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Draft Profile: Should the Packers Get Greedy With Their Secondary?

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Draft Profile: Should the Packers Get Greedy With Their Secondary?

As this relatively quiet offseason in Packer Nation continues, (haha) we press forward with the final two first-round player profiles in this series before I release my first complete mock draft next Saturday.  Today's draft profile highlights LSU's talented cornerback Greedy Williams.  

I will make the case for why the Packers may want to consider drafting another talented corner to play alongside Jaire Alexander and will present a first-round scenario in which the Packers trade down and accumulate an additional draft pick inside the top 75. (This trade scenario would give the Packers 5 draft picks inside the top 75).

So, why should the Packers consider getting Greedy with their secondary and select another cornerback in an already crowded defensive backfield? The answer is simple, Kevin King has played in 15 out of a possible 32 games, Josh Jackson's role and position are yet to be set in stone, and Tramon Williams is in the final year of his contract.  

The next question undoubtedly will be, shouldn't the Packers give Josh Jackson more time to develop? Again, I'm going to challenge the traditional Packer mentality and say they should scrap the "draft and develop" mindset, and adopt a "draft and perform" mindset under this new regime.  The Packers should be drafting players who will be day 1 starters and not someone who is in and out of the lineup like Josh Jackson was last season.  

The ultimate goal when drafting players in rounds 1-3 is to come away with three impactful day1 starters. The Packers have been very hit or miss landing day1 starters or even consistent impactful players over their last five drafts which is why they find themselves in the position they are in.

Why is Greedy Williams a Day 1 Starter for the Packers?

Greedy Williams possesses all of the tools a number 1 cornerback in the NFL needs to shut down elite receivers.  According to multiple NFL Scouts (, he possesses durability, speed, quickness, height, length, and can stay stride for stride with any receiver disrupting their ability to make a play on the ball.  The evidence which supports this assessment is in both the numbers and his scouting report.  

Greedy Williams started every game at left cornerback in his two seasons at LSU and went up against the likes of the SEC's best receivers.  This season Williams backed up a tremendous freshman season and was a finalist for the Thorpe award and had 2 interceptions and 9 passes defensed.  

He was ranked as the 4th prospect In pro football focus's prospect draft board after week 8 as he had he touted a 40.5 passer rating in all coverages he was responsible for.  This statistic is incredible when you take into account the fact that a quarterback who throws every ball into the ground still receives a passer rating of 40.0 (Pro football focus).  

Simply put, Greedy Williams is a lockdown cornerback in every sense of the word and will make the Packers secondary one of the best in football.    

First Round Trade Scenario With Corresponding Selections:

Green Bay Trades the 12th pick overall to Tennessee for the 19th and 51st picks.  

  • Round1 Pick 19: Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
  • Round 1 Pick 30: Clelin Ferrell, Edge Defender, Clemson
  • Round 2 Pick 44: Andy Isabella, Wide Receiver, UMass/ Taylor Rapp, Safety, Washington
  • Round 2 Pick 51: Irv Smith Jr, Tight End, Alabama/ Jaylen Ferguson, Edge Defender, Louisana Tech

Sound Off:

Let me know what your opinion is of the Packers drafting another cornerback in the first round; are you totally against it or open to the possibility under the right scenario? I look forward to the debate and the discussion.  



David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Handsback's picture

I 100% agree that another possible starting cb should be drafted if he's BPA. Outside of QB...every position including edge needs improving.

4thand10's picture

Between Alexander, Jackson, Brown, king and a couple of ST guys ...I don’t think we have to go so high for that position. And I’d really like to stay ahead of the Vikings every step of the way in this draft.

WestCoastPackerBacker's picture

I just don't see it. Too many other holes on the defense. GB has found good CBs in other rounds in the past. This is like giving up on Josh Jackson. You absolutely cannot expect rookies to be immediate starters and have no bumps along the way. Jackson shows plenty of potential and his tendency to get grabby can be coached out of him.

David Michalski's picture

See, I think the mentally of not expecting rookies selected in the premium rounds to become starters in their first season is why we have experienced our second straight sub .500 season. I also don't see it as giving up on Jackson as he could see reps at both corner and free safety and eventually transition into a hybrid corner safety combo which is the way the safety position is evolving.

The scenario presented addresses two key correlative defensive positions and two skill positions on offense. You could then use your 3rd round pick on a tackle or a guard and potentially have five day1 starters right there.

Dzehren's picture

To your point, GB played Micah Hyde, Randall & Casey Hayward all out of position. Not saying Jackson is out of position after 1 year but there is History there.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Hyde played slot corner because of injuries not choice. He still did well there. Hayward played slot corner where he had 6 in his rookie year after that he was injured. Damarious Randall had a great rookie year and showed promise at corner. Your history is based off of speculation. Randall wasn't that great with the Browns in 2018.

CAG123's picture

Casey Hayward wasn’t really a victim of being played out of position he was more of a victim of the scheme he was great in the slot in fact one of the best in the league while he was in GB he just wasn’t a press corner he lacked the speed and hip fluidity for it he’s a zone corner as is Jackson so if he does continue to struggle it won’t be because he was out of position.

Jonathan Spader's picture

See Above Cag...

CAG123's picture

I was replying to DZE....

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Jackson will make a better safety. He can't run with WRs man to man without grabbing.
He has great ball skills & anticipation.
A great free safety doesn't need 4.40 speed.
Put him back there.... and feed King some strong HGH. Thin guy is so brittle.

Turophile's picture

David, can you remember who went in picks 12 to 18. that allows a talent comparison between Greedy and other choices.

stockholder's picture

While I can get on board with your trade down. I just can't go along with Greedy Williams. Wouldn't it really have been smarter to sign Breeland? I think thats what you really have to look at. If your argument had merit. Breeland would have been signed. Were rolling with what we got. I don't see any of your picks becoming Packers. Ferrel will be gone by #30. Isabella is a reach at #44. Rapp is a SS. #51 should be OL. As much as Ferguson is a good thought, He's boom or bust. So go back and fill are needs. Your filling positions that are already filled. ILB? FS? RG? And I think your biggest hole next year will be DL. Now had you suggested J. Williams OL instead of Greedy. Adderley, Thornhill, Fant instead of Ferrel. Simmons, Lindstrom, Risner, Brown, instead of Isbella, and Rapp. Your picks of Smith and Ferguson still fall short of a ILB. ( Our Biggest Hole, and you didn't address it)

jannes bjornson's picture

Watched about seven LSU games last autumn. Williams is too fragile to man up NFL type WRs. If he's isolated weak side for contain a RB would run right through him. Prefer CBs around 200-210 lbs. It was predicted King would be injured more than on the field when Ted signed off on his career with the 2017 draft. Look for a CB in the third round earliest. They didn't move on Breeland, so they must want Tramon to cover the dime spot. Maybe Gutekunst gets a FS/slot CB like Thornhill or Adderley to project as the starter.

stockholder's picture

Using the word" Fragile" puts a question mark on any pick. Gute signed players that could get on the field. And you should remember Shields wasn't the greatest tackler either. I don't look for any CB. It was addressed with Alexander and Jackson. I believe the team still goes with Williams. But safety will be addressed at some point. The sooner the better. I believe Fragile is whats keeping Thornhill as my favorite. He was a CB. And is a better tackler.

jannes bjornson's picture

Depends what Pettine wants for a defense. A FS guy like Adderley,Thornton and Chauncey-Gardener or a short area enforcer like Abram, putting Amos in the FS spot. My own bias, I'm sick of watching a weak-willed defense.

stockholder's picture

Well you won't like this mock by Crabbs DFT Network. But it isn't bad. Oliver DT Fant TE Samuel WR Dieter OL Takitaki LB BYU Hollins edge Evans OT Watts DL Arkasas Ozigbo RB Froholdt C Ark. Don't want Abrams, We already have a Jones.

jannes bjornson's picture

Jones is not a safety. He's a rover back that cannot break down and tackle.

David Michalski's picture

I feel like it’s not fair to call him fragile when he’s played every game in his college career and hasn’t missed a game due to injury. Sure he could use 10-15 lbs of muscle but that can be done in an offseason. Fragile just isn’t accurate.

David Michalski's picture

These are simply draft profiles of specific players in which I create different scenarios every week. I have addressed the defensive line when I highlighted Ed Oliver, the linebacker position when highlighting Devin Bush etc, point is I’ve highlighted different position groups. I encourage you to take a deep breath and then look back and read through them.

As far as Breeland, I thought they should of signed him. Obviously they wanted no part of him for what they let him walk at. However, just because they let Breeland walk doesn’t mean they wouldn’t draft Greedy. Hypothetically he could be the upgrade at the position they wanted. Only Gutekunst knows.

Finally, just because you disagree with a scenario doesn’t make it invalid. The Packers addressing the edge position along with the o-line allows them to take the best available players on their board in round 1.

Jonathan Spader's picture

David I think you're putting too much time/effort/stock into stockholder's opinion. Take some time and read some of his comments to Ross. Then take a deep breath. Then ignore him. You've been extremely clear about what your articles are. Hypotheticals about which top draft prospects the Packers could take and how that could work out. There will always be people who disagree/don't get it/don't appreciate your work.

stockholder's picture

JS. I understand what their trying to do. My arguments with Ross are over what I see as the better player for the packers. It doesn't mean he's not right. I Just think some players they see are being overdosed. Much like Hoek. Whom you want. TT wasn't right either as it turned out. Randall and Rollins were the wrong picks. Reaching was TTs biggest mistake. Wasting picks is the other. The writers are doing their best to educate you!!!! My expectations are starters. What player truly would benefit the packers. That is the Goal, regardless of Round.

Jonathan Spader's picture


Well said. Thanks for clarifying.

Nononsense's picture

I couldn't be mad at another 2nd round pick under any circumstances. It's that means getting Greedy I'm all for it. Especially if Oliver, Sweat, Burns the Devins and Hock is gone. Then we could maybe move up from 30 for someone they really want that falls a bit or take a chance on a Jeffery Simmons at some point before hes gone.

Both DL and Edge are super deep this year, with 10 or so expected to be drafted in the first round. There will still be some good pass rush options through day 2 this year IMO.

fthisJack's picture

we had plenty of guys on defense that can't tackle....don't need another one.

Archie's picture


is one way to go. Gute will draft an offensive player in R1. Pick 12 or 30 or some trade. Last year's top 3 picks were defense. Both years before that we went top 2 defense at least. Must start drafting offensive players too. Hock should be the guy.

haseo's picture

I’d love the secondary if this played out... but in my not-so-important opinion... I’d focus on front seven and TE. I wouldn’t play Greedy at safety, you’re under-utilizing him. Let’s see how Jackson turns out, I think he can be awesome.

wildbill's picture

Would love to see another cb added but games are won in the trenches. Big bodies first if they are graded high, keep Rodgers upright and it cures a lot of offensive issues and keep the opposing qb under pressure makes all our cbs better

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Weak defensive back draft. Greedy has some downside. Strength in draft front seven. Pack already fairly well set for CB's. I say no!

Plus, I believe Pack goes Offensively heavily in top end of draft.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Let's just end all the nonsense draft talk right now. It should be crystal clear by now after a day of the bombshell Tyler Dunne article exposing Aaron Rodgers and his numerous issues he has with players, family, former friends etc. The Packers are officially forced into drafting their future starting quarterback in this year's draft with their first pick. They only way they don't do it is if Lafleur feels Tim Boyle is their future guy. I don't believe he's smart enough to see it so expect a qb to be drafted in round one. Sorry guys but you can blame no. 12 for this. I was doing some numbers last night after the Dunne article and I came up with a 95. 67% chance GB goes quarterback. It's almost a given now. Accept it and move on. It's been 14 years of no qb's in the first round. It's time again. Reality check.


dblbogey's picture

Do you do a lot of drugs?

Demon's picture

I was doing some numbers last night

That should read " I was doing some crack last night.

Skip greenBayless's picture

You'll be doing crack with dblbogey when they select a quarterback in the first round. It's now their no. 1 primary need IMPrO. The fact you can't see it yet is why I am elite and you are not WhiteT.


David Michalski's picture

Dash, you should bet with your followers about whether the Packers draft a QB in round 1.

dblbogey's picture

If you're for real, you need professional help for all your delusions.

fastmoving's picture

my best guess is that he is just a russian troll on something, who spends all his posting money (probably get paid by number of words) on drugs. Maybe worse…….

I wish him that he will find a job someday, a meaning and maybe even a life (with a family and some friends too) in the future.

I really do. Its so sad to have to watch this……..

WinUSA's picture

Hey Dash.. Always appreciate your post. I can't say however I can jump on the QB pick in the first round. I'm a Boyle fan and was very upset when the didn't pull trash Kizer the last two games and give Tim a shot. The only thing that kid doesn't have is experience. THAT was the time to give it to him.

I agree we need another QB... But who would you see as someone worthy of that draft slot to take?

Our QB situation HAS to be addressed... Not because Rodgers doesn't have the talent.. He's a super stud.... But he has been susceptible to major injuries... We can't be unprepared like last season with a solid number 2!

If a quality disgruntled proven QB (take your pick-ie Wilson. (Okay a stretch lol), Rosen, Kappernick, etc...) is available... Maybe a trade of a pick would make sense to guard against a catastrophic Rodgers injury.

I just don't see a franchise QB that would be better at the 12 pick who is better than Boyle.

butchroy's picture

What do you all think of this; #12 Hockenson and with the #30 trade that plus 3 to AZ for Rosen.

4thand1's picture


SterlingSharpe's picture

No thanks to Rosen.
I wouldn't trade anything higher than a 4th rd pick for him. I might offer a 6th.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Rosen stinks.

Skip greenBayless's picture

He beat Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau. If Rosen stinks I can't imagine what Aaron Rodgers must smell like.


Lare's picture

You're obsessed with Rodgers family relations, his pets, his sex life and now his smell?

I can now see how victims of stalkers must feel.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I know exactly how they feel. I have been a victim of you stalking me for over 6 months. All you do is follow me around and reply to me trying to get into a dispute. As I said I am on to your games. Maybe one day your numerous antagonizing posts about me will get you banned. Maybe someone at the top will begin to see who the real culprit is.


dblbogey's picture

Delusional and psychotic with a heavy dose of narcissism.

4thand1's picture

After weeks of this non-stop debate, the only solution is..............................................BPA.

BoCallahan's picture

I really like the title to your article. I’m not so high on the rest of it.

David Michalski's picture

Sorry to hear that, cheers!

4thand1's picture


SterlingSharpe's picture

Jonathan Spader's picture


sonomaca's picture

No to Greedy. Pack have lots of talent at corner already. What they lack is depth. Need to find solid rotational types.

PeteK's picture

Sonoma, remember the pack and most teams play a heavy dose of nickel. So In reality we need 3 solid corners. We have one. I'm not drafting him at 12, but CB is a need before D line where we have proven talent.

sonomaca's picture

That’s a very interesting argument. Greedy is not assignment sure. Would drive Pettine nuts. How about Bunting in the 3rd (although he’s a riser).

MarkinMadison's picture

"The Packers should be drafting players who will be day 1 starters..."

If wishes were fishes.

Packer Fan's picture

I like the trade down to get 4 picks in the top 50. But I don't like some of the picks. Check out Packerswire for 12 players for the first 50 picks. Much better selections.

wildbill's picture

Please don’t trade down! How often do we get two first round draft picks? We have an opportunity to get three solid starters, with possible impact abilities, added to our rosters in the first two rounds. If we want to package some 5,6,7 round picks to move up, I am all for it. Quality over quantity, tired of TT bringing in groups of JV players for competition

Jonathan Spader's picture

TT isn't the GM it's 2019. We got the two 1st round picks by trading down.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Keep the #12 and #30 picks. There is need elsewhere, so select the better players to fill those holes with the pics they have. I see nothing wrong with selecting another safety or CB in the draft, just not by giving up any of the first round picks to get one. There should be some quality players at the safety or CB position in the middle rounds.

porupack's picture

I doubt any GM drafts strategically for developmental players rather than day one performers....., but hey, if so, then to do it.

I agree with the author, to continue investing in the defensive backfield. But only after more infusion at DL, OLB or S.

If the GM does believe another top graded CB is needed, then I would definitely see GM deciding to trade #12 back, to acquire another 2nd rounder. Otherwise, not having high picks at OLB, DL, ILB and TE would make it kind of peculiar to pick greedy and leave those areas thin.

Round 2 or 3 seems more appropriate time to pick for your CB day one performer.

sam1's picture

I bet the coaches and scouts read every day and night these forums for advice from the people here, especially needing new QB drafted right fu----- now, this minute!

Skip greenBayless's picture

What is it with the swearing Sam? There's a time and place for it but that was uncalled for. Have a little bit more respect for Jersey Al. He's a good guy and generally allows us max freedom to say things but to use the f bomb like that was simply uncalled for. Are you and foul mouth John Blood brothers or something? Jeez.


sam1's picture

Front upping is swearing? Boy you got a real guilt complex!

sam1's picture

Are you Jersey Al? Because if you aren't you got the wrong guy I was referencing!

Holecrap's picture

For the past four years the packers selected mostly crap defensive backs. Too many to name and king is in that mix.
Yes let's get some quality speed and cover guys that can play on day one. F draft and develop. As Zimmer said when he canned his rookie kicker after three misses "we're not in this to develop, were in this to win now".
No the coaches must prioritize need and take bpa to fit that need.
Keep in mind ted t sat back at the end of round one and took the left overs like Perry or fat eddy lacy, Mr Ashma, in a winter state.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Eddie Lacy was drafted in the 2nd round 61st pick. He was the rookie of the year. HoleCrap are you misguided. As for naming the DBs drafted Randall, Rollins, King not hard and not drafted by Gute.

gary g's picture

Dash you remind me of an angry old man.

fastmoving's picture

but not a smart one...thats for sure

GLM's picture

I disagree on taking Williams. There are a number of good corners who will be available in the 3rd through 5th rounds.

In no particular order:

Kendall Sheffield - OSU
Zedrick Woods - Mississippi
Kris Boyd - Texas
Isaiah Johnson - Houston
Sean Bunting - Central Michigan
Corey Ballantine - Washburn

crayzpackfan's picture

I really like Greedy Williams, but not at 12. If we find ourselves trading down a bit, I can see 15-17 as far as value versus pick number.

Swedish Chef's picture

Zee-a Peckers need tu drefft a beeg guoy ierly. Ouffensife-a leene-a our deffensife-a leene-a. Gemes ire-a vun our lust in zee-a trenches. Duoniels und Buolega ire-a free-a igents iffter zees yeer. Jecksun, KEEng, Bruon,... ve-a're-a OuK vit a leter ruound CB pick. Get a stuod DT our OT vit pik 12. Bork Bork Bork!

RickInCali's picture

If we could slide back to 17, I’d take Adderley there. Come back with O-Line next with either Risner or either of the Oklahoma or Boston College guys. BPA at 44 - especially if it is Deebo, N’Keal or Clay Matthews Jr from Michigan. I would double-down at Safety in the third with Hooker. Either Hooker or Adderley have CB speed anyway. If not doubling up at Safety then I’d go O-Line again if it were a versatile high-floor type who had a reasonable chance of playing. A draft like that would be a home run.

vj_ostrowski's picture

First of all, expecting all of your round 1-3 draft picks to be starters (or even significant contributors) is pure insanity and that mentality is part of the reason why Packers fans are easily the most entitled fanbase I have the displeasure of witnessing on the internet every day. That is an impossible standard to consistently meet for any team.

And besides that, Greedy Williams is actually an average corner. Insane measurables, but literally not a good football player. If his first name were “Chester” you wouldn’t know who he is. To look at Josh Jackson (a guy who many on this site, including some of its writers in the CHTV draft guide) thought was the number 1 CB last year, and say he’s benchworthy now and that Greedy Williams, a guy who will need a year or two of really solid coaching, would be ready to step in and start? That’s drunk tavern babble.

Now downvote me to hell. I don’t care. Our fans have gone completely off the deep end with their expectations for draft picks and how much instant success is reasonable to expect.

David Michalski's picture

You realize Pettine had sets with 6 dbacks right? Drafting Williams wouldn’t make Jackson obsolete. I actually think Jackson could see reps at corner and safety and eventually become a hybrid player similar to Tramon Williams which is very valuable in Pettine’s system.

As far as expecting players in rounds 1-3 to become starters or contributors, i’d say that’s ultimately the reason why you draft them in the premium rounds. Bottom line is franchises that hit on those premium round picks see a quicker turn around then those that don’t.

Bottom line was the Packers had a very inconsistent stretch in the draft which they are paying for now.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"Bottom line is franchises that hit on those premium round picks see a quicker turn around then those that don’t.

Bottom line was the Packers had a very inconsistent stretch in the draft which they are paying for now."

Is the 2nd one the bottom bottom line? I'm confused.

RickInCali's picture

I think the reason you don't pick Greedy at 12 is the whole point: He isn't a sure-thing to start. Probably the same reason I am lukewarm on Hock. How much is he gonna give vs a stud OL, DE, S or ILB. Players at those positions much more likely to help us immediately. All 3 of those first and second rounders have got to contribute meaningfully.....and I'd extend that to anyone we take in the third, too.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I think if Greedy happens to fall to #30, you look at the board long and hard. Makes it too #44, then yes. But not at #12..Greedy doesn't pop off the tape as a Marshon Lattimore type of pick. Which is what we need if we we're taking him there.. pass. I can't wait to see who they take at #12 though (if they stay there). Do we get our next 10 year OL hall of famer? A monster built, lighting quick WR to pair with Davante or one of the best TE prospects in recent memory? Finally the ball hawking, game changing, sideline to sideline MLB weve been missing?! Greedy doesn't seem to satisfy the arm chair GM in me knowing there will be more appeasing options just outside the top 10, especially with a QB or two taken inside the top 10.

JLab3's picture

It's decision time for Daniels and/or Clark, our OL is an injury away from collapse, Martinez is okay but could use some help and Jimmy Graham is a shadow. We have bigger needs.

Christian Roussel's picture

Just like every cheesehead tv reader, i do many mock drafts each week, and i read most mock drafts that come out in the media. I've always considered 12th overall to be too high for a TE, but the closer we get to the draft, the more i think Hockensen should be the pick, if available.

dfarmer's picture

I would be only OK with a CB with the 1st pick and IF he's that good what makes you think he will last till 19??

David Michalski's picture

Just going by the volume of pass rushers and limited o-lineman and quarterbacks that will go ahead of him along with the averages of where he is being mocked at.

Coach JV's picture

I'm not going to say that we should spend a 1st rd. pick on a CB... but we cannot count on King to stay healthy. The guy hasn't played a full season's worth of games in both years combined... only 15!!! Plus his college injury history tells me he's an injury bust.

We do need a good CB in the first 2 days though... maybe not 1st rd, but definitely by Rd 3.

Or find a good cheap FA...

We just can't depend on what we have.

blacke00's picture

No, No and No!

The keep drafting the same position until you get it right mentality is short sighted.
The Packers need quality players at others positions. Edge rushers, especially OL, D Line would help, Inside LB is a need. Tight end is a high consideration. Not DB, Not WR! We've over drafted at one position to the detriment of other positions for too many years. WR are almost never immediate help they take years to learn the position (Davante Adams for one!).

If you are going to err in this draft err on side of solidifying the "trenches". You won't go wrong.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Getting Greedy doesn't mean you can't draft fornother positions of need. The article is David making a case for trading down for Greedy the way Ted did for King.

LambeauPlain's picture

If a trade down to #19 in this scenario to get another 2nd rounder, another option would be to trade both 2nd rounders and get back into the first round at #20 or #21.

Would get a likely starter vs two potential starters and he would be under a 5 year contract....good for continuity and the cap.

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