent, the only chance this team had was a heavy blitz package. The two plays before the half he let Manning sit there and read and left a lot of space for the back out of the backfield. His defense is based on pressure, and to often he had three rushing . I remember one play with 3 rushers against 7 blockers. The game was changing when he went heavy blitz in the second quarter. Manning was taking a beating, then he tried to play it safe, big mistake.

Jeff Inman's picture

The Packers had a great run dating back to the Giants game in 2010. The loss yesterday was mostly the defense. I have to believe that if the defense doesn't give up so many points, the offense, as bad as they were playing, would have scored a little more. They would have had the ball a little more often without the deficit getting bigger and bigger. I know the turnovers and drops were a problem Sunday but the defense was a problem almost all year. That problem caught up with them Sunday. Still, the Packers are really good, if not great team, and will be a force for the next several years.

jack in jersey city's picture

i disagree. the defense has been shitty all year long and yet we were 15 & 1. they did just enough to keep us in those games while our high powered offense stepped up and won the games for us. it was the offense that lost both the game in kansas city and the game yesterday. it all comes down to the uncharacteristic turnovers and the drops by our receivers and tight ends.

Bob's picture

To me drops are turnovers.

EP66's picture

You are absolutely correct. Drops on 3rd downs are turnovers.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

No. You could choose to go for it on 4th down or punt the ball and gain 40-50 yards of field position. what if it's a third down completion 5 yards shy of the sticks? Drops on third down suck, but not exactly a turnover.

Hands's picture

How does BB use 2nd string WRs as DBs in NE and still win when GB has a pretty good set of CBs and lose?

Bob's picture

Aaron had an article about this last week. The secondary has no discipline. It will probably cost at least one position coach in the secondary there job and maybe both.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Good. Some fresh faces may be needed as it is.

Oppy's picture

I posted about this 'lack of discipline' previously here..

I commented that perhaps it's not always entirely good that our young DB's have learned how to play the position from Charles Woodson.

We've always glowingly referred to the fact that Charles (and, Al Harris) took all the young guys under their wings and taught them how to study film and to be ball hawks.

Problem may be that the young guys either don't have the skills, or don't have the experience yet (or both), to have any business trying to gamble and freelance the way Wood does.

I also mentioned that perhaps Joe Whitt, Jr. isn't so a much a good DB coach as much as a guy who lets his veteran CB's do their thing.

Who knows, we'll find out sooner or later.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

I cant believe you found 3 good players to put in the Good, Aaron, but you did make good choices there. I thought CMIII had a good enough game to make the Good, and showed effort and hustle.

This playoff losing at Lambeau is starting to get ridiculous. That should be in the Ugly.

chuck's picture

Easy on Capers, he doesn't play. Hard to find a good/great DC if he isn't a head coach, or going to be. Didn't see Dick Labeau, Gregg Williams, etc. lighting up their defenses either. Good offenses will pick apart the hole in the defense (see Peprah). If Collins can't go, we need another safety or move Woody there. One more pass rush guy and we have the same defense as last year. Capers can only do so much with that ROLB and SS. They missed Jenkins, they missed Collins more.

Jim Hurly's picture


I think your comments are pretty insightful. Peprah was a definite liability all year. TT knows letting Jenkins go was a mistake. He doesn't make too many, but this was one. We obviously need an upgrade at ROLB, also. Tramon's game wasn't as good this year, as well. We've got some holes to fill, obviously, but I think we can do it and be back in the hunt next year. To me, the most obvious problem was a lack of pass rush, which exposes flaws in the secondary to a larger degree. I have faith in TT and the scouting dept. Still love the Packers, and always will.

Bearmeat's picture

I think this was on the Offense more than the D.

You expected them to be bad, and for 3 quarters, they were.

However, you expect the O to put up more than 20 at home. Plus, 4 friggen turnoveres????

We gave NY the ball inside our 30 3 times! That's easy pickings...

This sucks. This sucks. This

jack in jersey city's picture

bingo! bearmeat is the winner!

Brian's picture

+1 for bear!

Chopper's picture

The good news is our team will be ready to go again for next year. The coach's did a great job. with maybe the exception of the 2 onsides kick calls way to early in the first and second half's. The team leaders and play makers could have done much better. Arron was off a few times but the 8 drops,"REALLY" several would probably have been TD's. we had some refs calls in our favor. but really the bottom line yesterday was the Giant's team came in more hungry. and you could see it from the start.
It was almost like our guys were just going through the motions expecting the win to be there at the end. We have a great team and couch's overall.

Josh's picture

IF this board weren't filled with so many Giants fans, I'd engage in a conversation.

fish/crane's picture

Going for it on fourth and 7 down by 7 with 12 minutes left with your O struggling and NY's O coming off two straight 3 and outs.... is a decision MM I am sure wishes he could take back.

Jesse's picture

You have to be kidding. They were on the 40 yard line (I think). That is too far for a FG and only changes field position 20 yards if the punt bounces into the end zone.

Going for it on 4th down seemed like a no brainer to me.

Bob's picture

Rodgers has to get that ball out. A sack has no chance of a first down.

fish/crane's picture

It was the 49 yard line...for the record.

o dragao da maldade contra o santo guerrero's picture

It was the 39 yard line.

overkill's picture

Rodgers in the sht dept? The guy that got us that far and rushed for the first downs?

Bob's picture

I agree here, if receivers hold onto the football, he did more than enough to win that game.

bkshimada's picture

I agree with Rodgers being in the bad category. Sure he was not helped by the rest of his offense. However, he also missed some throws and fumbled once. When this is a team loss with the blame on both the offense as well as the defense, I believe the captains should be held responsible since they are the leaders of the team.

MarkinMadison's picture

He was off. He was just plain off. No doubt about it.

glorious80s's picture

Agree, QB1 should not have been off. I'm sorry, elite QBs are not off in important games, at home, with three weeks to get ready. Not just on him, but he is the leader of the O.

juke's picture

If Rodgers was so out of sync with his receivers then didnt'Flynn have a record setting game in Week 19. But you cant do that to Rodgers.

It was the Off that lost the game. You are down 3 & Grant fumbles the ball in a crucial spot. Just knew this guy was do for a fumble. Guys like him & McGaheey just cant help themselves.

I am glad that the Packers & Saints lost. 2 QBS that i cant stand is Rodgers & his belt theatrics & Brees.

Real Footballs teams wear Grey & Blue!!!!

jack in jersey city's picture

go 49ers!

NoWayJose's picture

I hate to say it, but if there was a defining moment for Rodgers in that game, it was that 4th down play with 13 minutes or so to go, and his greatest demon reared its head. He sat on the ball and took a sack.

Look, it's 4th down, season on the line. Chuck the rock to someone. If you toss a pick, you toss a pick, but give SOMEBODY a chance to make a play. The Giants blitzed, sending 5 at him, he's got to make read and get the ball out.

If Favre's greatest flaw was his gunslinging, at time the opposite is true of Rodgers. Rodgers should have fired there. And I think its something that was happening all day. Got to be decisive and give our guys more chances to make plays.

This is FAR from the only reason we lost the game, but for those saying Aaron should not be in the Bad, I think there is ample reason he is there.

CAVEAT: I think Aaron Rodgers is great and I prefer his quarterbacking style to Brett Favre. I am not a Favre apologist and this is no way intended to start a Favre debate. Just an interesting comparison here.

Cole's picture

I'd give Capers one more year. If we are still giving receivers 10-15 yard cushions on third and short there must be a change made. It's like the d has cancer and they'd rather die slow than attempt to take any risk of surgery and possibly spread the disease. You're going to die, DO SOMETHING. Ny has two of the best wr's in the game, with that space they are going to eat you alive. And for some reason our DB's don't know how to play a hail Mary? That's on the players and the coaches, they have no fundamentals and play to get int's, well of they aren't playing the way the coaches want that's on the coaching. I would've rather had md Jennings in there instead of peprah, he's atrocious. His missed tackle and the hail Mary play alone were the difference in the game on the defensive side of the ball If we were in any other season besides the one after we won the Super Bowl capers would be fired and I don't know how anyone can argue that. Did u watch the 49ers tackle? That's how it's done, if u can't get your guys to learn how to tackle then you shouldn't be coaching in this league.

Cole's picture

And another thing..capers uses Matthews in the most ineffective way. Many times he was triple team. If he's your only viable pass rush option mOve him around. They leave him on the left side every damn play. Get him shooting on off the right side half the time and up the middle. Ya our d played like normal and we probably could've won of our o played perfect like usual but ny's d isn't perfect and they made impact plays(fumbles) our d made none, and besides int's against mostly crap qb's when it comes to making big plays in the biggest games made virtually none, the only one I can recall is the CM pick 6 on Eli. Bree's ate us alive, so did stafford, and in this game so did Eli.

Cole's picture

Sorry about tense and misspellings, cell keeps changing my words.

Cole's picture

And don't give me this crap about not playing So Oto because he isn't assignment sure. The whole defense outside of Matthew and Pickett couldn't keep an assignment to save their life. They kept bishop off the field for years because he was supposedly not assignment sure. Some guys are playmakers and you have to get them on the field, especially when the alternative is abysmal anyway.

Bob's picture


mark's picture

Can we add "The Fans" to the UGLY column? Along with the bullshit the Finley family had to deal with on Twitter, I'm seeing a lot of really stupid shit out there. Perhaps this is just the way it is nowadays when any jackass can login to the internet and post garbage, but those of us with class and brains (and there are a lot of us in Packer Nation)--we need to demand better.

We lost. Ok, fine. Listen, I'm 35 years old, and so far the Pack have won two Super Bowls in my lifetime. If I'm lucky, maybe we'll win two more in the next 35 years. But that will mean 33 years where we don't win. So I can smile and be glad for all the good times I had during a season, enjoying and watching the game, or I can throw a fit like a six year old.

Life isn't about winning. Life is about losing, and how you deal with losing. And guess what? How you deal with losing builds the character that eventually turns you into a winner.

If you haven't been paying attention, this is precisely the story of our quarterback, who spent his life "losing"--getting passed over by college coaches, then NFL teams during the draft, then by Packer fans loyal to Favre. How he dealt with all this losing is why he's now our MVP quarterback.

Real fans live and die with the Pack--in good the times and, even more so, in the bad. The ones who abandon the team at the first moment of failure, simply put: YOU AREN'T PACKERS FANS.

Looking forward to 2012.
Go Pack Go!

cow42's picture

'Life isn’t about winning. Life is about losing, and how you deal with losing. And guess what? How you deal with losing builds the character that eventually turns you into a winner.'

..........this is awesome.

Rocky70's picture

Certainly fans who get shitty via any social network is unacceptable. Many of these fans are still solid fans, they're just venting.

You sound like you're counting on the Pack winning 2 more SBs in your lifetime. The Vikes have been in existence for 50+ years & have never won a SB (0 for 4). I don't want to ruin your day but imagine finding yourself in 2061 at 85 years old & still having to savor GB's last SB win from last season (2011). It's all a matter of perspective.

Ruppert's picture

This is a great post.

I can understand some anger, and perhaps even some irrational comments immediately following a big letdown like this. I can only imagine what brilliance I would have splattered all over the internet on a day like today if it were so readily available 20+ years ago.

Idiot Fan's picture

I used to genuinely believe that the Packers had the best, most intelligent, and most loyal fans out there. Since 2007, however, that belief has been eroding away. We might have some great fans, but we certainly have some jackasses too.

PackRat's picture

Oline held up suprisingly well against the rush for > 3 quarters. Even gashed some running holes early.

Dropped passes killed early momentum and Finley was the worst. In a game where he could've created a big payday for himself, he played amazingly small. Passes to running backs took the place of plays to the inconsistent Finely and they didn't catch/hold-onto the ball either. YOTTO = Year Of The TurnOver or Year of the Tight end Totally Overated underachiever (sorry, had to stretch for the last one).

Would you use 6 mill to franchise Finley when you might get a real offensive upgrade (ie. RBs Forte, Lynch and Rice or guard Carl Nicks for 8 million or less)?

Giants in the media today are crowing about how easy it was to cover the Packer receivers.

Oppy's picture

No question that a defense giving up over 30 points is a bad performance by any standard.

That being said, I felt like the defense was not just on par with their average regular season performances, but they actually played a good bit better than they had during the regular season. For the most part, they shut down a two headed rushing attack that the previous week racked up nearly 200 yards, and this defense actually showed quite a bit of resiliency in the face of so many turn overs. They were really put in bad situations early and often and many times bent but did not break.. Still, a bad performance, but what did we expect?

The offense did not play up to a highler standard, however. They played at the lowest level of the season, despite a gutsy performance by the offensive line.

MrStylez's picture

How about

UGLY: Fundamentals namely ball security, catching the ball, and tackling.

jack in jersey city's picture

that works for me!

Timbo's picture

I'll be a Packers fan for life, but I am actually angry with my team right now. How on earth, after a season like that, at home, with an extra week to rest and prepare, can they come out and drop an absolute turd like that? Saints fans are disappointed today, too, but at least their team put up a fight. Good thing it's the offseason, because I need a break from these Packers for a while. What a letdown.

mark's picture

Nobody's saying it, and I wouldn't expect them to, but I think the performance on Sunday had something to do with the events during the week.

I think I read somewhere that Michael Philbin's funeral was on Friday, and I suspect the team wanted to win so badly for the coach and family that they came out tight. That tightness snowballed, possession after possession, with every miscue and every drop, fumble, hail mary, etc.

Again, this is just a hunch of mine. But these guys are human, and there's no doubt that the events of the week weighed heavily on the team. In any event, I'm proud of the way they handled the week, supported their coach, and how hard they tried on Sunday.

overkill's picture

Good point, Mark, wondered that myself, but we'll never know.

glorious80s's picture

But, Mark, I think the result was set long before the tragic incident. At least since K.C. the signs on how to beat the Packers were there.
The team was not prepared for the intensity of the Giants.
I watched Tampa Bay overcome a family tragedy that occured to their kicker and come out swinging, against a supposedly superior team. You may remember, it was against the Packers in '09. The GB players had to hold a team meeting afterwards.

Bill's picture

My only concern is with the millions of children, who, after watching the game were so disillusioned, not just with the Packers, but with football in general, that they threw down their pads and helmets and tearfully demanded their parents support them in ice dancing. First, it was Gingrich, then the Mitster, and finally this game — the ultimate insult.
It is the story of ?4 fumbles, 1 interception, 8 drops, an MVP QB rating in the 80?s (with two missed TD passes), a coach who went ga-ga insane in the second quarter and called for an onside kick, and a game that will not only live on as the worst defeat in the history of American football, but could possibly destroy the dream of America itself – for all people, world-wide. I see, darkly, a dystopian future. We descend on a ruinous path down the bleak and windy side of the mountain. It is a barren place, where mediocre teams from the northeast, backed by the full force and power of a corrupt Fifth Estate, gash our ankles like Palmetto scrub, and dominate what is left of American civilization. It is a path where children’s dreams die along the way. This game represents the final, rusty nail in the American coffin. Other than that, it was a fun season.

TundraBoy's picture

Where do you even begin?. Everyone I am sure has something about it that will drive them crazy.
I hear you. Future is beyond bright but it hurts. We did not show up today and play, no excuses. Only bright spots and they were too few were Bishops hits, The way Starks ran .( He is what we need more of in a runner, someone who does not always run right into people and hope for the best) and of course Driver showing the other guys how to CATCH anything thrown your way, What was most hard to take was lack of urgency. Noone seemed to want to tackle as if their lives depended on it, Hold the ball the same way. And this AFTER the Giants were poking at the ball all game!!!

One thing I never want to see again other than the way the DB gave up the hail Mary)is a Grant run or Finley drop.
Grant either runs like the first play (and not often enoug) or straight right into the tacklers!!

Offseason plan number 1: Either drop Grant or make him watch over and over old Jim Brown film and learn how to run hard and look to hit people first, instead of waiting for tacklers to come and let them strip ball from him,
We had a chance even after all the mistakes but that was the proverbial final nail in the end !

Have a great winter everyone

overkill's picture

Palmetto scrub? Little harsh, man.

dawg's picture

Piss-Poor--Shit, If I was MM, I'd hide in the basement until March!

49ers would destroy this team.
What a sad showing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pack66's picture

Well..well..well...Spud fell in the well....

Told you guys..ONE AND DONE this year!!!

He He....

Now if Favre had screwed the pooch like A-Rodge did and shit down his leg, you would be ALL OVER HIM..but not your "Golden Boy", Aaron Rodgers...

That's why I hate you Packers dooshes...You can't admit that you turned on FAVRE and screwed him over.....Now you see that your hero is flawed and you can't accept reality....

I've made the argument over and over that Favre had shit Packer teams to work with (and GM's and Coaches) and none of you fools would admit to it. If Favre stayed in GB, he'd have had 2 more SB's....but who could blame him for leaving...Do nothing Ted was happy with the 5-10 year plan...(now, don't get me wrong..Ted did do one thing well..he got the best WR's in the league for his butt-buddy, Golden boy, A-WAD)...and he wanted to do whatever it took to help him suceed, but not FAVRE...

Favre was the one who molded these WR' took a few years for them to develop, and Brett didn't have the he moved on....and all of you traitors..stuck him in the back...

And now I'm laughing my ass off because you're ONE AND DONE...(like the Saints), and probably won't be back next year..


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