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Free Agent Center Jeff Saturday to Visit Green Bay?

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Free Agent Center Jeff Saturday to Visit Green Bay?

Speaking on Sportscenter Monday, amidst the breaking news that Peyton Manning had picked the Denver Broncos as his next NFL team, ESPN insider Adam Schefter dropped a free-agent nugget regarding the Green Bay Packers.

According to Schefter, the Packers had scheduled a visit for former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday. Those plans may be on hold with Manning nearing a deal with Denver, as the Broncos are now expected to bring Saturday with Manning as a package deal.

The Packers are likely to target a center—either in free agency or the NFL draft—after losing veteran center Scott Wells to the St. Louis Rams last Friday. A scheduled visit with Saturday may signal that GM Ted Thompson is looking for a veteran to plug in next season.

Saturday, who started 188 games over 13 seasons with the Colts, is an unrestricted free agent and free to sign with any team.

Despite turning 36 years old, Saturday still put together a starting-quality season in 2011. According to Pro Football Focus, Saturday rated as the No. 5 overall center last season after allowing just two sacks and nine quarterback pressures on over 1,000 offensive snaps.

Other veteran free-agent centers available: Dan Koppen, Todd McClure, Samson Satele, Jeff Faine, Andre Gurode, Jamaal Jackson and Casey Wiegmann.

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packsmack25's picture

He's 36. Comeon. Not our modus operandi.

Cole's picture

I'd rather have Saturday over any rookie in the draft.

packsmack25's picture

So glad you don't run the team.

Cole's picture

Obviously TT sees the need for a vet otherwise why would they bring him in for a visit? Doesnt mean they shouldn't draft a center, im saying for next year I trust Saturday over a rookie. PFF had him rated number 5 in the league. Tell me what rookie is going to be better? U can't.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

For a year or two while grooming his replacement, I agree with you. Keep in mind, Saturday wasn't protecting Manning last year... Painter and Collins, which to me make his ranking more impressive.

I wouldn't be pissed if they did it.

packsmack25's picture

I misinterpreted your statement. Still, I'd rather have a younger guy. 36 is pretty old. If he'd do a one or two year deal maybe, but I doubt he'd do that.

al's picture

I would rather have Saturday too. He is experienced and isn't likely to struggle until his age catches up with him. Why rush a rookie into a starting job?

ted, of bill and ted's picture

if this is any indication we're going defense in the earlier rounds and center in the later rounds, i'm cool w/ having jeff around for a year or two while whoever we draft gets coached up. if he doesn't break the bank, and he's got enough left in the tank, and he's not constantly in the training room, (cough cough clifton cough cough)...why not?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Big fan Ted. Big fan. Even of your "bogus journey", although it wasn't quite as narly as your "excellent adventure". Tell Bill and Napoleon high!


Mojo's picture

The Pack must be interested if they gave him an invite. However, there's no way the Broncos don't give him what he wants once Peyton says they should.

johnny d's picture

when is visit??, when is visit?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


markinmontana's picture

It wouldn't be the first time that TT brought in a veteran OL guy as a stopgap, although never such a high-profile one. It's probably just a "if the price is right" situation.

New cow smell's picture

This team is floundering.
A move like this reeks of desperation.
To everyone who figured they have a plan-you were wrong.

PackersRS's picture

You're right. More pungent this time.

Mojo's picture

Has Cow42 birthed a Cow43?

New cow smell's picture

Yup-it's me.
Thought I'd try and turn over a new leaf... Be more positive.

But then the pack went and let this happen.

The windows is closing.
As weird as it sounds, this team has it's hands tied by it's own talent. The contracts of raj, Rodgers, Matthews, Finley and Jennings are going to prevent this team from completing the roster puzzle.

Raji's scary because you'regoing to have to pay him even though he has shown the ability to disappear.

Finley scary because you don't know if he'll ever put it all together.

While they're is always risk, Matthews and Rodgers are about as safe as you can get... Pay them.

I have a feeling this will be jennings'last season as a packer. At the end of the year he'll be 29 and looking for a ton of coin.

Sounds stupid coming off 15-1 but I see this upcoming season as a transition year. Some will get paid (ie rodgers) some will get axed (hawk?) some will get evaluated (neal, sherrod).

I see a dip this year. Possibly miss the playoffs-yup, I said it. But they'll ome back strong in 2013.

Anthony's picture

Raji isn't scary. If he doesn't perform well this season, he'll get half the contract he would've if he performed even decently over last and this upcoming year.

We gave Finley a lesser contract than most teams would've. Most teams would've already given him whatever he wanted. We're keeping him long enough to evaluate him and if he is worth the money, we'll keep him.

I'm flabbergasted by you saying we're going to miss the playoffs. If Rodgers is as good as us fans believe, you should believe that we have a serious run in us every year.

We have MD Jennings and Anthony Levine as backup starters, who could end up being starters in the NFL. If we lose Nick Collins, we could just bring Peprah back. Yes, I know that scares you, but the whole D-backfield looked in disarray last year because there was not much pressure on the QB.

Lattimore or So'oto could develop into fine OLB's or we may draft one in the first 2 rounds. That covers that position.

Defensive end -- Maybe another one of the first 2 rounds?

Center increasingly looks like it will be covered by a veteran. Would you rather us draft a rookie C or a veteran one who would be able to step in and knows what his job is right away?

I think we're just fine.

We will have to let some talent go. Our QB, 2 WRs (Jordy & GJ), TE, T, G, OLB, FS(COllins if he's alright), SS, CB, CB2 are all pro bowl level talent. Do you really think we're going to be able to keep all the talent? No.

al's picture

yea im not really that worried. Jennings will be a packer for a while, and Finley was already resigned at a decent rate.

cow42's picture

so you're counting on...

md jennings

holy shit - things are even worse than i thought.

Anthony's picture

Cow, no. You have to guess one or two of those names you just stated will pan out to be a decent player in the NFL.

I'm counting on Nick Collins and Morgan Burnett at the safety position, and if not Collins, then Burnett and either Peprah or Jennings. You make it sound like a horrible situation.

I'm counting on us drafting a high round OLB, not So'oto or Lattimore. So again, you make this sound like a horrible situation when it's really not.

pkrNboro's picture

Meet the New Cow.
Same as the Old Cow?


I'm inclined to agree with you.

I think there's too much money tied up in marginal players.

Hawk: anti-Hawk commentary is pretty common

Woodson: McGinn's post-season assessment was spot on. Woodson can't cover as in the past; he grabs if beaten, interferes or holds; once a good tackler, was not so last season. He gambles... a lot.

James Jones: IMO, a lot of money for a 4th receiving option. At roughly $3 mil/season, last years production cost $80,000/catch -- that's just stupid money to me.

John Kuhn: throw out his high and low rushing games last year, and he averages 2carries for 5yds per game. On more than one occasion, I've heard complaints about Kuhn on 3rd&1. ~$2.5mil/year.

Clifton: likely gone.
Driver: likely gone.
(but it's unsettling they don't cut them loose, so they can try to latch on elsewhere. There may be a marginal need for Clifton, assuming the back surgery rejuvenated him. But there is no need for Driver, as he can't play ST)

These sorts of financial obligations precludes any serious play in FA.

...GB can get seriously improved performance from House, Guy, and MD Jennings -- then the Packers could reload and be right back in contention.

The wildcard is Collins...

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

" Meet the New Cow. Same as the Old Cow?"

Well done sir, well done.

It's up to us to ensure that... We don't get fooled again.

Yoop's picture

Floundering? LOL! Wells got what he was asking for in Money from St. Louis and good for him.
A plan is in place, They have two centers on the roster now, can draft one and NO not in the first round and develop that prospect while someone like Saturday fills the hole.

Most people WAY over react to the whole line calls thing, that is a Centers job!

Wells was NOT a top Center in the NFL. Good in pass protection, good on the move, but average at best in the run game and going up against the bigger DT's and NT's.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'll admit it, I'm a little concerned about the center position. I wouldn't be against a veteran backup, since I'm sure it won't impact their decision on whether to draft one or not.

lars's picture

All for show. They'll just low-ball Saturday like they did Scott Wells. Is Ken Bowman available?

keeley2's picture

Seriously everyone? He's coming in for a visit - nothing more. Times like this I wish Nagler was still around to talk you down off the ledge.

cow42's picture

"He’s coming in for a visit – nothing more."

and he's their best option.
and he's not even on the team.
and he's 36.
and if he doesn't join the pack then we're looking at eds.

this is a f'n huge problem.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

a huge f'n problem is being a vikings fan or a jaguars fan.

this is a problem that can be fixed with one draft pick. or jeff saturday on the cheap. why all the debby downerness?

PackerAaron's picture

Why? Have you seen EDS play center?

NoWayJose's picture

Well, it's not the strength of the roster, but it's hardly apocalyptic.

What was the alternative? Pay Wells as a top 5 center? Really? I'd rather save my Top 5 money for real Top 5 guys (A-Rod, CMIII).

Our offense was record-setting last year. No need to panic because we lost a 31 year old center, even if he was a great player.

Evan's picture

Does Denver not have a current center?

Cole's picture

JD Walton but he's garbage.

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

Denver's center was rated the lowest in the league by

No point in trying to pick him up if they cut him for Saturday.

Rocky70's picture

"I see a dip this year. Possibly miss the playoffs-yup, I said it. But they’ll come back strong in 2013."

Now you'll get blamed if this indeed does happen. The reason so many PackFans find your statement to be a form of blasphemy is because fans have a strong tendency to overrate their own players, especially PackFans. Many Packer Fans have fallen for the "myth' that the Packer's roster is loaded. It's just not true. The "O" has AR & some very good WRs, Finley & a stable but unspectacular OL.

Unfortunately, TT's 'strange' draft in 2011 has created the need for a 'super draft' in 2012. The needs of the "D" should have been split between the 2011 & 2012 drafts. (At this point) TT drafted a BU LT, PR/KR WR & a 3rd string RB in the first 3 rounds of the 2011 draft. Plus 2 more TEs to make a total of 5 on the roster. (Gotta hope TT doesn't see another TE on his board in 2012. Five TEs on the roster already defies logic.)

No doubt AR will have to carry the Pack again in 2012. The "D" should improve but by how much? I see GB scrambling for a playoff spot at the end. GB fans just may have to wait until 2013 for another 10+ win season. It wouldn't be a 'first' in the NFL.

Evan's picture


Rocky70's picture

Back-up Left Tackle. That's all Sherrod is entering 2012. Hopefully, the skills that led him to being a 1st round pick will surface sooner rather than later. However, there's no guarantee.

pkrNboro's picture

I think they should just IR Sherrod and Quarless this year, too. Both had bizzaro/severe injuries.

You know how it's gonna go.
They'll be "watching" all off-season. They'll be "limited" and on snap counts, if they're in camp. They could PUP, and then be "evaluated" for another 3 weeks after PUP. They'll be mediocre, if that.

And while they'll say they're 100%, good-to-go, etc -- you'll hear them admit in 2013 that **now** they are where the want to be.

It would let GB focus on two players that could make the roster and contribute 16 games...

Evan's picture

Quarless should miss a lot of 2012, but what's the time table of Sherrod? Will he really not be ready for Training Camp?

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

Have you not heard of the PUP list? Why IR them from the start? Let them start the season on the PUP, cut Driver/Clifton/theboogieman when they (Quarless/Sherrod) are ready to be back if they arent ready by camp.

As far as all of this non-playoff talk, I call BS. Even if we were to fall off, I still like our chances to at least get a 6 seed again by Rodger's talent alone as long as we get a decent center (free agent or Konz) and even a DL to keep Clay clean (This all assumes Collins' return).

Evan's picture

Ah, yes.

IMO, if healthy he should battle Newhouse for the RT job.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

My sources tell me Saturday is likely to follow Peyton to Denver.

Bearmeat's picture

Your sources are probably right. For two reasons:

1. Saturday and that whole Colts crew have always been Peyton's lackeys.

2. TT will offer Saturday 910,000 for 1 year. Saturday will laugh. And then fly to Denver.

Cole's picture

It's impossible to figure out which players will develop and which won't from year to year. I remember going into the 2010 season, people were freaking out about our secondary and we ended having one of the best in the league because of tramon and shields stepping up. Then, inexplicably, they both fell off in 2011. Rumor is that Tramon was hindered by the injury but still, it's impossible to predict which positional units will progress and which will regress.

It could happen that Sherrod turns into a Bulaga type player and we have a beast O-line even with weaker play at the center position.

It's also plausible that Alex Green steps up and Starks stays healthy and produces. Or that Saine progresses and becomes a solid third down back.

It's also possible that DJ Williams could progress along with Taylor and we have great TE's across the board. Who says Quarless won't come back. It's happened before.

Who's even to say that Mike Neal won't come back strong and perform well. Or what about Lawrence Guy? No one knows what he can do.

What about Davon House? He could turn into something, perhaps even unseat Shields, and maybe that causes shields to step up.

On top of that add to the mix another year for Cobb, Lattimore, So Oto, Raji (in basically what is a contract year, if he bombs again he won't be getting paid), and like 10 new picks.

My point is it's impossible to predict how the team will progress. There's always someone that steps up that you don't anticipate (Jordy, Cobb, DJ Smith, Lang, Newhouse even) and there's those that regress unexpectedly (Shields, Neal, Raji, Tramon, Finley, Sitton--debatable because of injury, etc.).

We shouldn't overreact just because of Wells leaving. Who's to say someone like Genus doesn't step up. It's happened before.


pkrNboro's picture

I'm not trying to be negative, but...

...with Sherrod, he's likely been casted for weeks and has lost mega muscle mass and no way to maintain cardio and has possibly gained weight and/or fat. I hope he hasn't had nerve damage like our former Center Flannigan (was that the guy?) Will he be able to do anything during the OTAs he so badly needs ??

...with Quarless, he blew 2 or 3 ligaments and meniscus cartilage (I'm pretty sure it was 3 different things). I've heard early on that he wouldn't be ready for the start of the season.

both of these guys are going to miss out on reps/practice/etc. I know Starks went to PUP, but he had a muscle injury. In my Holiday Inn Express Expert opinion: don't count on either this season.

...with Neal, he had cartilage removed behind his knee. It must have been a bunch because he said it was very sore. Bad thing about cartilage: it doesn't grow back. I'd bet that's why he's suspended as he's probably tried tiger penis, rhino horn, shark fin and every other weird ass remedy to try to get it to grow back. GB will limit and snap-count him -- he'll stay around -- but he'll be a shell of the guy we saw a couple of years ago.

...with Green, he looked great last season in limited action. But will he recover this season, or will it be next year before (or if) he's back to normal?

I think House will be OK -- 4 defensive coordinators in 4 years just simply blew his mind. The off-season will be a blessing for him. Gut feel is that we have something here.

I hope they just stash Guy on the IR. I'm very worried that a DL has a concussion in his first camp, as these guys bang heads constantly.

MD Jennings could be a sleeper, but not really: I liked / noticed him a lot last year.

EDS/Genus will be our Center.
Grant will return.
Hopefully, the entire draft can be defensive -- with an emphasis on the DL and OLB positions.

It's got to be a good draft... weirdo shit like:
" with the 28th pick, Green Bay selects long snapper..."

Jim Hurly's picture

So I assume we'll see Jeff Saturday?

TaylorONeill's picture

Good Lord. The sky is falling here again. You'd think after all the winning seasons and the Super Bowl victory that people would have a little more faith in TT.

But, of course, every offseason it's the same panic about not signing big free agents x, y, or z. And every offseason TT gets flogged by a bunch of armchair GMs who, despite being proven wrong year in and year out, believe that putting together a championship team is all about signing the guy with the most popular name and plugging in the guy with the highest Madden rating into each spot on the depth chart.

I'm not one of those eternal optimists. In fact, I'm a pessimist by nature, but at least I'm a pessimist who realizes that TT gets paid the big bucks because he's one of the few guys who can be a successful NFL GM. He's proven that.

I'm not saying he's 100% perfect. He's bound to miss every once and awhile, but please, for the love of God, stop acting like Ted has no plan or is unconscious just because he didn't throw money at whichever free agent you're just SO sure is the key to all of our problems.

I swear that some of you would be much happier as Redskins' fans. TT has shown himself to be one of the smartest, most resourceful, most frugal, and most successful GMs in recent league history, and you guys want to trade for Dan Snyder.

cow42's picture

no - i just want a center and a pass rush.
neither of which can be found on he current roster.

dawg's picture


BubbaOne's picture


Cow, when you get to the edge of the ledge take another step forward! Enjoy the trip to the abyss while I'll enjoy the Packers trip to the playoffs.

PackersRS's picture

I'd never seen a team go from 15-1 to 9-7 before the season even started.

Scratch that, before FA ended and even before the draft took place.

You're all entitled to your opinion, though.

TaylorONeill's picture

"9-7?? 9-7?!?!?" (in best Jim Mora voice)

Haven't you listened to the armchair GMs here? Without Wells and Mario Williams the Packers will be lucky to win two games!!!!

I bet TT is so egotistical that he thinks he'll just draft a Super Bowl champion team one of these years. Moran.

BubbaOne's picture

RS "You’re all entitled to your opinion, though."

Opinions are like Cow42's...everyone has one.

To RS, Taylor et al: Even though I just did it above I do find the best way to handle Trolls is to not respond to them at all, they feed off the responses. Sooner or later they go back under their bridge where they don't have a computer.

PackersRS's picture

Well, to be honest, I don't think these guys (or gals) are trolls. Pack66 is a troll. I just think they panic way too often for too little, and fail to see the larger picture.

CSS's picture

People forget that Wells was a 7th round pick, cut in camp and brought back onto the practice squad after he cleared waivers. He took 3-4 years to develop. He wasn't just a plug and play option. Kind of reminds you of EDS or Genus.

I don't know what I don't know (i.e. how the other roster option are developing). But I do know players develop and you don't panic in every subsequent draft or FA period by reaching for perceived need too high or shelling out massive cash for a higher bust rate in FA.

Maybe the hand-wringing could wait until camp starts at least?

BubbaOne's picture

1. troll

One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

RS, If not troll is it hyperbole "they panic way too often for too little" or ignorance "fail to see the larger picture."?

Rocky70's picture

Because there are people who don't agree with your analysis or your line of thinking, then they are trolls??
LOL ... LOL.
The epitome of arrogance.

Note: I have a funny feeling that BubbaOne & TaylorONeill are the same person. Multiple IDs - very taboo.

PackersRS's picture

Yes, there are only a handful that don't agree with you. They need to post in multiple IDs to make their voices heard...

Like you said, epitome.

Rocky70's picture

RS, you only problem is that you feel like you need to respond to everything. You don't.

I'm surrounded by Packer Fans & have been for a few decades. Interacting in Packer country is a whole lot different than interacting 'only' in Packer cyberspace. Believe me, there are more than a handful of Packer Fans who are genuinely concerned about the state of the Packers at this point. And I know most of them by their full names ---- no IDs required in real life.

CSS's picture

And my experience is the exact opposite, Rocky. The fans I'm surrounded by realize the last 5 frachises to win the SB didn't over-value the FA period and actually stood pat. They drafted well, emphasized continuity in personnel and coaching staff. Those teams make the playoffs year-over-year and compete for the SB.

Most importantly, it's a QB league. There isn't a more explosive offensive roster when you count play-makers, depth and continuity in the NFL.

Does the defense need depth? Yep. Is the overall roster still top to bottom one of the deepest in the NFL? Yes.

Rocky70's picture

CSS - Your point is ??

Maybe you need to read the entire comments section to get the jist of the conversation. You're off (again) somewhere in left field making your pre-programmed soap-box speech. Sorry, but it's old & it's a bore.

CSS's picture

I did read the entire section, and I'm commenting only on your little attempt at arguing from authority towards Packers RS and others. You legitimize your insight and experience because, 'you talk to real fans', while RS only visits the mythical cyber world.

I'm no where near a soap box, talking about my personal experience in contrast to yours. Even your insults miss the mark. Do keep up....

Rocky70's picture

Normally, your post would be followed by the blogger's post completely exonerating you from any malfeasance in your line of analysis. He must be busy over at B/R. Looks like you may be on your own. Now's as good a time as any to take off those training wheels. Good luck.

PackersRS's picture

Yet you use an ID and comment at a website...

There were more than a handful of Packers fans that wore purple #4 as well, and booed Rodgers the first training camp he was named the starter, or so I'm told. Wouldn't know. Nor I care who they are, or who are the posters in here.

Because that's not the point of the discussion either.

BubbaOne's picture

Rocky, I'm not TaylorONeil but on this topic I find him wise and insightful.

The post below is troll-speak...
New cow smell says:

March 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm

"This team is floundering. A move like this reeks of desperation. To everyone who figured they have a plan-you were wrong."

Rocky70's picture

Troll-speak ?? That is an absolutely absurd comment. I, too, believe that whatever plan that was in place is now in a bit of disarray & very questionable. This is based on actual analysis by myself & many long-time NFL & Packer Fans.

On the other hand, you & a few like you are basing your comments on "In Ted We Trust" ---- How lame is that?

CSS's picture

Placing some manner of faith in the general manager, his bevy of scouts/analysts and coaches to assess the state of the team and determine it's direction (while reasonable fans continue to offer reasonable criticism) = lame.

You and your long-time packer fan friends = assessing the state of Packers in a rational fashion.


Rocky70's picture


You're talking history again.
15-1 is history.
Winning SB 45 is history.
Anything BF & GB is history.
TT drafting Raji & CM3 in one draft is history.
For God's sake --- even Vince Lombardi is history.

All most Packers Fans are doing is observing the 'state of the Packers' on 3/20/2012. How else would anyone do it? ---(Please, no "In Ted We Trust")

PackersRS's picture

Good to see no personal attacks are needed...

How can you observe the state of the Packers if not by it's recent history of performance?

How can you say they lack pass rush? Do you know for a fact how Walden, Brad Jones will perform? You know how they performed, not how they will perform.

That's my point. You, nor anyone in here, know how the Packers will fare, certainly not before the draft ends.

We can only base it on recent performance. And I honestly have no idea how can anyone look at the recent performance, with 1 game lost by more than 1 possession, with a Super Bowl in the bag, with every betting site capping the Packers as the favorites to win it all, with every analyst claiming this to be the best team in football, and paint a gloomy picture.

I have no idea how someone can look at the management's track record and claim they don't know what they're doing. It just baffles me to see the same pattern repeat every offseason, only for it to be disproven when the season starts. (Maybe that's why I comment so much. Maybe not). Last year it was "how we would compete with the Eagles". The year before was "MM and Rodgers can't win close games".

So... In Ted we Trust ;) In the end it comes down to this, really. It's just too early to form a precise opinion about the state of the Packers, so either you trust what they have been doing so far, and I don't see reasons not to, or you don't.

Rocky70's picture

When AR & Woody both say GB needs 'more talent', I believe them. Unless there are a couple FA signings yet, draft 2012 is the last chance to upgrade for season 2012.

You're not stupid. You know GB has some holes to fill (esp. if NC is done). It's difficult to count on several rookies to put you over the top. That's what may have to happen in GB in 2012.

PackersRS's picture

Honestly I'm tired of talking hypotheticals (I swear it, I'll stop) so I'll just say this.

I'm aware of the holes in the roster. I'm aware of the missed moves by management.

Nobody is perfect, no team is perfect. My opinion is that nobody could or is doing a better job than these guys, and I'm perfectly happy with how they run the Packers. I may disagree with some of their moves, like not retaining Wells, but they've more than earned the benefit of the doubt.

And, in this stage, they're much more aware of the needs of the franchise than anyone, and have a much better plan to fill those than anyone else. Because it's not about right now, it's not about this offseason. Football won't end in 2012/2013.

People may say we missed on not retaining Wells, on not getting a pass rusher, but they don't have to think about future contracts, they don't have to think about scheme fit, they don't have to think about cap room, both current and future, they don't have to think about retiring players, they don't have to think about players that will want unreasonable money in the near future...

CSS's picture

Simple request, Rocky:

1.) Assuming you're GM, what free-agents would you sign (or have signed) if you were GM considering the current cap and need to sign future core players?

2.) Let's assume ROLB, DL, S and OL depth are needed in the draft. Name your premium picks at each position that TT must get?

I won't post another thing on this thread after you respond.

Rocky70's picture

I'm not playing GM for your recreational needs. The premise is simple. TT needs to infuse the "D" with more talent. Replace a majority of the riff-raff that goes by the names of Walden, B. Jones, Zombo, So'oto, Green, Wynn, Wilson, Lattimore, Neal, Peprah etc. ---- with at least some players that have the ability to be more than 2 or 3 year projects.

Finally, please, play your 'blog games' with your comrades. If you don't like how I view the state of the Packers, simply don't read my posts. (I avoid yours as much as I can) It's true.

CSS's picture

Seems a simple question. Why do you consistently evade simple questions? Anybody?

Rocky70's picture

Simple question. ----- Simple answer. Take it or leave it.

CSS's picture

Simple question, non-answer. What limited understanding of the game are you and your highly trained network of scouting friends trying to hide? So much bravado and bluster, where's the substance?

tundraboy's picture

Hope RB's are healthy and we do not bring Grant back. Another RB will be easy to find in late rounds. Saying Goodbye to Chad, DD will be hard but all good things come to an end and with Grant will save some $$$$ to retool. D help is critical but O line and a running threat is a must. Arod took too many hits last year. Anyone know why we have so much trouble running? Is it the blocking, the backs?

Hswag's picture

I think EDS is more than capable to be the starting center! He was cut and then brought back and beat out Nick McDonald, who mike Mcarthy thought was the next center in line to take Wells' place. If the Packers believe in developing players, then EDS would be the logical replacement. Wasn't the same done with Wells? EDS did fine when he had to step in for Sitton last season, and did well in pre season at center.

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