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Driver Won't Play Vs. Cowboys

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Driver Won't Play Vs. Cowboys

Donald Driver spoke with Bill Michaels of the Packer Radio Network this afternoon. Michaels Tweeted this shortly afterword:

Packers WR Donald Driver just told us that he will NOT play this coming Sunday vs. the Cowboys

I actually don't think this is the worlds worst development. Driver has been a shadow of his normal self since suffering the quad injury. Sitting out this Sunday and then heading into a bye week will give Driver two full weeks to try and heal, rehab and get ready for the stretch run.

As out of sync as the Packers' offense has looked, I fully expect James Jones and Jordy Nelson to pick up the slack.

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PackersRS's picture

Of course. Another player misses a game due to injury.

Of. Course.

Pack Attack's picture

I don't know why, but at this point these laments are becoming more annoying than the injuries. Can we just roll with the injuries at this point?

PackersRS's picture

Sorry, for every injury, you're gonna hear lament. No way around it. Just don't read my comment, but lamenting is a way to vent...

PackersThad's picture

I have been ignoring all of the talk about Jones being soft, but I really am starting to believe that he shies away from contact.

I hope the Packers are going to start giving the ball more to Nelson and even Swain to make up for the loss of Driver.

packeraaron's picture

"I really am starting to believe that he shies away from contact" - because he does.

bogmon's picture

It really is a shame too Aaron.

After that preseason game in his rookie season when he got smacked hard; lost his helmet; and just rolled into the endzone, I thought he was gonna be a a Sterling Sharpe type of player...

So much for that hope.

PkrNboro's picture

are you saying he should have carved off pieces of his behind, for Halloween treats?

SpiderPack's picture

I'm in agreement in that I'm really looking for Jordy to pull us some clinch catches the way a lot of team's Tight End's do. He's a bigger and more solid receiver, and if he gets a more sizable rotation, I really feel like he'll come through, especially if they keep putting him the slot. His hands are sticky and soft with the ball. IMHO, he was sliding ahead of Jones in camp, but the fact that he's a year behind Jones plus the fact he was usurped away to return kicks, gave Jones the #3 spot. In addition, MM said he wasn't sure he would put Jordy back on returns now that Pat Lee is injured bc Jordy may be used more in the passing game. Let's hope they've had enough of Jones like the rest of us have.

mel's picture

I think Jordy just flat out has the heart for it unlike James Jones... He plays with a chip on his shoulders. Catches most anything thrown his way...

ZeroTolerance's picture

No potentially hard hit could have been on his mind when he let the deep ball go off his fingertips versus the Jets.

RickyBobby's picture

I love DD.

This news might cripple a lesser TEAM.

Just more adversity! We're used to that!

All the powers of nature and the universe are trying to keep this Packer team down...

But you know what?


PackersRS's picture

Ever since RickyBobby got all positive, we started winning.


SpiderPack's picture

RickyBobby is The Oracle.

PkrNboro's picture

icky-B !!!

I read your words and can't help but think of...
"I've got the Power"

(I will attack and you don't want that !!!)

NoWayJose's picture

Definitely the right move. He looked horrible in the MN and NYJ games. That injury clearly is hampering him. Much better to take the full two weeks than aggravate it playing ineffectively.

I am sick of Jones and his series of epic failures, but we need him now. I think McCarthy needs to find a way to get some short, easy completions to him early to get his hands and head right.

Chris's picture

Sounds like a fine idea to sit down and rest up. Driver looked great the first weeks, he also helps the team with his attitude and experience. Packers WR are a class act, as far away from the "diva" attitude of so many others.
Time for Jordy, James and Brett to step up their game and deliver against the measely Cowboys.

Graffin's picture

"measely Cowboys." Just had to say it one more time.

jack in jersey city's picture

jones will have a great game this week after sucking last week. that's what he does

Frank Rizzo's picture

I agree.
Jones has ***** up a few times, for certain.

But he's capable of some big plays.... he just needs to get mentally tough, and I think he'll rise to the occasion this week.

Still, which guy is a better fantasy sleeper this week, Jordy or James?

Remember, the past 2 years Dallas has shut down Rodgers and the Packers offense, and that's when the offense was rolling. Now the offense is sputtering on all cylinders. I know Dallas made Jacksonville's offense look good last week, but that was last week.

Their defense got their butt's chewed and they will be playing pizzed off Sunday Night in front of the nation.

We will get their best shot. Luckily, I think we have Jon Kitna's number.

Cole's picture

Let's just claim Moss and put Driver on IR ;)

Morli's picture

Not that there is any possibility whatsoever, but if the Packers did this, I would quit being a fan. forever.

PkrNboro's picture

after these hopeful comments about rest and rehab -- I fully expect him to be put on IR tomorrow.

I mean, c'mon ! hasn't that been the situation all season ?

TalkingHeads: well, we're going to ice it down and check with the medical staff.
TalkingHeads: little worse than we first thought; surgery tomorrow; gone for the year

Nononsense's picture

I have to agree with what the 2nd commentor said. It is time to just roll with the injury punches from now on no matter who it is.

Just look at it as a chance for another young or new guy to step in and show us what he can do.

Thats my approach the rest of the season anyway, so far there have been a few pleasant surprises among the young and new crowd. The only way to truly know what you've got is to play them in a game, practice only shows you so much.

I am really curious about Swain's abilty, there is no way he doesn't get more of a look with Driver out and only two TEs available for the game.

Cole's picture

Is it possible we bring in a 6th WR for this week, then cut them and another, and promote al and bigby on Monday?

Rob_UK's picture

I'm only surprised it took this long for him to miss a game.

I love Driver as much as the next Packer fan, but let's face it: either Jones or Nelson are going to have to step up and be our #2 receiver sooner or later. Jones is looking less and less like the man for the job, unfortunately.

WoodyG's picture

2011 .... Time for TT to consider a higher draft pick on another receiver ..... DD would like to play until he's forty but injuries usually have the final say .....

Need more speed at the WR position ....

FITZCORE1252's picture

Good. Let him rest/heal and come back ready to roll for the stretch run.

RickyBobby's picture

I feel sorry for the Cowboys.

This is the week the offense wakes up.

Jordy = 2 td's.

We may even see "the belt" after AR runs one in.

Packer's mantra for the rest of the season should be...


it work son two levels...

-schedule (as in: who's next to get spanked?)
-depth chart (as in: who's next to rise from the depths and play
like a hungry animal?)


RickyBobby's picture

that should read "works on" and "WHO'S F'N NEXT?!"

PackerPete's picture

I like it!!!!!

JasonAR12's picture

The belt is only brought out in away games, he will be doing the leap

Tarynfor 12's picture

Patting myself on the back,since many are now agreeing with what I stated in preseason about JJ.Nelson should be #2 and taken off KR and he'll go the middle.JJ plays not to get hit.Also said DD,even with his new knees,will not be nearly the asset he was.

packeraaron's picture

I was shocked when McCarthy said Jones was ahead of Nelson a few weeks into camp. I wrote when Corey and I were in Green Bay covering camp - Nelson and Rodgers seemed to be completely in sync. Jones was as inconsistent then as he is now.

Tarynfor 12's picture

I remember that Aaron,as I fell off my chair in shock that we agreed on something back then.I wrote on Jersey Als site that if Nelson was allowed to only concentrate on WR duties,we would tap into more talent than thought he had.

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