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Demetri Goodson is Still a Packer. Why?

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Demetri Goodson is Still a Packer. Why?

Michael Cohen has reported that Demetri Goodson is still a Green Bay Packer by virtue of an obscure provision of the CBA.  Goodson played 6 games as a rookie, 14 games in 2015, and 9 games in 2016, thereby accruing 3 seasons.  He suffered a catastrophic injury during the 2016 season.  TT did not release Goodson after the 2016 season.  He ended up on the PUP list for 2017. 

Normally, under Article 9 of the CBA, a player earns an accrued season if he is on a full pay status for 6 games, and PUP is a full pay list.  However, Article 20 - literally called "Other Provisions" for want of a better description, states that players in the last year of their contract have their contract "tolled" if they are not physically able to play by the team's 6th game. 

Goodson was not cleared to play until after the 6th game.  Thus, his contract tolled and the season does not count toward the 4-year contract he signed back in 2014.  That means he is not an Unrestricted Free Agent: rather, he is still a member of the Packers.  Since he was on the PUP, under Article 26 he earned a 4th credited season.  Players with 4 credited season have a minimum base salary of $805K.

The effect this has is to reduce our cap space by $325K.  The NFL (and sites like Sportrac and OTC) will update their books to reflect the presence of Goodson and his $805K base salary on Green Bay's salary cap.  That will displace the lowest of the top 51 contracts, a player currently earning $480K.  $805k minus $480K equals $325K (poof!). 
I complained often about Goodson still being on the team in 2017.  What was the point of taking a $690K cap expense for a player whose main attribute was his athletic ability?  He had suffered what was described as a significant or catastrophic knee injury.  Did TT think that Goodson's athletic ability would be unimpaired after he rehabbed?  Was it really worth it to find out?  Did TT think that Goodson's technique and football instincts had improved? TT should have cut Goodson after the season ended. 
Even after rehabbing for over a year, when he came off PUP Goodson almost immediately hurt his hamstring and was placed on IR.  It is common for players just coming off one injury to have another, possibly due to compensating for the old injury.  Goodson did not play a single snap for GB in 2017.  When Goodson's roster spot opened up after he went on IR, GB promoted Reggie Gilbert to the roster.  Hmmm, which player do I think should have been on the roster in the first place: Goodson or Gilbert? 
Lazy sportswriters often write that teams can't cut an injured player, but neglect to mention that a team can't do that during the season.  After the season, a team can cut an injured player, and often do so.  After the season, teams administer a physical to each player.
Last February, Sam Shields failed his physical and GB cut him, even though he hadn't cleared his concussion protocol.  (Shields was still eligible for paid medical treatment, but that is a non-cap expense).  GB took the dead money cap hit but most certainly did not pay Shields his 2017 base salary.
Now Goodson is costing GB $325K in cap space.  You know what to do, Gute.  
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jh9's picture

Good question. I've been wondering the same thing for three years.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Goodson was activated Dec 6, so he took up a roster spot (and money) for the Cleveland and Carolina games. Didn't play a snap. When Goodson was placed on IR on Dec 22, Gilbert finally made the roster.

I don't know if Gilbert is the 2nd coming, getting the roster spot 2 games earlier would have presented more opportunities for us to judge his play in real games. Maybe Gilbert gets no snaps as well.

Michael Hughes's picture

Presumably money.

our cap situation is such any big signing requires an equivalent cut. Who do you cut to sign him ?

worztik's picture

We just traded Demarious Randall to the Browns for Deshon Kiser!!! No word on if picks were involved!!!!!

jh9's picture

Randall wasn't great, but Kizer is no upgrade from Hundley. This trade doesn't make the Packers better.

BG, what the hell..?

Hmm... We get a 4th round for a 5th round. Okay... But that still doesn't make much sense. Maybe (and I'm just speculating here) BG did this deal to get rid of Randall's 1st round contract money. But Kizer was a 2nd round pick and Hundley was a 5th round pick. If the Packers keep Kizer, they will have to pay him more than Hundley. So whatever they may save by not paying Randall, they have to pay more for Kizer.

Damn... I hope BG has something up his sleeve.

4thand1's picture


John Kirk's picture

We move up a whopping 13 spots from Pick 114 in Round 5 to 101 in Round 4, which, like last year, is the first pick on Day 3.

I have to believe Brian tried trading him for something else and realized he preferred Kizer to a mid to late round pick, and I have to agree with that.

Getting rid of those who aren't on board. Rodgers might be one who isn't, too.

Tundraboy's picture

Has to be a move to set up others. Has to have something up his sleeve.

Ryan Graham's picture

honestly it's an enigma.

EdsLaces's picture

Ok so here's my problem. We coulda had Wilkerson then grab Smith or Edmunds as our round 1 lb. Snag a db round 2. Then all of the sudden that's 3 possible solid new defensive players. But no ....we let him leave...Whyyyyyy!!!????

John Kirk's picture

Most likely because we're the same old dollar store Packers. He didn't come to Green Bay because he wasn't interested, and the org didn't fly him in because they weren't interested. There is only one possible explanation for his departure and it's...MONEY. Obviously, Mo didn't like what he heard here and wanted Mo money and headed to his next stop.

Unfortunate, we can't know what he turned down. We'll just wait and see what he does accept from another team. Don't rule out completely we won't land him, this may be a Woodson scenario where he has no other decent offer and ends up almost having to sign here.

As for Goodson, what a poster child for being a draft pick cementing your spot on a roster. Ted's pet project was abysmal from the very beginning. Watch them keep him when Janis departs saying he's "good" on ST's.

EdsLaces's picture

I know it was because of money just pissy lol.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I felt the same way after hearing mo had other visits scheduled before he even landed here. Wanted to see what the dollar store packers offered and then get a real offer with a little leverage somewhere else. It's going to take a real un-ted like move for me to think anything is going to change for the positive

Maybe Goodson is still here to take Randall's spot. Really curious to see what we get. I'm guessing a 5th. And who did he piss off to be the one guy shipped out so far

Tundraboy's picture

"Watch them keep him when Janis departs saying he's "good" on ST's."

Bite your tongue!

TXCHEESE's picture

Man, when GB has to start looking in the sofa cushions for $325K, they are in a really sad state. Let him possibly get to training camp and compete for a roster spot. He was a pretty solid ST player, and who knows, he may end up being a decent backup in the secondary.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

These little issues add up. We used up $690K in cap space on Goodson in 2017 for nothing. We gave Dial $1 over the vet. min and that cost $160K in cap space. TT fell asleep and let RJF stay on the roster for the first game. That cost $1.25M.

That's $2.05M extra cap space we could have for right now that was pretty low hanging fruit. Yes, GB can defer deciding what to do with Goodson so it isn't urgent, and it is just $325K which more importantly can be reclaimed if desired later.

The TKstinator's picture

Maybe he’s the next Casey Hayward.

Since '61's picture

Chuck him. Thanks, Since '61

worztik's picture

I felt that way 2 years ago ‘61... ;~€(

arthurl's picture

Who really cares about a player with virtually no impact since he came to team. This guy isn't an NFL caliber player, but on the Packers he's a 3-4 year vet. Packers need to sign Wilkerson and Sherman for that matter. Cobb should be waived and Nelson and Matthews re-structured to accommodate these two FAs. I have a sneaky feeling GB will not sign neither.

worztik's picture


4thand1's picture

Keeping Goodson is like keeping a bag of kicking tees.

Bert's picture

Not a very big bag either..........

worztik's picture

I thought Ball was supposed to be such a number crunching wizard! The combination of TT, Ball and Crappers has really done wonders for OUR team!!! I wish they would ALL just go away... just sayin’...

MITM's picture

Wait now we know why because we just traded Damarious Randall for Deshone Kizer LOLOL! Sounds like a joke but its not!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Does this affect AR? Are we grooming Kizer? I assume he is just going to be the back-up. Are we buying a big-time CB?

Gute is being um, decisive.

HankScorpio's picture

I hope this means the end of Brett Hundley's time in GB. That would make it all worthwhile to me.

John Kirk's picture

It's pretty clear Damarious and his sideline antics and leaving the stadium (conflicting reports) along with his commentary that really set MM off (Damarious needs to clean his own house) in his presser after Ted's ouster got him a ticket out of town. Plus, he's just another oft injured unreliable option who was part of the problem and not the solution.

Another failed 1st round pick.

Adding Kizer for him is the kicker... I didn't mind them dealing Damarious save for it likely means we're reaching for Josh Jackson at CB in Round 1, now.

Like Hank, I'm thrilled this should mean the end of Hundley. He can chew his gum somewhere else.

Kizer was light years better than Hundley in Cleveland of all places as a rookie. There's stuff to work with there. Adding a guy like Kizer is the kind of guy you can try building a team around quickly due to his rookie deal. Sadly, he was on a 4 year deal due to his 2nd round status so he has a 3 year window of low cap charge. He's only 689k for 2018, and no higher than 1.1 million until the end of his 3rd year with us.

What does this mean pertaining to Rodgers? Are negotiations going nowhere? Are they realizing giving him 30+ mil coming off another collarbone break and his age is foolhardy? Are his diva ways rubbing the org the wrong way with his shots about Van Pelt and his reported desire not to see Ball be GM? Hard to know what the dynamic is and even if it was a tenuous situation it's incredibly unlikely any of our milquetoast guys will report about it. Curious what Bob McGinn might have to say about any of this?

Now, they don't have to draft a QB in this draft. Wagon hitched to Kizer. CB is a GAPING hole. I can't believe what we have there. It's NOTHING. King who I think looks more bust than boom is our pony there and our only. Let's hope his 115th out of 121 CB grade from PFF is really really wrong. Are they believing in Rollins and Goodson? You have to be kidding me. I'm starting to think maybe some of these guys were Brian draft specials and he believes in them.

This is a move alright. Backup QB looks better than it has in years but who thought this would be the priority? A star in Wilkerson walks out of town and to get in on the action we acquire a QB with 28 turnovers and commitment issues. Brian is not starting with a bang that's for sure.

Lphill's picture

Goodson now starting in place of Randall . We are all set now.

dobber's picture

A head-scratcher. Deal one of the few CBs who was trending upward for a QB with potential but who many have questioned his dedication. Still, a high pick with upside and starting experience on a rookie contract.

I don't think we need to worry about Hundley being #2 anymore.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

New Article: GB trades Randall and a 5th to Cleveland for Kizer and a 4th.

I have no idea why. End story.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

We've traded Randall to Cleveland. Now keeping Goodson around makes sense. Hearing it is for a draft pick and Kizer.


dobber's picture

I've been trying to figure out what Gutekunst's 'plan' has been so far. I didn't think that further emptying the secondary would be part of it. I wonder Pettine said something to the degree of, "I can't use this guy."

No longer have to worry about offering Randall that 5th year option in 2019.

worztik's picture

Dorsey is wheeling and dealing like he’s possessed!!! I think it will work out but, I would have rather had a high draft pick!!!!

HankScorpio's picture

" I wonder Pettine said something to the degree of, "I can't use this guy.""

We know McCarthy said that Randall needs to clean his own house after the season ended.

They must really, really wanted him gone to dump him when they are so thin at CB.

worztik's picture


MITM's picture

Ok so we traded a #1 cornerback for a guy who couldnt start at Quarterback on a team that didnt win any games? Is this what is actually going on? Somebody please im begging for help on this one.

HankScorpio's picture

Randall was the Packers best CB last season but he was also kicked off the field during a game. Calling him a #1 CB is a big-time stretch.

No doubt it weakens an already thin area. But the offseason is young. Let's see how things look in June before getting up in arms.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Per Rapoport, the Packers will send Randall to the Browns in exchange for Kizer, though its unclear if additional picks are involved in the deal.

Well this is a stupid trade right here at the moment. I don't know if there's additional picks or not this just seems totally boneheaded.

I would have rather taken a draft pick for him like a 3rd round pick or something maybe a third and A fifth or third and 6th.

Why would you trade a starting cornerback for a backup quarterback? Is this the aggressiveness we're supposed to be happy about?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah, this is great. Gutenkust is a total [email protected]#$_&g moron.

It's fine if Pettine wants to play man and doesn't want him, but why trade him for someone who doesn't even belong on am NFL roster. They already have a Kizer clone right on the roster

Doug Niemczynski's picture

The good news is we have Demetri Goodson I guess he'll be the starting cornerback.
Maybe we'll go after Richard Sherman who's had 2 blown Achilles. Lol

MytQ's picture

This is hilarious. At mid season posters here were saying Randle was usless and should be run out of town. Now he's been traded and its a boneheaded move. I kept reading how Ted was useless as a GM. Well Ted's gone and now people are pissing and moaning about Gute's first move. Really!!! Maybe all the arm chair GM's that hang out here should just chill out and let the man do is job.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I never had a problem with Randall. He played solid his 1st year. Had sophomore slump, but played injured and had a good 2nd half of the season last year. You CANNOT base any performance by any of our defensive players when we had a butt hole for a DC in Dumb Crappers. Yes! This was a BONEHEADED move. There better be more to this trade then what is being reported.

MytQ's picture

Wow. Sorry to get you all riled up Doug. I believe the man's name is Dom Capers.

Chuck Farley's picture

Wow, I this is 5he irst look, deal for guy, this team and the pack fans are in for a long and horrible ride.
Loser had 28 turn overs last year can't read a defense to save his life and makes hundley look all pro.
This team is in deep trouble that Rogers arm can't fix

Chuck Farley's picture

Sorry for typos, should have been gut and kiser

Ryan Graham's picture

I'm sure there is more up BG's sleeve. if there isn't we traded our best corner from a yea r before (although not a number one, but also potentential safety or nice slot corner) to fill a backup spot that ideally wears a headset and holds a clipboard 16 games.

There better be something up his sleeve. Restructures to come and a splash signing in Trumaine Johnson, or something. Anything. Please.

4thand1's picture

Maybe the Packers believed Kiser when he said he was the best QB in the draft. DR must have pissed someone off, now were looking at drafting a corner for sure. Unless they have their sites on Butler or Sherman.

Tundraboy's picture

I think my position on Goodson is well known.

gmeyers1's picture

Lots of hate and discontent. This trade is just the start. Relax, have a cold one & we'll see what the plan is soon enough.

Arthur Jackson's picture

I tell you why he is still a Packer, he's going be the nickle corner and pick off 8 passes this year.

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