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GB&U From Family Night

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GB&U From Family Night

Alex Green, Davon House, David Bakhtiari

The Bad

The Bad

BJ Coleman, Johnathan Franklin, Jeremy Ross

The Bad

The Bad

Mason Crosby



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Kevin's picture

There seems to be some conflict between Family Night reports over whether Ross did well or poorly. Seems that he did well on returns and poorly as a receiver. Zach praises him here
I wonder if the Packers value him more as a receiver or returner? Which one is more important for him to secure a roster spot?

packeraaron's picture

He was fine as a returner last night. He was less than inspiring as a receiver.

As for which is more important, I would tend to think he has to show more than he did last night as a receiver to end up sticking.

some guy's picture

agreed on Ross - can't be a one trick pony.

Idiot Fan's picture

For Franklin and Ross to be in the bad means that things were pretty good overall. I thought they were fine if unspectacular. Mason though, egads...

packeraaron's picture

I actually agree with you. Lots of promising stuff put on tape last night. Franklin had a very nice move after a catch along the sideline that got him extra yards and a first down.

Robert Olson's picture

Crosby will not be cut because a family night showing.

packeraaron's picture

Nowhere above does it say he will be.

That said, I would not be shocked if it happened. Do I think it will? No.

Nick Perry's picture

But he should. Once again Crosby proved he couldn't split the uprights even if the goal posts were positioned in each corner of the end zone. In the friendly confines of Lambeau Field, where he has nothing but Packers fans cheering him on, he kicks at a 37.5% clip. How can the Packers trust him? The bottom line is if McCarthy continues to talk about accountability and Crosby is still on this team, he'll lose half the team. Hell, I'd stop listening to him cuz it's all BS.

some guy's picture

he won't be cut because of family night. he'll be cut because his form has looked terrible for 2 years now and last night's brutal performance shows he still isn't over it. He's gone full Chuck Knoblauch

we have to cut bait. Tavecchio or someone else. I don't care. But Crosby's lost it. its not coming back.

Lars's picture

Maybe not, but if you read McCarhty's post-event response he's well on the way. Every practice, every scrimmage is important when you are fighting for a job---especially against somebody you were set-up to beat.

Enough excuses and coddling with this guy.

Horse's picture

Ross had a 49 yard return, no muffs, and looked okay as a WR except for falling down on one route when the ball was woefully underthrown anyway.

packeraaron's picture

Again - he was fine as a returner. And no, he did not look "ok" as a WR. His effort downfield on blocks for the running game was poor, and he had a bad drop along the sideline.

As for the "woefully underthrown" pass, I disagree with your take there. It was a fine ball - the QB just starred down where he was going with the pass. Ross has to stay upright so there's at least a chance he can muscle through the defender and either catch the ball or at the very least knock it down.

jmac3444's picture

Interesting that Alex Green was in the good as I did not see a lot from him during the scrimmage

packeraaron's picture

Showed great vision and patience the few runs he got, along with really good burst.

Also, his pass pro was on point. Quietly excellent performance all around.

packsmack25's picture

Green is Nagler's muse.

packeraaron's picture

Wait, I thought that was Harris? You guys need to pick a story and stick to it. ;)

packsmack25's picture

Don't worry Aaron, you're allowed to love them both. Their names aren't Bush, Finley, or Crosby, so feel free to love them unopposed.

packsmack25's picture

Also, glad to see a post by you.

packeraaron's picture

Thank you sir. More to (hopefully) come.

spiderpack's picture

VERY good to see a post by you Aaron!!

redlights's picture

I will opine that Cobb can be the receiver and Ross the returner and 6th receiver. Just get Cobb off returns and catch the kick!

If one can assume Boykin will be WR4, then there is room for a WR5 if Ross can't do it. I didn't see anyone better than Ross.

Ruppert's picture

Nice to see you, Aaron! Watching it, I can't say Franklin really struck me as being bad. He didn't really "make something out of nothing," and he certainly had chances to do that since I didn't think he really had any holes to run through. I liked seeing him catch a pass (at least I think it was him that caught a pass ) but any RB that catches a pass looks good. I'm not concerned about him yet.

I liked Lacy's shiftiness for a guy his size. But the overriding theme, for me, was once again seeing the Mason Crosby "missed FG face" over and over. The more I see it, the more it's becoming as annoying as the Keystone bitter beer face.

packeraaron's picture

Thanks Ruppert.

One of the things a back in the Packers offense is going to have to do is create on his own. It's just the way it is. They're never going to have much in the way of gaping holes to run through. Granted, Franklin was behind a pretty pedestrian group of blockers, often against a number of first string defenders - but I still would have liked to see one or two flashes of his being able to create something on his own. You saw that from Lacy - who, of course, got to run with the first string.

And yes, you're right, he caught a pass up the left sideline, made a nice move and picked up extra yards and a first down. That's where he can be valuable. Of course, before McCarthy puts him out there to catch passes, he has to improve in pass pro.

All in all, lots of time left, obviously. Just didn't see much last night.

hayward4president's picture

I don't know how we won't be a better running team this year. The battle at RB is heating up!

Jeremy Begle's picture

man its been a long time since i have posted on here an I have too say is I wish I could have seen FN on tv here in Indy, with that being said heard lots of praise about Eddie lacy and his run style and how good he looked.

As for mason my god it seems that his poor kicking has carried over into the off season, what I wonder is he over thinking his kicks to much leaning to one side. I mean the guy used to be dead on and now I cringe when we have to kick a field goal. My bet is he doesn't make the 53

jeremy's picture

It's been streamed by Fox11 every year for several years now. Likely again next year too.

Thanks Fox11!

BrianD's picture

Ross doesn't need to be a great receiver, only a great returner. If the Packers ever line up in a 5 Wide formation, they'll use Finley as WR #5 instead of the team's 5th receiver.

IndyPackerFan's picture

also heard Bulaga was doing well too with the transition that's a definite good thing since he will be covering Rodgers blind side

Cole's picture

They are stupid if they don't keep Ross. He's a dynamic returner. I honestly think he's a better returner than Cobb.

Jamie's picture

Was it too obvious to put Lacy on the Good, or was he so stellar that he was better than Good and thus disqualified himself from contention?

jeremy's picture

I thought Lacy looked great!

Lars's picture

Bakhtiari just might win that RT job from Newhouse, who's lucky Tretter got injured (center) or he'd be third in line behind Barclay and Bakhtiari.

primetime's picture

I hate punt returners. Why even put someone back there? They are a turnover waiting to happen. I think they are wasted roster spot. Just let the ball bounce and let them down it (unless it is within the 10 yd line).Once in awhile a 15-20 yd gain just isnt worth the pain of a turnover. I would like to see some data analysis on this.

retiredgrampa's picture

If more of our injured come back, (Patko, Sharrod, Williams, Tretter, etc.) we could become almost unbeatable. SO much talent not in play. Here's hoping!!

John's picture

Just read on JSonline that Bulaga might be hurt and could be season ending

Fish . Crane's picture

add ugly for not being able to find any highlights from this online...anywhere

Bibbon Hazel's picture

They Suck! On a better note looks I get to label another Packer with an awesome nickname because its eems "Gorgeous George" is going to knock out "Missin Crosby." Maybe the Pack can go get back"Shakey Dave" Reiner in a pinch! Hope Big Bak can settle into tackle nicely!

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