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Eagles to Release Former Packers DE Cullen Jenkins

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Eagles to Release Former Packers DE Cullen Jenkins

The Philadelphia Eagles have informed former Green Bay Packers defensive end Cullen Jenkins that he will be released, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Jenkins, who signed with the Packers as an undrafted free agent in 2003, played in 93 games over seven years in Green Bay. He registered 29.0 sacks with the Packers, including a career-high seven in 2010.

As an unrestricted free agent during the summer of 2011, Jenkins would sign a five-year, $25 million deal to become part of the "Dream Team" Eagles. He lasted just two years into the deal, despite 9.5 sacks in 32 games.

The Eagles will clear over $4 million in cap space by releasing Jenkins.

While he did turn 32 years old last month, Jenkins still has interior pass rush ability. According to Pro Football Focus, Jenkins made 30 total quarterback disruptions (four sacks, one quarterback hit, 25 hurries) over 642 snaps last season and has graded out as a top 12 interior rusher in back-to-back seasons.

The Packers have struggled to fill Jenkins' shoes since 2010, so a reunion in Green Bay might make sense depending on the economics of a potential deal. At the right price, the Packers would encounter very little downside in bringing back the versatile inside rusher, especially with Jerel Worthy (ACL) potentially missing a chunk of next season.

Zach Kruse is a 24-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covers prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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RC Packer Fan's picture


I don't think the Packers will go after him unless it would be for veteran minimum. But it is interesting.

I would love to have him back, I just don't think TT will bring him back.

Evan's picture

Let's get the band back together!

I think this would be a nice move. I can't imagine he'll cost much.

redlights's picture

Yeah!! CJ; then Peprah and Howard Green.

Cue: Fonz and "Happy Days" music!

NoWayJose's picture

Normally, I would say no way to this type of re-tread signing...

BUT hell if I don't feel completely the opposite about Cullen Jenkins. Throw the man 2 million a year and let's bring him back as a leader, locker room guy, and rotational guy. What the hell - he knows the defense and I trust him way more than some of the young guys.

spiderpack's picture

well he is a good locker room guy, good spirit leader.

mike's picture

years wasted the teenage waste land.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Why the heck not?!?

Tony's picture

I can't imagine he'll command a ton of money. It's something the Packers would be very wise to at least toy with. I'd love it if they could get him back.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Get his big bad ass back here!


Stroh's picture

Only way this happens is if Jenkins wants to come back and will play for vets minimum. I don't think he wants either, but if he said so publicly it might intrrest Thompson. He would allow Worthy time to recover and get his body right.

I'm not against it but doubt it'll happen.

Beep's picture

I'd love to see him back in green and gold. Do it TT!

Dennis eckersley's picture

The one that got away!

CSS's picture

The Eagles were $25 million under the cap without cutting Jenkins, and they're taking a bunch of young guys and transitioning to a new defense where you would think a veteran presence for one more year would be preferred. As simple as getting young for the sake of getting younger, or did they see something when reviewing his play?

Stroh's picture

New coaching new system. Start over w your own players.

Tim's picture

Not gonna happen. Datko has his number.

xxstatic's picture
Stroh's picture

Canty actually makes more sense. We need a run stuffing 34DE more than Jenkins pass rush ability. Plus Canty is younger. Just a better fit than Jenkins right now.

Mojo's picture

Unless there's something to what CSS wrote, I'd bring him back in a second for a couple $mil. I'd guess he's got one or two good years left, especially if he shares time with lets say Pickett. However, the Packers expressed no interest the last time he was here, so it makes me wonder if they would have any interest now. With Worthy out, we could look at both Jenkins, Canty and a draft pick if they think he's the BPA at the time they draft.

Idiot Fan's picture

IIRC, Last time when he was a FA, there was still the feeling that he was (or was close to) a top-tier FA. We were all sort of shocked how little it cost for the Eagles to sign him. This time Jenkins would likely have much smaller expectations around what he can get.

DaveK's picture

They let Jenkins go last time because Mike Neal was the long term answer at that spot. That didn't work out so well due mostly to injury. No doubt they missed Jenkins production in 2011 when Neal couldn't replace his production. Couple that win Collins injury and the defense never regained the form of 2010. You have to wonder if TT had it to do over again he would have resigned Jenkins and let Jones walk. About the same money...

In Ted I trust to put a proper $ amount on Jenkin's value to the Packers given his age and how he performed last year and if Canty is a better value/better player. I just have no idea how Jenkins played last year to make a judgement on his worth. Or, Canty for that matter.

It would be refreshing if they brought in both Canty and Jenkins in an attempt to make that an area of strength on the defense. Raji, Pickett, Jenkins, Canty, Daniels, Neal, Wilson, and Worthy. I know I should know better but I do get tired of always getting younger and building the future roster. Let's saddle up and really make a run the next 2-3 years.

Stroh's picture

How many DL csn they keep? 6 is the norm for a 34D. None of those are PS eligible either. 7 would be a lot anx limit the number of LB.

Evan's picture

Worthy is probably PUP, if that makes a difference.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"I know I should know better"

Yes. Yes you should.

ohenry78's picture

As a somewhat-unrelated side note, I noticed the picture on the main page is one taken during the media days from the 2010 superbowl year. Those pictures are some of the best pictures of the players I've seen on any site ever. Kudos to whoever the photographer was for CHTV at the time :)

NoWayJose's picture

Pretty sure that those are Brian Carriveau's pics. I remember thinking how awesome they were when they came out. Definitely worth the hat tip again.

cow42's picture

they won't sign jenkins
they won't sign canty
they won't tag jennings
they won't release hawk
they won't release tramon
they won't release crosby (won't bring in competition, either)
they won't release finley
they won't release kuhn
they won't release bush
they won't sign bush or bradshaw or any other FA RB

this is all just "silly-season" stuff

they will sign a couple of their own guys
they will develop their young players
they will build through the draft


Stroh's picture

Go away! They wouldn't be talking go Canty if they weren't interested. Your the most negative person I've seen!

Chris Davis's picture

Thank-You Stroh, cow42 is out of control.
Talking to Canty and now Jenkins can only make us better. We need to help the D-Line...Period...why not look at everything?

Evan's picture

And it's not like they didn't sign a few cheap, veteran d-linemen just last year. If the price is right, TT will bite. He's not going to go after Bradshaw or Jake Long. But Canty and Jenkins are just the type of second-tier free agents TT likes.

xuyee's picture

Contrary to popular belief, TT actually signs a good numbers FAs (Hargrove, Muir, Merling, Saturday, Grant), but usually only if they are Packers or are cheap. Jenkins counts as both. Canty does not. Kickers are cheap, so I wouldn't be surprised at a kicker.

Also, I'm wondering if Jennings is going find the market for WRs saturated. He's not worth the tag money.

As for Finley, we know who he is now, talented but inconsistent (and maybe getting better). If they restructured his contract to 3-4 years at $6M/yr I'd be cool with that.

Stroh's picture

I dont think Canty will get a lot of suitors. He might be cheap and he's a perfect 34 DE.

cow42's picture

how is this negative?
i said it was smart.

Stroh's picture

They won't, They won't, They won't, They won't, They won't, They won't, They won't, They won't...

Does that cover it?

cow42's picture

yeah - they WON'T do any stupid things.

Stroh's picture

How is looking at Canty or Jenkins stupid? Both would be very smart moves IMO.

cow42's picture

they're both just old "filler" guys.
this team needs playmakers.
got enough C+/B- dudes.

neither jenkins or canty would change this defense at all. and they have zero potential for growth... so what's the point?

canty - jenkins - raji - pickett - neal - daniels wouldn't scare anyone.

that's all i'm saying.

Stroh's picture

Cow... You Draft the playmakes and sign the "filler" guys as FA cuz they are inexpensive and fill a role. Canty especially fills a role that is NEEDED. We need a run stuffing 34 DE in a bad way. Yes we need playmakers, but those are ultra-expensive and they don't usually make it to FA. Draft a playmaking ILB and Safety and sign Canty to play a role.

Thats how you put a TEAM together. It works for the salary cap and it works in the lockerroom. DIdn't you see what happened in Philly when they signed all those big name playmakers?

cow42's picture

i'm not advocating signing big named playmakers.
all i'm saying is that i don't think canty or jenkins are worth bringing in. they just aren't that good anymore.

Stroh's picture

Like I said... THey're ROLE players. They play a role on the team thats needed and allow the playmakers to make the plays. Why don't you think Canty can't come in and be a run stuffing DE? Have you even watched him closely, cuz I'm sure Thompson and the scouts have!

patchwork's picture

You weren't being negative. Granted, you weren't being very conducive to fun conversation on the matter, but you weren't being negative.

SHODAN's picture

True, cow was agreeing with the general model of Packers off-season activity.

However, I am curious about one item on that long list of won'ts: why would keeping Bush be smart? I recall reading analysis that indicated that his level of play on special teams declined, and the first game was a pretty good indicator of his value on defense, I think.

HR_kevinmc's picture

As soon as I saw the Jenkins post I was hoping you'd post Cow! You've got your style...I can live with it and I get it!

Stanislaw's picture

Cow42 - you nailed it

redlights's picture

Yes, Cow's post was mostly negative.

But he is dead on, except K will have competition. I wouldn't mind if he was wrong on a few, but TT isn't going to change. Even at DLine, a 2nd round rookie is half the vet minimum that Jenkins will get.

I've said it before, the average roster spot is worth $2M. For every player that is a dollar above that, another player has to be a dollar below.

Stroh's picture

If your sign an older vet you get an excemption. Instead of the $800K or whatever the vet min is, more like $500K against the cap. Used to be like that, I believe it still is after the recent CBA.

Nick Perry's picture

You sign him without question. Just look at Raji's play since he left. He knows the Defense and would be a plus with the younger D Linemen.

Stroh's picture

Jenkins is a good player, but he's never been a good lockerroom guy. Not a bad one either, but not one that was a leader in the lockerroom. The guy on the DL thats a lockerroom leader in Pickett, always has been. I wouldn't count on Jenkins helping anyone but himself.

DHoward's picture

how do you possibly know any of that?

Stroh's picture

I read A LOT. And remember a lot.

DHoward's picture

I sure TT and Capers want a guy that can disrupt a pocket on passing downs and eat up blockers on run plays. Give them that and I doubt they care about him meshing with Pickett's leadership or being a problem in the locker room. Unless I am forgetting something...but I don't ever remember Jenkins ever being anything but a professional and interacting with fans in both GB and Philly in a positive way.

Stroh's picture

I didn't say they shouldn't sign him. Not a bad guy just a guy but a productive player. I would prefer Canty over Jenkins cuz I think he provides more of what the Packers need but that's just my opinion. Any DL they might sign should help.

MarkinMadison's picture

One of the reasons TT did not want to sign Jenkins for big money after 2010 was because he had injury issues. In 2008 he missed 12 games and in 2010 he missed 5. He's played more complete seasons than ones where he has missed. So call it irony the problems the Packers have had with Neal and Worthy, or call it whatever you want.

Chris Canty makes more sense to me because he brings the height to the 34DE position needed to block some passing lanes while still playing solid against the run. He already has a contract offer from Tennessee though, so I doubt that he will come cheap.

Stroh's picture

Does he want to play for a winner and have a shot at another ring or for a team thats going nowhere? Would like to know what the offer from Tenn is for...

cow42's picture

he's got a ring.
he'll go for the coin.
don't kid yourself.

Stroh's picture

Depends... Some get a ring and are satisfied and some get one and can't wait to get another. Woodson comes to mind. You don't know which he is and neither do I. Not like he didn't already get alot of coin from NYG.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

The last time around, didn't Canty kind of diss the Pack when he went to the giants? Seems like I remember him talking smack about playing for us... I may be thinking of someone else though.

Stroh's picture

Packers wanted him to visit. Canty is from NY so that's where he wanted to be. His agent wanted the Packers to make an offer before he visited so he could use it in negotiation w NYG. Canty was never leaving NY and Thompson wouldn't offer a contract sight unseen. Not a diss just a negotiating ploy.

Evan's picture

You do remember a lot.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


Evan's picture

"Stroh says:
February 26, 2013 at 4:14 pm
I read A LOT. And remember a lot."

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