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Finley: Steelers Have Made Offer

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Finley: Steelers Have Made Offer

In the way that only he can, former Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley tells USA Today's Tom Pelissero that the Pittsburgh Steelers have made him a contract offer:

Pittsburgh have showed me a couple deals, but we all know the money ain't what it's supposed to be. If I quit the game right now, I can take tax-free money, and that's a difficult thing that I'm going through with myself …

Reading the entire article, it certainly sounds like Finley is content to wait for a possible training camp injury somewhere around the league so that he can have a bit more leverage with teams.

If Finley doesn't end up finding a team willing to pay him what he feels he's worth, the veteran tight end seems to be content with the idea of cashing in on his $10 million insurance policy and walking away from the game.

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PackersCOYS's picture

OMG, Finley HAS to stop talking about his insurance policy. I'm not sure the parameters to void the policy, but I'm pretty sure boasting about "CHOOSING" not to play would be a pretty feasible way of voiding it.

It really feels like he wants to be compensated at his pre-injury levels. I am honestly not a fan of him playing ever again because I like him as a person more than I do a football player.

That man has a family that he needs to be responsible for and I really do not feel like potentially paralyzing himself is a good way for a man with two kids to care for his family.

I'm one of your biggest fans, J-Mike, so please, shut up, cash the insurance policy, and move on with your life and your family.. Maybe even get into broadcasting or some relationship with your school, but don't risk further damage to your life!

Tarynfor12's picture

Finley is an idiot..that is all.

BVanRoschke's picture

I don't think for a second he's "content" on not playing ever again. I believe he's hell bent on playing. Like so many people nowadays including someone here who I am hating more and more, it's all about the attention. Football and the internet gives Finley attention and that is more important to him than even the 10 million he would get if he just hung it up and disappeared.

Like so many others addicted to Twitter and technology they wouldn't have a clue what to do if you take those things away. They are defined by social media. I think everyone knows a ton of addicts like this. They are all over the place. Finley is one of those guys. I wonder how Nick Barnett is doing nowadays. He was another social media addict. Finley should maybe talk to him and see how life is like without football. He probably could talk some sense into him believe it or not.

The only question with Finley if it's about the money is will he make more than 10 million the rest of his career if he keeps playing or is making say 5 million and being relevant for another 3 years worth the price of the extra 5 million he will lose by playing. If this internet and media wasn't as big a deal and this was 1975 he probably retires. Just my opinion.

Imma Fubared's picture

I still say the Packers are fools to think this guy can still play. No way in hades he is ever the player he used to be. Half the time he has to make a catch his back is to the defense. Scary enough when your healthy, terrifying if your one good hit from a wheel chair.
I would put my money on him cashing in his insurance and saying adios to the game.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Typical Finley, really. He doesn't say that Pittsburgh's doctors cleared him medically. I've only heard that Finley claimed his own doctor had cleared him medically.

Next, Finley said he gets the $10 million tax free, so he would have to gross something like $18 million + (depending on his state of residence) to net $10 million.

Finally, yes, if I were the attorney for his disability carrier, I would be clipping his tweets, etc, and trying to verify that he was quoted correctly with regard to returning to the NFL being a choice. I have refrained from commenting on whether Finley can collect on his insurance because I have never seen a disability policy where the insured was a professional athlete, much less the one issued to Finley, so I don't know what the exact wording might be, although I have dealt with large disability policies a couple of times during my career involving injuries to surgeons and other people with high income.

I personally hope he has the sense to retire if his risk of injury is higher than normal (I took care of a good friend who was a quadriplegic during my college days - he was my roommate, in fact, so I have at least some idea of what it is like on a day to day basis).

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks for the clarification and mea culpa: I had forgotten that his doctor is Pittsburgh's team doctor.

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