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Draft Profile: DK Metcalf-Buyers Remorse

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Draft Profile: DK Metcalf-Buyers Remorse

ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr stirred up quite a bit of controversy in his latest mock draft as he had the Packers drafting standout wide receiver DK Metcalf with the 12th overall pick.  Under normal circumstances, this would be a highly valued, no brainer pick at 12 as Metcalf possesses immense physical talent which he showed off both on the field and at the NFL combine.    

However, the circumstances surrounding DK Metcalf are less than ideal after the star wide receiver suffered a serious neck injury in October which required surgery.  After successful neck surgery and intense rehab for over three months, Metcalf was cleared by his surgeon to resume football activity without limitation.  

Once he was cleared to begin football activity, Metcalf began training for the NFL combine with aspirations of impressing NFL GM's and proving he was a go for the 2019 season and beyond.  When the NFL combine arrived, he was prepared for the challenge and dazzled NFL scouts and general managers who were in attendance for his workout.  Suddenly, after four months of hardship, the star wide receiver was back on the radar of NFL GM's and has a good chance to hear his name called in the first round of April's draft.  

At 6'4 and 230 lbs, he is an athletic freak who can burn defensive backs left and right and can reach the ceiling to high point the ball to haul in any pass.  He has proven, when he is on the field he possesses game-changing ability.  This eye-popping, game-changing ability certainly translates into Metcalf having a realistic chance of being an elite NFL receiver.  

The only question of his candidacy for the 12th pick in April's draft is whether or not the Packers can feel confident selecting a player with a questionable medical history.

I personally believe this year's draft is far too crucial to the Packers future to draft a player whose career could realistically end with one hit.  The reality of the situation is DK Metcalf has yet to sustain a hit since his neck surgery and there is a huge risk factor investing such high draft capital as the Packers would be chartering into the realm of the unknown when it comes to his health.  Yes, he has been cleared by his surgeon, but there has to be a high level of trepidation surrounding his candidacy.

He is at a higher risk to be susceptible to chronic neck trauma and a career-ending neck injury, there is just no way around that.  This is a situation where Brian Gutekunst and the Packers medical staff will have to be vigilant in pouring over Metcalf's medical records and consulting the opinions of various outside medical professionals when coming to a final decision on whether to draft him.  There is not a question of whether his talent is worthy of the Packers 12th pick.  The only question looming, is whether his long term availability deems him worthy of being selected.  

When evaluating the entirety of the situation, I would not be comfortable selecting DK Metcalf with the 12th pick because I feel the outcome of his future is an all or nothing scenario with no in between.  I know this is probably a little dramatic, but I think the Packers would either come away with Kevin White or Julio Jones.  I wish there was a way to put him into game action just to see if he can withstand a hit but such a proposition would be absurd, and irresponsible.  

At this point, all the Packers can do is rely on the opinions of various different medical professionals.  I suspect Brian Gutekunst will not be a riverboat gambler and risk the 12th pick on Metcalf but I would be very interested to see what would happen if he slid into the second or even third round.  

My feeling is there will be a team late in the first round who will make the gamble on Metcalf.  I could see it being a team like the Rams or the Patriots who already have a solid team infrastructure in place and can take a first round flyer on an elite offensive talent without the fear of buyers remorse.  

Sound Off:

How do you feel about the proposition of the Packers selecting DK Metcalf with their 12th pick? Would you be interested in Metcalf at 30, 44, or even 75, or should the Packers just avoid him completely?  I am very interested to hear your opinions and look forward to the discussion.  

While you form your opinion, here are some of Metcalf's highlights from his career at Ole Miss, Enjoy!


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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PatrickGB's picture

Didn’t we shy away from Sharp, Collins, Findly and others because of serious neck injury ?( sorry about the spelling)

mamasboy's picture

You forgot Shields Pat.

4zone's picture

Shields' problem was concussions not a neck injury.

Handsback's picture

The two top receivers in the class are Metcalf and the kid from OK. Metcalf has had a major surgery and the other guy just got microsurgery on his foot. So if you need a wideout ...which guy do you take a chance on? One that's finished his rehab and ready to play or one that just had surgery?
My choice is neither. You get other WRs later and leave the risk to a team that's desperate for WR help.

GBPDAN1's picture

I agree, let's wait 2nd - 3rd RD for a receiver . Get the Elite big guys early because as has been pointed out, there is a health risk with this otherwise intriguing candidate.

His doctor seemed to clear him somewhat quickly. Is this because the surgery wasn't as severe, as let's say, a fusion?

Packer Fan's picture

Third round at best. Too much concern. Past experience with Murphy, Collins, Findley, Franklin and I believe a line backer about 10 years ago suggest that the Pack don't take chances. This suggest that they won't pick him at whatever position.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Just get Isabella

Minniman's picture

Doug, someone posted a comment a couple of days ago re Isabella and Edelman as slot receivers. Essentially Isabella is fast, but not quick - as evidenced by his 3 cone and and 10 yard splits which were markedly slower than Edelman's.

While I'm not saying whether the Packers should or should not draft him, I am saying that he too carries a "buyer beware" warning that he may not be the home run slot guy that people think........ he does have great tape though.

stockholder's picture

Prefer Carpenter.

albert999's picture

i agree

bigspiker's picture

Pass- pun intended

Dragon5's picture

7 DK METCALF 12-14-1997 WR
1+2+1+4+1+9+9+7 = 34 3+4 = 7

Injury prone 7 life paths...avoid'em.

7 DWAYNE HASKINS 05-03-1997 QB
7 DEVIN BUSH 07-18-1998 LB
7 JERRY TILLERY 10-08-1996 DL
7 MACK WILSON 02-14-1998 LB
7 KELVIN HARMON 12-15-1996 WR
7 ERIK MCCOY 08-27-1997 C
7 KAHALE WARRING 03-23-1997 TE

Butler, Harry, Boykin are the 3 WRs I'd consider. After the combine I'd be surprised any of them reach the 3rd round.

11 MILES BOYKIN 10-12-1996 WR
1 HAKEEM BUTLER 05-16-1996 WR
1 NKEAL HARRY 12-17-1997 WR
9 MARQUISE BROWN 06-04-1997 WR
8 AJ BROWN 06-30-1997 WR
8 TERRY MCLAURIN 04-15-1996 WR
8 ANDY ISABELLA 09-01-1996 WR
7 KELVIN HARMON 12-15-1996 WR
7 DK METCALF 12-14-1997 WR
5 DEEBO SAMUEL 01-15-1996 WR

Demon's picture

Isnt there a magic the gathering or dungeons and dragons blog somewhere that you can post your garbage on? Take a hint buddy, with the exception of Dash, your crap is not well received here.

Dragon5's picture

"The problem with closed minded people is that their mouth is always open."

Personally the jabs and insults do not bother me a bit and I prefer to take the high road and do not attack others for their POV even if I strongly disagree with it. Truth is, the "garbage" that you refer to was the ONLY source here posting well a week in advance of free agency that Gute should be targeting Amos & ZSmith as our top FA priorities while most here were clamoring for the likes of Collins, Thomas Mathieu Ford etc.

Samson's picture

"I personally believe this year's draft is far too crucial to the Packers future to draft a player whose career could realistically end with one hit."

I agree. --- If he's still around in the 3rd or later, then only maybe. -- This draft can make the Pack for the next several years. -- Gute knows this.

stockholder's picture

I wouldn't draft him. Word is he can't run the route tree. My feeling is if they want a WR. Take a TE first. That if they want an OL Take a Te first. That if they want a QB. Take a RB first. If they want Gary. Take Simmons first. If they want Hock. Take Oliver first. If he's gone, take Wilkins. I think anyone would be happy with White, Fant, Simmons, Carpenter.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Even if healthy and available at 12, we already have talent at WR and so many needs elsewhere. I would be sorely disappointed if the Packers were to take a WR in the first round. Blame Thompson for departing from bringing in WR talent each year forcing last year's draft emphasis as an act of desperation.

Pilprin's picture

There is no way in heck I take Metcalf or Brown...neck and leg injuries for WR' thanks. There are other options.

I like AJ Brown better than Metcalf. I even like the kid from ASU better.

Dzehren's picture

Pass on DK. I’d like to add a RB that can catch out of the backfield. If MLF really wants to run the ball, let’s add another RB in round 3 or 4. Using New Orleans 2017 draft- they used a 3rd rounder on Kamara.

I think GUTE does like Arizona State’s N’Keal Harry

Bear's picture

Metcalf drops to many passes, Rodgers would never throw to him.

Nick Perry's picture

Give me a guy like Debo Samuel or Kneal Harry at 44 or Isabella or Butler in the 3rd and I'd be a happy camper.

Personally I really like Samuel. He's 5'11", 214 Lbs and runs a 4.40 40. He's more than quick enough to play in the slot but could play outside just as well.

Like someone already mentioned...THIS draft is WAY to important to the Packers to be messing with a kid who had neck surgery. I wish him nothing but the best and IF the Packers were stocked like in 2011 then maybe. But they aren't so I hope Gute doesn't do it. Hopefully someone takes him before Gute is ready to pick to take away ANY urge he may have.

If the Packers absolutely positively nail this draft like the Saints for example nailed theirs in 2017, I really believe Rodgers can get 2 more rings.

My dream scenario is Washington moving up to 12 and giving the Packers #15 and #77 to move up. I don't care in what order but my hope is a TE, WR, DL, OL, and Safety with the first 5 picks

#15 .. TE.. Fant or Hockenson
#30 .. DL..Simmons or Wilkins .. OL..Risner, McGary, Lindstrom
#44 .. WR.. Samuel or Neal .. Safety.. Adderley or Gardener-Johnson
#76 and #77... Depending on the way the board fell use these picks to address those positions you didn't with the first 3 picks if the value is there. These are just some of the players I like and am open to several others in each round. Just an idea of what I'm hoping for.


stockholder's picture

Go Back in history. It's a lesson learned. The packers got better players when they went defense. They got years of quality service. Taking a TE is a bad idea. Taking a Wr when you drafted 3. Is a bad Idea. We need to finish building the defense. It's just not possible to try to select Offense when we need defense./// Raji,Mathews//1993 Simmons LB and George Teague DB////1990 Bennet DE Thompson RB////1980 Bruce Clark Cumby LB//////1978 James Lofton John Anderson////1977 Mke Butler Ezra Johnson////1970 McCoy Rich McGeorge. Even when the packers took offense. The defensive side was set.

Nick Perry's picture

Taking a WR in the 2nd round is a bad idea.

Hmmm...I'd say Greg Jennings, Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb might disagree with you.

You want to continue to build MORE defense that I suggested? I suggested a DL, Safety, and O-Line to be addressed at some point with those first 5 picks. We JUST spent $186 million on the defense IN FA and have watched this offense struggle for 2 years. Not to mention all the picks on the defensive side of the ball the last several years.

Just HOW LONG do you want to continue to ignore the offense? When it hits 26th, 27th or even 32nd like the defense did for so many years. This team needs help on BOTH sides of the ball. If you don't agree fine but myself and a ton of "Experts" don't agree with you. They suggest offense too.

And seriously, I don't give a dame what happened 20 or 30 some years ago. I mean the times your bringing up we had Scott Hunter, Jerry Tagge, Rich Campbell and others as QB.

stockholder's picture

Nick After 3 Wrs..... Drafting 1 in the second round was needed.( But not this year.) I know your suggestions. And your point of watching a offense struggle the last two years is valid. But why do you think a higher pick is better then what we have? Isn't it Rodgers responsibility to move this offense? Graham is no Rookie. Adams took years to develop. Allison made it. And Jones showed the rbs, should have been a bigger part of the offense. But we do have a new coach and beginning. PAST IS PAST! Most experts pick BPA. When you invest a 186 million in a defense. You should not stop investing into it. {Until you get the fruits of your labor. }. The point of bringing back the past, was to show you that the defensive picks were of significance. Responsibility was on those in charge. But lets look at how Cobb regressed. Most of the problem was because players couldn't stay on the field. This team has changed. It's up to the current players to seize their opportunity.{ Not a rookie to bring change. } Because what you pick may not give you that much more. The target is the holes! Not the depth! Your wishing for depth. How is TE a hole? RG has been filled. DE and ILB are the holes Nick. Failure to recognize that is stupid!

Nick Perry's picture

I think you should maybe reread my initial comment SH...

I AGREE with you about the D-Line. I even suggest 2 (though there's many more) that would be good picks at 30.

I also believe the Packers MUST draft another Safety. Going into 2019 with Tramon Williams as one of your starting Safeties should be plan B or C.

You just asked me how TE is a hole yet posted this above in response to someone else's comment..

Stockholder says....."My feeling is if they want a WR. Take a TE first. That if they want an OL Take a Te first. That if they want a QB. Take a RB first. If they want Gary. Take Simmons first. If they want Hock. Take Oliver first. If he's gone, take Wilkins. I think anyone would be happy with White, Fant, Simmons, Carpenter."

Sorry but I'm confused as hell by your question since Fant was listed as a pick you said "Anyone should be happy with".

O-Line more specific RT WILL be a hole next season. I doubt the Packers bring back Bulaga in 2020 no matter what kind of 2019 season he has. Out of any of the FR signings if I do question one of them it's Turner but hey, Gute knows a hell of a lot better than me.

D-Line WILL be a hole next season as well so I'm good with a DL pick too. If Daniels was to stay it would have to be a very team friendly deal and even then I wonder if Gutekunst brings him back in 2020. So what exactly are we disagreeing about?

I guess it's the ILB position and if Devin White is the pick well okay. But what about Burks? Have we given up on Burks already?

Believe it or not you have swayed me a bit. For example if Fant, Oliver, or Hockensen are there for example I'm starting to think Oliver MIGHT be the best option. Now I said might but man o man I keep thinking what kind of pressure the Packers defense could put on a QB with all the other additions AND Oliver. BUT I truly believe they need more offensive weapons too. Sorry but Graham and Lewis aren't by any means the long term solution and I think most of us hoping and praying they can be the solution this year.... MIGHT.

This IS the reason I hope Washington tries to move to 12. That extra 3rd could really be useful, ESPECIALLY if Gute wanted to move back into the 2nd round for a second pick for example. Oh the possibilities...I can't wait.

BTW... Who do you like as a RB for the Packers in this draft? Got a few favorites??

stockholder's picture

I saw you had DL. The TE should not be taken @12, but Later. I doubt they target one. But could "END UP" with one. The DL has only 2 guys in that top 10 that could start. Oliver and Wilkins. The talk is Oliver goes early and Wilkins to Buffalo. Avoiding the OT they need more. The talk is an example in value. Instant starter, or work. Lawrence and Simmons are going to need time. Still the value is a high ceiling in both. After these 4 nothing is a fit. All 4 will go before @30. Leaving the hole at DE unanswered unless Gute makes a move. The ILB hole is the problem. Burks was never brought in to fill the position full-Time. He 's a tooth pick. But he was the answer to a cover LB in the middle. Better then Thomas? Yes. The pick @12 should be traded. But I believe this pick will come down to taking Devin Bush, Gary, or Williams OT. The gamble should be for Simmons. (My Favorite) But where.? Same for a TE. Seems the fans prefer Hock over these 4.? But I don't believe taking the TE is the smartest move. I have RB late. But I like T.Williams. Love and Weber late.

Nick Perry's picture

SH... I know I'm STUCK on Hockenson and Fant, probably to much so which I'll admit is not the way to approach a draft. I have TUNNEL VISION for either of the Iowas TE's, it's like there's those two and no one else. BUT they are both going to be good pros IMO, possibly great. Because Hock offers so much as a blocker right now I've leaned towards him but would be happy with either. THIS is one of the reasons for the trade back to say 15 with Washington or even back to 17 with the Giants now that they have that pick. A TE there might be easier for some to feel better about opposed to #12.

Simmons would be my new crush at #30 and because of the injury it may be possible. I've brought up O-Line there as well as Safety but that all depends obviously who's left and the value.

Question if you think Burks is a "Toothpick" at 6'3", 235 pounds then what is Devin Bush? Same weight, 4 inches shorter... I don't get it. BUT like every draft the more I read the more I get on board with others about certain players. Maybe he's another that grows on me. I have RB later too. I've seen some mock drafts with the Packers taking Jacobs at #30. I don't see that and don't believe I could EVER get on board with him at #30.

Excellent back and forth with you.

stockholder's picture

Burks needs Bulk. Isn't mean. I've seen 220. Michigans; Bush is the same size as Singletary, the bears great. Best player on Mi. defense. Played tough until the Ohio state game. got Hurt. And Mi. got blown out. When he left any game, it was so noticeable. Defaced MSU spartan with cleats before game. Plays with emotion and mean streak. Mel Kiper had him in the top 20. Quote was he could end up being the best player selected in the first round.

Nick Perry's picture

LOL...You got me really excited about doing more homework on Devin Bush.... At least right up until you mentioned Mel Kiper!

Packer Dave's picture

Does anyone here think Kiper watches a single Packer game?

Metcalf shouldn't be in consideration at 30.

EdsLaces's picture

Rather have Deebo, Harry, Butler or even Idabellla ...

albert999's picture

4 good ones for sure!

Southside's picture

Hard no. The risk/reward is just not there. This guy will drop. Maybe in the second round.

Lphill's picture

Off topic I met Aaron Jones today in New Jersey got to speak with him for about 10 minutes, nice kid , humble says he excited for this season and expects big things for the Packers. As far as receivers I think Isabella is on the Packers radar , maybe trade back in the 2 Nd round for him but I think he is definitely on their board.

Johnblood27's picture

Are you sure it was Aaron?

Might have been his twin brother...

Lphill's picture

It was him it was a football and autograph show at the New Jersey convention center .

sonomaca's picture

Packers haven’t drafted a first round since 2002 (Javon Walker). Last TE was Bubba in 2000.

There’s no chance of picking DK, and a TE is unlikely with #12.

draftpete's picture

Packers should work the later rounds for a WR. Some one like Isabella or possibly Hunter Renfro.

ricky's picture

Neck injury? Like Murphy, who looked good in camp, but had spinal stenosis and left the league? Collins, Finley and Sharpe all went down and out with neck injuries. Now the Packers should draft a guy with a proven neck injury? All the doctors can do is say he is healthy enough to play football. Not that the doctors actually know how hard a guy gets hit during a professional football game. They are guessing. Can he lead a normal life outside of football? Sure. Would he survive repeated contact and remain healthy? This is guesswork. And the draft is already enough of a guessing game; why add another layer of uncertainty?

sonomaca's picture

Well, won’t those nice fellers in Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota go easy on DK because, you know, of the neck boo boo?

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I think it depends on the ultimate plan with the offense. If you plan of becoming a more serious running team, and having the pass feed off that, then maybe look at Hock over Metcalf.. I feel he would be more valuable and produce more in that system. But we're really looking for a WR #2 star.. granted having him with Adams is insane, its not a necessity. You could maybe even nag his teammate at #30.. hell #44.. I think if he happened to fall to #44 and we've taken one of the defensive blue chip studs at #12 and maybe Fant or Adderly at #30.. then yeah take a shot at Metcalf with #44 but don't reach for him

holmesmd's picture

Fused vertebrae are “stronger” mechanically than the much so that that fused segment becomes stronger than the single vertebrae on either side of the fusion! So re-injury to the repaired segment isn’t the concern, it’s the units on either side on the stack. Given GB’s notoriously conservative medical staff, I don’t see this as even a remote possibility. I do think the kid will be a star in this league IF he can stay healthy and develop his first few years. The good news is he will be on a rookie deal so Metcalf will cost draft capital but not salary cap for 4 years. One could argue that taking a shot on him for 4 yrs of a rookie deal might be worth it, even if we don’t get anything else out of him. That would give Rodgers a ridiculous weapon to win now! Still, I might consider him at 30 or 44, definitely not 12! Just my 2 cents.

mallred11's picture

Where did David Michalski get his Medical Degree(s)??? How can he opine on Metcalfs injury if he doesn't know anything??? More than likely, it was a spinal fusion and if he knew anything about fusions, he'd know that a fusion grows back stronger than the original disc material and there's no need for concern about "Buyer Remorse".

It seems terrible that the author of this article would take it upon himself to "torpedo" this young man with obviously no basic Medical knowledge nor having done homework about the young man.

Bear's picture

I’ve had 2 spinal fusions. The first ended my professional career! You don’t mess with them. I now have spinal stenosis.

Demon's picture

Mallred So you think NFL team scouts and GM's are going to not draft this kid based on an article posted here? Kind of going overboard aren't you? The author gave his opinion. The same as what you just did, thats all. Chill out buddy!

David Michalski's picture

I obviously tried to torpedo his career by talking about how talented I think he is. Also, I did the draft research for the wide receiver position group for the Cheesehead TV draft guide so I did my homework on Metcalf.

Enjoy your weekend doc

JohnnyLogan's picture

Pass on Metcalf but if Marquis Brown is still around at 30 take him.

jannes bjornson's picture


Johnblood27's picture

exactly... Why?

There is only one ball.

GBP have receivers that are clearly good enough to win in the NFL.

GBP need to run the ball more at or better than they did before. That makes for less opportunities for the WR over the course of the game/season.

GBP need a 3rd RB on the roster. Not a 3rd string RB, but a 3rd RB good enough to take reps away from the 2 that are on the roster now.

and, oh BTW, GBP needs a RB that is a threat in the passing game with sure hands. MLF is not MM. Thyink about the changes that will occur based upon MLF quotes so far.

MarkinMadison's picture

Neck injury, limited production in college, slow 3-cone and 20-yard shuttle times, and questionable route running. I can't see it at #12 at all, for any team. I wouldn't go there at #30. Probably wouldn't even draft him at #44 for the Packers because they have other tall WRs who can run a fast 40. Fant actually offers better numbers in everything (as a TE no less) except the 40-yard dash, plus an extra 10 lbs. of muscle and more proven production. I'd draft Fant over Metcalf at any pick number.

ballark's picture

I'd pass on Metcalf for most of the reasons David points out in this well written article. Hasn't taken a hit since the surgery. And too many other safer picks (Oliver, Hock, Smith, Dillard) to roll the dice. And further, too many other WR prospects (Butler, AJ Brown, Isabella) that also entice.

Holecrap's picture

I'm siding with the analyst, he hokisin at 12. L9ts of teams have gone to the short game. Deep sideline passes don't
Work when you dont have o line to bid you time.

CAG123's picture

Neck injury aside his 3 cone was AWFUL! He can run a straight line and that’s pretty much it definitely not someone to be taking in the first half of the draft.

draftnut59's picture

To me, Metcalf is big and fast, but he isn’t deverse enough to be ranked as high as he is. We’ve all seen our fill of receivers who had great combines that struggled to compete on the field.

Donster's picture

The Pack cannot afford to draft a WR in the first two rounds, maybe even in the third. The team has talent at WR now. The big question mark is J'Mon Moore. And on the practice squad sits Allen Lazard. That kid was all Big 12 in 2016 and 2017. I will really be surprised if he doesn't breakout in training camp. I don't know why Jacksonville let him go.

TE, DL, ILB, Safety and OL are the priorities of need for the Packers. Sure would be a dream come true if some how Gute could make a few moves to get another 1st round draft pick. I know it won't happen though.

As for TE, I would have thought that Gute would have moved on from Graham. He was ineffective last season. He couldn't practice everyday having to rest his knee. He didn't do squat in the endzone like he was supposed to be able to do. He can't block. He was put in positions to make plays all year, and yes he made a few, but not enough to warrant his salary. I think Gute kept him because Gute made a mistake bringing him in for the price he paid him, and didn't want to admit he made a mistake. He should have cut bait with Graham and signed Jesse James at $5 million a year like Detroit did. He is a big target, young and doesn't have any health issues.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I'd take Metcalf before I'd take Fant; they are both straight-line, fast, big receivers, but Metcalf is much better at contested catches. That said, I highly doubt I'd take them with 12, 30, or 44, as I expect to see someone I prefer, still on the board.

MarkinMadison's picture

If you really want a big WR, and not a TE, look at Hakeem Butler from Iowa State. He is the real deal. I think he is way more likely to succeed in the NFL than Metcalf.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I'm laughing because I was one of the first on the Packers' Boards to talk about Hakeem Butler, way back in January--maybe even December. Thing is, he and Metcalf have a lot in common. Both are physical marvels who can make crazy catches, but both also have issues with getting separation, and each has limited experience. I'll leave it to Gute & Co. to determine if either of them can be groomed into a consistent plus instead of being inconsistent splash players. Both MIGHT become All-Pros. Both MIGHT top out at mediocre or even worse.

zeroluv's picture

I would take Metcalf with the 44th pick but not with the 12th it 30th. I think he falls which kinda sucks because you want a team to take him in the top 11 to make sure the Packers guy is there either Oliver or the Devins. I’m a little pissed that the Packers beat the Jets last year when the season was over. Had they lost that game they would have had the 8th pick. Either way....don’t draft a WR or TE early. Go all defense because in 2020 we lose Daniels, Martinez and Tramon Williams and Clark will be expensive to keep so you need some rookie contracts to step up

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

So, zeroluv has zeroluv for Metcalf.

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

I mean the Metcalf love as a whole is way over blown. Given the other WRs, he's not a first round pick. AJ Brown, NKeal Harry and Hakeem Butler are better options for any team.

Metcalf and Hollywood are day 2 picks, Hollywood only because of injury concern with Lisfranc.

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