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Driver Open To Taking Paycut

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Driver Open To Taking Paycut

Yesterday, appearing at the 38th annual Three Harbors Council Boy Scouts Leadership Breakfast in Milwaukee,  Donald Driver indicated to reporters that he was willing to take a pay cut to stay with the Packers.

The organization knows what I’ve done on and off the field, and they want to keep me around as long as possible. If that means sitting down and taking pay cuts to stay around, then you take pay cuts to stay around. I’ve always said it’s not about the money for me anymore. What I’m pushing for is for my legacy to stay around in the state of Wisconsin and around the world forever. So the money’s not a big issue.

Driver, who finished the 2011 season with 37 catches for 445 yards and six touchdowns, is slated to pull in $2.6 million in 2012, along with a $2.2 million roster bonus that is due in March.


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BLACKHAWK's picture

DD does care about his legacy, unlike the QB who threw him the majority of his catches. Curious to see if they bring him back.

markinmadison's picture

Even if he is willing to take a big pay cut he will still make far more than some young guys on the practice squad that the packers apprently think a lot of, so I am not holding my breath on this one. The man can still play as a third or fourth but there is no up side.

Sunnie's picture

Based on this and what he said when I talked to him on Thursday this man is going to do anything he can to stay here in Green Bay. I think the fact he is willing to take a pay cut shows he wants to do it for the love of the game unlike someone else who we knew.

redlights's picture

TT should set up a "situation" with Philbin in Miami to get Flynn a "good" contract with the coach that will give him maximum chance of success, then throw in DD as a veteran presence as the WR3 in trade for a 2012 #1. Then move up to get Devon Still.

I think I'm waking up now!!

Spiderpack's picture

That's a smart thought Redlights. Would love2have both those guys2cheer4out on a new mission!!

Lou's picture

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
Get DD to take a paycut, and trade James Jones for a 3rd-round pick.

cow42's picture

1 - no way will anyone give up a 3rd for jones. he didn't even get any offers when he was a free agent.

2 - if jennings were to go down, i'd much rather be looking at nelson/jones/cobb than nelson/cobb/driver.

Oppy's picture

Don't forget the Gurley factor

pooch's picture

Cut him and give Cobb the reps, we also have Gurley.Driver has been well paid,his time is done.

Idiot Fan's picture

I wish there was a way to convince him to come back as assistant WR coach or something. I'd love to have him play still, but probably not at the expense of the young guys on the PS. At least as coach he could still help influence and mold all these young guys.

JJB's picture

Do you risk losing Tori Gurley to keep DD on the roster?

cow42's picture


bryce's picture

Keep this dude. He's the only one who didn't play awful in the playoff game. If they cut him, it will be because of age, not a drop off in quality.

packeraaron's picture

I love Drive, and he did indeed come to play in the playoff game - but he was being covered by a linebacker on almost every snap and wasn't exactly getting open a ton. He's an all-time great Packer, but I think the time to cut the cord has come.

SpiderPack's picture

Probably so Der Naglermeister. But do you think Drive is also maybe positioning himself early for a backup/leadership role with a new team? He seems too smart to solely be clamoring for a GB job. As an example, if he makes these kinds of statements now, he won't have to make them as much when he's a less-than-sought-after free agent.

Oppy's picture

Driver has ALWAYS stated he wanted to have that rare career where you spent the entirety of it playing for one team and one team only- from draft to retirement. I have to believe he truly wants to do whatever is in his power to remain a Green Bay Packer.

Let's be honest, though- he's also always said he wanted to defy time and play until he was 40. I think we're at that crossroads where he might have to make the decision- do I want to only play for the Packers, or do I want to play until I'm 40? Because it's becoming clear to him that it probably won't be possible to satisfy both goals, just one or the other.

It's also fair to say that he probably realizes there is no other team that gives him as good of a chance at one more SB ring than Green Bay....

He's in a difficult position as far as making personal career choices right now.. So are the Packers in regards to Driver.

pooch's picture

Thats cause they had a linebacker covering him

Starry Barts's picture

I fall in here. DD is smart enough to know that along with a pay cut comes a reduced role in the offense. The message: "You're here as #5 WR on a restructured one-year-deal and to provide leadership for the team." If he WANTS to take that on... why would you cut him?

Oppy's picture

...Because every roster spot is valuable, and you might have young talent sitting on the PS whose development is being stifled from lack of play time (possibly a guy like Gurley, or a player at a different position even.)

That's the issue. It's not, "Why not keep him for a reasonable contract if he understands he's #5 and just for leadership?", it's "Should we keep him at the expense of acquiring a young player or promoting a player from PS who has talent and could become a mainstay of winning Packers football for the next decade?"

Sometimes, if you snooze on talent, it walks away and you don't get a second crack at it.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

If you can keep Driver on the cheap, you do it. As stated above, he was the only WR that acted like he knew what was on the line against the Giants, and i don't care who was covering him... He balled.

He is such a good role model for the team and young players, he's worth a mill just for that.

What do any of us REALLY know about Gurley? He's looked good in the limited chances we've had to view him, but is he a gamer? DD is a gamer, old or not.

Cobb. If we keep DD, everybody thinks he will continue to take reps/snaps that everybody (myself included) thinks should go to Randall. I don't see why that has to be the case. Keep DD around for certain packages or for nothing more than injury insurance. If the price is right, I think just having him on the team is worth it, anything he does on the field is a bonus.

All that being said, I don't think DD will be back. I thank him for his service and think it's too bad he won't be back for one more year... A team can always use leaders.


redlights's picture

I trust TT and MM to know if the PS WR's are worth supplanting DD. That's why I think DD going to Miami or somewhere where he can provide more leadership (Jennings is capable of that in GB) is the best use of his talents. I would trade JJ for a third in a heartbeat, too; but I don't see it coming. Reality: if we don't get the young WR's snaps this year, they will go somewhere else to get the snaps and we'll have to look for others when DD does retire.

Love DD, but its a business.

Jake's picture

Donald Driver has been an all-time Packer great. All love and respect are due to him, see you in the Packer hall of fame. But it's time to move ahead, no matter how heartless that may sound. Diondre Borel and Gurley both potentially have future worth, they have upside. They will both work for peanuts. I wouldn't ask Donald Driver to cover on kickoff, but I'm tired of seeing Jordy Nelson risk his health on that unit. A # 4/5 wide out needs to play on most special teams units and that's not something Donald is or should be asked to do. Not to mention Gurley's pension for getting home on punts. I expect Thompson to make this difficult move, because that's how he operates. I'm also not looking forward to the fall out from this transaction.

Oppy's picture

Yup, Jake, agree-

There's no real nice way to part ways with a great player.

TT is going to do what is best for the team, and while it will be difficult to see Driver sent off one day, it will be a lot more difficult to watch the ensuing hoopla, crying, complaining, and probably even calls for TT's dismissal that will accompany the move.

Idiot Fan's picture

Yep. We're not the only ones going through it - the Steelers just cut Hines Ward.

Mark's picture

It's very possible that the Packers keep 6 WRs on the 53 man roster for a good chunk of 2012 (Quarless is gonna be on PUP the start the year obviously). If this happens, it probably comes down to DD, Gurely and Borel for the last 2 WR spots.

Cole's picture

We already lost West, we can't lose either Borel or Gurley. What if we keep DD and he suffers a season ending injury, which would in effect be career ending most likely? Then all of a sudden receiver is a need again. We're not going to keep seven receivers. On top of that if we can't sign Finley long term after this coming year then we really have deficiency in the future without Borel or Gurley. They both offer unique skill sets, at least potentially, whereas, West was a lot like a James Jones type receiver. Gurley is long and tall and Borel is quick and explosive (in theory). It's obvious TT believes this as well, since he pays them like players on the roster.

You can't risk that for an aged possession receiver who, as good as he played in the playoff game, had a lot of drops this year and didn't make incredible plays like 2010, and will only continue to decline. Also, if kept on the roster, DD will get snaps out of respect that should go to Cobb who could be a star if given opportunities. Cobb just has 'it'. Everyone can see that. Driver will always be loved, but the ride has come to an end. Favre was pushed out(thankfully), so I doubt TT will even hesitate to cut Driver loose.

Mark's picture

Keep 6 WR on the roster Gurley will probably one that they keep between him and Borel. I DD would suffer a season/career ender they would still have 5 WRs on the 53

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