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David Bakhtiari has the Toughest Road Ahead of him of Packers' Offensive Linemen

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David Bakhtiari has the Toughest Road Ahead of him of Packers' Offensive Linemen

The likelihood of David Bakhtiari being replaced or beaten out for the starting left tackle job, to some, seems far-fetched. To others, Bakhtiari's presence on the Packers' offensive line has overstayed its welcome. 
Those on the latter end of the spectrum may just be getting their wish by season's end. With the drafting of left tackle Jason Spriggs at 48th overall, there is potential he could be the successor at left tackle.
Oh, and Bakhtiari's contract is up in 2017 as well.
The culmination of Bakthari's contract next offseason is one of seven expiring offensive linemen contracts. However, the prime three that should be of importance are Josh Sitton, J.C. Tretter and T.J. Lang. Two of those names form the best left and right guard duo in the NFL. The other is a backup center who was briefly converted into a left tackle at the end of 2015 due to injuries sustained to Bakhtiari.
Spriggs brings athleticism to the left edge, something the Packers could deem handy in protecting the blindside of their prized MVP quarterback. It's safe to say it's the most valuable spot on the offensive line for any club. 
The future of Bakhtiari in Green Bay isn't in the books yet, however. He'll have an opportunity for a strong 2016 campaign that'll be measured by three things:
  • Health
  • Awareness
  • Penalties


Eat your Wheaties

Despite starting nearly his first three full seasons before suffering a brutal ankle injury in week 15's contest in Oakland, Bakhtiari's health is in major question due to the nature of the injury. The last thing offensive line coach James Campen would want to do is shuffle the lineup like he was forced to do at the end of 2015. With his back to the wall and a briefly-wounded Bryan Bulaga, Campen alternated Tretter between left and right tackle as well as having to shift Sitton to left tackle in week 17.

If you can't stay on the field in today's league and show a promise of longevity, chances are you won't last very long. Barring injury, Bakhtiari has the chance to continue playing at a high level, but it's a long shot given the severity of the five torn ligaments in his ankle.


Protection is key

The Packers' offensive line gave up 51 sacks in 2015, ranked as the ninth-most in the league including the eight surrendered in the desert to the Cardinals. While the majority of this blame doesn't necessarily rest on Bakhtiari's shoulders, how well he protects Aaron Rodgers in 2016 will be a huge difference-maker.

Most offensive linemen are judged by how many times they let the opposing defender slip by them and succeed in getting to their target. The less Bakhtiari lets that happen, the better for both him and Rodgers. That's a given.


"Not again..."

Penalties, penalties, penalties. Any piece of laundry that gets thrown onto the field after a big play that negates chunks and chunks of yardage is enough to make you want to put your foot through the TV or your fist to the jaw of the guy sitting next to you. Anybody watching the Packers in 2015 experienced at least one of those two things (or possibly both) 12 times with Bakhtiari.

Seven holding calls, four false starts before the snap and an illegal formation call. He was the most-penalized lineman on the Packers' offensive front. Through his first three seasons, he's been penalized an annoying 34 times, making up for 9.68% of the team's total penalties through those three years. Giving up unnecessary amounts of yardage isn't how you keep your job. With Bakhtiari's replacement likely waiting in the wing, it may be time for the fourth-year left tackle out of Colorado to cut those totals down.

Despite the rumors that a switch to the guard position is imminent for Bakhtiari depending on whether or not the Packers tackle resigning Lang or Sitton, his spot on the team may have to be preserved first. For now, it all begins with nursing that ravaged ankle of his back to health.



Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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RCPackerFan's picture

Zach, the first few articles I liked and agreed a lot with. the last 2. I don't agree as much with.

This one here you say that
'The Packers' offensive line gave up 51 sacks in 2015, ranked as the ninth-most in the league including the eight surrendered in the desert to the Cardinals. While the majority of this blame doesn't necessarily rest on Bakhtiari's shoulders, how well he protects Aaron Rodgers in 2016 will be a huge difference-maker.'
Part of the reason why the Packers gave up so many sacks against Arizona was because they had Don Barclay playing LT not Bakhtiari. That was one of the 3 games he missed.

Unless Bakhtiari plays extremely horrible, I doubt they replace him with Spriggs. And go back and watch Bakhtiari against some of the best pass rushers in the game and he pretty much shut them out. Ziggy Ansah, Khalil Mack amongst others did nothing against David.
Yeah, he may have some flaws but he is still one of the better pass protecting LT's in the league. His most important job is to protect Rodgers, and he does a pretty good job at that.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

That's fine, criticism is always welcomed. I appreciate the feedback anyways. What good would opinionated writing be without opinionated readers?

This article isn't underestimating or doubting Bakhtiari's ability as a left tackle. He's already solidified how talented he is. It's more so about his stability and playing mistake-free (for the most part) at the position. Penalties happen, there's nothing we can do about that. Sitton was also a big flag-hound in 2015.

"The Packers' offensive line gave up 51 sacks in 2015, ranked as the ninth-most in the league including the eight surrendered in the desert to the Cardinals. While the majority of this blame doesn't necessarily rest on Bakhtiari's shoulders, how well he protects Aaron Rodgers in 2016 will be a huge difference-maker."
'Part of the reason why the Packers gave up so many sacks against Arizona was because they had Don Barclay playing LT not Bakhtiari. That was one of the 3 games he missed.'

Correct, hence me not placing the blame entirely on Bakhtiari for that AZ game. But Barclay had to be moved to LT /because/ Bakhtiari was injured, which ties back into the section of the article concerning Bakhtiari's health. It was a mere week after he tore up his ankle. I stated those three games he missed.

Yes, I believe of the three starting offensive linemen whose contracts expire in 2017, that David Bakhtiari has the toughest job to secure his starting spot.
- A guy who has openly-admitted his ankle isn't 100% with five torn ligaments.
- A guy who had a second-round pick - not third, not fourth, not fifth - drafted to add depth behind him and possibly earn a starting role in the future.
- If he can't play like he's one of the top LTs in the league, and his ankle may just prevent him from doing so unless he can rebound, then the Packers won't pay him like he's a top five LT. He may not like that and seek a starting job with some other team.
The upside with Bakhtiari is not just his skill, but his age as well. He'll hit 25 early in the season and still have half of a decade in youth on Sitton/Lang. I'm also not the only one believing Spriggs can be a potential successor.

Jerel Worthy was the last Ted Thompson second-round selection to not end up as full-fledged starter with the Packers. And before that, Brian Brohm in 2008. Not like he would've upstaged Aaron Rodgers anyway, but regardless I understand the pick. And before THAT seemingly eons ago under Ron Wolf, Fred Vinson in 1999. That name almost slipped my conscience.

Point is with that whole spiel, the Packers don't waste out on early-round picks very often.

GBPack's picture

The crazy part in all this is how often does TT not get a player signed to a second contract who has played this well and is as young as Bahk? I'm racking my brain and I can't think of one in recent history. It's an unfortunate situation for him, but the writing is on the wall. I suppose anything can happen, though. If Lang and Sitton BOTH walk in FA (unlikely), maybe TT ponies up the dough.

Zach, how would you rank the priority of the OL re-signings? Taking into the account the estimated size of the contracts + play on the field, I think I'd go like this:

1. Lang - I think he's been better than Sitton even though Sitton gets all the accolades. Younger, but how are the shoulders after surgeries?
2. Tretter - Proved his worth at LT when given the opportunity. A swing tackle that can play basically every spot on the line is a must have. Should be a reasonable contract (I hope).
3. Sitton - Still a good player, but as you pointed out, gets flagged more often than he should for a top tier player. Excited to see how he looks after the dropping/redistribution of his weight.
4. Bahk - Ranked last simply because of the size of the deal he'll likely get on the open market, and as you mentioned he basically admitted that his ankle is functional, but doesn't move the way it used to. Can't afford that expensive of an OL if we keep the other 3. Add in the Spriggs pick, and it looks like TT is ready to let him walk and hope for a high comp pick in return.

RCPackerFan's picture

I like what you have written so far and I think your a very good addition to the Cheesehead TV family. The last couple I just didn't agree with. Which is fine because its just my opinion vs yours. And all that matters is mine is right. lol.

The penalty's part for Bakhtiari doesn't bother me as much. A lot of the penalty's especially holding are subjective. I recall a TD that got overturned on one of Bakhtiari's penalty's which the defender fell down, but they called holding on him. I don't like the presnap penalty's though.

Do you know how Bakhtiari's presnap penalty's compare to the rest of the O-Lines?

The Arizona game to me made it sound like you were placing a lot of blame on Bakhtiari. I wanted to point out that he didn't play in that game. The 2nd time they played Arizona in which Bakhtiari played they gave up 1 total sack. I don't think you can place blame on Bakhtiari for the 9 sacks against Arizona in the first game because he didn't play. That is on Thompson and the coaching staff for not having a suitable replacement for him.
I get what your saying about his health being a concern after that ankle injury. But to be fair he has only missed 2 regular season starts in 3 years. He has started 46 of 48 games.

I agree after the season Bakhtiari is probably the longest shot of returning of the expiring contracts. What I was saying is for this year I don't see Spriggs coming in for Bakhtiari unless he is hurt or not playing well at all.
Some say he can move into Guard. I disagree with that. He is more of a finesse player. He is a pass blocking LT. Guard you have to be able to road grade and he can't do that. Drafting Spriggs in the 2nd round is the Packers preparing to let David walk after this year, IMO. Much like they did with drafting Cobb to replace Jennings, and Rollins to replace Hayward.

I think moving forward Spriggs will be our starting LT but probably not until next year. Unless Bakhtiari gets injured. I think Spriggs will spend the year as the top backup at both OT positions, and will be the starting LT moving forward.

ray nichkee's picture

I'll forgive some of them holding penalties because they keep AR off the ground and off the injury list. The false starts drive me nuts.

dobber's picture

"four false starts before the snap"

Those were just the false starts BEFORE the snap. What does a false start AFTER the snap look like? ;)

DrealynWilliams's picture

Lol, this guy.....

Handsback's picture

Is Bak a premier left tackle? If not, TT got a potential one in the draft. If he is, TT has a back-up for both tackle spots in the draft.
Either way, TT has the tackle spot covered as long as Spriggs is who they think he is.
I think Bak is better than most LTs in the league. The problem is pay. He probably won't play at Green Bay for the pay of the 12-15 best LT in the league. He will want top 5 pay. Green Bay won't do that unless he is top 5. That's the issue. It's too bad that Bak's ankle may factor into his performance, because his injury was similar to Montys and he will try to gut it out.
He's a very good player......just not one Green Bay will break the bank on at least for now.

Jersey Al's picture

I think you have a very accurate assessment here.

Michalske's picture

Bakh will get top 5 pay if he fields an offer for top 5 pay in the 'pre-FA period,' the couple of days where players can 'test the market' but not sign -- Randall Cobb did that a couple of off seasons ago.

Cobb wound up taking less 'top line' $ than offered during that period to stay in GB, partly because the GB contract was structured more evenly and Ted has a reputation for paying out the full contract instead of including overinflated 'funny-money' salary numbers that will never get paid, but inflate that top-line number.

So I'm a little optimistic that if Bakh actually gets offers for, say top 10 money (instead of top 5) they may be able to work out a deal after all. But it depends entirely on his market -- if he does get a top 5 offer he is gone, and this was the year to prepare for it, which TT did if Spriggs works out as thought.

I also want to suggest that Spriggs may well fill a need to replace the older Brian Bulaga. Yes that's another year or so down the road, but fortune favors those who prepare.

dobber's picture

I think this is about right. TT has an idea in his head of what he's willing to pay a guy and he's not afraid to let a guy test the market. Bakhtiari's agent will be shooting for at least top 10 pay knowing that when his deal runs up in (likely) 4 years, the market will catch up and he'll probably be in the middle cut of OLTs in terms of salary.

We also know that TT will frequently try to tie up these younger guys in advance of the end of their contract year. If Bakhtiari isn't extended by the end of September, TT is going to let him test the market. Frankly, I think Baktiari, Sitton and Lang will all be allowed to test the market, and that Tretter might be the first one resigned.

Michalske's picture

Agree about Tretter -- an extension for 2 years or so that will let him win a starting job if Lang or Sitton leave and still be young enough for a big payday when he hits FA )or gets extended) again.

To me Tretter is the key to the OL in the offseason. If TT can lock him up, even if its only for a year or two, we will be at least 'OK' for starters signing any one of the other three. (Well, OK with 2 more OL draft picks in 2017 if we only sign Tretter and Lang.)

Teflon Ted's picture

Yep, Tretter is the first guy I would look to sign. Big guy, smart, multi-talented, and still young. Just the type of guy Teflon Ted loves. He really impressed me at left tackle last year.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

1st: there's no chance in h%ll Tretter will sign a 2 year deal. Zero.

2nd: There is zero chance that Bakh will agree to move to guard. He's said so.

3rd: It has been a long time since we watched a GB team with average or less guards. Just sliding someone's name into the guard slot isn't a full answer. Not saying that throwing Linsley's name in at OG isn't a reasonable scenario - I am just saying that it is very unlikely that Linsley (Rotherham, Walker, Taylor) will be anywhere near as good as Lang, much less Sitton.

4th: Lang has only played one year (2015) as well as Sitton, and that was a down year for Sitton and a good year for Lang.

5th: LT top money - top 5 is $11.5M AAV. 10th is $9.4M. 15th = $7.5M. I would suggest a fair deal for Bakh is around $8M to $9M AAV. Bakh will get 4 yrs and a significant amount of fully guaranteed money.

6th: All bets are off without knowing what those 5 ligament's mean to Bakh's health and long-term viability. Actually, Lang had one of the two shoulder surgeries he needed, and Sitton has back and other issues, so projecting health has to be a huge factor in the decision of which players to re-sign.

7th: Nobody knows how good Spriggs will be, or assuming he is going to be a good LT or RT, when.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Always remember priority #1

Teflon Ted's picture

You have to love how TT operates using leverage to force players to either perform to their absolute best or get replaced by the latest draft pick. He no doubt read The Art of the Deal and it works every time. Ron Wolf did that as well constantly creating an uncomfortable atmosphere as far as job security goes. Bakh's only solution is to have his best season which he will. Packers either sign him or they move on with Spriggs or someone else and the train just keeps rolling along. Barring injury look for this Packers starting five to be one of the greatest offensive lines in NFL history this year. The stars are all aligned.

PaulRosik's picture

The Art of the Deal? What chapter has the section on how to con people out of their life savings for nonexistent products? Unlike Trump U, at least the left tackle position for the Green Bay Packers actually exists.

Teflon Ted's picture

Paul, it's called a light hearted joke that dealt with leverage. Please spare us your political commentry. This is not the appropriate place for it. I am sorry Bernie is officially done but don't take it out on me and anyone else here. I am talking about Bakhtiari and the Packers ok?

PaulRosik's picture

If you're going to constantly put your own political ideas in the middle of the posts you can't get your panties in a knot over it when someone tells you they are full of crap.

Teflon Ted's picture

Constantly? Where have I talked about political ideas. I mentioned a name of one of the greatest business books of all time you moron!! Do you work for CNN or Univision Paul. If not, you should. I write a great 100% pro Packers post about how great our offensive line is going to be and you took out the five words that were most irrelevant to my message and reinterpreted it to fit your political agenda and go on some crazy tirade about Trump U then turn around and blame me? You are a real piece of work Paul. Paul, you know what you need? You need more Cowbell!!

PaulRosik's picture

"Donald Trump" annoyingly posted on here for months and these posts sound suspiciously like them.

Teflon Ted's picture

Enough Paul. Drop your crap. I'm not Donald Trump, I'm here to talk football ok? Pretty sure The Donald has more important things to do than post here. You annoyingly post on here right now so at this point in time what difference does it make!! Drop it and stick to football.

PaulRosik's picture

If its only annoying to you then its fun.

Teflon Ted's picture

Paul, if what you are doing is "fun" then that is the definition of a troll. Please stop it already ok? To be honest Paul, I am a Bernie guy just like you. I am currently working part time and barely making it and I wanted Sanders because he was the only one that I could count on giving me a raise where I work to where I can live. I just recently bought the book The Art of The Deal by Donald Trump because I currently am trying to learn how to leverage or force my employer to give me a raise to at least 15.00 a hour and Mr. Trump has some incredible strategies to be honest even though I can't stand him. Now that Bernie was forced out I am purposely voting for Trump not because I like him or think he's smart or anything but because I don't like how Hillary treated Bernie. How about you Paul? In the end we are all Packers fans and want our team to be great again right? Didn't mean to set you off Paul. Now that you know.... the rest of the story, let's keep the politics and bickering out of this place. I look forward to talking with you this season.

PETER MAIZ's picture

Trump University was a total scam but we love the Packers. What you guys have to realize is that people coming out of college in the 70's were getting better incomes than people coming out of college today. So people should be angry. But truly, I think Donald will do nothing to improve the economy. So it may be a good idea if we stick with the Pack. That's one thing you can be passionate about.

John Galt III's picture

Oh dear, a poor - sour grapes Cultural/Economic Marxist who will miss Obama terribly. The sound of the world's smallest violin.

Teflon Ted's picture

I tell you JGIII, it's crazy this year. We just had a writer here at Cheeseheadtv write an article titled The NFL is Basically Communist and that's ok but I mention a name of a book which happens to be an all time best seller business book with no name or mention of the author and this nut goes bollistic. Now I am just guessing but if I said the name of the book was "Feel The Burn" or "It Takes a Village" he'd be a deaf mute. Now can we please drop the political crap and get back to football. Nobody cares!!

RCPackerFan's picture

'It'll all play itself out.'
Exactly right.

I didn't like drafting Spriggs at the time. But now that we have him, it will provide us some depth we haven't really had for a while. Also adding Murphy will give us another option that isn't Barclay.

Barring injury, our starting 5 will be the same as last year. It seems that Bulaga is good for missing a game or 2 a year, and Sitton/Lang seem to miss parts of games here and there. So i do think others will play down the stretch. But this year I feel very confident that our OL will be very strong and possibly the strongest part of our team.

As for the future. If they can resign Bakhtiari to a good price I think they will, but if his price gets to high i think they will let him go and go with Spriggs. Which then they will pick up a high compensation draft pick for Bakhtiari. For the money that Bakhtiari could possibly get, they could probably resign 2-3 of their other OL. I think that would be the better way to go.

Tundraboy's picture

That is not a bad scenario at all. Like that RC.

Pack88's picture

Zack, I agree with the premise of the article that Bak has the hardest sell job to make because top LT money is premium dough; he has played excellent football against some of the top pass rushers in the league and like Chad Clifton run blocking is not his strong suite. When healthy, Bak has proved worthy of top 10 money- and should he have a season like 2014 TT will offer it , and maybe dollars will 69 to a team that feels pass blocking is paramount to the next step and over pay him, or maybe like Cobb he will realize more money can be made long term playing on a successful team rather than making a 2 year splash in FA (view Greg Jennings). WE shal see but having a very good season in 2016 will be good for GB irregardless of how 69 chooses to pusue his career

marpag1's picture

This ankle injury is getting totally blown out of proportion. The article calls it "brutal." His ankle was "ravaged" ... so much so that now "his health is a major question due to the nature of the injury." In fact, I'm reading here that for him to continue playing at this level is "a long shot given the severity of the five torn ligaments."

Whoa. Easy, big boy. It was a high ankle sprain. NFL players get them with some regularity. But people hear the word "five" and the word "liagment" and the word "tear" and they assume that this was something different than a sprain. It's not. Very many sprains involve some tearing of the ligaments. This is not unusual.

Bakh did not need to have surgery. In fact, after missing just three games he played 100% of the offensive snaps in the Arizona game, and did OK. Normal time for full recovery from a high ankle sprain is eight weeks to six months.

Bakhtiari practiced with no restrictions in OTAs.

I'm not saying that the injury is insignificant. But it's a high ankle sprain. He didn't blow his leg off at the knee.

Besides, how does Bakhtiari rate as a more significant injury risk than these other guys? Sitton has chronic back problems, and back problems NEVER get better. Both Sitton and Lang maintain summer homes on the NFL injury list, and even with the three games he missed, Bakhtiari still logged more offensive snaps than Lang during the past three years (3083 vs 3073). Hell, Tretter once broke his leg falling on a ball in practice and spent the whole frickin' season on IR.

And out of these four, it is Bakhtiari who is the health risk???

PaulRosik's picture

You can count on Sitton and Lang to never practice and be on the injury report every week. I agree that it's his level of play and not the injury that is any concern.

MarkinMadison's picture

Agreed. The only argument for letting Bakh walk is that he is being offered top 5 money from someone else and the Packers do not think he is a top 10 player. Why the difference? Because the salary cap keeps going up, Bakh is only 25, and if the Packers trust him then they can sign him to a long-term deal and probably not worry about LT again until #12 is about to retire. I think there is a pretty good chance the Packers pony up the money, but we are at least six months away from being able to make informed guesses.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

100% agree. But, remember, just because Bakh chose not to have surgery does not mean that he made the right decision. I grant that the lack of surgical intervention is a good sign.

This is an area where we have to realize that we don't know what those ligament tears mean for Bakh long-term. It could be not much. TT, Bakh and the doctors have a better idea what this likely means. This stuff gets taken care of in the structure of the contract.

marpag1's picture

Your caveat is true enough, TGR. At the same time we should probably point out that historically the Packer medical staff has skewed toward the conservative side, prioritizing long-term health more highly than some other teams. Even so, they did allow Bakhtiari to play every single snap in the Arizona game. Granted, it was the playoffs, and sure, they could have made a mistake. But as you say, I think we need to assume that they understand the situation and know what they're doing.

It's not at all uncommon for NFL players to want to show off their battle scars in interviews (e.g. "Yeah, I gutted it out in the playoffs on one leg even though my knee was reduced to hamburger and I had 32 separate muscle tears in my big toe alone..."). I don't doubt that it was a significant injury. My guess is that everything Bakhtiari said was all true enough, technically speaking, but he spoke about it in a way that made people to think it was more serious than it was. Just my guess.

Tundraboy's picture

If it's a high ankle sprain, thats a far different story. Hope that is the case.

marpag1's picture

Yeah. Injury designations are always generalizations anyway, because no two injuries are exactly the same.

I actually think that a high ankle sprain is a bit MORE serious than many fans perceive it to be - they think it's little more than rolling your ankle in a pick-up basketball game, and it's worse than that - but it's definitely not the kiss of death, either.

I'm no doctor - maybe our friend Holmes needs to weigh in here - but a HIGH ankle sprain is a stretching or tearing of the ligaments that connect the two bones of the lower leg - the tibia and fibula - to each other. These are often called the "tibfib" ligaments. A LOW ankle sprain affects the ligaments lower down that help connect the leg bones to the foot.

Any kind of sprain could possibly have negative long term effects, but we don't often hear about ankle sprains being nearly as serious as this article portrays them to be.

PETER MAIZ's picture

Your point is well taken.

dpjossart's picture

Bakhtiari has been average, but some other team wil pay more that TT is willing to pay. Tretter will also get a bigger offer elsewhere. Sitton is only 29, Lang is only 28, and after Rodgers, these two are the leaders of the offense, on and off the field. Need to keep both, much more important than either Bakhtiari or Tretter. Spriggs will be the LT in 2017. Murphy the swing backup tackle.

Tundraboy's picture

Lot to expect from Spriggs. But who knows maybe he is this year's Linsley. (Rookie version)

Tundraboy's picture

I wonder if Bahktiari's ankle will ever be the same, thats a lot of damage and that can not be good especially for an LT. So unless he has a phenomenal year and even then with the cap room available for other teams SOMEONE is going to offer him crazy money and he'll be too expensive to keep.

al bundy's picture

If im tight ass ted i know i cant afford all these guys next year so i draft there replacements now. I think bat is the odd guy out. Who knows. Hopefully the new guys get to play some. If im right we dont keep seven receivers but go extra o line?

ray nichkee's picture

Do you have anything good to say? I'll settle for something that has facts in it.

4thand1's picture

I'm sure the Packers know the severity of Bak's injury. Maybe it's why they moved up to draft Spriggs? TT usually doesn't make trades and give up picks unless there's a very good reason. I'd be shocked if Bahktiari is a Packer after this season. Hell, he may even trade him before the trade deadline.

chs's picture

This is the Year Our O- Line will March all the Way...the Backups will be ready to it Dec yet I'm sorry rushing the Season along a wee bit Brett Hundley Time

PETER MAIZ's picture

I didn't even realize Bakhtiari's ankle injury was so darned bad. No wonder TT went out of his way to get Spriggs. On the penalties, some of those holding calls were made to protect Rodgers from getting totally slammed. So do you sacrifice the yardage on the holding call, or do you risk your MVP quarterback getting injured?

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