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Decision on Aaron Rodgers Coming "Sooner Than Later"

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Decision on Aaron Rodgers Coming "Sooner Than Later"

The playing status of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers currently isn't any different from the past several weeks but perhaps that's about to change.

As of Monday, a day after the Packers lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 38-31, head coach Mike McCarthy revealed no new information regarding Rodgers but said the process of deciding whether or not he plays won't play out all week long like it has in previous weeks.

"Same deal, a lot of conversation going on with Aaron, obviously Dr. McKenzie, Ted Thompson and I, so we're working through that," said McCarthy. "I do not have anything to announce (as of Monday). Hopefully we can get the question answered sooner than later, so we're still working through that."

Rodgers' status may not have changed yet, but the situation the Packers find themselves in has drastically changed. They enter the Week 17 regular-season finale at the Chicago Bears in a do-or-die situation.

The matchup is essentially a de facto NFC North championship game with the winner clinching the division title and a fourth seed in the playoffs, meaning it would also host a home game in the wildcard round of the NFC side of the bracket.

Since Rodgers injured his collarbone back in early November, the Packers are 2-5-1 and have stayed alive in the playoff chase largely due to other teams in the division losing as well.

Still, they're 2-2 with Matt Flynn as the starting quarterback and could be in a situation where Flynn starts again unless Rodgers is medically cleared.

Because of the Christmas holiday, the Packers are practicing on Tuesday, their typical day off, and instead taking off Wednesday for Christmas.

McCarthy has made it clear the Packers won't be making a decision on Rodgers at the 11th hour, like they have the past couple weeks, perhaps meaning a decision could come as soon as Tuesday.

"I think No. 1 for the football team and also Aaron Rodgers, I think it's important for us to make a quicker decision," said McCarthy. "This obviously frustrating, stressful for Aaron, rightfully so, but also our football team. I want them to know who our quarterback's going to be."

Rodgers will appear on his weekly radio show on the ESPN Radio affiliates in Madison and Milwaukee and streamed online at at 1:30 p.m. CT on Tuesday.

Whether or not he'll have any new information to share regarding his status is unknown, but he's typically been forthcoming about at least addressing the situation.

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RC Packer Fan's picture

As of right now, I'm thinking that Rodgers won't play. That being said, I thought it was interesting listening to McCarthy's comments in that they have to have a decision faster this week.
Does that mean it increases the chances of Rodgers playing? I don't know, but it was interesting listening to McCarthy yesterday.

I do really wonder now if Clay's reinjured thumb might make them hesitate in the decision with Rodgers injury.

Ho Le Fuk's picture

No what McCarthy was trying to say is they will make the decision on the same day as they did the last several weeks but they will make it faster rather than sit around and discuss him not playing. They will all say at the same time, no he ain't playin. LOL

The TKstinator's picture

What does your screen name mean?
Are you really asian?
Or just Beavis or Butthead's little brother?

Joe's picture

Steelers allowed Matt Flynn to have a great first half but in second half caused him into situations that were not his strengths as a QB. Prime example was the Steelers were forcing Flynn to come off his first read while passing. Longer he held onto the ball, poorer the throw.

Now the only difference between Flynn and Tolzien is that Tolzien has a stronger arm but not starting QB material. Tolzien also rushes himself at the most important times in the game causing retractable errors. Might be the reason why 49ers cut him loose.

Answer ... There is no easy one with so many other holes that need to be addressed. DL, S, TE, WR, OL, RB.

I feel TT and MM will now start protecting their QB in this up coming draft. How so one might ask, since this is a strong year at TE. The Packers have been lucky that Sitton and Lang have been studs for the most part while they have been with Green Bay. Next couple of years either contract or health reasons will cause issues. So that is why I look at OL first at this years draft.

1RD OL YANKEY STANFORD he can play both OT and OG. Time to buck up and start giving Rodgers the OL he deserves.

2 RD CB FULLER VIRGINA TECH I went CB here because 1 the Packers will probably move Hyde to Safety to solidify that position finally. 2 the Packers are going to have to pay Shields. Thus Williams spot will need to be upgraded after the Packers release him or Williams settles for lesser money.

3 RD TE (the kid from Iowa) He has the size for the passing game like Heath Miller from Pittsburgh as well as the running game if the Packers can not sign Quarless. Let Bostick and Stonebuner threaten the seam routes.

RC Packer Fan's picture

If you look at the broad picture of Flynn and not just the close up of him. He has a 2-2 record. He has kept them close in the games for the most part. I do think that an offseason in the system would benefit him greatly. Same as Tolzien. Tolzien has a much stronger arm and I think has a little higher upside, but he hasn't played.

I agree with the needs, except for RB. Next year they will have Lacy, Franklin, Harris for sure. They could resign Starks. If they don't, I could see them possibly adding a RB late in the draft.

Also I would add LB to that list. And if they don't resign Shields, CB to that list as well..

Right now to me if they want to protect the QB, they do that by drafting a TE. The OL is fine especially when you consider next year they will have Bulaga, and Sherrod.

I could see this being a year that TT does something different early in the draft. I could see him drafting a WR or TE in the 1st round. There are 2 TE's worthy of 1st round picks. There are about 4-5 WR's that could be drafted in the 1st.

There is a possibility that James Jones won't return and also Nelson is a free agent after next year. Finley is likely gone, so TE is pretty thin.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

I would agree with you but lets also hope we get TWO O linemen. I liked Bulaga until he got hurt in a family practice game and is out for the year. Ya how much should we rely on a guy like that, 1.5 seasons out of football, out of football shape.
Better count him as a decent backup to fill in, at least until he proves otherwise and get some O line. Lets fix one thing at at time.
Lets get some Free agent dback help and the draft and get rid of the deadwood.

jeremy's picture

I like how everyone says Hyde needs to move to safety based on... Nothing. No Facts. The fact is they tried moving him to safety at Iowa and he sucked at it. It's a different skill set from the slot where he's a natural.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I assume saying Hyde sucked at safety at Iowa is your own opinion, because I've never seen or heard anyone else say that.

jeremy's picture

"He played safety at Iowa for a spell, didn't he? He did. Kinda. In 2011, temporary personnel shortcomings forced him to safety in the early part of the year, and he was still at safety in a secondary that got incinerated by Iowa State QB Steele Jantz, who truly might be fictional, in a stunning 44-41 defeat. Hyde was victimized repeatedly in the defeat and looked out of sorts trying to make multiple reads before and at the snap. As soon as safety Jordan Bernstine (2012 draft pick of the Redskins) returned to the lineup, Hyde was shuttled back to cornerback and we never spoke of the safety experiment again."

Brian Carriveau's picture

Fair enough, but that's a one game body of work at the college level in an emergency situation we're talking about. I'd say that's hardly enough to come to any conclusions about Hyde at the position.

jeremy's picture

"in the early part of the year, and he was still at safety in a secondary that got incinerated by Iowa State QB Steele Jantz"

Sounds like more than one game to me. Where does it say one game?

Stroh's picture

I'm all for Hyde moving to safety. It is likely to be his best long term position in the NFL. His upside at CB is limited due to lack of speed and great quickness. Hayward is slightly faster but he's extremely quick which makes him perfect for slot CB. Hyde would be like a backup to Hayward in the slot CB role. At least at Safety he has good enough speed, quickness and ball skills. He's also a very good tackler and matches up pretty well on TE or in the slot/dime role opposite Hayward.

He has minimal experience at Safety, so if its going to happen the Packers need to get him started immediately this offseason.

The TKstinator's picture

I think it's based on:
1. Big hole at S
2. He's a good tackler
3. His achilles heel is his lack of elite speed for a corner
4. The staff's ability to "coach up" less talented safeties such as MD, Jerron, Peprah..
5. Cancel that fourth one

Point Packer's picture

That made me laugh.

Stroh's picture

I don't think there's much wrong w/ the Packers OL if Bulaga/Sherrod are on the field. I would pass on drafting an OL in the 1st unless a sure-fire LT falls to them, which seems unlikely. That being the case I would give Bulaga/Sherrod this year to see how they pan out when on the field together. The Interior OL is set for another 2 years, assuming they re-sign EDS. Hold off on OL till the 3rd or 4th.

Packers need to get a playmaking ILB and if available CJ Mosley fits the bill perfectly. He's projected as a mid 1st and would be an IDEAL weak ILB. He has outstanding instincts to diagnose run plays and always shows up when the ball does. He's also shown to be very good in coverage. Basically like Kiko Alonzo or Ogletree w/o the off-field baggage.

I like moving Hyde to Safety and drafting a CB too.

I would like to see Quarless w/ a full season to continue his growth before going after a TE high. I would rather see them take a WR to develop, which is what a 3rd rd pick would be.

Can't rule out a DE since there's a couple prototypical 34 DE in this draft that should be available mid to late 1st where the Packers will likely be drafting.

Guyseeeee's picture

MM & Rodgers were ready last week. Basically he's asking TT not to make him sit in front of the media looking like a fool.

I would be mildly surprised if Rodgers doesn't play this week.

Nerd's picture

This coming weekend will be 8 weeks since the injury.

Look at him coming back in week 10. I just don't even listen to the Packers' injury reports anymore.

cLowNEY42's picture

Guys - he's out FOR THE SEASON.

Has been since the day of the injury.

Why 12's ever talked about I have no idea.

Too bad our opponents haven't been as duped by the Packers front office shinnanigans as the fans and media have.

jeremy's picture

I understand the enthusiasm to get him back out there. But, Woodson warned us this would happen and nobody seems to have listened. It was based on his direct personal experience with the same injuries and the Packers teams doctor.

Nerd's picture

They held Woody out longer than they would normally have just for the injury, because Hayward was playing at an all-pro level at that position.

Stroh's picture

Wood also played a position, Safety where there is a lot more hitting involved. For him it was essential the bone was completely calcified when they let him on the field again. QB isn't nearly as physical and its a lot less likely Rodgers takes a hit directly to that area.

RunAndHyde's picture

Merry Christmas.....shitters full.Clowney is right ....AR gone for the year unless we somehow beat the bears with Flynn in there and even then its doubtful. I have accepted our fate ....we lost Aaron n it killed our season...period. With Lacy and Harris or Starks in there next year and possibly a new TE or WR this team will be crushing defenses.This just isn't our year ...I have accepted it n you all should too....oh n nice article Brian.

Joe's picture

Now the only reason I mentioned Hyde to safety was the question was asked to Joe Whitt Jr. If Hyde could make a successful transition to safety. The Packers CB coach gave a favorable statement that he could.

I do not see how a TE could make the offensive line better. Only offensive lineman can make that happen. Besides I feel the TE from Iowa would give more options in both the run and pass.

Would like to see Bulaga and Sherrod make full recoveries but no one knows if that will ever takes place. Baktiari needs more strengh if the Packers keep him at either tackle position.

So the place to upgrade is the guard position. Beside when was the last time Ted Thompsons first round draft picks was a successful pick... Bulaga, Sherrod, Perry, Jones... GMs are measured on the successful take in the first round... Right now TTs drafting grade has to be a D minus if you throw in Justin Harrell as well in the first round only.

If the Packers go after a RB late then I could see Storm Johnson from UCF transfered Miami Hurricanes only 4.56 speed that would compare to James Starks and a 6-0, 215 frame that could take a beating.

SOL's picture

A good tight end makes the defensive front seven have to account for him. Whether the TE goes in motion to block for a run or set the outside for a quick inside move by a RB or chip a blitzer prior to a short route the TE is a variable the defense has to read and negate the TE's role for a rush to be successful.
It's just not the blocking ability but receiver skills also that make a good TE. Finley has better receiver skills than blocking but his size makes up for that. He had a propensity for having the LBs try and cover him which is what you want.
The Oline was then left with 4DL on 5OL which now creates a pocket for the QB to work from and a gap to escape if coverage is tight downfield.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

If you base a successful GM on 1st round picks then Ron Wolf was an abysmal failure. Cases in point: Buckley, Michels, Edwards, Verba, Teague.

cLowNEY42's picture

True, normal GM's should not be judged solely on 1st round draft pick success.

BUT WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT A NORMAL GM...ours drafts and ONLY drafts.

If you're only going to acquire talent by drafting it... then you better be head and shoulders above everyone else at doing just that.

TT started his tenure pretty damn strong in the draft department... last couple years have been highly questionable. Talent level has been regressing on this team for 3 years.

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