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Down The Stretch They Come

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Down The Stretch They Come

I trust everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. I know I did. Thanks for all the well-wishes while I was down and out - I feel a lot better and am ready to get back at it. Been doing a lot of reading over the last few days, especially around the Blogosphere, fan forums and the like.  It seems there's a lot of "I really think the Packers can beat the Ravens..." going around. I've gotten various messages via email and Twitter basically saying the same thing.

Well, it took you long enough.

Yes, this team was dead to rights after the Tampa game - but credit where it's due, which should be given to Mike McCarthy. The week leading up to the Cowboy game was pretty brutal for coach and he came out the other end with a team that is set up to beat you in any number of ways. Yes, the flaws are there - but the team has at least played up to it's potential the last three games, something that could not be said throughout the first half of the season.

This team will be in every game from here on out - and the key will be, yes, taking it one game at a time. Yes, it's tempting to talk in terms of "3 wins get them in the playoffs" - but it would be foolish to look at any game but the next one from this point on. The Packers can beat anyone, can be beat by anyone and, this is the sad part, can beat themselves at anytime.

One game at a time. Go Pack Go.

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PackersRS's picture

You're righ Aaron. As he deserves the blame for the struggles early on, McCarthy deserves the praise for pulling this team together and correcting the playcall, even though there has been that IMHO crucial come-to-jesus meeting. I can already see, if we do something special this season, that episode will label it.
This game is not the most crucial playoff-wise. Against Seattle, Arizona in AZ and Chicago in CHI will be the ones that will decide the wildcard picture, as they're conference, and divisional games.
However, confidence wise, this is the game. Win, and we'll have the confidence in ourselves to go to the playoffs and make a run. Lose, and all the job MM did so far will pratically vanish, leaving him and the coaching staff with a huge problem to deal with. It'll be though to re-motivate the players if they lose this one, taking into account that we only had 1 quality victory so far, as opposed to 3 losses to the Vikings and Bengals.
I can't wait for Sunday. Baltimore was pretty exposed to an innexperienced QB that hadn't practiced for that game, but it'll be though. I hope we can win it.

Jayme's picture

I have no problems with fans talking about the playoffs at this point. That is what it's all about. Getting to the playoffs and then the Super Bowl. The players, however, better not be talking about anything but the next game, and nobody should be asking them, either.

Ron LC's picture

The defense continues its' game-to-game improvement. ST's are still a major problem from kicking to coverage to lack luster returns. The overall offense is showing signs of improvement. However, too many points are being left on the field. That must be fixed. The second half lethargy keeps showing its' ugly head. They need to "finish". A true test of the Oline will happen Monday night.
If the problem areas can be shored up and even minor improvements occur, I think they have an 80% chance at the playoffs. If they continue this run, they may even be able to go deeper into the playoffs than most would think.
In short, things are looking much better than they did after the TB game. Still need to make significant improvement before the playyoff goal cn be attained.

alfredomartinez's picture

like i said last time, at least we now have abetter record than last year lol!!! but i agree with you, after watching the game last night, i feel that as long as the oline holds off long enough to give arod and grant a chance, the ravens have not much to stop the pack's offensive weapons...and on the other side of the ball, the raven's only real threat i think is ray rice, and we all know how good the pack has been at stoping the simply words i guess...GOPACKGO...and fuck the VIQUEENS!

Dilligaff's picture

I have to give credit to MM for the coaching job he has done the last 3 games, hope he keeps the same game plan. He has made field position and time of possession a priority, resulting in wins. I think at the beginning of the season MM wanted to use all his offensive weapons to run a high powered offense, which would work if we had a better than average O-line. Because of the hit or miss of our offense we were constantly putting our defense in bad positions with plenty of time on the clock to match our quick scores. MM's game plan changed at Dallas and he never changed it even against the lions when we were down 7-0 at the end of the first quarter. THE MOST IMPRESSIVE WIN WAS AGAINST THE LIONS, THAT GAME COULD HAVE GOTTEN UGLY BUT WE STUCK TO THE GAME PLAN AND FINISHED STRONG, UNLIKE AGAINST THE 49ERS. That game was on the road, national audience for the lions (their playoff game), and a young QB showing a lot of heart. We were only up 13-7 going into half time. Great job done by the Pack to finish that game with solid play.

WoodyG's picture

Good anaysis, Aaron.
Reality mixed with positivity....... Much better than reality mixed with negativity .......
Come to think of it though.... I'm still worried about Bush, Crosby, Kapinos, ED-S at center if Wells gets hurt.... What would happen if Ford, Bell or Underwood have to play ? ...... Goode's longsnaps haven't been good lately either..... The more I think of it GB doesn't stand a chance against the Ravens .......... LOL.......... It's not sarcasm, just humor directed at the people still running alongside the train ........

PACKERS's picture

I agree. McCarthy pulled the Pack out of this mess, but he was the one who got us into it. I will truly forgive him when he gets us out of the woods completely and into the playoffs. At this point, I think the Pack has got a very real chance at the wildcard, which is a big step in the right direction. (look at that, Woody. I actually said something positive ;) )

Dilligaff's picture

The Bengals are 4-0 against the Ravens and Steelers this year and the Pack has improved a bunch since we lost to Cincinnati. I think our defense will do fine against Rice. The Steelers are not the same defense as years past.

Our defense is only getting better and remember we almost beat the Bengals without Raji, Mathews was not starting, Barrnett was not healthy and we had major safety problems. Have we forgotten about Rouse and all those free agent pick ups trying to address that problem. Yet we almost beat the Bengals with all those problems to include MM's and A-rod's denial of our O-line problems as it related to their play calling and holding onto the ball too long. The Pack has come a long way since that loss.

This will be the best game the Pack has played all season. 33 to 17 Pack wins with no sacks. 3 turnovers caused by our defense and Grant breaks a 100 yards on 23 carries. Jordy runs a kick back for a TD and AJ Hawk gets his first INT of the season. Brad Jones gets his first sack and Tauscher plays all game.

Its Monday night and there is some adult beverages involved here. Just can't wait for this game, best I have felt about our chances all year.

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