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Former Packer Darren Sharper Charged with Rape

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Former Packer Darren Sharper Charged with Rape

Former Packers Darren Sharper has been formally charged with raping of two women, in separate incidents in Los Angeles.

Per a report from,

In both incidents Sharper is accused of following a similar pattern of raping women whom he had invited to his hotel room and given them liquid shots possibly containing Ambien and morphine, causing them to pass out, prosecutors said.

Sharper is also under investigation for rape in three other states: Louisiana, Arizona and Nevada. He is currently out on bail, but prosecutors are looking to increase his bond to $10 million, from $200,000.

Sharper has been suspended from his job as a commentator with the NFL Network since his arrest in January.


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Evan's picture

Just horrifying.

RC Packer Fan's picture

big time.

Sad, sad story.

Eraserhead's picture

More like sexy.

Kathy's picture

The more I read and hear of this, the more embarrassed I am that he was a ever Packer.
One does not become a serial rapist overnight and I am left wondering in horror how many other women were too afraid to come forward, or how many were bought off.

It also leaves me extremely angry at the viewpoint of many, including our court system in many cases, that rape is somehow the fault of the victim. This HAS to change...immediately.

It also leaves me extremely angry with the attitude of the NFL itself.

The only bright spot (and I use that term reluctantly and with huge reservation) is that light is now, again, shining on this repulsive crime. I hope that, finally, people wake up to the horror, damage and cost in human suffering it brings and that in the end, justice will be served on all persons that perpetrate this heinous act.

PackerBacker's picture

I'm with you on everything except how this is the NFL's problem?

The majority of the people in the NFL are male. Therefore, you are bound to get more than a few that are seriously messed up and have raped and abused women. I'm not sure how that's the NFL's fault, unless they were shown to cover any of it up, which I don't think anyone is claiming.

Either way, this is a horrible thing that has allegedly happened. If he's guilty (and it's looking like it) I hope they bury him.

Evan's picture

"One does not become a serial rapist overnight and I am left wondering in horror how many other women were too afraid to come forward, or how many were bought off."

That was my initial reaction as well - how many more women are bound to come forward. How long has this really been going on.

MarkinMadison's picture

No disrespect, but you are making a ton of assumptions here. You may be right, you may be wrong, but I'd prefer to wait and see what comes out after the police are done investigating. Right now, there are no complaints that we know of that were brushed off by the police, let alone a prosecutor or a judge. Right now, we don't know if he's been doing this since he left the NFL, since he left the Packers or before. Really, he hasn't been proven guilty of anything yet. And before anyone slams me on this, remember that I'm the poster who still rips Chewy for what he did.

WKUPackFan's picture

Agreed. In fact, there is every incentive for an over-zealous prosecutor to pursue these cases (recall Duke lacrosse). High profile cases are career makers, they practically guarantee reelection for life. The fact that Sharper has yet to be charged in any other jurisdiction is interesting. Reserving judgment also.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Mike G's picture

I agree Kathy. Totally unacceptable. It leads me to winder what exactly went down during the Vikings "Love Boat" oncident some years ago.

PackerPete's picture

Met the guy once through a mutual friend. Easily the most self-absorbed jack... That I've ever met. Doesn't surprise me that he is accused of those crimes either the way he was treating his gf at the time.

Evan's picture

He's suspected of raping 7 women in 4 states SINCE SEPTEMBER.

Shlizzy's picture

I wonder if he started this when he was with the Vikings. I bet Loadholt and Smoot were his creepy rape wing men.

fish and crane's picture

a gay player is the least of this league's problems...

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

actually, the least of the NFL's problems is a groundskeeper named Shane in Kansas City who's slightly disgruntled about the discontinuation of milky way from a vending machine in the breakroom, but then realizes he can buy them much cheaper in bulk at Costco and have one every day instead.

an openly gay player in the NFL actually gets listed in the 'good for business' category, as well as the 'good for humanity' category. the bigots will still tune in to make fun of him, the gay audience (and others) will tune in for the first time to root for him, and sales will keep climbing.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

(btw, F&C i'm not trying to go after you like you said something insensitive, just using your point to make a separate one)

ray nichkee's picture

I agree with the comments about this guys character and I am not sorry he left when he did. He was not a true packer. It seems that everybody is quick to pass judgment on this. The number of accusations are too many to overlook but he would be an easy target for women to come forward with false accusations in hopes of financial proffit. Let the court process ride out and then make comments about him. If this is all true it is absolutly disgusting and I am in no way sticking up for this guy. You would have to be a complete and total loser to go from the nfl to this. Only a complete creep would enjoy doing what he is accused of. Let it ride at if it turns out to be true cut his peccer off.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i truly appreciate the sentiment of 'wait till we hear all the facts until we rush to judgment,' i really do. i think it's a great exercise in prudence and all that (and what separates the comments sections on this website from most others), but i also think it's not exactly in the 'job description' of people posting comments on a blog/news site to reserve our opinions just because we don't yet have a conviction or an acquittal.

you know whose job that is? the damn journalists.

since it's not (i assume) our case to try or investigation to carry out, or our story to break, all we can do is share our thoughts on the facts we have so far.

and i have to say, the facts we have so far are pretty damn ugly for mr. sharper.

i don't see a story on a former player being accused of 7+rapes in multiple states with the victims all telling pretty much the same story lasting with an empty comments section until the verdict is delivered some months later. nor should it.

Wenis's picture

It has been reported here in Arizona that the allegations against Sharper here may be in doubt. Two women accused Sharper of partying with them at a local nightclub on a certain date and then went to an apartment where the alleged rapes took place.

Problem is the nightclub has video surveillance and Sharper was not at the club with these two women on that night they are claiming per the police reports.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Wenis, The Tempe Arizona Police Report is 42 pages long. You can read it on line. There is much more to the report than just 1 bar. Who is reporting that the accusations may be in doubt? Hard to believe the Tempe Police Dept. would put so much into something that had no merit. According to what I've read, "Charges would be coming soon". I've read the entire report. It's pretty hard to believe that these 3 women, (3 not 2) would be making this story up. I'm sure we'll find out soon. He is due back in LA court today.

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