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Former Penn State Tight End Addresses Sexual Abuse Situation

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Former Penn State Tight End Addresses Sexual Abuse Situation

Packers tight end Andrew Quarless is from Penn State.

On Thursday he addressed questions from the media about the sexual abuse scandal going on in State College, Pennsylvania where Nittany Lions head coach Joe Paterno was fired on Wednesday night.

“It’s very unfortunate,” Quarless is quoted as saying by in a series of posts. “I’m shocked by the whole situation. A lot of people forget about the victims. I have a son myself and I look at it from a parent’s perspective.”

He's also quoted as saying, “It hurts that those things were happening in the same facilities I was in, even at the time I was there. It’s really tough to fathom. [Former defensive coordinator Sandusky] didn’t coach when I was there, but I did see him frequently.”

Quarless also touched upon the topic of Paterno.

“It’s very unfortunate to see a legend have to leave based on what happened," said Quarless. "I think [Penn State] handled it the way it should be handled.”

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Evan's picture

Well said, God's Gifts.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Sandusky is proof that true evil exists. This whole thing is so far beyond disgusting. I read the Grand Jury indictment... wish I hadn't. Honestly. And Jo-Pa, almost as bad for doing the bare minimum as far as the law requires (I hope he loses his shirt with the Civil cases sure to come). And McQueary... quite possibly the most pathetic human being walking the planet at this time, he was a 6'5" 28 year old ex college athlete... get the kid out of there you disgrace. A 10 year old kid was being hurt, you were THE ONLY person on earth that could help him... you didn't. No excuse.


Mark's picture

Well said, Fitz.

Darrin's picture

I read the grand jury report as well. Thoroughly disgusting. As a parent of young children it flat-out pisses me off that this predator was allowed to roam the halls of Penn State for so long AND PEOPLE KNEW what he was all about. Paterno and the entire coaching staff should have been fired, along with any administration official that had knowledge of the events. The whole thing disgusts me. Paterno should hang his head in shame for not doing something, anything to protect those innocent kids who were victimized IN HIS FACILITIES. And then he dare tell the Board "not to worry about him"...who the hell does the think he is? He's to blame as much as anyone!!

Tommyboy's picture

I work in a school. I cannot imagine doing the bare minimum on a situation like this. As a father, if I caught wind of one of my sons being the victim in a situation like this, I of course would be ready to take matters into my own hand on the perp. That said, the guy who did the bare legal minimum would be second on my list.

Joe Paterno (the days of affectionately calling you Joe Pa are gone), if that had been your grandson, would you have acted the same way?

THEN YOU SAY YOU'LL RETIRE AT THE END OF THE YEA....ya know what, I gotta stop or I'm gonna have a stroke.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

As far as being a bad time to share a name with someone, this is the worst I've ever heard...

So I'm in Seattle, and the Hawks are hosting the Ravens this Sunday. One of the local AM sports stations I listen to had a guy from Baltimore who follows/writes on the Ravens on the air to preview how Baltimore is looking coming into the game, his name? Jerry Sandusky! This poor bastard said he's had the roughest week ever, including death threats. At first I thought this station was trying to pull a bad joke (which they do now and again), but as the interview went on and they were just talking Ravens with no punch line, I realized that was really this guy's name. I really felt for the poor SOB!


ppabich's picture

His name is actually Gerry Sandusky. He has been a real sport about this whole thing and his twitter has been an pretty funny follow, as he is dealing with the unfortunate name similarity.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Hey grammar cop, how's it pronounced? Pretty sure they sound the exact same, eh? Keep up the Starks stellar work tho, these sites need ocd

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

People like you or they'd go to Hell! I've imbedded 7 grammatical errors in my text to round off your Friday night... Find em. Report back!


FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Tommyboy, Darrin... We all have young kids and I'm glad to know we feel the same. I've heard more than one person on the radio play the "you don't know how you would have reacted, you would have been in shock..." card, and each time I hear that i just think, BULLSHIT! I know exactly how i would have reacted. There's a reason I have a concealed pistol license, to protect me and mine, and help anybody that is in imminent danger who can't help themselves (only reason I got it was because every time I'd watch the news out here there was another car jacking, or kidnapping, or home invasion... Never know when It's gonna be you with a gun in your face... I'd like to have something to point back) Unfortunately Ol' Fitz didn't happen to walk upon that scene, there wouldn't have been any more victims, that I can guarantee.

PackersRS's picture

A lot of those hijacks and robberies are made by scared kids. Despicable, loathsome kids, but still scared.

The point is, it could end VERY badly if they get rattled, whereas everyone could've been safe if noone had reacted.

You better make sure, if the situation comes, that they don't get a chance to react if you draw your weapon.

Down here, where more people are killed per day than in Afhganistan, we're constantly advised to never, in any circumstance, react to such a situation. What's a car compared to your children's lives?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Look, I've went 33 years without needing a gun for protection, and hopefully I'll go my whole life without needing to use it for anything but Target practice. The fact of the matter is if I should ever be awoke to the sounds of an intruder in my house, I like our chances better if they see a laser fixed on their chest out of the darkness. For me, it's that simple.

Scott W's picture

Preach it Fitz...Amen bro.

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