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Day 4, Packers Training Camp: What Happened

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Day 4, Packers Training Camp: What Happened

Today was the Packers' second padded practice of the 2017 season - here's what happened:

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GBPDAN1's picture

Bummer regarding Adams. Looks like he'll miss the preseason? I hope House looks good, haven't heard much about him except that he's with the starters so far. Loving the Josh Jones reports. Kid sounds like a game changer! Hope the punter keeps up the good work!

Turophile's picture

If there is a positive with Montravius Adams, he seemed to fit in well. Vets thought he'd be in the mix for playing time with what he showed before injury. This is a guy who looked very solid at the Senior bowl, some thought he'd be a late first or second round pick (he was taken in the third). A guy with that speed and power off the snap, next to Clark and Daniels, is something to get excited about.

Though this injury knocks him back, I feel good about the D line in the longer term. Daniels, Clark, Lowry, Adams, looks like a top performing group for the future. Maybe all that emphasis on defense in the draft, the last several years, is finally going to produce a top D.

Since '61's picture

Great news about the punter and Josh Jones. Very pleased to read that House and King are starting on the boundary again. Rollins/Randall in the slot is fine by me.
Maybe T. Davis heals fast. Beigel is probably coming along if he is in on walk-thru. Hopefully, no more injuries. BTW, who is making the long snaps to Vogel? Thanks, Since '61

Jonathan Spader's picture

Derek Hart

Bearmeat's picture

This is fantastic news about the defense and the Punter!

I hope our offense is all-world. In fact, I'd be surprised if the offense didn't score more than 450 points this year. That said, I hope the defense beats the offense like a drum all training camp. That would bode very well for this team!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Bear, Wood is deluded. CHTV chose Wood's tweet, but there were others not nearly so positive. Vogel had 6 punts: 4 were good, one was a shank, and another was long but low. Sounds a lot like Masthay to me - pretty good, but has the occasional shank and so far Vogel's shank average in TC is between 15% and 20%.

Vogel's aussie punts were pretty darn good. Kicking from the 50, he forced two punts to be fair caught at the 6 and 8 yard lines, his third landed at the 4 and was downed at the one yard line, and the 4th punt was a touch back.

RCPackerFan's picture

How can we not get excited about Josh Jones.

The last 3 plays to practice sums it up good. PBU, Sack, Sack.

All throughout the offseason practices we kept hearing how Jones was always around the ball. And with the pads coming on the same thing is happening. Definitely liking what I am hearing about Jones.

MarkinMadison's picture

Back end can only go up from last year. Pass rush? Always something in a salary cap world I guess.

MarkinMadison's picture

Back end can only go up from last year. Pass rush? Always something in a salary cap world I guess.

ShanghaiKid's picture

Glad to hear the D stepped up and stone walled the No. 1's on offense today. Generally speaking the D has the early edge in TC. Sounded like they got shredded in first practice with pads so hearing them get a stop is good news.

Mojo's picture

I can see how Daniels felt the need to step in between the Bulaga and Lowry hand fighting episode after seeing exclusive video taken from this mornings practice:

Lphill's picture

Interesting no mention that Gunter is doing terrible which is news on every other Packers site.

holmesmd's picture

Why not post a link or resource to your conjecture? Thanks for keeping it positive. SMH

Jersey Al's picture

The only negatives I saw on Gunter was during the unpadded practices. Pretty sure I included some comments on him for those practices. Still, what you do in shorts with no contact hardly means that much.

RCPackerFan's picture

Gunter is a guy who won't impress people in shorts. He is at his best in press coverage. So when the pads come on its a different game for him.

Spock's picture

RC, Agree. Gunther's game is press at the line. Without pads his lack of makeup speed makes him look bad. In pads he can do what he does best: use his good hand placement, good footwork, and generally outstanding technique.

RCPackerFan's picture

Also, he is a guy who I think plays better in the winter months and outdoors where the track isn't as fast vs indoors on a faster track.

Playing in Atlanta last year did him no favors. Had the game been in Lambeau vs the Falcons, I think he would have been better.

Finwiz's picture

Oh yeah - Gunter is soooo impressive getting beat by fast receivers as they blow by him. Be still my racing heart, at the big play potential.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Word is M. Adams has a stress fracture that needs internal fixation (a screw or pin). If true, that's multiple months most likely. Dr. Holmes can correct me, of course. Not PUP eligible. IR most likely.

Dix had a pass break up, and had good coverage on RR but RR made a contested catch.

J. Jones had a pass break up, sack and another sack. Nice timing on the blitz was noted.

Jamaal Williams made a nice over the shoulder catch.

Ringo annihilated Amichia.
Monty fumbled.

Cobb, Davis, Rollins and Pearson handling punts.
Jordan Tripp is on 4 ST units. Bodes well for him.

Lphill's picture

I am one of the most positive and supportive fans here but when I see a headline about someone taking a step backwards and getting burned by rookie receivers and backup QB's I take note . I don't want to name the sites here but I was just passing along news on Gunter hat was negative on at least 3 different sites. Those same sites are praising Josh Jones as well as Quentin Rollins .

Brian Ringwood's picture

Don't pass along news if you're not going to name the source!..People would like the opportunity to check out these sites themselves..You're not a journalist testifying in front of the Senate and refusing to name your sources on some top secret program news.

Jersey Al's picture

lol. Yes, no need for secrecy. While I would love for you to ONLY read CHTV, I know that's not realistic. So if you are referencing an article somewhere else, provide the link so we can all read it for ourselves. I'll say again if the Gunter references were from unpadded practices, that means little to me.

Tundraboy's picture

Ringo? Could it be perhaps, that there will be some developmental surprises! Imagine that along with the expected ones, 2nd year jumps, and even one or two draft surprises. . Hoping we will see THAT play out.

OK. I'm pumped.

Welcome back Jersey Al.

Tundraboy's picture

Oh, and on D no less!

Spock's picture

Sucks about Adams foot injury. I hope he doesn't have to go on IR. Speaking of which, can anyone tell me the current rules for IR? I remember last year the rule was modified to allow two players to return and there was talk of increasing that number. Did that happen? I don't recall any statement about that after the Rules Committee ended at the owners meeting.

Edit: I think I'm misremembering the rules change last year. It wasn't about numbers but about not having to not designate which IR player could come back. The old memory isn't what it used to be. Sigh. Still, if someone can state the current rule I'd appreciate it!

RCPackerFan's picture

There still is only 1 player that can return from IR. But they don't have to designate any specific player to return. They can bring anyone back from IR.

Sounds like Adams injury is about a 6 week injury. I doubt they would IR him if he would be back in the first week or 2 of the season.

Spock's picture

RC, thanks. I remembered that after I signed off and updated my post before seeing your reply. I vaguely 'remember' talk of changing the number past one for this year and got mixed up. Apparently, nothings changed.

Jersey Al's picture

BTW, are we liking the comments section better without Stroh/Desert Pack fan? I know I am...

RCPackerFan's picture

Wait, you mean you don't like getting called an idiot for commenting, or watching him bashing the writers?

So what will his new name be?

Got any money in the pool for that?

Spud Rapids's picture

Yes! So much.... I like the players take the offseason off from commenting but am getting back into the swing of things so I'm excited... looks like we got rid of our "locker room issue"

Spock's picture


OldSchoolBacker's picture

Anyone know why rookie CB King was not in pads at Tuesday morning's practice?

RCPackerFan's picture

All I heard was a shoulder. Sounded like it was more precautionary.

OldSchoolBacker's picture

The Appleton Post Crescent Wed morning edition didn't report on King's shoulder. Thanks for the heads-up!

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