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For The Love Of God, Your Super Bowl Champions Are Working Out

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For The Love Of God, Your Super Bowl Champions Are Working Out

I can't take it anymore.

There is a small subset of Packer fandom that insists on fretting over the fact that the Green Bay Packers players are, heaven forbid, spending too much time "celebrating" their victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

When Aaron Rodgers dodged the question of group workouts yet again yesterday, and dared to suggest that he was enjoying the fact that he is a Super Bowl champion,  some fans' frustrations started to appear via Twitter.

My favorite:

...a team that's STILL celebrating a Feb win needs 2 get to work.

Look, I know the lockout is driving fans crazy - but to suggest Packers players are not working is asinine.

Just because we are not inundanted with "Rise and Grind" Tweets from Rodgers doesn't mean he's not working his ass off to be in the best shape he can possibly be in.

Are there players to be worried about? Of course. I shudder to think what Ryan Pickett might be doing during the lockout. (I mean, the guy has trouble reporting to camp in shape when there is a full offseason program) But for the most part, I guarantee you most of the guys are going through workouts that would just about kill mortal men - sometimes twice a day.

Of course, some of the nervousness comes from the fact that the Packers aren't working out as a group. While I understand this point of view, I am here to tell those fans - do. not. worry.

And since there seemed to be some confusion as to may stance on this subject on Twitter yesterday, let me make this abundantly clear:


The players will "get to work" when the NFL and the former players union allow them to. In the meantime, STOP with the "they need to stop celebrating and get to work" nonsense.

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Dj Protege's picture

Today was the first time I actually said something about this. I tweeted you about it and apologize, I think last night just gave me a weird vibe about things. I havent been feeling this way at all untill Rodgers on Kimmel last night....

packeraaron's picture

No need to apologize whatsoever.

Dj Protege's picture

Its cool, I try not and fuel fires and I usually am pretty sane about most stuff, but I think this lockout is starting to irritate me now! HA!

Packnic's picture

" Just because we are not inundanted with "Rise and Grind" Tweets from Rodgers doesn't mean he's not working his ass off to be in the best shape he can possibly be in. "

Freaking nailed it Corndog.

bkshimada's picture

THIS! I think the media is also playing a role as well though. Seems to me the media is trying to make the Packers look bad by saying, "Why aren't the Packers having workouts like the other teams! They must be getting complacent!" MM said the risk is greater than the reward, and I trust MM.

packeraaron's picture

There is def a bit of that. On the conf call yesterday, it was quite clear that Rodgers wanted no part of talking about it and was quite cold to both Bill Huber and Rob Demovsky when they asked about it.

ceallaigh's picture

Thank you, Aaron.

I'm so sick of the tinhats bellyaching that the Packers are a bunch of lazysacks for not holding some bogus, let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya for the cameras unofficial work out. Someone explain to me how trotting down a field en masse for the camera improves a team. But when you break down that argument, the next thing they bring up is "but they need it to maintain morale." Uh, isn't gettng together for a private fete to hand out Super Bowl rights sufficient in that category.

Still love Rodgers' response to the wank: Yeah, I've pretty much been sitting on my ass.

PackersRS's picture

There hasn't been a single report about a player getting injuried in such player-organized workouts. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

Are you telling me that they're working their butts off and have been that lucky? When there's usually already 2 or 3 guys out FOR THE SEASON by this time in a normal schedule?


Those player-organized workouts aren't serious.

Yet, you can bet if the Packers lose, nay, if the Packers don't win convincingly against the Saints, there will be some people blaming the lack of player-organized workouts.

packeraaron's picture

Actually, there was a report this morning that Michael Crabtree may have hurt his foot at one of the 49ers workouts, but your point is a good one.

ceallaigh's picture

I agree that the Not!Minicamps are a joke. Look at the daily injury list during training camp. It's about as long as my arm. No one wants to risk injury with these rinkydink gatherings. But no, someone had to get a hair up their rear that they are absolutely crucial for success in the 2011 season.

But at this point in any non-lock out year, this would be the rest period where coaches wouldn't want their players working. It's the recovery period before camp. And if camp theoretically could start on time, why would any team want to be holding a fake camp in July?

Jer's picture

Agree with all of this.

When Rodgers used the "C word" (celebrate) on Jimmy Kimmell last night first thought in my head was "oh here we go again. The complainers are going to have a field day".

jeremy's picture

If players could organize workouts that got them ready for the season. NFL owners would not be spending millions on coaching staffs.

Ken's picture

Hell of a point.

PackersRS's picture

Well, I fully agree that coach-oriented workouts are much, much more productive, but that's not the problem. There are veterans that have been through 10+ TCs, they know the drills, at least for their position.

The problem is the lack of insurance. If anyone misses time because they got hurt in these, it's out of their pocket.

That's why these are not serious. Guys will stay in shape, but anything that might risk injury, they will not do, or will not do it intensively enough so that there's gain doing it.

Ken's picture

The Packers have held organized team workouts while the Saints sat at home. This period was known as the "playoffs."

IdiotFan's picture

Ok, that made me laugh out loud

PackersRS's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

I think I've been consistent on this: I'd like to Rodgers and the receivers gettinng together to catch a few hundred balls a day. Other than that, I'm on the fence about these get-togethers.

Tommyboy's picture

Spot on, Aaron. To echo some of my fellow fans on this board, it's been more and more obvious as the lockout has dragged on as well that the media is more desperate than ever to create stories. The Packers not working out is evidently tragic in the eyes of some (Brushi). And am I the only one who has had his fill of the "Best of" lists? Holy GOD you can't go anywhere without someone talking about Brady vs. Manning or where Revis should fall on some top ten list.

SpartaChris's picture

Just a thought- With no coaching staff present, it's also possible these teams participating in player led workouts are practicing bad technique that's going to have to be undone.

Regardless, way too much is being made over these player workouts.

Wiscokid's picture

Amen brother.

Wgbeethree's picture

My feeling all along has been that I've seen a dozen interviews with MM in the last month and not once did he mention wanting the guys to "practice". If he did it would be as simple as slipping in "I kinda hope the players get together at some point" into any of them and there would be 80 guys on a plane within 48 hours. It's not happening because MM doesn't want it to.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Rodgers said he's lost 10-12 lbs this offseason, you don't do that by sitting around listening to 'the make'. There's video of CM3 grinding in Cali with Glazer and Randy Couture... tough stuff. Just because they're not doing it together in an unstructured workout means nothing, I'm confident the leaders on this team are doing what they need to to represent 9/8/11... couldn't care less about the player workouts if there's no coaching involved. Our luck Finley would tear an ACL and Aaron would... won't even go there.


fishandcrane's picture

COuld someone tell Fitz how to change his Gravatar- she's just boring me now.

aussiepacker's picture

When i read the title of the article it made me laugh becouse i could picture in my head Nagler saying "for the love of god". The pack will be just fine. The only sad point is this talk will keep coming up all season. If we start off slow people will say it's becouse the players didn't get together and if they do then everyone will be saying, see i told you so.

asshalo's picture

I really don't get how this is a topic. I mean, when Teddy Bruschi made that obviously embellished rant, I thought, "That's cute, but who gives a shit?' They're obviously playing devils advocate to generate interest during a time of year when people have much better things to do than talk about sports.

McCarthy and Rodgers aren't the only people who have came out and said these player workouts are glorified chemistry building sessions. It's not like these guys can implement plays, let alone look at a playbook.

If twitter has taught us anything, its that these guys are work-out junkies year round. They have been that way since high school. I think they are just fine working out in small groups with professional trainers. What a bunch of crap.

Mojo's picture

This will be one of the main talking points from the media when the Packers play the Saints.

If the Saints win it won't be because they worked out informally more often, it will be because they outplayed the Pack that day.

some guy's picture

Gonna have to disagree here. There's a reason why team leaders have organized these camps - they think they are valuable. Anyone who's ever played real, competitive sports knows the value of getting together with teammates and working on skills, timing, etc together. No amount of work at home can mimic it.

While football is a different animal than other sports, Rodgers isn't getting time to work with his receivers or lineman. That stuff takes time to come back. Defenses aren't getting reps against real formations and routes. Football is the most mentally demanding of all sports and you simply cant prepare just by watching tape or going through solo drills.

I also don't think the injury thing is a big deal. Guys will get hurt no matter whether they are working out on their own or surrounded by the best coaches money can buy.

Heaven forbid they actually get a deal done, the first game is in less than 6 weeks. There are lots of leaders on this team who can run drills and teach younger guys so i'm not worried about things not being done the right way. i am worried about a young guy blowing a pre-snap call in the preseason and leaving Matt Flynn alone for a hit that ends his season.

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