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Decision Delayed on Nick Collins

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Decision Delayed on Nick Collins

A decision on the future of Nick Collins doesn't appear as if it will be made before the NFL Draft, according to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Collins sustained a serious injury to his neck in 2011 when he herniated a disc, which required surgery to repair.

In an interview with Demovsky, Collins' agent Alan Herman said his client is getting another opinion and that a visit has been delayed because a doctor was on vacation.

“With the draft the way it is for us, I haven’t had a chance to address it,” Herman is quoted as saying. “So I would assume right after the draft this will be addressed.”

Back in January, Collins said he hoped to make a decision before late April.

“I want to be able to make my decision before the draft so this organization can make a decision on who they can bring in and who they want to draft,” Collins told former Packers beat reporter Kareem Copeland of the Press-Gazette.

Herman also told Kevin Seifert of that they'd travel to Green Bay to meet with the Packers the week after Apr. 3 and then told Demovsky that meeting didn't happen.

It's impossible to blame Collins for getting informed opinions and taking all the time necessary to make a proper decision that will affect the rest of his career.

But it is curious as to why Collins and his camp give timeframes on events only to change them later.

Certainly, events may have occurred between the time of the interviews and the choice to delay his decision, but from a public relations standpoint, it might have been better not to give timeframes in the first place.

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pkrNboro's picture

"delayed because a doctor was on vacation."

This stinks.
It's got spin-doctor/damage-control written all over it.

Collins hasn't received the news he wants to hear -- likely from the doctor(s) and/or the Packers.

This has got Favre-departure/shit-storm written all over it.

pkrNboro's picture

"written all over it"

that's my phrase, and I'm stickin' to it!

pkrNboro's picture

"With the draft the way it is for us"
...what does THAT mean ?

"I haven’t had a chance to address it"'ve had SIX months to address it.

“So I would assume right after the draft this will be addressed.”
...which would be RIGHT AFTER the time the Green Bay Packers can use the draft to address the need for a Safety.

This makes no sense.
Dogs and cats... living together.

PackersRS's picture

The Packers are drafting a safety with or without Collins. That's not a parameter IMO.

Unless they're really, really into MD Jennings and Anthony Levine.

pkrNboro's picture

do you think Jennings could pack on 12-15 pounds without losing speed?

PackersRS's picture

I really can't comment on those guys. Have seen only a handful of snaps in preseason. IIRC MD Jennings made a handful of picks, but he was playing against really bad competition.

packsmack25's picture

I'm really, really into them, but as consistently bad as Peprah was you have to wonder how good they really are.

PackersRS's picture

They were, what, 2nd year UDFAs? Did they even know the complete playbook? And the Packers won it all with Peprah as a starter. Having lost Collins as a signal caller, and with Burnett playing his de facto 1st season, Capers needed stability in the back end (I know, I know).

This draft will tell more about them than last season did.

packsmack25's picture

Levine was 2nd year, Jennings was a rook. But Christ was Peprah bad. I rewatched the Super Bowl win about a week ago and he was a big reason that game ended up close instead of a blowout.

Shawn's picture

He is an NFL agent. I am sure he has other clients that are in the draft that he is working for.

Evan's picture

That's quite the shitty situation for the Packers to be in. I guess we'll be going safety in round 2 or 3.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I appreciate all of your patience as Nick, Ted, Mike and myself decide how best to handle the situation.

Owner, Green Bay Packers

pkrNboro's picture


wait a sec...

are you "messin" with me ?????

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


Jeremy's picture

That's great!

packsmack25's picture

Maybe they want to trade down if Barron is there and thus don't want teams to know whether or not they would take him?

Cole's picture

That's probably exactly what it is. Damn. Gotta think Barron will be gone by 20 for sure. Perhaps, Harrison Smith at the top of the 1st.

PackersRS's picture

Stay the hell away from Harrison Smith. What good is a safety that can't cover man to man versus a slot receiver or an athletic TE? He's stiff.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

And you're an Irish fan aren't you?

PackersRS's picture

Not as much a fan as a casual (bandwagon) supporter.

Really, I like the kid, he's very smart, he has good physical tools, sure tackler. I just don't think he's a quality starter at the NFL level, not with how offenses operate. He'd be very good in the 90's. But he doesn't have the elite agility and ball awareness to cover TEs nowadays, despite of what his combine numbers tell.

gbslapshot's picture

Anyone that actually thought that we would find out about Nick's health before the draft is completely crazy. It is the Packers way to keep everything close to the vest. Even if Nick is completely healthy the Packers want teams to think that they may be taking a safety, conversely if Nick is not going to come back TT doesn't want to let people know that he IS going to take a safety. This doesn't tell us anything at all about Nick's health.

Kparis99's picture

I believe this is closer to what's actually going on here, than anything. The Pack and Nick may already know what they are going to do. What benefit would it have to reveal anything to the media and fans?

PackersRS's picture


packsmack25's picture

+1, that's what I was trying but failed to say.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Makes sense.

Jamie's picture

My thoughts as well, as much as I was REALLY tempted to go the bat-***t crazy / sky is falling / on the ledge / nervous breakdown route. Appears that was covered already anyway.

zeke's picture

I think it is pretty clear that the Packers have been operating from the position that Collins isn't coming back for some time, especially given the comments that McCarthy (and even Collins' agent) made about how he wouldn't let him play if it was his son. My guess is that even if Collings can get a doctor to clear him, TT will release him. I don't see any similarity to Favre's situation at all.

Shawn's picture

I dissagree, I don't think that TT and MM are the type of people that will jump to conclusions without haveing all of the facts first. They might have personal opinions about it but not professional opinions.

MarkinMadison's picture

Yeah, but. There is also a PR and legal issue here in light of all of the lawsuits and concerns about player safety. I cannot believe that you will find any doctor who says that Collins is not at any increased risk following this injury - and more specifically, the Packers' staff physician is a pretty conservative guy. You roll all of that together, and TT, MM and the Board may have looked at this thing and said, "you know what, even if his MD says it's okay, not on my watch." My hunch is, this thing is all over except for the crying.

gbslapshot's picture

Well there is one doctor that says that Nick Collins is not at more risk for injury...

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