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Draftwatch 2012 (yeah yeah I know)

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Draftwatch 2012 (yeah yeah I know)

So moving and a new job made the last few weeks nutty.

I've been buried.

That said, I will make it up to you with multiple Draftwatches this week.

Today is a player profile (the first of man) with video (not all of them will have that).

The Draft Spotlight series continues!

Today, Robert Griffin III.

I chose this game, one of RG3's worst, because it shows a lot of good AND bad as well as a lot of his mental toughness.

RG3 never gives up and shakes things off when they go wrong. It's a good tape in my opinion because you get the full range of his play.

I like Griffin, and have grown to really enjoy watching him play. He's more of a project than Luck, but not so much so that you wouldn't be happy with either one.

Griffin started out this draft season with a lot of (now-unproven) questions, but now suffers from the reverse of that with too much hype.

I'm not saying he's no good—far from it. However, I think the whole 'he's so much better than Luck' internet Meme is a bit much.

Listen, neither of these guys has taken an NFL snap yet. So for all we know, Aaron Corp is the best QB in the class (he's really not).

Luck and Griffin, while not so far apart in ability or skill set, are different quarterbacks. It's ludicrous to put one down to bring the other up.

It's what the media and fans do of course, but it's not right.

Anyway, we'll have more of this every day this week and likely next week where we'll finish off with both Nagler and I (as well as Mr Behnke I believe) live at Radio City Music hall for the NFL Draft.

The next video is probably Trent Richardson. The next prospect spotlight is going to be Shea McClellin and that will be tomorrow at some point.

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FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Never heard of this RG3. Can he rush the passer and will he be available at 28?


jeremy's picture

Is this like Star Wars were they start in the middle with RG3 and we'll get RG1 & 2 later? At least we'll know RG1 & 2 will suck ahead of time...

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


PackersRS's picture

Wait till you see RGIII3D
(YES! Gravatar is gone!)

andrewgarda's picture


pooch's picture

Forget R.G to small,can we get Melvin Ingram

mark's picture

Ok, I have a question for CHTV/Garda/Nagler/Whoever wants to chime in...

Why are we not talking about Janoris Jenkins? Now before you post something about "Packer people" I invite you to read two articles.

This one spins negative:

This one spins positive:

In my judgement, the positive article seemed to have a lot more facts, and a lot more substance, whereas Breers' article, which cites "continued problems" in the headline, points to zero problems in the article. Unless of course you consider switching agents to be some big character flaw. Furthermore, Breers cites numerous "NFL executives" trashing this kid. Duh. We're 10 days from the draft, of course NFL executives are saying things. And I'm sure 90% of it is complete horse shit. That's the way the game is played. Whatever. I digress.

So while there seems to be some disagreement about Jenkins' off field problems, there seems to be zero disagreement about his on field ability. We are looking at the draft's best or close second-best, CB. In his two games matching up vs AJ Green, AJ had 7 rec, 92 yds, 1 TD. In his two games matching up vs Julio Jones, Julio had 6 rec, 47 yds, 0 TD.

I can't believe he'll be there when the Packers pick at 28, but if he is?? Then I have to wonder: why not us?

Now to be clear, I love that the Packers have built this team around high character players. But I think if we disqualify every guy who makes mistakes from Green Bay, that's a mistake. You have to treat these guys as individuals and make your best judgement on the individual.

So my conclusion is this: I don't know everything there is to know about Janoris Jenkins, I've obviously never spoken with the guy, I haven't spoken with his new agent, or his family, or his coach at UNA. What I do know is that while he was at UNA he failed zero drug tests, fathered no children, was never arrested, and claims to have learned some important lessons. And when I read an article like Breer's (and the many others just like it--no sources named, no incidents cited at UNA) I get the sense that I'm reading a storyline, and not the story.

I just hope the Green Bay Packers HAVE done that kind of homework behind the scenes and haven't jumped to conclusions like the rest. Because if we can walk away from this draft with a pro bowl corner??

Dios mio man.

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