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Extra Cheese: Moving on from Crosby would be a mistake

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Extra Cheese: Moving on from Crosby would be a mistake

Earlier this afternoon, I held a Packers chat over on our YouTube channel about all things Green and Gold. You can catch the replay below.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you'd like to participate in future chats. 

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Coldworld's picture

What is Al’s take on moving on from Crosby? That would be interesting.

Lare's picture

All I keep seeing is everyone saying the Packers can't cut Crosby because he'll then sign with Minnesota or Chicago.

Personally, if the Packers can find a better kicker that is cheaper, I have no problem letting Crosby go as long as he misses as many kicks against Green Bay as he did for Green Bay last season.

Coldworld's picture

I am with you on that.

TheVOR's picture

Ya, I remember.. You know, when the Packers decided to cut Jon Ryan and it took them like 10 years to find an even remotely adequate replacement. I feel another Jon Ryan fiasco coming on. Place Kickers are always taken for granted right up until you don't have one and you lost 2-3 games in the year on missed field goals.

Crosby is exactly an 80.4%-er career guy. Not stunning, but he outranks some of the guys that are thought to be surgical. In most statistical round outs he's in the top 6 in the league. I just think it's a monster mistake at this juncture. Let him play out his contract year, then make the move, unless you just get a killer deal. The dude we have competing with Crosby isn't even close.

I sense Crosby's injury is definitely a factor, this team is already decimated 1 game into preseason. Brutal..

Coldworld's picture

Hardly decimated.

bocster's picture

Chuck Forman ex Viking says Viking backfield has NEVER been deeper. Is he correct or to many blows to the head?

blondy45's picture

Did anyone see Crosby kick off out of bounds? Did anyone see Crosby kick off short to the 5 yard line? Did anyone see high winds or adverse conditions in the pre season game with Houston? Did anyone see last year's Detroit game? Crosby is not money in the bank when it comes to confidence in his recent kicking abilities. The money in the bank that he will receive if he is retained as the PK this year, is way too much 4 plus MILLION. Crosby must go. Did you see Ficken's kick off to the back of the end zone? Do you remember his last practice kick before the preseason started.... 63 yards? We could surely use the cap savings for a younger stronger kicker. As for Nagler's worries about the Vikings or the Bears picking up Crosby & the Pack getting burned, hogwash, If our defense keeps them away, Crosby does no longer have the leg or the accuracy to be a money kicker, ONLY IN SALARY COST!!

KamThomps's picture

I keep waiting for Gute to give Younghoe Koo a call.

RickInCali's picture

If I was a dick I'd say this click bait headline is horseshit. Ok I'm a dick. Crosby is at best a league-average kicker. If he got paid on a per-excuse basis; he'd be a bargain.

PackfanNY's picture

Has anyone seen Ficken kick? My son went to Penn State and I saw him for four years. He’s just ok. He has bounced around since leaving college for a reason. He’s inconsistent. Maybe Crosby is done but I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Ficken is the answer. Hasn’t anyone wondered why the Packers were allegedly interested in the guy going to the Vikings?

RickInCali's picture

Nobody has wondered why except Nagler. Just sayin'.....

PackerAaron's picture

That sense. Which is unsurprising.

Ryan B Dub's picture

My fear with Crosby is the Kick Off. He seems to be doing well with field goals.

wildbill's picture

My thoughts have always been to have a lb learn to kick off. You would have a good open field tackler instead of a “maybe” tackler. Dave Robinson originally made the Packer roster cause Vince had him kicking off. Special teams can turn a game around, in both directions, so let’s be innovative-all the way back to the 60s, lol

croatpackfan's picture

I'm serious when I say I will keep "fricken" Ficken over Crosby. Why? Because he has at least 20% stronger leg. Almost every time when Mason do kick, ball falls on 5 yards or even 10 yards out of end zone. He has not leg to kick it every time in the end zone. And we see a lot of injuries for Packers and favorable field positions for opponents.

Also, I believe, that Ficken can have same % of the field goals and 1p conversions as Mason. And Ficken is faster than Mason, so he can better be the last man in KR plays.

Also, what amazes me is how little love Packers fans have for Trevor Davis. They'll take anybody to cover KR and PR, it doesn't matter if they are much more worse than Trevor.

Lot of people complaining how Mason will become Bears or Vikings (this is out of option as Vikings got their kicker!) if Packers cut him. I'm perfectly good with that idea... But few people here is worried about how Trevor will become Bears, Vikings or Lions player if Packers cut him.

They will celebrate until Trevor will start to brings favorable field positions to Bears, Vikings or Lions and will be gunner that will ruins Packers ST plays.

For me it is really mystery. Every "frickin" coach who trained Packers ST had and have only super opinion on Trevor Davis capabilities as KR/PR and gunner. Hell, this season Aaron was very pleased with Trevor Davis. And that is still not enough for many of you!

Really - mystery!

Coldworld's picture

Davis is never going to be a world beater. His upside is probably #4 or # receiver. That’s tough on him because it’s a size thing. Small burners struggle against modern tall fast physical DBs in games. You have to scheme for them. In an ideal world, Davis would be 5 inches taller and competing with MVS.

Davis isn’t really a natural slot, other than size. He doesn’t seem as aware as Shepherd may be and Cobb was. Davis has been a lot better this year, but he has always performed better in non full contact environments. A lot of us have watched him. It takes time to believe that that has changed and we have not, through no fault of his own, seen him do that thanks to the Texans’ idiot Safety.

I have though, never seen Davis pick up on a broken play, change his route and get open then make a great catch knowing he was going to get smacked like Shepherd did. That was a vet play in a rookie’s first game. That’s real competition. Shepherd was timed at 4.57 in his 40. On the field that looks like it was a bad day. The kid is fast and just seems to get open. Rodgers is also showing love to Shepherd and the (very different type) Lazard. It’s a really tight competition

That’s why there is skepticism regarding Davis in my opinion Croat. Hopefully Davis can get fit and play during preseason, but it is not a given that he will and it is not a given that he is in the best 6 or 7 receivers even this year even then. It will suck if he doesn’t get a chance to prove that he is though.

croatpackfan's picture

Well, you have fairly stated your concerns.

To support your claims I will add that I also do not feel Trevor Davis is top WR and, by my opinion he is 5 or 6th option on that position. But, he is top 3 gunner in NFL and top 5 KR/PR in NFL. And that means something to me.

If there will be change in NFL rules regarding KR/PR, than I will feel as Trevor Davis can be easily replaced, but at the moment that can bite Packers more than Mason Crosby release.

Also, you wrote "I have though, never seen Davis pick up on a broken play, change his route and get open..." on what I will ask you to review Packers at Falcons 2016 2nd Q at 4:20. Also It is worth to watch same game from the time 6:05...

Maybe you will change a bit your attitude towards Trevor Davis...

PatrickGB's picture

Really the question is “ Is Crosby on the downside of his career and worth his salary?” And that raises the question of who could replace him? My crystal ball says “ask again later”.

Coldworld's picture

Later maybe roster cutdown day. I would much rather change having seen a kicker in camp, but that isn’t typically how it works.

TXCHEESE's picture

When comparing Crosby to other kickers, you have to take in to account weather and field conditions. I know, he had a sh*t day indoors in Detroit, but kicking in the cold and on grass, is something to consider when comparing accuracy percentages

croatpackfan's picture

This is just excuse for not so strong leg Mason has...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I never understand the disdain for the GM wannabes. I'd hazard a guess that a sizable percentage of the commenters and a smaller percentage of the readers are GM wannabes to some degree. Certainly, varying degrees of deference are paid to the Front Office and to the coaching staff.

I can understand why the FO decided to release Mike Daniels and defer to their apparent decision to pay Crosby his bloated salary.

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