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Davante Adams Not Concerned with Contract Talks

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Davante Adams Not Concerned with Contract Talks

An NFL contract is the bread and butter for some players. It's the whole reason they step onto the field; the whole reason they push that extra mile in practice or get in that extra rep.

For Packers wide receiver Davante Adams, it's the last thing on his mind.

He's entering the final year of his rookie deal signed in 2014 after being drafted in the second round by the Packers and could likely expect a payday coming his way some time in the next few months.

Carrying contract complications on his shoulder into the team's minicamp practices—or even training camp—won't be an issue for Adams, whose focus remains on his play and bettering himself at his craft.

"It's not even something that I have in my head right now," Adams said on Wednesday. "I'm just playing ball and letting all that take care of itself. The more you start worrying about that, the more your play starts going down and you start playing for the wrong reasons.

"Let that stuff take care of itself, and when it's meant to go down, it'll go down."

Adams and his impending contract is the talk of the town; at least amongst the curious reporters who spoke to Adams at his locker after practice, intently listening for his view on a future deal.

Striking a deal with Adams between now and before the end of the 2017 season would continue a trend that the Packers have been following since 2009.

In the summer of 2009, the Packers signed former receiver Greg Jennings to a three-year extension as he was entering his fourth season in the NFL. They did the same thing several weeks into the 2011 season with current league leader in receiving touchdowns, Jordy Nelson. Nelson was also in the midst of his fourth season at the time.

Adams is now entering his fourth season averaging more targets (93.6) in his first three seasons than Nelson (49.6) was at the time of his extension. Jennings, however, stumps them both in every statistical receiving category as he was the Packers' most reliable deep-ball receiver from 2006-2009.

Randall Cobb is the only second-round receiver drafted under general manager Ted Thompson's reign that didn't net himself a new contract entering or during his fourth season—with the exception of Terrence Murphy. Cobb instead cashed in after his fourth season in the league in the summer of 2015.

For now, Adams feels he has put himself in a perfect spot to earn a new deal and remain in Green Bay for the long haul. His 12 touchdowns a season ago and developed quickness off the line of scrimmage to beat his defender support his case.

"It makes sense, it's around that time," Adams said. "Like I said, it's not something that I'm thinking about. I have to be able to repeat what I did last year and top that. Then I really put myself in a good position for when it's time for that."

To group with his one dozen touchdowns, Adams also finished just three yards shy of eclipsing 1,000 which has been widely documented since January. It's not something the Palo Alto, California native is letting linger on his conscience.

"Honestly, I'm probably just going to grab my stuff, go ahead to my car and probably won't think about it on the way there. 

"Once I get in my car and I'm on my way home and I'm eating breakfast, I'm eating dinner, I'm not thinking about that. Yeah, it'd be great to say afterward, but, it doesn't take anything away from my season."

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Nick Perry's picture

With Cobb and Nelson's contracts getting Adams signed to a long term deal will be tricky. Adams isn't taking a deal like Nelson signed in 2011. I have a feeling Adams is going to get paid at least as much as Nelson and Cobb if not more, at least if GB wants to keep him. Look at some of these contracts teams give to players, it's absolutely insane the money given to some very average players.

Russ Ball has some time to get this done but if Adams picks up where he left off last season, the price will just keep going up with each passing week. With Lindsey due a new contract and Rodgers bringing up his contract more and more, I'd imagine the Packers will want to get Adams done as soon as possible. It's going to be a interesting time between now and FA next season.

Savage57's picture

Let the season play out and see what Adams does to tip the beam to one side or the other. He had a so-so 1st year, a shitshow his second, and redemption his 3rd. Take the chance to let year 4 play all the way out, even if it means losing him to someone else. WR's are more elastic than just about any other position in the league.

Just don't do another Cobb with him and throw $10M per year at a $5M per year guy because you're afraid someone might steal your woman away.

Nick Perry's picture

"Just don't do another Cobb with him and throw $10M per year at a $5M per year guy because you're afraid someone might steal your woman away."

I'm thinking it will cost that much a year at a minimum. Teams like the Browns, 49ers, and some others who have a ton of cap space to spend can throw "Stupid Money" at Adams should he reach FA. The trick is going to be signing him before he reaches FA. That's assuming he continues to improve like he did last season. I can't see the Packers paying THREE WR's $10 million plus a season. Should Cobb have a bounce back season what then??? The Packers are one of the best at manipulating the cap to make it work. At the end of the day it's a good problem to have I suppose.

Edit... Playing at Fresno St. the 49ers could be a team who would target Adams.

marpag1's picture

I agree, NP, that the Packers always do a good job of managing the cap, and that's why something probably has to give at the WR position. As things currently stand, the Packers have the HIGHEST payroll for wide receivers of any team in the league at 31 million, and this does not count TEs ( Adding another 9 million to the highest WR payroll in the league would put them into crazy territory.

There are far too many possible variables to make predictions, but IF (just "if") Nelson, Adams and Cobb basically have a repeat of last year's performance, then Adams actually becomes the clear priority, IMO. Adams is 24, Cobb is 26 and Nelson is 32 now. Both Nelson and Cobb are signed through 2018.

If all three light the world on fire in 2017, then maybe .... MAYBE ..... you give Adams' a primo contract and just bite the bullet, cap-wise, until the Nelson, Cobb contracts expire after 2018. But that would be more than 40 million dollars to the wide receivers alone. If you think it will get you a second consecutive superbowl maybe you do it... but let's worry about one superbowl first. :)

Far more likely, IMO, is... if (again, "if") Adams continues to shine, then Nelson or Cobb or both will need to restructure or be cut.

dobber's picture

"if (again, "if") Adams continues to shine, then Nelson or Cobb or both will need to restructure or be cut."

The salary cap is a zero sum game. You have X much to spend over Y roster spots. We get hung up on spending too much cap on the WR position (or any one position), but in the end, where you spend the money is pretty much immaterial as long as the money spent is generating results and turning into Ws (and as long as the distribution doesn't create equity issues among good players). Look at the expiring contracts this year: Lang, Peppers, etc. That money didn't necessarily go back to the positions that were vacated...there's no rule that dictates how they allocate cap room, and a team with a marquee QB will always have a lopsided cap allocation.

Lots of expiring contracts for players who will likely be significant contributors for the Packers this season:
But in all honesty, there are only a couple players here who don't have a potential successor waiting in the wings (Adams and Linsley). Several of them could play themselves into nice re-ups this season or right out the door. We've visited this topic on past threads, but expiring contracts are both a problem and an opportunity. Some of those guys are going to need to be resigned and more money, but many are done and their cap number becomes available to reallocate.

Regardless of what some people here are saying, it's clear that Adams is ascending. A young ascending player at a position with no clear successor behind him if he walks--especially when that player allows arguably the best player in the league to be at his best--makes him a real priority. Now it could be that TTs plan with Kendricks was to use him to bolster the pass catchers (not necessarily WR) in the event that they can't make Adams and the money come together. His two-year deal means they have a year to find another WR option if Adams walks.

It's all coming down to what the coaches think: is Adams really moving forward or just the beneficiary of playing around good talent? If the assessment of the coaches (and not us, because most of us know jack-shit and can't get over 2015) is that he's going to be a cornerstone at WR for the rest of #12s time in GB, he's going to get paid and paid well. I expect Linsley to get taken care of first, then Adams. Maybe both before the start of the season. I don't worry about what Cobb or Nelson is making: this is one of the benefits of having a really good cap guy. In the end, what's the cap look like?

marpag1's picture

" ... where you spend the money is pretty much immaterial as long as the money spent is generating results and turning into Ws ..."

What you say here is self-evidently true. But it doesn't do away with the validity of this question: "If I spend a full 25% of my salary cap at the WR position alone, will I be able to field a competitive team at all of the other positions?"

dobber's picture

Is it worse to spend 25% of your cap spread over 3 roster spots or 15% of your cap on one?

That'd be only 25% for one year...expiring contracts in 2018 create cap room to make the adjustments needed then. I think that's an important part of cap management: do you tie yourself into contract structures that leave your cap tied up for long periods of time, or when you make a commitment now, do you know that you've got room coming up that doesn't leave your cap in handcuffs?

I think the bottom line is that the cap makes it nearly impossible to be good at all positions unless your key players at money positions are all on rookie contracts.

dobber's picture

I hadn't been thinking about it that way, but you may be right.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't agree, Marpag, about restructuring Nelson. He is already underpaid. That isn't the answer. I fully agree with Dobber, money is fungible. When we had Shields and Williams on rookie deals, and Bakh at LT on a rookie deal, I am sure that money allowed us to spend more at other positions.

There is no problem here. So what if we pay our receiving corps an unusually large % of the cap for one season? [Yes, I am a cap nut, and cheap as hell, but I just don't see the issue here.] Even if we re-sign Adams, his cap number year one and two will probably be quite low. An extension done tomorrow would probably see Adams have a cap hit of $4.5M in 2017, maybe $6M to $7M in 2018, and then jump. Look at Bakh's extention: the last year of his rookie deal went from $1.78M to $4.87M (2016), and it goes up to just $5.97M in 2017. It jumps to $11M in 2018, which gives TT plenty of time to reallocate resources. Maybe it is apples to apples: Cobb doesn't bounce back in 2017 and when Adams' cap jumps to $6M or $7M in 2018, we might be waving bye to Cobb in 2018. Maybe Jones and Brice displace Burnett and we take the comp pick. Lots of possibilities.

Handsback's picture

Adams will get paid and if he jumps his performance to another level, keeping him will be paramount. That's the question isn't it...can he male another jump?
I hope he gets 15 tds and 1500 yards and becomes the Packers #1 receiver. It seems he's like the rest of the receiving corp, he appears to be a very solid guy.
TT needs those types as play makers.

stockholder's picture

It would be insane to give him big money. It would be insane not to let him test the market. It is insane to say he's better than Cobb or Nelson. It's insane to pay him on last years numbers. It's insane to think he's going to save the packers. Honestly Zack, I think you either have a brain tumor, or just think the packers offense can't survive without Adams. The Packers are full of players who play better, and have contributed more than Adams. Any player can be replaced. The QB is more important than any pawn. And thats just what Adams is. A Pawn. Not worth the money that can put this team in cap problems. People cried when Jennings left. And the packers survived. We may have seen the best of Adams. He'll only be as good as A-rod getting him the ball.

marpag1's picture

So says the board's resident expert on insanity.....

dobber's picture

We need a modern, internet-era version of Einstein's definition of insanity:

Insanity is posting the same stuff over and over again and expecting different responses.

marpag1's picture

I predict that stockholder is walking in "cowREBORN's" footsteps. He'll prophesy doom and gloom at every turn and be proven wrong repeatedly... until one day, seven years from now, Adams gets cut. Then he'll be trumpeting, "SEE??? I TOLD YOU LOSERS THAT HE SUCKS!!!!"

stockholder's picture

Cow tried to give you HIS honest opinion. The problem was rubbing SALT into open wounds. Dares included. Note: I don't care what happens with Adams. The packers come first. Not any player. I don't believe I've rubbed any salt into wounds. But I have said I told you so. Only because some people think it's only their opinion, that matters.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

"The packers come first. Not any player."

Hey man, you, uh... you realize the Packers are made up of these "players," yes?

stockholder's picture

The Packers are full of players who play better, and have contributed more than Adams. Please submit more information on why you feel it's in the packers best interest to over - pay him. I feel "signing him" will never add up to anything. (Why go all IN?) Please tell me how we should be PROUD of Adams? It's insanity to pay him like a packer great. Packer greats had history, and reputation, behind them. Adams does not. And if he cannot show more, get a rookie. Look what rookies do now. Their more cost friendly. How did Allison make the team? Seems Adams is your fix.

dobber's picture

I don't think anyone here as said it was in the Packers best interest to OVERPAY anyone. I don't think anyone here has called Adams a "Packer Great". Those are YOUR words. Many of us, including myself, see Adams as, at best, a #2 WR...and #2 WR in today's NFL still make a lot of money. It's just that you dislike Adams to the point that he has NO value to YOU.

dobber's picture

Cow was all negative hyperbole and his commentary lacked evidence. His rationale was commonly "just wait and see" or "you're just stupid if you don't see it my way." That's, in part, what got him banned. I said many times that I actually welcomed him here: I thought that the site needed guys like him who challenge what we're thinking and try to bring discussion back to the center by forcing us to validate our opinions...sadly, he never held himself to that same standard.

dobber's picture

"Any player can be replaced. The QB is more important than any pawn. And thats just what Adams is. A Pawn."

I would argue that if you've built your team the right way, this is true. But chess isn't played with just a king and a bunch of pawns. You've gotta have peripheral pieces that can impact the game. There's strong anti-Cobb and anti-Adams sentiment on this board from several corners.
"Trade Cobb", "Cut Cobb", "Renegotiate Cobb"
"Let Adams Walk", "Make Adams play out 2017"
That's fine, but in the end, you've got to give Rodgers more than just pawns. Cobb and Adams are better than replacement level, which makes them important in the function of the team. If you give ARod only replacement-level players in support, #12 might still be who he always was, but the team won't look it.

stockholder's picture

True , - But What did Favre do? Let's compare who Favre threw at. And lets compare to what A-Rod throws at. Bigger salaries now, and yes the games changed. But why the case for Adams? Is he sterling Sharpe? Freeman, Driver. I don't think so. Favre got it done. If Adams is gone ,I believe A-Rod can still get it done. Jennings was better than Adams. This team can still win. A good QB gets it Done. It takes a special class of players. That don't blow the payroll.

dobber's picture

Ron Wolf has said on many occasions that he considers one of his greatest failings as a GM that he didn't surround Brett Favre with better weapons at RB and at WR. That they could have done more if they were playing with better receivers than Antonio Freeman....remember that Favre really didn't blossom until Sterling Sharpe was out of the picture. And that the resurgence of Favre in the 2000s was aided by one of the best RB the Packers have had in the last 50 years (Ahman Green).

We've had this discussion before: you plain, flat-out, dislike Adams. It won't matter what he does on the field: you just don't like him.

"It takes a special class of players. That don't blow the payroll."

Then we need to decide what we want. Anyone who's not on a first contract that's going to make a real difference (at a position like WR) is very likely to make a significant mark against the cap. That means first-contract developmental guys become the core of your team (hey, look, that's what the Packers already do!), and many here in recent years have no interest in developing players.

That's part of why I like Lance Kendricks: he has the ability to make that kind of mark and isn't costing the Packers an arm and a leg.

NitschkeFan's picture

I don't think most reasonable fans aren't "anti-Cobb". We just feel that he has seriously underperformed his contract. Because of the salary cap that underperfmance is important. He can still be a useful piece but he was paid like a #1WR and played like a weak #3.

Adams is a question mark, still. It would be great if the team could re-sign him now to an extension that treats him like a #2 WR but he's not likely willing to except that. So they'll wait to see how he does this season and if he continues to improve they will either have to pay up big time for him or let him walk. I think we'd all be happy if he steps up and produces a 90/1,400 season and earns the big $$

stockholder's picture

MM says he wants Cobb in the offense more. Most readers are thinking I HATE Adams. (No, it's criticism. ) The man has been here 3 years. He's been hurt. He's been under fire. He's going to get slower. Now he'll want money. Ok, all packers want money. How many players have signed for big money in the NFL? ( And can't perform up to their rankings,contracts, etc.) Seems like Adams conflicts with TTs stand on free Agency. But many comments posted aren't giving JUST CAUSE , only Fear. I think it's the jordy Nelson injury that is scaring most. There are too many questions yet about this offense to condemn anyone. ( or give big money away.) Lets see what good TEs can do. Let's see how a new bunch of running backs help. Lets see if Adams can be a #2. Let's see if Monty deserves the money more than Adams. Etc.

dobber's picture

"Seems like Adams conflicts with TTs stand on free Agency. "

Actually, no. TT usually gets second contracts on the guys he targets from his own roster. IF Adams is one of those guys--and I don't know how we can tell unless we hear that they're actively negotiating--I suspect he'll get that second contract.

"There are too many questions yet about this offense to condemn anyone. "

Questions on OFFENSE? Seems to be the only major question really circles around whether Jahri Evans can hold the fort at RG. Some wonder about the RB position, but this offense lit it up for 8 weeks last fall with #88 and a roll of duct tape playing second fiddle to ARod and the passing game. Unless ARod regresses, this offense is going to score.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

We need to be careful about those last 8 games. Monty was a factor. Cook had 324 of his 377 yards in the last 7 games. But the real difference was Nelson increased his production from around 69 yards/gm to 99 yards per game during the win streak (I posted the actual numbers some weeks ago and don't feel like re-creating the research). Adams' production stayed the same during the first 8 versus the last 8 games. Cobb only played in 3 games of the 8 game winning streak, averaging 33 yd/gm. He wasn't the reason.

I don't even know what Stockholder's point is when he writes "Seems like Adams conflicts with TT's stand on FA." This means something? Adams appears to be a good #2 WR, and good #2 boundary WRs are getting a minimum of $8.5M and top out around $10.5M. The only issue with Adams is do we want to see some sustained production out of him by making him play some or all of 2017, or extend him now. I've watched his route running: I'm ready to pay the guy now.

stockholder's picture

What stockholder is saying is: that TT would never sign a 1 year wonder with big money. Point: if Adams played for another team he would pass. But Adams is his baby. I understand the point of signing your own. But TT does it at bargain prices. If he signs Adams it will only be because the cupboard is empty. I prefer Cobb. Period. Give me a punt returner first. Cobb is still feared. It's catches; not route running that win ball games. I don't need to hold my breath with Cobb.

dobber's picture

"What stockholder is saying is: that TT would never sign a 1 year wonder with big money."

Some would argue he just did that with Nick Perry.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

OK, thanks to Stockholder, Dobber and DPF for clearing that up. Seems to me Perry and Nelson both got signed after a single big season. With less confidence due to my wretched memory, I'd consider adding Burnett and Collins (whose first 3 years were very underwhelming IIRC) to that list. I think Sitton had 2 pretty darn good years in when he re-signed.

stockholder's picture

With Hyde gone will see. Also Cobb is over the injury bug which may have played into the reduced roll. But I still feel Cobb is their best punt returner. When he's the PR, there are no alarm bells going off. Perry had some great games and got the 1 year contract. (including against WA.) It wasn't a 1 year wonder contract as many think. It was making sure he was over foot problems as well as others.

Spock's picture

I'm sure the Packers (i.e. TT and Russ Ball) have a plan within the cap. I'm all for at least seeing how Adams starts the season. If he's coming on strong it wouldn't be surprising to see him (if his agent is willing) to get an in-season contract. Right now I'm more interested in Linsley getting locked up; too many new/young lineman to start getting rid of younger but established players. Loved getting Bahk done last year.

dobber's picture

I agree: that Bakhtiari deal is making management look pretty smart. I was shaking my head at the time (figured he should be allowed to walk after the season with Spriggs in the fold), but I can admit when I'm wrong. That was a genius signing and at a very friendly number for someone who played like a high-end LT last season.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I too thought Bakh was too pricey. I'll add my mea culpa here.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

deleted. double post.

TXCHEESE's picture

Jennings is a great example of moving to a team without a talented quarterback. Something I'm sure he regrets. Depends on Adams' desire for a championship versus the money. I think he can get a good balance of both in GB. However, if the 49ers make a run at Cousins at year end, I could see them throwing money at wide receivers to help Cousins. If that happens he could get a payday that GB can't come close to. Cousins is no Rodgers, but he's at least decent

Jonathan Spader's picture

Has everyone forgotten that when Cobb signed hos contract it was reported as "team friendly". Cobb has played injured thriugh 2015 and 2016 and played without Jordy 2015 and we were all disappointed by the result but was he overpaid? Has he underperformed? Cobb has taken some huge hits but keeps putting himself back out there in dangerous situations and has done whatever the Packers have asked him even if it hasn't always shown up with great results. With Nelson, Cobb, Adams, Bennet and Montgomery all healthy less attention could be on Cobb which could give him a year similar to 2014. McArthy even said they needed to find more ways to get the ball in Cobb's hands. Time will tell if those are good intentioned empty latter or the start to a revival by Cobb. I'm personally cautiously hoping for the latter. Go Pack Go

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yeah, I don't think the structure was remotely team-friendly. Lots of folks thought left money on the table, that's true, but I for one doubted it.

"Thegreatreynoldo says:
March 08, 2015 at 07:51 am(edit)
Not even sure of the less money for now angle. Cobb & Co. has constructed a great storyline here. It should be worth a few commercials. I wonder just exactly how much money he left on the table? Probably never know. I am glad he is back even if I find him a bit pricey."

LayingTheLawe's picture

The question is of course if Adams is not in the lineup does his production get picked up by other players on the roster. Is he better than anyone who would replace him? And it seems people are pretty divided on that. Is Adams simply the 4th target on a talented team who got near 1000 yards and a ton of TD's last season because all the attention was on Nelson, Cobb and Cook or did he score so much because he is that good? Unless he agrees to a #2 level receiver contract I expect the Packers will use this season to figure that out also.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Maybe by the TEs, but not by a WR. We've got a bunch of primordial soup at #4 to #8 WR: we are hoping that lightening strikes the goo and life evolves out of it.

Again, having 8 WRs in this case means the coaches haven't a clue as to which 5 will be NFL caliber WRs. I hope someone or someones break out of the soup and show they are real receivers who can play in 2017. Then we can keep 5 or at most 6.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'll give a few thoughts on re-signing players in general on a draft and develop team.

I think a D&D team re-signs its good players and some average plus players, let some or most of its average players walk, depending on their salary demands/market. GB usually only pays significant money to about 10 – 12 players (defined arbitrarily – that’s a number out of my arse, as roughly $6M AAV). This season GB is paying 10 players $6M or more (I include Bennett and Bakh since their AAVs though not their current cap #s qualify). As it happens, GB is only paying 10 players $4M or more right now. Generally, that’s 1 QB, 2 OTs, 2 WRs, 2 CBs, 2 OLBs, 1 DL, maybe the odd interior OL, safety or TE. It is always nice to have a real good player or average plus at 1 to 3 of those positions (or any positions, really) who are still on their rookie deals. Right now, AR is elite, Nelson, Adams, Bakh, Bennett, Daniels, Perry, Dix, Burnett are real good players, arguably Linsley, CM3, are good minuses. Some might consider Cobb and Monty as real good, but I’d put them in as average plus until we see them play. That’s 10 real good players, 2 maybe real goods, and a one elite. Remember, we’re a super bowl contender.

So, I figure a D&D team needs to re-sign two real good players out of each draft class on average over the 4 year rolling contract length (that gives you 8 real good players on your team), plus 2 or 3 more playing on a rookie deal, and there is no law against signing a real good FA as needed. True, we only re-signed 1 real good player (Bakh) from the 2013 class, but I suspect that we would have re-signed Tretter but for TT’s brilliant drafting of another real good player a year later at the same position, Linsley, who is about as good, has another year left on his rookie deal, and been healthier to boot. We probably re-sign Lacy as well if not for his weight issues.

We figure to re-sign 3 real good players out of 2014 draft class: Dix, Adams and Linsley;
2013: re-signed Bakh;
2012: re-signed Perry and Daniels;
2011: Cobb;
2010: Bulaga, Burnett – add in Shields;
2009: CM3, Lang, Raji; add in Tramon;
2008: Nelson, Finley, Sitton;
2007: James Jones, Crosby
2006: Jennings (I can’t stretch far enough to call Hawk, Jolly real good). Add in Woodson & Pickett;
2005: AR, Collins.

We might get a real good player on a third contract once in a while: see AR. Otherwise, 3 starters is a good draft, but to be a contender, I suggest that we need to re-sign on average two real good players out of each draft class. Adams is real good, what I call a solid red.

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