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Day 6, Packers Training Camp: What Happened

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Day 6, Packers Training Camp: What Happened

Today was the Packers' fourth padded practice of the 2017 season and first indoors practice - here's what happened:

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Don Hutson's picture

So how bad did K King look covering JN with AR at QB?

Zachary Jacobson's picture

Bad. But that connection is almost indefensible. King got worked on a back-shoulder touchdown to Nelson, too, which is also indefensible.

dobber's picture

Yep. There are going to be a lot of All-Pro CBs who are going to get had on that...

The TKstinator's picture

As indefensible as my behavior?

flackcatcher's picture

Herb Waters, outright cut, or injury settlement?

croatpackfan's picture

Most likely on IR, nor injury stelement... Whitt talks only the best about Herb Waters...

Nick Perry's picture

I'm sure there was some king of settlement but he's no longer on the Packers football team.

Ken Allen's picture

Waived/Injured .... must first clear waivers and then the Packers can decide whether they want to put him on
"season-ending injured reserve" or they can reach an injury settlement. My money is on he gets paid and leaves.

RCPackerFan's picture

For me one of the most intriguing players the Packers drafted and brought in as an UDFA was Michael Clark.

First his size alone sets him apart. The Packers have never had a 6'6" WR. He also runs well for a player his size. Watching his only year of college football it was clear that he had a basketball background.

The last few practices I have seen on twitter more great catches from Clark. Then last night I seen this one. "Michael Clark with another ridiculous leaping catch that had the rest of the WRs falling on the ground in disbelief. Gunter was the CB."

Now I'm not saying Clark will make the 53, but if he continues to make plays I think he will at the very least be on the practice squad and would be a great player to develop for a year. Or maybe he will play so well that they can't cut him.

The WR battle is on and its going to be fun to watch!

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I've thought from the beginning that Clark was the perfect PS candidate: too inexperienced to get a lot of work in the preseason, but too much potential to not keep around.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, i thought the same thing. PS would be the perfect place for him. Only playing 1 year of college football and not playing football since freshman year of high school shows that he has a lot to learn.

I'm not going to say he can't make the 53, right now he has an uphill battle. But if he continues to make plays like he reportedly had been, he might force them to keep him on the 53.

Either way, its going to be fun to watch this battle.

sonomaca's picture

If he's clearly going to be signed by another team, you're probably forced to keep him on 53. Sounds as if Pack might have to keep Gray and McCaffery as well. Yancey to PS? M. Adams to PUP?

RCPackerFan's picture

If Clark forces them to keep him on the 53 I'm good with that. Let the best players earn the spots on the 53.
McCaffrey is competing for sure. The WR battle is a fun one to watch. Davis has been taking a year 2 step. Allison has been as well from the way it sounds. Dupre has been impressive. Sounds like Yancey has struggled a bit but we will see when the games start.

I think Gray is on his way to earning a backup role from the way it sounds.

Adams can't go on the PUP list since he was able to start practicing. From what i have heard he will be out 4-6 weeks which would put him in right around the first week. I don't think they will put him on IR if he is that close.

Jersey Al's picture

One thing I've learned doing this over the years, we Packers fans always overestimate the value of marginal players. How many times have I heard (and said myself) "this {player name} is sure to be claimed by another team so we have to keep him on the 53. I did it myself last year with Geronimo and look what happened - practice squad.

So let's slow down on Clark. he has to do more than just be able to outjump people. Know his assignments, run good routes, show good hands, block downfield, etc. We really don't know how good/bad he is at any of those things at this point.

lou's picture

Excellent dose of reality to recalibrate expectation levels.

marpag1's picture

Ding, ding!

If we're not careful, Clark might become every bit as good as the massively over-hyped Jeff Janis. Fingers crossed!

sonomaca's picture

What you say is true. However, other teams might now be thinking, "We could have had Allison. We're not going to make that mistake again."

If Clark is that good, go ahead and see if anyone wants to trade for Allison.

dobber's picture

My guess is that there will be at least a couple players the Packers will cut that will end up on someone else's roster. That's no reason to keep them if it means you end up cutting a player that means more to your team.

Such are the perils of having talent on your roster...

RCPackerFan's picture

Listening to Wilde and Tausch, Wilde just picked Clark as his sleeper of the week for the Family night game.
He said the catch Clark made last night was one of the most impressive ones he has seen in practice.

Again, he has a long ways to go, but the way for him to make the 53 is to keep making plays like that.

On a side note Tausch picked Jamaal Williams.

sonomaca's picture

Could Clark someday play TE? That would be more interesting than receiver in the long run.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't think so.
First Clark would have to add on a lot of weight. He is listed at 217. To realistically play TE he would have to gain about 30 lbs. Not undo able but would take him a while.
Second the way they would end up using him would be as a TE that stretched out to WR anyways (Clark/Finley). So why not just train him to do what he already is doing anyways.

Not saying it won't or can't happen, i just don't think it will.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

All four outside linebackers on the field at once? Looks like the "Psycho" package is returning!

RCPackerFan's picture

How about 4 OLB's and 4 Safety's in that same package.

Jersey Al's picture

Psycho usually had one DL.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I'm starting to think that the only way McCaffrey doesn't make the 53 is if he gets injured. Davis' speed with Abbredaris' hands/routes.

Mojo's picture

Don't know how accurate pro-day #'s are, but some say he ran as low as a 4.36 forty.

Since he seems to be having an excellent offseason I say consider switching him out with Janis if can produce on ST's. At least he might give you something as a receiver.

Since '61's picture

King going against A. Rodgers and J. Nelson is a tough assignment. Think of what those two have achieved against the best CBs in the NFL. Hopefully after practicing against those two going up against other QB/WR combos during the regular season will seem easy. King and House for #1 and 2 CBs. Chuck Goodson and Gunther. Too bad about Waters. Thanks, Since '61

JohnnyLogan's picture

House was a bench player last year and King's a rookie not lighting it up. With Capers coaching them. Less than inspiring. I think we're in trouble.

Jersey Al's picture

optimism all around!

CheesyTex's picture

Geoff Gray is a keeper -- size, athleticism, attitude. So what if it takes him a while to develop.

sonomaca's picture

With the 53, you're not necessarily keeping the best, you're keeping some which you think other teams might claim.

Always wondered how teams gathered this sort of intelligence. Kinda of important to know who is interested in whom.

Jersey Al's picture

Ted touched on that a bit in his press conference this week. Essentially said teams are in constant contact this time of year about each other's rosters.

flackcatcher's picture

Saw that presser. Was surprised, Ted was very frank and forthright. (For Ted). Must be feeling good about current roster, otherwise this is not like him at all.

sonomaca's picture

Does that mean they are honest with each other? So, if Ted says, "we'd like Clark on PS, is anyone out there going to claim him?", they tell him the truth?

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Which lineup would do best?
A or B?

1 Jordy
4 Allison
5 T Davis
8 McCaffrey
9 Clark
TE Martellus
RB2 Jamaal Williams
RB3 Aaron Jones


2 Cobb
3 Davante
6 Janis
7 Yancey
10 Dupre
TE2 Kendricks
RB1 Monty
RB4 Devonte Mays

Denver's picture

I'll go with B...I'm not as down as some on Cobb and I think Kendricks is going to surprise some people.
And, of course, there's Janis.......

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I love Cobb too.
People are way too hard on him. And Clay.
When healthy, those guys are difference-makers and we need them.

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