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Finley Hints That His Season's Over

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Finley Hints That His Season's Over

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichel Finley wrote on Twitter this afternoon:

#JermichaelFinley YOTTO has been rescheduled for the 2011-2012 Green Bay Packer Season RT RT RT

You can interpret that as you will, but it sure seems to indicate that he'll be placed on injured reserve.


Finley continues to confuse followers with another tweet that points to him returning in time for the post-season:

Go Pack Go. Im coming back for Play Offs and the Super Bowl. See ya then!

Stay tuned.

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TXPackerFan's picture

Keep the faith!! 10 weeks has him back in time for the Pats, Giants, and Bears - then post-season!!

lars's picture

He's done for the year. No way they carry him (or Barnett for 10-12 weeks).

Enter Quarless and sign Merriman.

RickyBobby's picture

you mean the merriman who just went on ir?

great idea.

mike brooks's picture

sounds like a plan but TT won't have any part in signing Merriman.

ZeroTolerance's picture

10 weeks means 9 more games plus the 5 already played = 14. He could only, in the best situation, be there for the last 2 games. Best situation. He almost HAS TO go on IR,

NoWayJose's picture

C'mon, Ted are you serious? There are FOUR guys on this team that get a roster spot for 10 weeks off - Rodgers, Woodson, Matthews, and FINLEY.

If this team makes the playoffs, we will need him then to beat elite teams.

This is short-sighted. Heaven forbid we not have that roster spot for Aaron Stecker, Dmitri Nance, or a Maurice Simpkins.

RickyBobby's picture

save the spot.

Hyperrevue's picture

Agree 100%

jeremy's picture

I was really worried it was the torn outer meniscus or capsule. The docs never really know until they get in there. The good news is he should heal close to 100% and not have the increased risk of osteoarthritis in the knee joint that would have been their if they trimmed away a tear in the interior portion of his cartilage.

Time for Quarless to step up.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Agree. Quarless has to step up. What a thing TT did by draftin Q w/o need.

jeremy's picture

Yeah it's interesting that all of those players TT drafted that the Packers were going to have no use for, Neil, Quarless, Burnett and Starks if he were healthy; turned out to be kinda important.

Irish Cheesehaed's picture

TT is all-knowing!

PRC's picture

YOTTO being over is pretty much a give since he's going to miss 8 games. Doesn't change the fact that if your the Pack you try like hell to hold his roster spot so you have him for a playoff run. Same for Barnett.

lars's picture

No. No. and no. Save a roster spot for 2 guys? Are you guys kidding? The Packers barely have enough players NOW to field a team. They didn't save a spot for grant and they won't for Finley or Barnett.

And, who said Rodgers would miss 10 weeks?

NoWayJose's picture

I would not leave one open for Barnett if its an 8-10wk prognosis. His value over replacement is not high enough.

Finley, yes, dead serious. You save the spot for him. He is a game-changer.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

He was implying the scenario in which said 4 players would miss 10 weeks, then you would be a fool to put any of those in IR.

And they didn't save up a spot for grant cause the injury was way more severe, he was going to be ready at week 1 of play offs or something like that.

ZeroTolerance's picture

He only said Rodgers would be worthy of wating that long.

Tarynfor 12's picture

WTF,I had no idea we have to deal with grade school games.If your going home then go,and let the fans move on.These guys get paid to play football or to play with the fans.
Media people and the PLAYERS more so,please print when you know,we can all make assumptions.
Follow me on "twitter" so I can make an ass of you by not being truthful to my follwers.

ZeroTolerance's picture


Tarynfor 12's picture

What??? Sorry but hearing is not needed,just reading and what part did you not grasp?

davyjones's picture


Why so angry all the time??

alex's picture

No need to rush and put him on IR right away wait 6 to 8 weeks see how rehab is going if their is a set back then put him on IR

MarkinMadison's picture

Sinc the news this week is uniformly bad, I decided to look at the bright side(s) of this rash of injuries. First, the Packers are developing more quality experience deep into the roster. This will pay dividends in the future. Second, if the Packers tank this year, they will get a much higher draft spot than would otherwise be warranted - say, top 15, or, gasp, to 10. Since the Packers really don't need to add much depth, they could even move up in (or into) the top 10 and grab a top flight OLB, RB or CB. Or, if TT develops a split personality they could package a pick or two and swing an off season trade for a quality veteran. Imagine the Packers coming back next year in a strike-shortened season, with Finley, Grant, Barnett, Jolly, Burnett, an experienced by youthful set of tackles (Bulaga and Lang), plus a high draft pick/quality veteran. Now we're talking. Or dreaming, whatever.

bomdad's picture

The decision doesnt need to be made NOW to put him on IR. Some fans need immediate action like firing the coach and GM and President. I would reserve a spot for the Packers playoff record holding receiver for, y'know, the PLAYOFFS. Grant's injury was a longer recovery time.

MarkinMadison's picture

PLAYOFFS?! Playoffs?! Sorry, couldn't resist. The schedule gets a lot harder from here on out. This team could conceivably go 2-9 the rest of the way. And if they play like they did at Washington, they will. They could still squeak into the playoffs, but they could also be out of the race before they go to Detroit in mid-December.

Cuphound's picture

Remember November 9 of last year? The offense gave itself a "Come to Jesus" talk. If there's any consolation, we're coming up the anniversary of what could be our team's new tradition of self-coaching.

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