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Extra Cheese: Is Mitch Trubisky better than Aaron Rodgers?

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Extra Cheese: Is Mitch Trubisky better than Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron ponders that question in the latest installment of Extra Cheese:

For anyone wondering what prompted this discussion:

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Coldworld's picture

Well I thought the really silly season started after minicamps. So Trubitsky is cheap and .... that’s it.

Jonathan Spader's picture

The author is using a Cost Benefit Analysis. In 2018 Rodgers did not play up to his contract extension. Had he not been extended maybe he would have lived up to his contract even in a year that for Rodgers was subpar. Cousins was guaranteed 84 million and surprise was mediocre. Stafford had a rough year and also has a huge contract.

It's pretty easy to say that Turdbisket offered Chi the biggest bang for the buck. Because his contract isn't even close to the rest of the NFC North's QBs. In 2019 when Rodgers returns to form and justifies his contract it'll be a different story.

Samson's picture

Trubisky may be better someday long after AR retires..... Until then, Mitch should take notes at all Packer/Bear games starting 9/5/19. .. He may actually learn something.

jannes bjornson's picture

He has no long ball accuracy or arm. Shut down the Bears running game and see who wins the shootout. I'll put Vegas money on Rodgers.

Doug Niemczynski's picture


flackcatcher's picture


Lare's picture


PackerAaron's picture

Thanks coach.

Lphill's picture

Rodgers had more yards and 25 TD and 2 int
Trubisky 24 TD 12 INT 20th in yards Rodgers 6 th in yards, so how was Trubisky better?

TheVOR's picture

This article is all about Fantasy. Maybe in some Unicorn Fantasy World this guy might hold Rodgers Jock Strap for him, but fo anyone who tries to make a case that Trubisky is somehow Rodgers, or in the same universe? Time to take off the virtual reality fantasy goggles and come back to the real world.

Since '61's picture

This is truly Fantasy Football. Thanks, Since ‘61

Adorabelle's picture

Aaron Jones career 5.5 yard per attempt is way higher than Walter Payton. is Aaron Jones better than Walter Payton? Chuckle.

IceBowl's picture

This one is dumb, off season madness.

Who cares which QB rushes more??? I do not.

I want my QB to be the (1st) best game manager, (2nd) best passer, and (3rd) best improviser.

If I am talking about my QB running efficiency, I am not talking about a winner.

Since '61's picture

What’s a Trubisky? Who cares. Thanks, Since ‘61

Since '61's picture

If and when Trubisky wins 2 MVP awards and a Super Bowl and reaches the HOF we can talk. And who knows Rodgers may have another MVP and an SB or 2 still in him.

If Trubisky gets to the HOF it will be as a tourist if he can find it.

As of now it’s Trubisky who? Thanks, Since ‘61

Old School's picture

I don't think the question was "who has accomplished more, or had a better career".

Lare's picture

It doesn't matter. Rodgers is still a better QB than Trubisky will ever be.

Tarynfor12's picture

To even entertain this question is disturbing.

IceBowl's picture


We do agree on some things. As I said above.

IceBowl's picture


We do agree on some things. As I said above.

Ryan B Dub's picture

Wait till the Patriots play the Bears and Mitch’s headset malfunctions. Mitch has a box of rocks upstairs. Athletic as he is. He is a meat head. The Bears love him and will play for him. I’m happy Mitch isn’t wearing the green and gold. He isn’t worth it. Even dumb guys win once in a while.

Lphill's picture

Also Trubisky started one year in college and did not have such an exciting college career now that I look at his stats I wonder why he was even a first round pick based on being a one year starter for north Carolina and playing some average teams .

Archie's picture

Nobody is better than Aaron Rodgers. Take it to the bank. Bookit Dano. Can't wait to see him in new offense and with a real defense. Heck, I'm hopeful our ST will be tons better too.

PackfanNY's picture

Let’s be honest this is just click bait. Trubisky is a good fit for the Bears and what Nagy is trying to do with his offense. They are built to play good defense and not turn the ball over. Gadget plays and some safe passes as needed.
Now can I even take someone seriously who wants to say he is the “top” QB in the division.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Patrick Mahomes for starters and Terrific Tom Brady for #2

PackfanNY's picture

I believe this was about the NFC North. Neither Brady or Mahomes play in the NFC North.

IceBowl's picture

Why are we not talking about pass accuracy on the run?

Pierre's picture

Rodgers needs to bounce back this year in a big way by leading this team to the playoffs. If he continues to decline in pass completion percentage, converting third downs, and getting his passes off timely, then its going to be difficult for this team to win in 2019 and a lot closer to the time for Green Bay to move on to a new QB to take over.
One cannot keep making excuses for inconsistent play by Rodgers at the QB position...from injuries, to receivers, to OL, to play calling, to MM. The fact is he throws the ball away out of bounds at a league leading number, had a 6-9-1 record last year, barely a 60% completion rate...and has a career losing record of 39-44 in road games. Compare that to Tom Brady, who has played 51 more road games than AR has played, Yet Brady still has less road losses with a 92-42 road record.

That’s an incredible difference in winning road games. How many here even realize that Aaron Rodgers has a losing record on the road yet think think he’s still playing the QB position at an elite level...or that he’s the best QB in the NFL??? It’s not reality at all by the results he has achieved in winning games as the years go by. Maybe this year can be better for him...we shall see.

IceBowl's picture


I agree ARod had an "off" season and not many want to talk about it. Statistically he was fine, but his play was sub-ARod.

I watched many times he would not throw to an open receiver. That is ridiculous. That led to many throw aways/delays/sacks that did not have to happen. He has to throw to open receivers. Has to.

He simply has to change that.

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