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From the Press Box - Mid-week 13 Edition

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From the Press Box - Mid-week 13 Edition

You'd think that waiting until Wednesday night to do this column would find me maybe searching for a new take on an old story. I mean, what is there to chat about when I touched on the Tebow/Elway drama, Jacksonville and KHAAAAAANNNNN and playoffs on The Hard Count this week already?

What hasn't been talked over by everyone else already? I'm screwed....until.....

Thanks Mike Martz!

Nothing like a little CYA in week thirteen. It's not that players don't screw up plays. They do.

You just don't need to start blaming your players publicly unless it's an extreme screw up—especially your back-up quarterback with all of 50 passes in his career, 36 of which came last week. I mean, it's just poor form.

Poor form from the guy whose lack of protection schemes are the reason his starting quarterback is not playing.

Mike Martz has a rep for getting his quarterback murdered. He's also living off his time in St. Louis. Since he left the Rams, he's been a lot less successful and has yet to replicate the 'Greatest Show on Turf'.

It only makes him look worse when he can't own up to things himself. It always speaks badly of a man's character when he can't help but blame everyone around him for his failure.

I mean, Jay Cutler is coming out in Hanie's defense. Jay Cutler. The human mope. That says something.

I've never been a Martz fan. Thought he was great in St. Louis, but not very impressive since.

This doesn't help.

Wheels Coming off the Broncos Wagon?

Don't worry loyal Hard Count listeners, this isn't more Tebow Talk.

Reports have surfaced today that rookie DPOY shoo-in and the world's only Hipster linebacker Von Miller has torn ligaments in his thumb, had surgery on Tuesday to repair the injury and could miss Sunday's tilt with the mighty Minnesota Vikings.

Now, short term this won't hurt Denver. The Vikings aren't a team I expect to beat them (though let's be honest—I said the same thing of the Broncos going into the Jets game) and I think Denver can walk out of the weekend one step closer to getting me a free dinner from Nagler and an 8-8 record.

Longer term though, this injury could be a problem. Reports were originally that Miller had broken his thumb and that might have been worse. Longtime friend, Denver radio host and NFL Insider Cecil Lammey broke it down on his show on 102.3 the Ticket today. With a broken finger/thumb, Miller would likely keep playing, though with what is termed a 'club' on his hand. His hand would be fully wrapped so that the fingers were basically covered completely and look like a club.

Cecil pointed out that part of the strength in Miller's game is his ability to take guys down with his hands—that he makes an awful lot of plays by grabbing guy's feet or ankles and hauling them down.

You can't do that very easily with your hand wrapped in gauze and tape. While he may not need the same type of protection, his hand is likely to be well wrapped anyway to protect the healing wound.

How many of those shoe string plays has Miller made that have saved the Broncos? A dozen? More?

If he can't do that, how will that affect the defense?

Surely Miller isn't the only reason for success on that side of the ball. He's a big part though and the defense, in turn, is a huge part of Tebow's success.

If the Broncos' defense can't keep things close, can Tebow bring them back?

It'll be interesting to find out.

I Owe You Guys One Article on Good Teams

I meant to do it this week, really I did. Didn't happen.

Next week we really and truly will talk the cream of the crop: The Packers, the 49ers, The Pats and their ilk.

I'll tell you who can keep it up and who can't and who might show up on the same list at the end of the year.

So enjoy the games and we'll meet back here next week.

PS - I will be joining the gang on Cheesehead Radio tonight at about 10pm EST 9pm CST. Come by and hear me explain why the New York Giants might actually show up against the Pack come Sunday.

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Jim Hurly's picture

The "mighty" Minnesota Vikings. I like the sound of that!

andrewgarda's picture

Gonna get run over by the Tebow train!



That was a train whistle, in case it was unclear...

MarkinMadison's picture

Oh dear. Yeah, I'm not on that train. Not until someone works on his form in the off-season.

MM is toast and he knows it. Comments like this will only make his next possible employer pass on him, or at least have a lot of second thoughts.

PackersRS's picture

When Jay Cutler is defending you, you've hit rock bottom. "yeah, Hanie is doing a fine job, whatever".

I just find it hilarious that Cutler clearly hates Martz. I mean, he's right, Martz is an idiot that can't see his OL can't block, and keeps asking for 7 step drops. "30 yard digs KILLS a defense! They'll never see it coming!". But the Bears are out of control! I mean, moreso than they were before!!!

I always thought that the vikes were the most hilarious franchise, but I'm beginning to think that it's the whole NFC North! The Packers are now classy, but they've had their share of drama...

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