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\'Finesse\' Team Rears Its Ugly Head

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\'Finesse\' Team Rears Its Ugly Head

Toward the end of last year, I made the observation that the Packers under Mike McCarthy had become a finesse team. Last night, McCarthy's team played true to that moniker. Every which way, they were beat on the lines, they were beat on almost every hit, and they were clearly the team that has spent a great deal less time worrying about hitting and tackling and a great deal more time worrying about rest and recovery during training camp.

The biggest culprit for this finesse label is the offensive line. Football is a game for men. Strong, hard, hopefully a bit nasty, men. The interior of the Packers' offensive line is populated by boys. Growing boys, to be sure, but up against the likes of Pat Williams or Tommie Harris, boys. It's a very real problem that McCarthy seems content to wait on. Only a man armed with a long-term contract would be comfortable sharing the sentiments below from McCarthy's end-of-season press conference:

I like the body type of our offensive line. The positive is they're all young. They're all going to get stronger, they're going to get bigger, they're going to be smarter, their fundamentals are going to improve. We have so much in front of us. I'm extremely pleased with our ability to pass protect. I'll take our group over anybody in the league as far as what we ask them to do in pass protection, and the performance level of our pass protection. Our pass protection was clearly better this year than last year, and on top of that, the stress of what we put our players in this year was 10-fold what we asked them to do last year. So that part of it, they've done a great job of. But we need to pick up the run-game performance, and having Ryan Grant is a big part of that. Having a full offseason to develop and play the upcoming season the way you want to play, as opposed to going through growing pains like we went from last year's offseason program when we didn't really know who the runner was going to be, and offensive linemen fighting for jobs, so now we have a lot of competition there. I think just the maturation of our players and being in year three will help us.

Now, I'm no expert. But it would seem to me that if players like Jason Spitz, Daryn Colledge, Alan Barbre, and Josh Sitton are supposed to "play the upcoming season the way you want to play", and you had no plans to bring in the likes of Alan Faneca in the offseason (now there's a man - who's now blocking for Mr. Favre, in a small slice of irony) perhaps it would have been prudent to start hitting in pads from the start of camp, and more than once or twice a week. Because right now, the young pups on the offensive line looked surprised at the ferociousness of the game.

To his credit, McCarthy seems to have noticed this:

I thought they were more physical than we were, and that' know. I need to get that fixed. So I did not have the team prepared, and we will get that done this week.

Just hope it's not too late for the boys, Mike.

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PackerBelle's picture

We didn't let anyone take Brett away. Brett decided that he wanted to go to another team.

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ricgrish's picture

better word might be send him away (sorry)

dustybricks6's picture

Our offensive line -- terrifies me. One of the big goals in this preseason regarding our offense, to me, is to get defenses to respect the long ball. Respect Aaron Rodgers. If we can't give him time to heave it 15+, our run game will never get off the ground, etc. Next week is huge as far as getting street cred with the rest of the league. Someone please, tell me I'm wrong and why.

He Who Is Right,'s picture

Welcome to "moving on", people. What the hell don't you'all understand about a rebuilding year? Get a freaking life!

olddog's picture

This whole mess is about Ted Twinkie wanting to get his "BOY" in there. I'll bet truth be told they encouraged Brett to retire. Wonder how Rodgers feels about having the starters job given to him, and not earned. People have forgotten about the lean years before Favre came here. Can you say 8-8 at best.

packeraaron's picture

Wow. Did you all not read my post below about overreaction? They're one or two steps away. It's preseason. Relax.

Cheezer's picture

It's only the preseason.

That said, it appears that the the Packers powers that be may be content to spend some of this season rebuilding and strengthening the corps.

Remember that the old man covered for a lot of OL deficiencies with his ability to read defenses and change up his cadence. He also forced defenses to keep people back in coverage so they couldn't key on the run. Also remember that he faded <i>bad</i> when it got cold and his 38 yr old body couldn't hold up.

I foresee some growing pains this year.

packeraaron's picture

Cheezer "the old man covered for a lot of OL deficiencies with his ability to read defenses"

That is spot on.

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