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Extra Cheese: Mason Crosby corrects the record

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Extra Cheese: Mason Crosby corrects the record

Earlier this afternoon, I held a Packers chat over on our YouTube channel. You can catch the replay below.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you'd like to participate in future chats. 

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Johnblood27's picture

Nagler is NEVER right.

Harold Drake's picture

Aaron Nagler is one of the best Packers' analysts in the business. I only wish that CheeseheadTV would fix its horrible website, A case in point is the following: viewers of this site are often asked by Mr. Nagler to become Patreons. Where on the website can you find the "BECOME A PATREON" button so that one can click on it and actually join the Patreon community of supporters??? One would think that this would be an absolute priority. It's one more example of this very poorly constructed website which is a decade out of date and was designed by the least competent IT student at the lowest-ranked university in the U.S.

MarkinMadison's picture

It is a web site. Kind of like Etsy.

Since '61's picture

While you are insulting the website and the people who designed it you may want to take a spelling lesson. There is no such word as Patreon. The correct spelling is Patron.

There is a Patreon website which artists and vendors use to get paid but I doubt that is what you were referring to.

Maybe you should also consider the cost of subscribing to this site while you are learning how to spell.
Thanks, Since ‘61

MarkinMadison's picture

Patreon is the name of the page. Don't confuse him. It will make it harder for him to start contributing.

Sir Charles's picture

It's better than site.

Since '61's picture

CHTV is the best Packers blog available.
Thanks, Since ‘61

flackcatcher's picture

Pretty strange comment all around. (not you '61) In blog design one wants a clean and well designed layout. In blogs content is king. Any graphic interface that does not drive the content makes the blog hard to read and drives views away. What Al has done is make the comments as important as the posts themselves. No small feat in a social media world full of click on and tweets. And yes, this is the best written and serious blog for not only Packers fan, but of pro football in general. If most of the websites or blogs were as clean and easy to navigate as CHTV I bet their traffic and views would shoot way up too.

Since '61's picture

Flak - good post. I agree completely, that is why I have remained with Jersey Al for the last 10 years going back to the AllGBP days. Thanks, Since ‘61

Nick Perry's picture

That's RIGHT Since '61!!!

dobber's picture

...and it's free.

Harold Drake's picture

Dear Since 61,

Aaron Nagler has consistently invited CheeseheadTV viewers/readers to "become a Patreon." He does not say "become a patron" on the Patreon site or otherwise. So I am not sure why you are attempting to obfuscate the issue.

My post was intended to HELP CheeseheadTV gain more paying subscribers by having them place a clear and easy-to-find "Become a Patreon" icon/button somewhere on the CheeseheadTV webpage. I don't understand your anger or nasty response. Are we not entitled to voice our opinions on this site? I would have some respect for you if you actually addressed the point I was making - that it is impossible to see where to click to in fact become a Patreon (or Patron). But I supposed you are simply trying to find some meaning to your life by attacking others for no reason. I believe that Packers' fans should set a higher standard and not troll each other. If you re-read my comment and try to deal with the argument I am making, then you might see that I have a point when it comes to the absence of a clearly marked "Become a Patreon" (Aaron Nagler's invitation) button/click space. I am trying to make a constructive comment concerning a deficiency on the site. I welcome your comment on that point. You should ask yourself why you choose to make a snide remark about my spelling ability when in fact I am merely using the term that the co-founder of CheeseheadTV, Aaron Nagler, chooses to employ.

But let us forget our differences and stand together in our Packers' faith: GO PACK GO!

Harold Drake's picture

Dear MarkinMadison,

I also find it disappointing that you should choose to chime in with your schoolboy "don't confuse him" remark concerning the difference between Patron and Patreon. It is Aaron Nagler, the co-founder of CheeseheadTV who invites his viewers to "become a Patreon." He does not ask us to "become a patron" of the site. This is simply a fact. Your support of Since61 is a further example of internet trolls who discourage honest and constructive debate. If either you or Since61 had pointed out - "this is where you click to become a Patreon" - then your "arguments" might have some weight. Simply answer the following: do you not believe that more people would subscribe to CheeseheadTV and
become "Patreons" or "Patrons" if there was a highly visible space/button where one can simply "click" and then be directed to the relevant web page that allows one to sign up and make the monthly payments that would help improve the site? Surely that is the question you should be addressing. But I suppose you have very little time for such matters while you binge-watch FOX news and attend MAGA rallies.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think your original post was overly negative. You could have made your point in a sentence asking for a button. Instead you went on for half a page and questioned the whole design of the site. All of this was unnecessary. I made no arguments. I simply tried to make sure that both you and Since 61 understood there is a Patreon website, not to be confused with the word Patron (because Since 61 seemed to need to lecture you on the fact that the word Patreon did not exist). This post too is way too belabored for what it is - get over it.

Harold Drake's picture

I don't need your advice or benediction, nor do I appreciate your ill-informed, petty, troll remark that I might be "confused." Where did that nasty remark come from?

The fact remains that Since 61 made a snide insult when he "lectured me" (your words) that the word Patreon does not exist. I NEVER stated that Patreon is a word, so why should I be "corrected." I stated that Aaron Nagler repeatedly asks us to support CTV by becoming a "Patreon." I have a legitimate complaint to make regarding the absence of a clear button where we can actually click and become Patreons. Why is that so difficult for you and your fellow troll Since61to understand. Further, in my opinion, the website, however well-intentioned the original designer might have been, is terribly organised and confused. It is in urgent need of a modern update - even Mr. Nagler has indicated that a re-design is in the works. Why are you so defensive on this issue?

Lastly, I never use this space to insult fellow Packers' fans. I merely critiqued the website. You and Since61 chose to insult me without any provocation. I expect better from fellow Packers' fans.

MarkinMadison's picture

You can constructively criticize the web site structure without comparing it to the work of the worst IT student in the country and then whining like a little 6!tc4 when someone calls you on it. You’re right we need to treat each other better, and the first shitty post on this thread was yours. Now go have a beer and chill out.

Since '61's picture

Harold - you began this by insulting the web design and the person(s) who designed it. That was what my original response was about and why it was harsh, given that it was your first or one of your few posts here at CHTV.

Since then you have made 2 more posts which have included insults directed at Mark and myself. So much for never insulting other posters. You have made three posts on this thread and each has included insults of either the site, the designed, Mark or myself. Why didn’t you stop at your question about Patreon?

Finally you have called both of us internet trolls. If you had actually been part of this site you would know that I have been posting here for about 10 years now going back to AllGBP with Jersey Al. As for Mark he is a long term poster here as well and may have been here even longer than I have. He has been and is an asset to our blog. You would know this if you took the time to check our profiles or to read some of our other posts before launching your insults. Mark has correctly stated that we have already overdone this discussion. Thanks, Since ‘61

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