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From The \"I\'m Just Saying...\" Dept.

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From The \"I\'m Just Saying...\" Dept.

I just read the most horrific thing in the comments section over at PackerGeeks. Working from some gargantuan leaps of logic, the talk of Driver's disatisfaction with his contract comes around to Driver possibly getting cut. Then, we're treated to the following from commenter 'Kozak':

Nightmare scenario. Favre and Driver on the Queens.
I need to take a shower now.

You better use extra Lava.

As unlikely as this is, and it is highly unlikely, there are enough moving pieces here that could actually fall into place and make this happen. Favre on the Vikings would be tolerable only in so much as the drama would be enjoyable in a Shakespearean Tragedy kind of way. If both Favre AND Driver were playing for the Vikings, it would turn into something more akin to a really bad '70s disaster film, a la Towering Inferno or The Poseidon Adventure - enjoyable insomuch as they make you sick while being entertained at the same time...

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Pack93z's picture

Slight issue on that scenario.. it is called cap room.. with adding Favre and his monster cap number; the Vikings cap would be tested to its limits.. adding a 5 Million plus receiver to the mix would make it utterly explode.

packeraaron's picture

As I said, lots of moving pieces. ;)

Pack93z's picture

You should like PFTalk and their very expanding "Reporting as I heard" type statements... In the realm of Pro Football almost all moves could happen with "lots of moving pieces." ;)

Doesn't make it any more likely than Julius Peppers playing in Green Bay..

packeraaron's picture

Um...did you really take a post with references to 70s disaster films seriously? It was a joke post...

Pack93z's picture

Apparently I failed in my sarcastic remark.. that upon not rechecking the comment before posting.

With some of the itchy trigger fingered Cheesehead's running around with the Kampman panic added to Driver's rumors one can never tell...

I swear Packernation must have drama or it won't feel right in the offseason..

PackersRS's picture

Offseason is so much fun! A LOT of stories and almost zero facts. But, hey, it's better to read those crazy suppositions than to have nothing to read for a week... Guess it's time to pick up a book. ;)

bucky's picture

I'm as likely to be nominated to the Supreme Court as we are to see Favre throwing to Driver wearing Vikings' purple.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

It's weird that you posted this. I had that very thought yesterday, then tried to scrub it from my mind. I'm sooo hoping this Driver thing is much ado about nothing (or at least nothing as bad as playing for the Queens)

dustybricks6's picture

I hate to say it because he's one of my all-time favorite Packers-- but if we can get good value for Driver, we do it. I want to see money sent to Jennings and if that means losing Driver, I feel confident in our other receivers to pick up the slack.

Nick's picture

Yea but you don't send him to the Queens...

packeraaron's picture

dusty - Thompson would NEVER trade Driver to the Vikings. The imagined scenario above supposes he gets cut. I don't see that happening, but stranger things have happened...

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