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Double D on T.O. and getting the ball

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Double D on T.O. and getting the ball

I love Donald Driver. So do a lot of Packer Fans as he was definitely the Fan Favorite at Fan Fest this past weekend. Luckily we had a Donald Driver autograph ticket so I was able to get him to sign my NFC Championship ticket and pose for this shot. He was also the most excited player (Antonio Freeman being the least excited) to get a CHTV Packer Fan Button.

This Question and Answer session was the biggest of the can even hear how the audio seems cleaner because less people are talking in the background.

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Shootz's picture

When he cracks that big grin how can you help but love the guy? He's always seemed like a real class act.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

This is some great stuff guys. Coolness.

Ron La Canne's picture

DD exemplifies the image of the perfect Packer player. He is a good man and a great player. Much of his playing prowess is not raw talent, but hard work. To the young players -- watch Donald and learn. There can never be a better role model.

The0ffseason's picture

[..YouTube..] too bad Buffalo, Oakland, and San Fran are 238929184x better than cities than... Green Bay? Is that even a city?

Nick's picture

Great man. He clearly is "Packer People". He's my type of guy. Let your performance speak for itself,whether that's in football, work, or anything else.

Plus that shake is a classic.

KassieGBP's picture

[..YouTube..] r u Fing retarted!? u dont know if green bay is a city!? and u hav obviously never been there, its like the probly the nicest city tht has a NFL team!

mhadler's picture

[..YouTube..] Having been to all 4 of them, Buffalo is a dump and Oakland is as well. San Fran is nice, but as far as liveable cities and places to raise a family, GB has to be up there. Being on Lake Michigan is a nice bonus.

westaddict's picture

[..YouTube..] LOL. Talk about ignorance and/or jealousy at its worst.

567Woody's picture

[..YouTube..] love the shimmy

stevebostonian's picture

[..YouTube..] Green Bay all the way! The Pack is back!

schuessnuts3's picture

[..YouTube..] haha that's hilarious. Yes Green Bay is a city good sir. And guess what, Green Bay has by far the GREATEST tradition when it comes to professional football. I can tell you've never been to Green Bay, let alone out of your mom's basement because of how ignorant you sound. I just don't know how you can argue a city with a football team that makes players disappear and end their careers (Oakland) as being better than Green Bay. After typing all of this....I'm still shocked at your ignorance

5trik9's picture

[..YouTube..] Always been one of my favorite Packers. Driver has some room to speak about T.O... He's a very unselfish player and a class act.


[..YouTube..] go donald!i love his dance. i do it every once in a while during our school's football games.

Reapster04's picture

[..YouTube..] Yeah we call it the Shimy, I love it

burntonion05's picture

[..YouTube..] Who is a bigger homo TO or Glenn Beck?

PoopyPaul's picture

[..YouTube..] TO and Glenn Beck are both fucktards but I dont like Driver very much either GO BEARS!!

Blackhawk5656's picture

[..YouTube..] why are you talking on a greenbay packer vid when your a bears fan

NFLGuru22's picture

[..YouTube..] Driver is just a classy guy.And modest. Love to watch him play football! Packers are playoff bound this year, I can feel it!

PoopyPaul's picture

[..YouTube..] Blackhawk5656 Fuck the Packers and Fuck you for that matter. Go Bears!!

PoopyPaul's picture

[..YouTube..] FUCK GREENBAY you guys are going to be the next Detroit Lions in the division. Its the Vikings and Bears show now and for long time coming. Enjoy the rebuilding process without a good quarterback/running back/offensive line and wide receivers. Oh and that defense looked to be falling apart last year as well.

stevebostonian's picture

[..YouTube..] hey guys, look! rex grossman made a youtube account! haha. nice try, rex.

Blackhawk5656's picture

[..YouTube..] i heard the bears like it up the ass ....theres a picture that ive seen of nick barnett fuckin your quarterback

Blackhawk5656's picture

[..YouTube..] wow u really are retarded

HPDDJ's picture

[..YouTube..] No good Quarterback and Receivers? HAHAHA! Thanks man, I'm down and needed a good laugh.

SEEMURDERDBD410's picture

[..YouTube..] aaron rodgers is is the shit boy, the fuck? lol ryan grant top tier runningback and there receivers are among the best three

PoopyPaul's picture

[..YouTube..] Maybe its your unconscious homosexual feelings inside coming out but it looked like a tackle to me? Its ok if you got excited and started visualizing them naked and thought they were having sex. Even your own arguement questions the sexuality of your own player? So your insult is rather ridiculous anyway you look at it. Stupid Cheeseheads we should sell your guys to Canada, you guys are Canadians in American (chinese) clothes.

Blackhawk5656's picture

[..YouTube..] wow u really are a chicago fan....either way it goes packer will kick your ass any day of the week ....again another question why the hell are u watching a packer vid if your a bears fan must be a packer fan deep inside

PoopyPaul's picture

[..YouTube..] Packers are the new Lions watch and see...haha!! Rodgers has set the bench too long and couldnt mature at his peak, you have an old offensive line that wont give him the protection to throw to your receivers. Getting rid of Favre was the most classless act seen in modern day sports. That would have been like the Bulls getting rid of Jordan. Favre's arm alone won a lot of games and without that difference maker the pack are average at best.

sboger5's picture

[..YouTube..] lol put the booze down for a second you drunk ass haha

xXU2BerXx's picture

[..YouTube..] Don't mind PoopyPaul he is living proof that 16 years of twice annual a**whooping's have driven many Bear fans insane....

scottgg2's picture

[..YouTube..] Go donald Driver!

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