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Dear Local Media...

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Dear Local Media...

I love me some beat reporting when it comes to the Packers. I hold our guys and gals in the highest regard. I also like to think that I don't shy away from calling them out on their bullshit.

So it is this afternoon as I peruse the transcript of Mike McCarthy's remarks to the media, the day after a heartbreaking one point loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, what is the media there in the auditorium for? To get information for their news outlets so that they might get said information to the fans and the general public. And what do the fans want to know today, the day after a heartbreaking one point loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers?  I can name any number of things, from Mason Crosby's status to Capers' reasoning for only rushing three on the last drive. You know what's NOT on the top of my or ANY fans 'need-to-know' list?

Where is Johnny Jolly today?

You know what? I could give a shit where Johnny Jolly is one day after a heartbreaking one point loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. And yet, what is the first question asked of McCarthy today?

Is Johnny Jolly away from the team today?

I mean - are you serious? Are. You. Serious?

Now I know what some of you are thinking - obviously this was asked by Greg Bedard as he's been all over the Jolly/drug charge


At this very moment, Bedard and Tom Silverstein are on a bus on their way from Cleveland to Detroit for a connecting flight to Green Bay after their plane from Pittsburgh had to make an emergency landing. I kid you not. So who was it? I want, nay, need to know. Much more than I need to know Johnny Jolly's whereabouts one day after a heartbreaking one point loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  You know, if reporters are going to waste our time by asking about Johnny Jolly's whereabouts, they should maybe take a look at another, as of yet, underreported aspect of the story - mainly how completely and utterly ridiculous the whole thing is.

Alright. I'm done. And if this was asked by a member of the national media...if by chance, say, John Clayton was in attendance and I missed it - I humbly apologize to the best local beat reporters on the planet.

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WoodyG's picture

Although I agree with you....... Are you saying Bedard & Silverstein are off the hook for their relentless pursuit of a story whether it be factual or just contrived BS on their part ?....... I doubt it......... Their '2009 record' would indicate that either probably would have asked the question if they had been present at the presser ..... A hack is a hack is a hack...........

packeraaron's picture

They're off the hook because they're on that bus. That's more than enough punishment for anyone...

Ryeguy812's picture

Well the way the Steelers were holding Jolly on that last play, my guess is that he's still in Pittsburgh being hooked around the chest and waist by the guard and center.

Ruppert's picture

Nice rant, dude!

wingnuts's picture


I truely enjoy any rant that I have come across on this page to date (I just started following this season) and this is an ultimate WTF?? right here. I can tell you want to swear up a storm, but in an effort to keep it clean you are refraining. I felt the same way as I was screaming at the tv in my hotel room in San Antonio.
I have always considered my self a die hard, now that I follow CheeseheadTV, I am digging into things sooooo much more and I thank you and Corey. I hope this never goes just really wish the pod casts were a little more consistent during the season.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Who ever the hell that reporter is who asked that question, is a Dirt Merchant plain and simple! I`m sure the other reporters standing around this DM had to be shaking their heads. I for one am not interested in this going nowhere story about Jolly. He isnt Tiger Woods douche! Stop digging more out of this story.

foundinidaho's picture

In the interests of "keeping it clean" for Corey, I will not state my opinion of that question. However, I think it's fairly obvious that it's not positive.

PACKERS.'s picture

Excellent rant. In my opinions it's comparable to the JSOnline rant when they said we should give Brett respect at Lambeau. That post had over 180 comments... Good memories...

Brian Carriveau's picture

I don't think this is worth getting worked up over. In this case, the journalist more than likely knew he or she would be writing a story about Jolly ahead of time. And as any experienced journalist knows, if the press conference ends and you don't ask your question and the press conference ends, you don't get an answer. You don't wait to ask your question. If I know I'm writing a story on Jolly, I don't care if it's asked first or tenth, as long as it get answered. I'm not going to wait for someone else to ask a question about the game just because more readers might be interested. I have a job to do, and I'm going to get it done.

At least with Jolly there was a new development happening on Monday, he had to pay his bail. With the Packers, the game was Sunday. There were few new developments.

packeraaron's picture

"I don’t think this is worth getting worked up over" - but Brian...that's what I do! ;)

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