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Former Packers Tight End Matthew Mulligan Signs with Patriots

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Former Packers Tight End Matthew Mulligan Signs with Patriots

On Tuesday, The Patriots announced they signed former Packers TE Matthew Mulligan.

Mulligan signed with the Packers last April but was cut on Saturday. Mulligan becomes the sixth player from this year's Packers Training Camp Roster to sign with another NFL team after Saturday's final cuts.


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The TKstinator's picture

Since practically every player GB cut has signed on someplace else, I fear the entire league is riddled with secret Packer intel. Holy shnikeys! Holy conspiracy theories!

Nononsense's picture

Yeah cause 6 out of 22 is practically every player they cut. I would say its one more than the 49ers but they had 5 claimed and traded two OLBs so they win...again.

The TKstinator's picture

Like I said "practically every player" LOL

I was poking fun at the notion that GB added Tolzien and Wallace for "enemy intel" on SF and then will release them after week one.

Hell, GB should add a player cut by each team on their schedule the week before they play (again, for the precious enemy intel) and then cut them right after the game.

Lather, rinse, repeat, baby!! All the way to the Super Bowl on enemy intel!

Jamie's picture

I agree they didn't sign these guys, especially Wallace, solely for intel, but let's not completely dismiss it as having no value and playing no factor whatsoever in the Tolzien PS signing.

The TKstinator's picture

I think they scout and study their opponents very thoroughly....I also doubt we'll ever get the "straight story" on these matters...I would LOVE to be a "fly on the wall" sometimes, you know what I mean? I think TT and MM "filter" what they share with the media/public just as carefully much of the time, don't you?

The TKstinator's picture

Or maybe they JUST GOTTA KNOW what Colin Kaepernick's favorite flavor of ice cream is! :)

wisconsinexile's picture

I got your back.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Funny. I thought these guys throughout the Packer roster to be "too small" or "not athletic enough." I guess the professional GMs just know a little more than we fans amongst the herd think. Not even week 1 and hooves are beginning the imminent ascension toward oral cavities for the annual nsertion. Going to be a great year in titletown! 24-17 Pack! 1-0

The TKstinator's picture

All BS aside, I honestly think that some among us are "afraid to get our hopes up", or possibly think being negative sounds smart.

Hell, GB probably WON'T win the Super Bowl this year. So should "fans" go around saying that with the intention that 6 months from now they get the exquisite pleasure of saying, "I told you so"?

I think everyone has their own "way" of enjoying the season, but personally I don't see the "fun" in being either blindly optimistic (16-0, Super Bowl win, easily!) nor crushingly pessimistic (They suck. They'll be LUCKY to go 6-10)

No thanks, to either "outlook"!

Evan's picture

No doubt.

My outlook is this is a very talented team that is a Super Bowl contender. Not a favorite (though a lot of the "experts" picked the Packers to make/win the Super Bowl...which surprised me) but as long as Rodgers is there, they'll contend till the end. I think that's a perfectly realistic and reasonable outlook.

wisconsinexile's picture

+500. IMHO, the best way to enjoy the season is to *let it play out.* I could not care less about predictions. I still remember that loss to the Lions in 2010 thinking "dammit the Packers have to play out the string now." Then Chicago lost, IIRC, and they had to win out just to get the last wildcard. What a great ride! At the start of the season, all I really hoped for was Rodger's first playoff win. I'll be at Candlestick on Sunday, sitting on the edge of my seat...

wisconsinexile's picture

And yes, I'm old enough to remember the bad old days. Like the Tony Mandrich debacle. I think the issue TKST raises is true of fans > 35, who were conditioned over time to stop hoping...just like Cubs fans.

The TKstinator's picture

I think you're right. I myself am old enough to remember the lean years from mid 70's until Holmgren, but not quite old enough to have been there for Lombardi.
Hearing how "great they used to be" while they were consistently 5-11 only made it worse.
Then it dawned on me that I might never live to see them win a SB and now they've done it twice (during MY "era".) So I appreciate their success without being spoiled by it.

Stroh's picture

Totally agree. Was born as the Packers were winning SB 1 and 2, so didn't get to experience that. But had to live thru and remember the entire 70's and 80's fiascos w/ perfect clarity. Fans that are in their 20's don't know anything BUT winning for the Packers. There is an entire generation of Packer fans that have seen only 2 QB's in their lifetime, they don't know about Hadl, Hunter, Tagge, Del Gazo, et al.

packsmack25's picture

Makes you wonder if they were working on a deal with NE for Bostick, it feel through, and they called their bluff and dumped Mulligan instead.

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