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Game Notes: And we're back!

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Game Notes: And we're back!

-- Oh, why, hello...

I didn't see you there.

If you've stumbled into clicking on this article, then you're probably well aware that, yes, it's Game Notes! The weekly column where I offer up a few thoughts on whatever it was the Packers did in a game the day before.

In this case, it's the preseason-opener edition -- hooray -- and there's so much to talk about. Hell, there's so much to speculate about. That's probably a little more fitting of a way to put things considering week one of the preseason draws overreactions like nobody's business.

But regardless of who I feel played well and who didn't, there are three positive takeaways that we can take away right off of the bat.

  1. We made it. It's August. But we made it. Football is back and the Packers travel to Chicago for the regular-season opener in less than a month. Still, we made it.
  2. The Packers escaped Thursday night with no significant injuries. Oren Burks suffered a shoulder injury and Matt LaFleur said Josh Jones is dealing with a "little nagging injury," but will be fine. That is a win in itself.
  3. Well, I mean, the Packers won. It's always a positive when the Packers win. Especially when it's a new head coach's debut. I don't care if it's preseason; morale is morale, man.

Okay, you've read through enough of my nonsense. Prepare for more nonsense.


Dexter Williams: good

No matter that it's the fourth quarter of a preseason game. Jobs are earned around the clock in the NFL, and Dexter Williams realizes that. The Packers' sixth-round pick was still running hard late in the game en route to 15 touches for 80 yards. 14 of those touches and 62 of those yards came on the ground, with his longest run going for 14 yards. He was getting extensive work with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams out with injury. It helps that the Packers also released Corey Grant hours before kickoff. That left Tra Carson, Darrin Hall and Wiliams as the primary tailbacks, and Williams stole the show. He showed so much burst and excellent vision in his cuts that I wouldn't be surprised in any capacity if he enters the season as the Packers' RB2 and unseats the other Williams.

To add on one last point to this. Unseating the other Williams is going to require a stride taken in the pass-blocking department from the rookie. One caveat to this is that running backs being superb pass-protectors may not be such a vital component in this new offense. I.e., an offense that may not only be predicated on the run, but around getting the ball out of Rodgers' hands quicker and on time. That means less time for both the offensive line and running backs to hold up in pass protection. 

"Summertime is always the best of what might be." - Charles Bowden

So, like, Ty Summers could be good. The Packers drafted Summers in the seventh round back in April and he popped off for 10 tackles in his preseason debut, accumulating nine in the first half alone. By the end of the second quarter, he tripled the next-closest defender's tackle total. But it wasn't just the tackling that helped him stand out. He was fast -- really fast and really athletic, which makes you understand why Brian ILoveAthletes Gutekunst drafted him. Summers played significant snaps -- possibly even the entire game, if I'm not mistaken -- and was putting on an impressive display of agility for a player of his size.

Don't get me wrong, he wasn't flawless. There was an instance where he was matched up with a ballcarrier in the open field and he didn't even get a hand on the guy. He missed multiple tackles and it was apparent that he lacked true NFL savvy -- for now. For a seventh-round pick playing a heavy snap dosage in his first live action, I was impressed.

The battle for QB1 intensifies

...yeah, that's right. Manny Wilkins is going to unseat Aaron Rodgers. I said it.

Okay. Shut up. I'm obviously joking. But the Packers' backup quarterback job is entirely up for grabs at the moment. Neither one of DeShone Kizer, Tim Boyle or Wilkins did enough to truly move ahead in the QB2 race on Thursday night, and that's not to say any of them played poorly.

Kizer played the entire first half and hit on eight of his 13 passes for 102 yards and a touchdown -- granted the ball placement on his touchdown pass nearly got wide receiver Darrius Shepherd killed, but it's okay! Everyone's okay. Boyle was three-for-five for 40 yards and two touchdowns, including one to inconsistent second-year receiver J'Mon Moore. He also completed a beauty of a pass -- and an even prettier catch! -- to Allen Lazard, who was with the team last year. Wilkins, however, didn't complete a pass (0-for-3) but ran for seven yards on three attempts. In fairness to Wilkins, he entered the game in the fourth quarter when the Packers were playing to secure their double-digit lead and run the clock down. Wilkins didn't get much of an opportunity to truly run the offense as a passer, but saw a nice implementation of read-options.

You could easily make the argument that Boyle moved ahead of Kizer Thursday night, but as of right now, I'd feel comfortable still keeping Kizer as the primary backup -- at the moment. If Boyle continues to ascend and build off of what was an already impressive preseason campaign a year ago, it shouldn't take much to dethrone Kizer. Right now, just leave that spot on the depth chart blank.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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EdsLaces's picture

If Summers turns out to be even a decent starter this draft is going to be one of the better ones of the last decade...

Packers2019's picture

No way is Kizer better than Boyle. I played QB and coached QB's and this is what I see:

Boyle has decisiveness in decisions, is more accurate in mid range and long balls, goes through his progressions, and has better pocket presence.

Kizer is not decisive and we saw that on some late throws to backs and TE's last night. He was inaccurate on some 15-20 yard passes last night and even the TD he threw to Shepherd almost got Shepherd killed because it was too high. He is still looking to run too quickly and that is why he does not go through his progressions of WR's.

Go back and look at the tape of last night. I think you will agree.

Mannix's picture

Could not agree more Packers2019 and must say I enjoy reading your takes today. Tim Boyle is what I thought Rich Campbell was going to be. He turned out to be a dud but this Boyle is a stud. LaFleur in pregame said he was looking for quick decisive thinking from his qb's. He said he didn't care if they even made mistakes as they are going to happen. He wanted confidence, poise but more than anything quick decisive thinking as you also said and Boyle did that on every single snap. Boyle is probably one of the best deep ball throwers in the NFL and much better than Rodgers to be honest. He just has a knack for accuracy and hitting receivers in perfect stride. His deep passes were so good that he caused the db's to hold the receivers twice in a series for major penalty yardage. He was incredible last night. Then we have people here denying what they see and still think Kizer deserves the no. 2 yet. Mind boggling.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"Boyle is probably one of the best deep ball throwers in the NFL and much better than Rodgers to be honest."

Mind boggling......

Mannix's picture

I know it is mind boggling to think someone on his own team throws a better deep ball but it's absolutely true. I'll take Rodgers any day of the week to complete every single pass sideways, sidelines, left and right, down the middle, medium, short range etc but when it comes to throwing extremely deep and in stride I'll take Boyle over Rodgers. Kurt Warner was probably the best but Boyle is up there. You'll see Spader, you'll see.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Go back and watch the video of Rodgers throwing the ball 70 yards down the field into a tiny net. Not saying Boyle can't throw the ball deep with accuracy but Rodgers is on a whole other level.

Mannix's picture

What does throwing a ball into a net have to do with throwing in a live game. Absolutely nothing Spader. I can't believe this was your argument. lol Mind boggling

By the way, it's not 70 yards. It's about 30 yards or so. I saw this many times. They have it at Family Nights to keep the fans from being bored to death. Boyle by the way hit the most last year to the cheers of thousands in the stands. He beat Rodgers last year. This year I don't believe Rodgers hit any. No news on it.

Coldworld's picture

This must be satirical.

Pierre's picture

You’re right, Boyle is very accurate throwing the deep passes and that is what lead the Texan DB to commit pass interference deep versus the GB receiver. That TD pass to Lazard was incredibly perfect in placement and timing. I don’t know what people are watching not to see how good Boyle played QB in the short time he had against the Texans.

WestCoastPackerBacker's picture

Hahaha. Boyle had 5 throws last night against deep backups, guys who will be out of the league in 6 weeks. Hahahahaha. He's better than Rodgers at he deep ball. Thanks for the comic relief dude.

Old School's picture

My memory reaches back a long way. Daryl Lamonica carved out the nickname "The Mad Bomber". I've seen other QBs who could throw a sweet long ball. But Rodgers stands at the head of the class, IMO. I think I read once that he has more TD passes over 40 yards than anybody.

And you can see that manifesting in his Hail Mary's. On target, at the appropriate angle. He even buys time for his receivers to get downfield.

So even though I liked what I saw from Boyle, I don't think he's the best long ball thrower in NFL history.

Coldworld's picture

Don’t take into account playing verses starters and twos verses threes and fours and ignite accuracy and touch issues and perhaps one could mistake Boyle’s decisiveness for distinction. In reality it was apples and oranges.

The Texans if the second half were not close to as tight in coverage or in their ability to pressure the QB. Kizer likely distances himself from Boyle.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Boyle a lot, if it wasn’t for the irrational excess of the Boyleistas, I would probably be lauding his play. I still think he could start in this league. Kizer last night wasn’t perfect, but he made some very difficult plays against a D that looked pretty competent.

Wilkins didn’t get much chance to show, but he looks like a PS possibility at best to me. The other two are a long way ahead of him at this point. Not surprising given his limited opportunities in his first game, which unfortunately also made it difficult to gauge his upside.

Mannix's picture

You are way over selling Kizer. He played like crap the first two series. He put half the fans in the stands to sleep longing for the days of Taysom Hill. He had one decent series in his final series and I think that was due to putting half the Houston defense to sleep by then. His very final td pass was so bad and so high that poor Shepherd had to jump 15 feet in the air to catch it and the safety almost took Shepherd's head off on the way down. If he hit him just a foot to the left I almost bet we're talking Darryl Stingley II today. Kizer owes Shepherd an apology for that horrible high pass. Honestly, it was probably one of the top ten worse td passes in Packers preseason history.

Compare this to Boyle who was faced with playing with receivers like Shame on Moore who catches one in every four accurate thrown passes. Boyle had no choice but to throw to him twice despite knowing he can't catch. Talk about facing adversity. LaFleur gave Boyle a mountain to overcome and he still did. Boyle did moore with less. Boyle's performance was far far more impressive. It's not even close. I just wish people here would call it fair.

fastmoving's picture

Rip, also known as the biggest loser since they pump up the footballs, is back in full stride……..
Trolls will troll, they have nothing else besides that.

WestCoastPackerBacker's picture

Boyle had 16 snaps and all of 5 passes playing against many guys who won't make the team. I don't think that's enough to anoint him better than anybody.

Jersey Al's picture

Fear not good people of CHTV, Mannix (dash) is blocked... again.

Demon's picture

I thought you got banned. Are you going to tell us about your gift of being able to identify franchise qb's again? Why dont you try to sell your services to NFL teams? That 'gift' would be worth millions. Think of the amount of scouts you could put out of work and the amount of money teams would save by consulting with you.

The whole Boyle thing to me isnt even worth commenting on. As far as I'm concerned he is just another in a long line of bodies I hope never see's the field.

Mannix's picture

How's it going White Tornado. Why did you change your name?

As far as franchise qb's go, it looks like a certain person who put his neck out on the line for a certain young talented unknown qb is still looking pretty good in that prediction department. Wouldn't you agree White Tornado?

Coldworld's picture

You weren’t the only one. Still like his potential, still see the rough edges. Not sure where you went from promise to anointed GOAT.

Demon's picture

Im not ashamed yes i changed my user name if you would have been here a few days ago i gave my real name

I didnt change because i got booted like you Dash

NitschkeFan's picture

Dash, you still taking bets that Boyle will have a better career than Favre? I remember you disappeared after people tried to take you up on your trolling nonsense.

sonomaca's picture

They may have to keep 3 QB’s once again. Boyle likely won’t make it to PS, but they can’t trust him to be backup yet.

Coldworld's picture

Very true.

A Pickled Packer's picture

I think Boyle is going to see a lot more action in the next game. Should he start and play well the handwriting may be on the wall for Kizer.

GatorJason's picture

Kizer's eye-balling of targets, inaccuracy, indecisiveness and lack of field awareness are the reasons why he cannot translate his significant athletic gifts into production. I put DeShone Kizer, J’mon Moore and Josh Jones into the category of plus athletes who lack game-day awareness and confidence needed to be successful in this league. Scouts should give more credence to a player's production in college and conference accolades earned than looking at a player’s pure athletic prowess and assuming NFL coaching can correct deficiencies. Kizer led teams couldn't win at ND (4-8) or Cleveland (0-16). Josh Jones was not even honorable mention in the Coaches All ACC team the year he was drafted. J'mon Moore was 2nd team SEC but already had case of dropsies while catching passes from Drew Lock. More emphasis needs to be put on player production and more respect given to conference accolades versus rating players based on pure athleticism.

Old School's picture

Inaccurate and indecisive. Yup. I call it “he doesn’t compete” . He executes and makes reads and progressions but it’s like watching a pole dancer just going through the motions as opposed to someone who’s really in the moment, like Boyle.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Things I see/hear. 1. Gary is talented but raw yet.
2. Savage didn't get much time in.
3.raven Greene has great instincts
J4. enkins might just take that starter spot... Leaving Madison and Taylor as the back inside guys with light and McCray as back up tackles? I wouldn't be mad at that... But not excited about it either.
5. No signs of life gram Jace. But bayliss played well could be a good p.s. guy
6. Hollman if he continues his fast development... Could make us forget about King in the future if this season.
7. Wow we suck at tackling with the young guys... Drilll work going to have to be heavy there..
8. Summers and Martinez could be a strong pairing if the kid keeps it up.
9. Moore isn't ready yet..
10. Shepard is doing everything right to make this roster

sam1's picture

It would seem as Moore cooked his goose last night! Really some easy catches dropped! I think the guy hears foot steps!

sonomaca's picture

This was his issue in college. Of course, Davante once had the same problem.

4thand1's picture

Davante caught a million passes in college. He had a few drops his rookie year and a lot of people in here labeled him a bust. Then gutted out a high ankle sprain year two.

jannes bjornson's picture

Moore will be lucky to make the P squad. The NFL is a mental game as well as physical. No comparison to Adams.

Mannix's picture

I've been thinking about this since there's been a lot of talk about Moore having a type of mental disorder when it comes to drops. I know Cole Madison suffered with some type of PTSD and took an entire year off with pay. Couldn't J'Mon Moore claim PTDD (post traumatic drop disorder) take the year off with pay and come back refreshed and ready to drop I mean catch again next season? Just curious.

MWendlandt's picture

Dude, I know that you're a troll who has nothing else to do but try to rile up Packers fans but to make a joke about PTSD is low even for you. Just go away already. We were starting to have great conversations on this board before you came back.

murf7777's picture

He might not compare to adams, but Jordy had concentration issues for his first few years. Moore is very athletic and gets open....I personally hope he makes the PS without another team picking him up.

Coldworld's picture

James Jones almost lost his place for infuriating drops (usually of easier catches) .

Swisch's picture

I seem to remember both Jordy and James dropping probable touchdown passes in our last Super Bowl -- flubs that tend to be forgotten with other successful plays and ultimate team victory.
The challenge for J'Mon is the incredible young talent competing with him for positions at wide receiver for the Packers.
For example, I can't help but wondering if Darrius Shepherd (as well as Boyle at QB) are real diamonds in the rough who have unique gifts for legitimate star potential.
If any guy wears the Packers uniform, even for a short time, I think he has a special place in the hearts of most Packers fans.
So I think we're just about all wishing well those guys who don't stay with the Packers, whether elsewhere in the NFL, or someplace in life.
May God bless all of our guys on and off the field.

MWendlandt's picture

That was my first thought when watching Moore last night. It looked just like James Jones during his first couple years. Part of why I'm hesitant to give up on him just yet. There's a reason he's getting so many targets, he's constantly open.

Branden Burke's picture

I agree. The dude gets open. If he fixes his catching issues he could be a very good player.

SmallmouthBass's picture

Your twitter game and meme usage is the best.. a great follow. Just here to show some appreciation and hope for continued humor, Thanks Zach!

fastmoving's picture

Zach is really good.
But you sound like a funny guy. Hope you keeping your meme usage up. And your Twitter stuff is even more funny than you and thats not an easy task to accomplish.
We laught at you all the time. Wigs up you inside Joker.

SmallmouthBass's picture

*confusion enters the room*

fastmoving's picture

Yeahhhh, welcome Small.

jgando12's picture

Promising debut vs. experienced QB who played entire game. Takeaways were HUGE as they build momentum. This is the most quick, athletic D as we have seen in many, many years. That depth will also be HUGE for us.
One mo' time....HUGE!!!

scullyitsme's picture

Oh crap, here we go with dash again. Moderators can we please just fast forward 3 months, you know when dash hits the height of his insanity and posts a 100 comments on one article boasting about Boyle, Trump, and whatever else flashes in his brain and ban him now? Save us the agony of watching the decline this time? Yes I know. Occasionally he’ll stumble over himself and make a decent comment accidentally, but we all already know where this ends. Thanks

Mojo's picture

You are correct, Dash (et al) has returned.

Mannix's picture

I don't know Mojo. All I see is a guy who loves the Packers and really likes the prospects of the Packers finding their next franchise qb in Tim Boyle. I see lots of people uncomfortable with the prospect of that person being right. I think they should ban people like that. We need more personal attacks and ganging up on people we don't agree with. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Coldworld's picture

A parable for an increasing descent into madness through each persona. If there was a Packer fan in there (I think there was a couple of incarnations ago) that fan seems long gone.

fastmoving's picture

Maybe Dash should get a mirror...…...some glasses…….Maybe (huge maybe I know) that would help

Lare's picture

At least Dash/Mannix stays here and ruins this forum, the rest of us can go to others and not have to put up with the attacks, politics and nonsense.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Awesome Scully!

Jonathan Spader's picture

I wonder if Rash Diprock will return as well?

Lphill's picture

So the President is a racist because he wants to keep American citizens safe by not allowing unknown illegal immigrants from crossing the border? Just wondering

Swisch's picture

Good point, Lphill.
After the scam of falsely framing President Trump as a tool of the Russians for the first half of his presidency, I can't help but wonder if the new scam is to portray Trump -- and anyone who may vote for him -- as a racist, white supremacist.
I'm tired of being manipulated by the media and the politicians they promote. Funny, I never heard a word about Trump as a racist in all of his many prior years in the headlines.
I realize this is generally not a place for politics, but I didn't bring it up in the first place.
If anyone is trying to say true Packers fans wouldn't support our current president in any way, that's totally inappropriate, here or anywhere else.
If anything, Vince Lombardi, as well as John F. Kennedy, would be shocked by the Democratic Party as something beyond their recognition.
By the way, the family I've married into is heavily represented by people of color -- Spanish-American, Native-American, African-American.
As a Catholic and an American -- like Vince Lombardi -- I passionately believe that all people are created equal, and deserving of equal human rights.
Like Martin Luther King Jr., I'm concerned about the content of our character, not the color of our skin.
I also believe in putting Americans first, the families who have built this country with their sweat and defended it with their blood. It's good to have priorities, and boundaries.
Now, I'm glad to get back to talking football. My best to all.

fastmoving's picture

I dont know if the Wig tells just one time the truth. Just a shame how he run the country into the ground. We will still clean this mess up when he is long gone.
Hate and manipulation it all he got, he and his Fox News minions. Dont know like he and his extrem dumb agenda and his conspiracy theories got 40 Millionen voters. People just try to blame someone for her problems. He likes to hate and point fingers, but never worked a day in his whole life. He does not care about anyone besides him. Never saw someone unamerican like him.
Besides blame everyone on everything and loose all the money his dad made, he has nothing to offer.
He does not know what science means but acts like Jesus and wants to beat cancer and everything else. He claims there are 120000 People on his really when the stadium has only room for 20k. He is off with everything he does and we are a republican Family, but for the first time all of us will vote against the GOP.
And, you wont know, but Vince Lombardi was the complete opposite to him. And for me, the Packers are also the opposite of his believes (if he has some).

Samson's picture

You're right. --- Look for anything Dash, Skip greenBayless and/or John Kirk & of course now Mannix.... The dude's a nationalist & a racist (like the POTUS)..... The CHTV mods definitely need to fix this again.... I'll return after the "Bear Beat-Down" on 9/5/19 to see if CHTV has flushed the toilet.

Coldworld's picture

You really think so? I think he just takes positions to wind known targets up. I think that’s all this is.

Samson's picture

Come on, Coldworld, as smart as you are... you have no problem with Dash & his political views on a football blog??

Remember:..."if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck."

Coldworld's picture

I don’t disagree that he has said nationalist things unrelated to football that I think have no place here.

I am saying that I think he chooses the views to expound on specifically to offend people, whether it’s a football topic or a political statement. I don’t know what he really believes. I don’t even know if he cares. I think he just tries to get a rise and attention. In my opinion that is his game.

Old School's picture

The only politics I see here are yours. Irony much.

Mannix's picture

Thanks for noticing OS. I spend my day talking Packers football mainly my favorite player Tim Boyle and these guys lead by Samson talk nonstop politics, call me and others a racist for supporting Boyle because they "care" about the integrity of this place. Yeah total irony. smh

Old School's picture

Only one person on this site has let me know what his politics are. That’s one too many.

fastmoving's picture

Samsung, I know, most of the time Im not with you, but seems like in the really important things your right on the money.
Dash (and the moronwig of course) is all that……..and the opposite to Packer People at all. And the opposite to Vince Lombardi and all he believed in.

Coldworld's picture

Good point regarding Lombardi’s beliefs. No place here for racism.

Swisch's picture

While it may not take much detective work to determine that Mannix is Dash, I'm glad to have him back.
However, as myself a person who tends to get carried away with things and take them too far, I would encourage Mannix to consider limiting his posts.
Having said that, I'm glad if "Mannix" gushes over a QB with a "Cannon" arm; or, like "Kojak," says of a player, "Who loves ya, baby."

Mannix's picture

Hey Swisch, I don't know who this Dash guy is but wow, it sounds like he had quite the impact here. Whoever he was I clearly must either write/sound like him or have eerily similar opinions on the Packers especially on Boyle. I haven't figured out if people comparing me to him is a good thing or bad thing. I am getting mixed signals. I responded to you only because I have a very good instinct on who the nice people here are. You are one of those guys. I just met a lovely lady named Rebecca as well. Lots of new people here that I am getting to know. Should be an exciting preseason Swisch.

Swisch's picture

Hey, Mannix, I think all of us Packers Backers would do well to stick together in a harsh world of Lions and Bengals and Bears, oh my!
Along with sincere debate and even strong differences, I hope we all find here ultimately a camaraderie in rooting on our historic team of common endearment.
Just to be safe, though, Mannix, I'd like you to name ten guest stars on your series who went on to greater fame in the world of acting -- you know, the Tim Boyle-types who went on to Emmys and Oscars and other forms of entertainment acclaim.

Mannix's picture

Hey Swisch, I'm not going to give you ten. Too much but I will say the person who reminds me most of Tim Boyle is John Ritter. He played a very small role on the show as small time thief. I thought a lot of him as an actor and low and behold about 4 years later he becomes the star of the no. 1 show Three's Company. I see the same potential with Boyle. Even more so than Ritter aka Jack Tripper. I hope this answer is sufficent. By the way, I once worked with Larry Pennel on a stalking case.

Swisch's picture

Just looked up Larry Pennel on Wikipedia.
He was apparently a highly promising baseball player before switching to a nice acting career that was long and varied -- including a couple of guest roles on (What da ya know?) the detective series, "Mannix."
Also according to Wikipedia, the hundreds of guest starts on "Mannix" include John Ritter, Tom Selleck, Martin Sheen, Diane Keaton, Erik Estrada, Loretta Swit, Marion Ross, and Christopher Knight.
I remember your show, Mannix, but was a little too young to be a viewer. I came of age during, "The Rockford Files" -- (and started watching the Packers in earnest at age 10 during the 1972 division-winning season of John Brockington and MacArthur Lane, after which things went downhill for most of the next two decades).
Ah, please excuse this old-timer his ramblings.
Good to have you here, Mannix.

LarryPennell's picture

Larry Pennell also played a character named Dash Riprock, small world huh?

omega's picture

I didn't get to see much more than clips and highlights since it was out of my market. Some promising things it sounds like, except apparently the horn needs to go.
Honestly I was hoping for some good individual performances, but would've been OK with them getting blown out on the scoreboard. That way all the grumpy season ticketers would overreact and put their tickets for sale so I can have more choices for the games I would like to attend.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

It helps that the Packers also released Corey Grant hours before kickoff.

Wonder what happened? Anyone know?

Coldworld's picture

No, but I am curious.

Hope it wasn’t to make room for Jason Spriggs rebound through waivers to IR list.

stockholder's picture

Offensive linemen are the key to deciding the way a game is going to play out week to week. Every Backfield Hall of Famer, has given the Offensive line credit for them being there. Since are expectations are the super-bowl. The vision should be a great offensive line. But whats going on in Green Bay, is versatility is more important. Nothing should stand in the way of keeping the chains moving. Dominance will only happen when the switching stops.

Swisch's picture

Barring a Kizer roll, the competition for backup quarterback -- at least for some commenters here at Cheesehead TV -- may be about to Boyle over.
This may be a case where both players are going to be good, but that both need considerably more polishing.
To be fair to Kizer, although his TD pass to Shepherd was high, it was a throw made on the run after some impressive scrambling.
It may be that Boyle has that certain something in terms of sizing up the field and making good decisions that puts him above the average NFL quarterback -- and makes him a potential starter.
Also, his accuracy may be on the way to being exceptional.
Yet I wouldn't count out Kizer as a potential starter in the NFL, or perhaps a solid back-up.
Both of these guys are so young, and this particular season is so early.
It may be that the Packers would do well to look for a veteran backup at QB while developing one of these young guys at the position.
However, Rodgers is due for a healthy season; and if all goes well, he will be safer for having the discipline and humility to get the ball out quicker the vast majority of the time (while still getting plenty of opportunities for the spectacular).
So maybe you focus on Kizer and/or Boyle as the backup this season, and make sure he's really ready to go in 2020.

Lphill's picture

Packers need to sign a veteran backup to Rodgers not named Kizer or Boyle , Boyle would not be in the NFL if not for the Packers, there are guys out there , after the next pre season game I would imagine it will be time to make that decision.

Mannix's picture

Here's an idea. Why don't the Packers trade Kizer to Phil for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. They just lost their backup qb. They are desperate and Packers have leverage if Kizer is as great as many of you think he is. Kizer is the perfect qb for that team. Thoughts?

I would bet 100% that the Packers are calling Phili right now asking about Kizer. They did this with Hundley to Sea last year don't forget. Gutey is going to cut Kizer in a few weeks. Might as well try to get something for him.

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"The Bears still suck!"
"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "